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Thermaltake Case VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Super Gaming Modular Full Tower Retail

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Product Reviews

Thermaltake Case VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Super Gaming Modular Full Tower Retail
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.23/10

Review Date: 08/04/13
I looked at so many unique cases and brands. No case met all the criteria until this one particular hit the marketplace. This is the ideal case on the marketplace today. It is so simple to install all elements in - almost everything matches up perfectly like my ASUS Maximus IV Intense Mobo (also purchased through Newegg). Lights, locks, tool-less, looks, fans, window, USB three., cable management, security, filters, straightforward access - the list goes on. Is it worth the price tag - YES! Caster wheels would be nice as my finished construct is quite heavy and the supplied foot stands do not slide. I bought furnishings movealls-sliders (carpet sort) to put below foot stands to slide case very easily on wood flooring (just to move case in and out from beneath desk). The supplied instruction booklet gives minimal directions. Going on-line was beneficial on a couple of items. Make positive you are OK with the size of this case and measure where you plan to find it. I did, so I had my place/spacing planned out as nicely as cable lengths to peripherals and surge protectors and connector space allowances coming out of the back of the case and front of the case.

Review Date: 08/01/13
It amongst this and the HAF X to upgrade from my HAF 932, following spending time time searching at this and the HAF X at a local retailer, I ended up obtaining the Level ten GT. The Build quality was just a ton much better and the consideration to the little facts made the selection for me. Like the fan filters on all intake areas, This is a large case that was straightforward to make in and has awesome cable management abilities. Its create high quality is best notch, I appreciate that the hinged side door can come fully off if necessary. It runs cool and quiet. Now the only concern that I have run into with this case is the vreg heatsink on the old EVGA 58X sli motherboard was too tall to fit with the Corsair H70 Cooler. With it installed you only get two.25 inches of clearance and the heatsink is taller then that. A thing everyone might want to verify into ahead of purchasing. It is an overall fantastic case and I am extremely delighted with my acquire.

Review Date: 07/22/13
Quiet, decent cooling, constructed effectively and looks awesome! Dust filters! Dust filter on front fan, you want to take off front bezel to get to it... Fans IMO could move a bit much more air like some other 200mm fans and still stay quiet. I have had many Coolermaster HAF cases, HAF-X, 932, ect.... and they did cool a bit much better, possibly five-10C cooler. Those situations with no a add in fan controller had been noisier than this case by far. So can reside with a bit larger temps and want to avoid the fan controller then this case will not disappoint!

Review Date: 06/18/13
Update on my earlier posting ref "Problems lurking". I ran the comparison with other case and issue nevertheless there. Returned MB to retailer and reinstalled in Level 10 GT case and everything was fine. It was a faulty MB. Case is operating great, install was quick thanks to the roomy case. Don't think twice, this is the case to get! Totally none! Genuinely will be my final case considering that this infant is just fabulous to appear at, function around, and extremely low temps. And yes its heavy but that's what the manage is for.

Review Date: 02/10/13
as of 2ቧ believe im the last individual in the country to get 1 of these awesome circumstances. exspensive yes, but worth each and every penny. i switched from a not too long ago purchased Coolermaster Cosmos-S. case. the match and finnish are supurb, and installation was a breeze. plenty of instalation accessories, and a incredibly clear and effortless to undrstand user manual, for the much more technologies challanged newbies out there. I am disapointed about the reality that the red striops on the handle and on the olwer front DONOT LIGHT UP.!! in contrast to its major daddy the level 10. perhaps i can pry the strips off and mod some leds there ill let you know if it operates. but thats the only cause i broke a single egg.. Smart acquire. if you see it offered here, or anywhere for that matter. DON'T EVEN Think, JUST Acquire IT -YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID

