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Antec TRICOOL 120MM Case Fan

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Antec TRICOOL120MM Case Cooler
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Antec TRICOOL120MM   $23.67 CAD Buy Now

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Product Reviews

Antec TRICOOL 120MM Case Fan
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.37/10

Review Date: 02/23/13
Cons: Got about a year

Pros: Good while they lasted
Replaced them with Gelid Wing 120's a few years ago. At that time you could buy a 4 pack of Gelids, which I did, used 2 in my Son 3, 1 in another build, still have a new one left (somewhere lol).

Review Date: 12/02/12
Cons: None

Pros: PriceSpeed VariablesLow Noise
These fans are a good bang for the buck. There are cheaper louder ones, and there are slightly quieter ones but you have to pay alot more for. The speed variables is nice, but I dont find the air flow changes that much. They were easy to install in the P280s i used, and have both 3 and 4 pin molex connectors which is nice, although not many things use molex anymore. Would purchase again.

Review Date: 11/26/12
Cons: None

Pros: High QualityQuietEfficient
I live by these fans. At the price point there is no reason to get anything else. They perform very well and last many years.

Review Date: 11/14/12
Cons: aucun

Pros: ventile bien, prix
bon ventilteur de qualité, aère bien toutes les composantes

Review Date: 06/04/12
Cons: Not good for radiator setups.

Pros: Quiet, cheap
Have 4 TriCools in my current build. 3x120mm (1 intake, 2 exhaust by radiator) and 1x200mm.The TriCool 120mm is very quiet at medium at 28dB but gets louder on high at 29-30dBa.However I don't recommend this as intake/exhaust for radiators as it does not push enough air. In the future I may upgrade all fans in the case for better cooling.

Review Date: 04/08/12
Cons: Noisy at high and even medium . A bit pricey .

Pros: 3 speed switch , fairly silent , works as advertised . It keeps my case cool. Double ball bearing.
Just bought this to replace an Antec true quiet fan that came with my P160 case. I am happy with it and would buy it again.

Review Date: 11/11/11
Cons: Kinda loud on high.

Pros: Move an insane amount of air.
These are great fans, they move a ton of air it's actually pretty crazy. They are rather loud on high (when you have five in the tower) so really not much of a con.

Review Date: 11/05/11
Cons: none so far

Pros: Price matched for nice price, Quiet, 3 speed adjustments, variety of hookup options, clear plastic and no led's
Having the 3 speed settings just allows you to set it for what ever you need. Didn't want a fan controller in front. I mounted 1 on the side panel intake and 1 on the bottom intake. Mother board controls the other fans so can now set them all to low for quiet use or high when playing games.Temps in the Coolermaster Elite 371 ATX Tower Case are very low. I'm happy with purchase ,would buy again as needed!

Review Date: 09/15/11
Cons: None

Pros: Cheap and you get various speeds you can choose from
I wanted cheap case fans with no LED and relatively low noise. This fit the bill really well. I put them on slow all around in my case and it's just fine that way for me.

Review Date: 08/11/11
Cons: None against the fan, except i thought it was a LED

Pros: 3 fan speed optionQuiet at low setting
Works well does what a 120mm Fan should, cools components. 3 speed option is a nice perk whilenot on heavy use can be left on low for quiet and put on high under load.

Review Date: 03/28/11
Cons: low speed is 1000rpm not 1200rpm mid speed a bit loudhigh speed too loud

Pros: price is goodquality is goodtriple speed control
good:price is goodquality is goodtriple speed control, flexible, fit my needsbad:low speed is 1000rpm not 1200rpm mid speed a bit loudhigh speed too loud

Review Date: 02/11/11
Cons: Would prefer these sold in a black mainframe... that's about it!

Pros: Fan speed controllableNice airflowNot too noisy at all
I've actually got two of these fans, got them for free last summer. They work great! For everyone purchasing here, do ignore what people say about these fans not being that good, they actually are fairly good if at the right price. Flexible speed, nice airflow capability. Just to get tihs at $15 would be the killer. But for less than half this price-matched (or better yet, free like I did!) definitely worth it.

Review Date: 01/14/11
Cons: fan controller is attached to the fan so cant get at it when inside the case.

Pros: Not noisyFan controller
A great fan that won't let you down. Having a fan controller is a very nice add on even tho you cant get at it when its inside your case. I guess is just a set it and forget it kind of thing.

Review Date: 12/03/10
Cons: Noisy on medium and high

Pros: 3 SpeedsQuiet on lowest settingGood qualityEasily connected to 3 pin MB or 4 pin PSU plug
I got this to replace a noisy power supply fan, and will be removing it soon. On medium setting it is the noisiest fan in my PC. On lowest it is quiet but not powerful enough for a PSU. I might use it later as a case fan on lowest setting, it's nice and quiet then.I am running an OCZ vendetta 2 cpu cooler and very quiet fans, so that's why I hear it.

