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PNY GeForce GTX 275 VCGGTX275XPB Video Card

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PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 275 896MB DDR3 Dual DVI Display Win10 PCI-E Video Card PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 275 896MB DDR3 Dual DVI Display Win10 PCI-E Video Card $62.79 CAD Shop Now

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PNY GeForce GTX 275 VCGGTX275XPB Video Card
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Rating: 9.33/10
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Cisco Kidd@NCIX

Review Date: 07/06/09
Cons: Longer then the ATI cards

Pros: Very fast card, silent fan compared to 4870 and 4890's, lower heat output
Fast card, I opted for a little less vram to go with NV over ATI , at the sale price of $208.88 this was easily the best value card even with 4890 at 219less a 20 mir or the price of 189 on a saturday sale when they 1 or 2 max per store. Fast plays any game at 1920x1200, no need to overclock at all yet handles it all really well, prefer NV drivers over CCC. The only other card was recently the 4870 1gb offered at 140 limited quantity on sale for the extra 68 savings had I known I would have waited and bought it the following week. But for now this card will last a good year easy playing everything out now and to come. Paired with a X4 920 and 4 gb ram system rawks. Way better value than GTX 280 or 295 This review was modfied by poster @ 07-06-09 11:34 PM

Review Date: 06/26/09
Cons: She's a big girl

Pros: Fast with a capital FCheap
I never planned to buy a PNY product but this was on sale for cheap enough that I thought I'd try it out. Just went straight to Nvidia site for drivers, didn't even bother with supplied CD. No issues with card so far, fan is kind of noisy when it ramps up it doesn't really matter to me. Mine idles at 56 degrees in CM690 case. If you are using this case be aware that one of the cable management clips gets in your way, I took mine out and crammed the card in fine. Gained 4000 3dMark06 points over my SLI'd 7900 GTOs with a stock Q6600, and this card cost $90 less than one of the GTO's did new lol!

Review Date: 04/20/09
Cons: very long! make sure you have a case that can that length.

Pros: very quiet. very powerful.
bought this in the sale for a great price. installed and ran perfectly the first time. is very quiet and runs at 40% fan speed out of the box. the card reaches but does not hinder the internal fan of the antec 1200 making a perfect fit. plan to wait for prices to drop  to get second just for the hell of it.

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