Review Date: 01/19/13
I really like the cable management. For me it was this or the Corsair 800d (like someone else mentioned, i as well went nearby for this...newegg im sure with my purchase history you cant hold it against me). The principal purpose was shipping. This factor is rather heavy. Therefore i like the manage....ALOT. Im not into lights and that stuff so i have all that off and the side window faces the wall.My primary cause for purchase was basic. I went to the local store, asked the guy for the other case...he asked if i was air cooling or water. I dont really feel the need to water cool. So im on air. The guy seemed like he knew what was up, and i had read that the 800d didnt have wonderful airflow but was killer on h2o. He said this would be greater on air, and let me to upgrade if i wanted to in the future. Then he told me it was just about ๪ more affordable. I figured why not. I like it. Im positive its no where near its huge bro...but it is good. Calble management is outstanding!! screws for the HD's STUPID! I use all five hot swap bays. I did not comprehend they needed screws. I believed i saw that the two.five in. drives did, but genuinely even the three.5's do. LAME. Truly nice. Ive in no way had cables so organized and i dont even have a modular P/S. ITs pretty rather. I do hear my Noctua more than the case fans. but thats not the situations fault.The make:Asus p8p67 proIntel Core i5-2500k (nicely running at 4.8ghz...have made five. but backed down)Gskill RipJaw 2x4gb 1600good and cool. if any person cares for the rest of the facts...4x500gb WD RE Difficult Drives1x128 Important Genuine SSD (thanks newegg for the shell shocker...this factor is quickly!)Im not a gamer....so i have a ATI 5770 for Eyefinisty on my 2x24" Dell 1920x1200 monitors.I have a BR Drive. I guess thats about it. Lastly. Im confident the looks are a personal point. I actually like the clean likes of the 800d perhaps more than this. But i do like it. Its definately unique. I dont lan celebration, or game...just work. So ill be the only a single who ever sees it...But I do think its intriguing and WAY Far more Critical...very functional!

Review Date: 12/05/12
Soon after using and abusing my previous case for about six years, it ultimately came time to get a new case. It was amongst this and the good old 800D. Taking into consideration how I have no water cooling and a insatiable require to stand out, I went with the level ten, and I'm quite glad I did.Never ever had so substantially space in a case prior to, and the cable management is good. Even although I don't personally use the hot swap feature, I do have fairly a handful of HDDs, and the bays do aid preserve it all organized.The light show you can place on is very cool as properly, and you will absolutely stand out from all your lan buddies if you haul this beast out. It seems sturdy sufficient, and it currently survived falling off a table with nary a scratch, so I'm going to assume it will last me fairly a whilst.Also, the dust covers are a godsend for me, as my roommates have two cats that just Love to rub up against the fan vents anytime I'm not there to chase them off. Possibly the only cons I have are with the directions, and the lack of SATA cables. The cables weren't to substantially of a dilemma for me, but for those who don't have extras lying about, not having them can be a bummer. Taking into consideration they cost a bit, I guess its possibly fantastic they didn't add them to keep the value down, but I digress. As for the directions, they genuinely don't go into enough detail on the smaller features that the case comes with, like locating the dust filters or where you can set up additional fans. You can contact me an idiot for this, but it took me a bit to figure out how to get energy to the HDD slots, as the cable end was shoved waaaaay up in the drive bays, and the directions present no assist in that area.Also, the USB 3. cables have to be plugged in to the back of your motherboard, so if something it just acts as an extension for the ports. Not almost as useful as they should be. A lot of individuals seem to be complaining about the lights going back to blue soon after a restart and the fans defaulting to low. Honestly, if people today are going to look at that as a significant design flaw. All you have to do is push a button. A button that is almost ideal next to the energy button.Also, if you have not built a case ahead of, it can be a bit daunting to hook everything up, so retain that in thoughts if its your initially time, or you haven't built from scratch in really a while.

Review Date: 11/19/12
Great cable management, fantastic air flow, and over all wonderful appearance. My side fan does not light blue anymore.

