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TRENDnet TEW-637AP 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader

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TRENDnet TEW-637AP N300 Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader
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TrendNet TEW-637AP N300 300 Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader TrendNet TEW-637AP N300 300 Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader $25.00 CAD Shop Now
TRENDnet TEW-637AP 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader Access Point TRENDnet TEW-637AP 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader Access Point $34.81 CAD Shop Now
TRENDnet RB-TEW-637AP N300 Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader TRENDnet RB-TEW-637AP N300 Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader $35.01 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

TRENDnet TEW-637AP 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.97/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/04/10
Cons: Cannot use it as a wireless B/G Access Point

Pros: Inexpensive upgrade to existing B/G routerEasy to setup
Just plug it in to the existing b/g router via network cable, use the software included, and there you go, a wireless N router. But, cannot use it as a wireless B/G access point that's unplugged from your B/G router. Tech support couldn't help much, and just kept telling me what's already in the manual. Anyway, coverage is good, and signal is okay.

Review Date: 09/20/10
Cons: Problems seeing linksys products

Pros: Fast Speed, Easy conifguration
I bought this product to upgrade my linksy router to wireless N. It works great except it kept losing connection to my linksys router. After some internet searching I found it was a setting i had wrong, and from then on it worked great.

Review Date: 03/15/10
I have a 10 yr old wired LAN & have long resisted wireless, but having returned to school I'd found that I needed a good laptop that would connect to the campus network from anywhere on campus. Having then spent serious cash on the laptop, & enjoying connected-computing-unplugged on campus, it seemed a shame not to also use that function at home. The TEW-637AP easlily & cheaply turns a free port on your wired router or workgroup switch into a wireless gateway for a laptop or difficult to hard-wire PC. It's a seemless, trouble free setup ... the big, brown truck was literally still idling out front when I first grabbed a fully secured, WPA2 connection thru my wired LAN. The connection's strong from anywhere in my house, garage & back deck included, & still do-able from within the homes of my immediate neighbors ... an occasionally handy thing. No troubles since, & it ain't especially sexy ... it just works as advertised. JED

Review Date: 01/29/10
Cons: Only 10/100 LAN connection.

Pros: Size, appearance, set-up options, price on sale.
First off, this product claims to have wireless N 300mbps but can only connect to the rest of your network at 100mbps.Other than that unlogical design, this product works well. My wireless N laptop can only connect at 144mbps even right next to the unit though. I haven't found a solution to this. Also, certain encryption combinations seemed to limit speeds to 54mbps G. I'm not sure if that is a limitation of the device or my network card.
Vic Corbo

Review Date: 04/07/09
Pluged this into my hard wired network and it works just great. Good signal strength even at my neighbors house. Not bad for the money

Review Date: 09/03/08
Easy install, good setup, nice design, but it degraded strength & speed of connection compared to my old US Robotics MaxG wireless router, connecting to a new Gateway notebook. The Gateway had a b/g wi-fi adapter, so I did not expect as much improvement as if I'd had an n adapter in it, but I did not expect a weaker signal and slower speed. I think I'll let my cats play with it....

Review Date: 06/30/08
This is a wonderful little device i say, its great for people with an existing router that want to upgrade, or just an addition to existing network. Although it does have some dead spots and does drop connection sometimes, like everything works then suddenly it doesnt :P, but other than that its nice to have and use

Review Date: 06/27/08
This router installed quickly and painlessly. I had no problems connecting it to my Linksys G router and I have had no issues with connectivity or speed. The paper documentation that came with it is a little sparse though. Overall I am pleased with this product.
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Product Features

TRENDnet TEW-637AP 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader
The 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-UpgraderTM upgrades your old, perfectly functioning router, to high speed wireless n. Enjoy up to 12 times the speed and 4 times the coverage of a wireless g network. Eliminate wireless dead spots, seamlessly surf the Internet and help the environment by not throwing away your old router.

The compact 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-UpgraderTM is designed around ease of use, performance and environmental friendliness. The latest in wireless encryption ensures wireless security. Advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna technology eliminates wireless dead spots. Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) lets you integrate other WPS devices into your network quickly.

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Product Specifications

StandardsIEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n Draft, IEEE 802.11e
Data RatesUp to 300Mbps
Security64/128-bit WEP (Hex & ASCII), WPA/WPA2, WPA PSK/WPA2-PSK Encryption, WPA Enterprise WPA2 Enterprise
Frequency Band2.412 - 2.462 GHz (North America) 2.412 - 2.472 GHz (Europe)
Channels11 Channels (US, Canada) 13 Channels (Europe)
AntennaBuilt In Two PCB Antennas
Transmitted Power802.11n (drat): 14dBm (Typical) With HT20 & H:40 802.11g: 15dBm (Typical) 802.11b: 18dBm (Typical)
Receiver Sensitivity802.11n (draft): -70dBm (Typical) With Ht40 802.11g: -72dBm (Typical) @ 54Mbps 802.11b: -84dBm (Typical) @ 11mpbs
Modulation802.11b: CCK (11 and 5.5Mbps), DQPSK (2Mbps), DBPSK (1Mbps) 802.11g: OFDM With BPSK, QPSK And 16/64-QAM Sub-Carrier Modulations
InterfaceEthernet Port
LEDsPower, Link
Ports1 x 10/100M
Dimensions4.7" x 3.4" x 1.0"
Weight0.3 lbs
Temperature0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)
FeaturesMedia Access Protocol: CSMA/CAA smaller and faster access point solution suitable for upgrading to wireless N Affordable wireless N device for easily migrating from wireless G and B networks Compatible with the 2.4GHzfrequency work off of a single-band design Improves the data transfer speed by working with existing wireless G and B Networks Universal wireless connectivity for seamless roaming between any 802.11-base network Support for 802.11e enhancements for wirelessapplications Low Interference and high susceptibility guarantee reliable performance Supports WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) feature Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003 server/Vista, Linux and Mac OS Don´t throw away your existing wired or wireless router, upgrade it high speed wireless n No setup required-just plug it into your existing router Enjoy up to 12x the speed and 4x the coverage of wireless g Secure Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) at the touch of a button
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts1 year limited
Labor1 year limited
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