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Seagate STAM1000100 GoFlex Home Network Storage System

Seagate STAM1000100 GoFlex Home Network Storage System (Seagate: STAM1000100)
SeagateVPN: STAM1000100
Vendor: Seagate
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Product Reviews

Seagate STAM1000100 GoFlex Home Network Storage System
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 4.36/10
With 11 User Reviews

Review Date: 09/01/13
If your and idiot and know nothing at all about smb file sharing, or networking and want run the junk software program and want use flash for controlling your nas, it might do a meadie-oaker job. The internet server is flash and half of it doesn't function it just hangs. You can not develop shares simply because of this. You have to use the default shares built into the device. Transfer speeds had been awful employing windows 7 smb(ranged from 226KB per second to 22.5MB per second). It limits the user accounts passwords and it is operating a crippled version of linux server MiniDLNA. For a cost they will sell you the pro version. I swear by seagate drives, but this affordable plastic toy wrapped about a Seagate drive, attempting to act like a 1GB nas is just junk. If you can't take it back at least you got a fantastic Challenging drive To: Seagate pull this item line till you can make it operate like a decent nas and drop the pay further feature before you ruin your Good name as the finest really hard manufacturer on the marketplace. Manufacturer Response:For file sharing, we recommend our BlackArmor NAS 110 1TB (Seagate Component Number ST310005MNA10G-RK). This item attributes active directory, which is much much more conducive to file sharing - specifically in an SMB environment.

Review Date: 08/01/13
Strong case style. It's even got some weight behind it. The drive appears sharp and feels incredibly tough. Neat idea. Poorly executed style. This is Quite unreliable. As other individuals mention, you Ought to develop an online account in order to use. The included application is just terrible. The drive auto-sleeps, so very good luck streaming video from it longer than 30 minutes (no way to turn this off or throttle it). Also, I've run into difficulties where the drive doesn't except my password, stopping me from even getting access to my information more than the network. Drive transfer rates are powerful at initially ྐྵMB/s), then drop off swiftly to 1MB/s on big file transfers. It litterally took me 24 hours to fill this drive when I initial got it. What a frustrating encounter. I've even had to reboot it various times immediately after it stopped responding on the network. IDK if this issue is defective, but seriously, if it's not, then Seagate needs to stick to what they do ideal and making hard drives and not "NAS" devices. I plan on gutting the case and tossing the rest. I'm sure the tough drive is fantastic so that'll go straight into my desktop or my new HP Windows Home Server. I'd return this drive to the shop if I could. It's really a neat concept but Seagate dropped the ball on this huge time. Please take my tips and skip this obtain.

Review Date: 07/13/13
Drive functions as a mapped network drive as intended. Drive is accessible by way of a network share by IP address/machine name, OR it can be accessed straight by way of a net interface by LAN IP address.Now I don't bash on people, but some of the guys that have posted that this drive doesn't work as intended need to do a small bit of tech work.Here's what I wanted: I wanted a drive that I could connect to my router, and access the files on it from any machine by way of a mapped network drive. Haven't discovered any but, but haven't tried undertaking any backups yet.Now at initially opening of the box, I quickly study the directions and installed the computer software like a fantastic little computer user. Then it took me by way of all types of junky computer software interfaces, which I didn't like mainly because it didn't enable me to access the files how I wanted to. I place it back in the box and decided to return it. (continued in other thoughts) However, immediately after talking to a coworker(I perform at an IT firm), I decided to try after a lot more. I pulled it out of the box and instead of going straight to the computer software, I detected the device as a Media Device. After detected as a Media Device, I got the IP address of that device and popped it into my browser. When I place the IP address into my browser, it loaded a little interface that asked me to generate an on the net account, fine I'll attempt. So I did that, then it asked me to generate a user account for the device.. this is a lot more like it. So after I developed a user account, I added the device name and subfolder as a mapped network drive. (\\GOFLEX_House\GoFlex Residence Individual\). Once I added this, it designed a network drive and anything performs completely. There is also GoFlex Household Backup, Household Public, and External Storage folders. I anticipate these to be various places the computer software makes use of, and the External Storage hyperlinks to the USB port on the device when in use. This device meets my expectations.