Review Date: 10/26/12
Greatest cable management I've observed however. five hdd bays. The hdd bays come pre-wired for power, in series. Saves on power cables from the PSU. A lot of space for even the biggest graphics cards, 14.five inches. they even added an extension cable for the 8 pin power cord. Can turn the lights to various colors or OFF it you dont want them. The 3.five" external bay is Very hard to put the screws in. So, the case is NOT actually tooless. My last case didnt will need screws for the HDD's. This a single does. Themaltake opted to lock the case for shipment. It took me numerous minutes to come across the keys. The spring clips on the HDD drawers catch. # are bent up already. WAY also substantially plastic. Seems like they could of thrown in an adapter for the front USB3. ports to be capable to plug into USB3. front headers on a motherboard instead of having to route the cables out the back of the case...Extremely TACKY. News Flash...there are motherboards on the market place with USB3 headers on the motherboard. ASRock 890FX Deluxe4 AM3 AMD 890FX It seems that they could of produced th HDD drawers tool no cost. How can you get in touch with it HOT-swappable if you have to take the time to take the screws out and put them back in with the subsequent drive?

Review Date: 09/13/12
This factor is a beast. It's so straightforward to install everything. The space in this case is outstanding and it's so very good with organizing it. Almost everything fits in perfectly and the PSU as properly you have to slide it in as an alternative of just placing in there. I love the hot-swapping bays they're awesome. But I was told that if you harm the front side of the case it will jam up the HDD bays. This situation keeps super cool and has a ton of breathing space. The fans are noiseless and you can transform the color of the led light and speed of the fan with a touch of a button. The installation of the motherboard fit perfectly on there. There's a ton of space for a substantial CPU cooler and Substantial GPUs if you program on adding any. I suggest buying one if you want a cool and amazing gaming case. None so far. The only issue that got me was the small holder above the expansion slots. But just unscrew it to add your GPU. One thing even though, DON"T Lose THE KEYS! Or you won't be capable to open it.

Review Date: 09/04/12
Cons: none

Pros: More than enough room for the enthusiastFuture proof case
This is my second Level 10 purchase. The first was a birthday gift for my brother, which he loved a lot. I was shocked at how massive it was. This is the exact same model without the liquid-cooling system.It's a great case all around.

Review Date: 08/26/12
Hot-swappable bays are great although as previously pointed out not tool less. Fan lights add sparkle to all round look. Lots and lots of space inside. Cable management is excellent. And lastly the overall appear is dynamic!! Just received the case from newegg two days ago and have not been capable to boot but! Have replaced power provide and MB to avail. I now suspect the MB is not appropriately grounded in the case and causing a short resulting in a no-boot. As an added note, when I turn the unit on, I get lights, fans all perform (including the one in the power provide) but no error beeps and no startup. Subsequent step is to install everything into old situation and confirm my suspicion. Unit particulars: 1200W coolermaster psu (new), ASIs sabertooth mb (new), 12gb G skill memory (new), intel i7 950 CPU (new), geforce 570 (new)...

Review Date: 08/15/12
This case rocks! Hot swap HD drives,You don't have to unplug the fan from the side panel to take it off. Just beautiful to appear at. So straightforward to install elements in. Coming from an Antec 900,this situation just blows it away in just about every respect. Antec had zero cable management. This one particular have amazing cable management. I personally assume the locks are cool and not cheesy.. I don't feel there is a far better situation out there for what I was seeking for.. People today nit picking.. To the guy saying his defaults to blue whenever he turns it on.. Leave it on 24ǝ,most do,difficulty solved..That's just being crazy. I don't know if this is a difficulty,but all of the sudden my lights are out of sync. The side one particular will be blue and the top and front red or green or vise versa.. I wonder if any individual else has this problem.. I absolutely adore this case.. I'd sleep with it at night if I could.. :) This factors is high quality all the way about..Absolutely nothing feels affordable. It was effectively believed out and the consideration to detail is there.. I got it for 起.. I feel like I stole it.. :P Sorry egg.. I buy every thing from you ,but I got it locally. Don't hesitate,I don't think there are a lot of out there..