Review Date: 09/22/10
Cons: pricey for the average users

Pros: lots of air, quiet
it's still kicking after 4 years of operation, i usually leave it on low setting and cant even hear it

Review Date: 08/30/10
Cons: None

Pros: Has fan speed control
This is a great fan from a reliable brand. Installed into my Antec Three Hundred case with no problems. It moves a respectable amount of air and doesn't generate too much noise. An awesome deal if you can get it on sale or price match.

Review Date: 08/25/10
Cons: none

Pros: LEDs look niceGood airflow
This is the best 120mm fan I've come across so far. It gives a good amount of airflow and can be as quiet as needed. I personally keep it on high as I like the high airflow and it doesn't get TOO loud

Review Date: 05/12/10
Cons: none

Pros: 3 speed settings,
I bought 2 to improve airflow for my system. It does what it's suppose to do. SO I have no complaints. The 3 settings may be cool but I usually leave it at one position. Overall, it does it job.

Review Date: 02/23/10
Cons: Can be a tad bit noisy of the highest setting.

Pros: Quiet (See Weaknesses), Adjustable Speed, Multiple Power Options.
Added three of these to my case to help improve airflow. First of all, the fans push alot of air and are fairly quiet except for when on it's highest setting. Also, no annoying LED's and they're clear so that's a plus in my book. Highly Recommended!

Review Date: 12/16/09
Cons: May not be the best fan out there.

Pros: Selectable speedEasy installGood cable lengths
I just bought one of these fans to go to my brother as part of his Christmas gift. I Have an Antec 300 that comes with a 120mm and 140mm black version of this fan and like them very much. I am sure there may be better fans out there, but for the price and flexibility of these fans you can't really go wrong. I am sure that this fan will prove to be just as dependable and functional as the 2 others I already own. Very nice to have the speed selectable switch built in for those of us that don't want to fool around with voltages to get different rpm.

Review Date: 10/19/09
Cons: A little loud at 100% but I am not complaining.

Pros: Works very well, and quiet. 3 speeds. Includes 2 plug options. Low price.
pretty clear plastic. Connectors to work with main board connector or power supply connector. Includes mounting screws. Fan is quiet on low. Has selector for 3 speeds if needed. I have one fan controlled by the main board. It is Running at 900 rpm now and will speed up if things get hot.

Review Date: 09/14/09
Cons: quiet on slow, somewhat loud on faster speeds

Pros: brand, price, 3-speed fan
Always loved Antec fans, especially these speed-controllable ones. On low setting, it's pretty silent. But on medium/high speed, it's somewhat loud, but acceptable in my opinion (you really don't notice it if you're playing games with music on).Would purchase again, and recommend to others.

Review Date: 09/12/09
Cons: pas de LED

Pros: Exellent deplacement d'air3 vitesse
j'ai acheter cette fan pour remplacer une vieille cooler master.il y a une petite switch(que j'ai coller sur mon Power supply),qui a 3 vitesse.a trois,juste pour dire imaginer le deplacement d'air une petite fan(marque super) 8 po avec pince...mais dans votre case...quand je lai essaye je croyait rever:Pseul ic...pas de led,mais de toute facon j'en ai deja 5-6 dans mon case:)ma temperature interne a diminuer de 2 degree dans mon Apevia X-plorer.Recommandé!! This review was modfied by poster @ 09-12-09 08:21 PM

Review Date: 08/31/09
Cons: - Audible on medium and loud on high- No LED's

Pros: - Quiet on low- Pushes good amount of air- Fan controller
I got this fan with my Antec Twelve Hundred and they seem pretty good. On low, they are silent and still pushes a good amount of air. On medium, they become audible but airflow increases substantially. On high, they become too noisy. They make for good case fans though, so I would definitely recommend, especially because they come with a 3-speed fan controller.

Review Date: 08/07/09
Cons: sort of loud

Pros: Fan pushes tones of far/3 speed
this is a cheap fan but it performs very well in my case it looks very nice to and it comes from antec so you know you can trust it
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Product Features

Antec TriCool 0761345-75120-9 balances necessary cooling with quietness.


   Product Type:  Case fan

Heatsink & Fan
   Fan Diameter:  120 mm
   Fan Height:  25.4 mm
   Rotation Speed:  1200/1600/2000 rpm
   Noise & Performance Details:  25 dBA / 39 cfm at 1200 rpm ¦ 28 dBA / 56 cfm at 1600 rpm ¦ 30 dBA / 79 cfm at 2000 rpm
   Power Connector:  3-pin plug, 4 pin Molex connector
   Rated Voltage:  12 V
   Features:  Variable fan speed

   Features:  Fan speed monitoring
   Compliant Standards:  RoHS

Product Specifications

Brand Antec
Type Case Fan
Compatibility Case
Fan Size 120mm
Bearing Type Ball
RPM 1200 - 2000 RPM
Air Flow 39 - 79 CFM
Noise Level 25 - 30 dBA
Power Connector 3 Pin for motherboard
4 Pin for Power Supply
Physical Spec
Dimensions 4.72" x 4.72" x 1"
Features 3-speed switch lets you balance quiet performance with maximum cooling
3-pin and 4-pin power connectors provide convenient connections to your motherboard or power supply
Fan-speed monitoring capability included (requires compatible motherboard)
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