Review Date: 06/02/13
Appears like a great drive included inside the case. You can swap out the drive by acquiring other Go-flex drives and plugging them in. POOR INTERFACE. You have to use there "caned" application. I wanted to just have this as a mapped network dirve. Nope, have to set up a user account, with passords, then you get three drive letters assigned. 1 for public, 1 for private, 1 for backups. no adjusting them at all except for the drive letter... Good for a novice, who desires to plug anything in and not know or deal with the behind the sceens "stuff". Way also limited to be beneficial for any tech form person.

Review Date: 04/01/13
Good concept with the interchngalble Bases You HAVE to Create an online account in order to even use the Device for this purpose I returned the drive the day I bought it. I wanted a standalone device with automatic backup for two desktops and two laptops. This device was dependant on on the web services. You had to give your device a name and the name was registered with seagate online solutions so you could not use the similar name someone else had utilised. With out naming the device you could not access it. Software had advertisments to obtain more software programLimits how quite a few computer systems can be backed up.

Review Date: 03/26/13
It's Network storage. It's expandable to other USB twoǙ or Segate Desk drives. USB can be utilized as a print server. It can connect by means of Ethernet, or Firewire/USB (with an aditional adapter) It's 1TB; what possesses a particular person to have far more data than that at home? It can be slow at occasions. It's quite huge in size. It only has 1 Ethernet port (not combined with a switch/hub) No native wireless while it says wireless on the box (i.e. it's wireless when plugged into a wireless router). My largest CON is that is isn't totally free.lol Overall, this is exactly what I necessary: A drive that functions independently from computer systems to be accessed from any pc or over the web. It is also my backup drive. My main concern is that when I unplug the drive from its Ethernet base to use the USB/Firewire adapter, I have to redo initial setup to get the Ethernet operating once more. Also, to transfer about 200GB of data, it requires about 5 or six hours at 10BaseT. I assume it'd be faster with gigabit Ethernet, but either way, my setup is still more rapidly than USB two and Firewire 400. So... if you need a storage solution that permits you to access your drive from anywhere devoid of getting limited to Windows file sharing even though the server is on, then this is for you. If all you need to have is a large backup drive, then get anything less costly and more transportable. 4 egg rating simply because it can be slow, it's big, and it was really hard to do initial setup.

Review Date: 04/06/12
7200 rpm drive employed. I have attempted the WD Mybook Planet, Seagate Blackarmor and Netgear Stora systems and they all use slower 5400 rpm drives. All of those products were over 赨. This a single suits my demands till I ultimately get about to building my own NAS machine. The software is poor. I do not want to see prompts to get me to by Memeo. This item could have been a lot better if not for this situation.I hate it when companies limit the # of licesnses. Seagate tries to milk you to get a Memeo subscription or add further licenses to make it operate with a lot more PCs on your network. Ethernet dock and drive are able to be disconnected. I was in a position to use the dock with another SATA drive, even though it had to be propped up mainly because the dock was meant to hold the drive case.I had to do a password reset, it did not wipe my information.If you have Windows 7 you do can use it to make a program image and store it on the Goflex, so I do not miss that feature.

Review Date: 01/22/12
Nicely designed drive - I like the fact that you can detach the drive from the base for simple storage/mobility. The integrated software program is poor and lacks some simple functions I was expecting (i.e., creating and storing a total image). It's also full of ads for Memeo, Seagate's on the internet subscription service. This pay service consists of some (but not all) of the functions I was seeking for. You've currently got me 贶 in the hole and now you want an additional ฮ? Not cool. Also the software program didn't function adequately on my Vista laptop. Clicking to launch 1 of the important features triggered the application to crash. Installation was also supposed to map drives to Windows Explorer - it didn't. Launching 1 of the browser-based functions prompts me to install an older version of Flash player than the one already installed on this machine. I had to submit a assistance ticket immediately after a wasted hour of troubleshooting this morning. Thanks Seagate! We'll see how nicely I get supported. At this point I think I really should've bought the Iomega HomeMedia and saved myself some time AND money.

Review Date: 12/17/11
The Dock Station, the truth you can use a sATA Drive in it if one particular so wished.Wonder style Merely, unit did not perform.Failed to function as desired/expected There is an hardware/firmware issue with some units it appears. Both units my corporation tired failed to function appropriately, error messages: "Failed to connect to central server."Returned the initially unit bought by the business simply because my boss got an error when installing. He handed the 2nd unit to me to set up. Followed the guide and received an error reading "Failed to connect to central server." Tired a few items to get obtain this error such as removing it form the network to my Computer and nonetheless failed. Passed it off to an Intern thinking maybe I was just missing something simple and he along with an engineer failed to get this to operate on a Computer or Mac.

Review Date: 11/26/11
Effortless to set up for a novice. The computer software does all the function (setup) for the user. For the IT Pro the setup is a pain.

Review Date: 10/14/11
Good designGoFlex flexibilityExcellent cost Seagate software program produced by Memeo is awful. There is a lot of bloatware and they attempt to sell you all kinds of worthless software program and services. The base and totally free package that iss supposed to support setup the item just doesn't function. It doesnt find the drive on the network and I can\'t proceed with installing anything.I can see the item in the Windows explorer and Mac finder. However, there is some user name and password that I have no clue where to discover. There is no valuable info on the Seagate assistance web page.
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Product Features

PC & Mac Compatible USB Connection

Seagate STAM1000100 FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB NAS
The Seagate STAM1000100 FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB NAS connects to your W iFi router, allowing you to wirelessly store and access files and back up multiple computers in the home. The GoFlex Home network storage system includes software to automatically and continuously back up all the files and fo lders on up to 3 PC and Mac® computers in the home. By storing files in a central location on your network, you can use one drive for all your storage and backup needs. When connected to your home WiFi router, the Seagate STAM1000100 FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB NAS enables you to wirelessly store and access files from any PC or Mac computer in the home.

The Seagate STAM1000100 FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB NAS also allows you to stream media to game consoles and the GoFlex TV HD media player. Store all your photos, movies and music on the GoFlex Home network storage system and enjoy your media and favorite memories from any room in the house. Additionally, you can share a USB printer with every computer in the home by simply conne cting to the USB port on the Seagate STAM1000100 FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB NAS or you can plug in a USB drive to the port to increase storage capacity. The built-in drive can also be upgraded by simply removing the drive from the base and replacing with a higher capacity GoFlex Desk drive. With a simple guided setup process and just two cable connections, the Seagate STAM1000100 FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB NAS installs in just minutes, allowing you to quickly begin protecting your files, enjoying your media and accessing your content wherever you are.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Remote access from a mobile device is free for all customers
  • Free app available for Android tablets and phones, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Back up multiple PC and Mac computers in the home
  • Store files in a central location that can be accessed from every computer in the home and from computers and mobile devices over the Internet
  • Stream media to game consoles, networked computers and GoFlex TV HD media players
  • Share a USB printer with all the computers in the home
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A Closer Look


  • Connects to your WiFi router, enabling convenient, wireless access to all your files from any PC or Mac® computer in the home
  • Automatically and continuously back up files and folders from up to 3 PC and Mac® computers in the home ? Time Machine software compatible
  • Stream movies, photos and music to PCs, Mac® computers, game consoles and GoFlex TV HD media player
  • Simple setup in just minutes
  • Share a USB printer with every PC and Mac® computer in the home
  • Easily upgrade storage capacity or plug in exter nal drives ? no tools required
  • Access your files over the Internet from your favorite web browser when outside of the home

Product Specifications

Brand Seagate
Model STAM1000100
Port RJ-45 1 x 10/100/1000M
Form Factor Desktop
Included HDD Capacity 1TB
Dimensions 6.75" x 5.31" x 3.13"
Weight 2.81 lbs.
Features Connects to your WiFi router, enabling convenient, wireless access to all your files from any PC or Mac computer in the home

Automatically and continuously back up files and folders from up to 3 PC and Mac computers in the home – Time Machine software compatible*

Stream movies, photos and music to PCs, Mac computers, game consoles and GoFlex TV HD media player

Simple setup in just minutes

Share a USB printer with every PC and Mac computer in the home

Easily upgrade storage capacity or plug in exter nal drives – no tools required

Access your files over the Internet from your favorite web browser when outside of the home

* Additional licenses available for purchase

System Requirements:
- Router with an available Ethernet port (WiFi router required for wireless file access and backup)
- Internet connection for activation and Internet file sharing
- Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.x, Chrome 4.x, Safari 3, or later web browser
-Windows 7, Windows Vista , Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later operating system
Package Contents GoFlex Home Network Storage System (includes network base and hard drive)
Ethernet cable
Power supply
Quick start guide
GoFlex Home install CD
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 2 years limited
Labor 2 years limited
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