Review Date: 07/20/12
Cons: big

Pros: good cable management
omg it is a huge case.basically i love its dust filter. u never worry about the dustand also, front panel usb3.0 port is good

Review Date: 06/28/12
Built out quick and easy. It's massive, lots of internal space, and that's a very good point - lots of airflow confident, but also straightforward to perform inside without donating a lot of knuckle-skin as I have with other situations. Dead quiet and cool with fan at low speed and operate that's maxing four cores of CPU and many disks. Some have complained about drive install not being tool no cost, but appear - you're connecting the drives to rubber grommets, which is at least portion of why factors are so quiet. Uncomplicated to hide and manage cables, riddled with rubber-lined routing holes. Opens up fully, both sides, to facilitate installs. The colored lights on the fans aren't truly my factor, but they're not kitschy searching and I can think about they'd thrill a gamer-station builder. My, it's large! Instructions weren't so tremendously instructional. A lot of unlabeled cables that had to be traced back to source to know where to connect them. Hmmm, nothing but whiny little cons... Holding an Asus P8P67 with Intel i7 Sandy Bridge, large CPU cooler, huge graphics card, massive non-modular power provide, 6 disks - and it's nonetheless cavernously empty inside, which lets me run the fans low and the hardware's cool. Appears quite effectively believed by way of (rubber grommets, rubber cushions, tight fittings) to minimize noise. It's solid. I'm impressed. I have a lot of space, and my create is fairly a lot an optimized photography workstation, so that size/cooling is quite useful.

Review Date: 06/14/12
I just replaced my antec 900 w/this case. A lot bigger, and a a lot simpler install. The cable management for this situation is superb.I have a SLI setup and this situation has much far better cooling properites than the antec 900. Enhanced my score for benchmarks due to the fact I've been in a position to preserve the cards running cooler with much more air flow.With the number of fans this case has, it runs particularly rather. I even installed a fan on the bottom of the case to suck in cool air, and it nevertheless runs quiet.The difficult drive bays are pretty great - you can hook up all the SATA cables for hotswap, and the power is already ran for you.General this is a very very good looking, and functional situation Trivial, but though this situation looks excellent, the front (face/drive bays)seem a bit heavy on the plastic. When you see this situation at night, it looks significantly various than when the lights are lights. Overall, I would suggest this case to anybody. I've been through a handful of instances, and this 1 was by far the easiest to work with. Lots of room, solid develop, and believed out extremely well. I am not fantastic at cable management, and this case makes me look like a pro.

Review Date: 06/12/12
Cons: - I wish the onboard fan controller would have more connectors- I feel that such a large case should have a little more room for cable management behind the motherboard, but there was enough to get by.- Connections for the hard drive bays should definitely hold tighter, especially the SATA connectors which should probably have clips. - Straight SATA connectors are a tight fit since they push up against the side panel, it may be better with 90 degree cables, but with 90 degree ones, you may have trouble keeping them firmly in place. - The 120mm fan is louder than the big fans, even when I slow it down with my fan controller (There is no plug on the case's controller for this fan.)

Pros: - Just look at it... Need I say more?- The big fans are INCREDIBLY QUIET on low speed, quieter than my Noctuas, and still move a reasonable amount of air.- Oh and it looks awesome!
You either love or hate the looks. I bought it for the looks and the hard drive bays.I also have a ground loop buzzing sound that was introduced when I swapped my system into this case and I haven't found the source yet. I'm not sure if the case could be to blame.You can find several great performing cases for a little cheaper, especially if you want water cooling, but this case moves plenty of air without much noise and can slow down to near silence and still keep cool if you want. And looks good doing it :)4.5 stars??? Can't give it 5

Review Date: 05/10/12
Cons: - Lots of plastic (although high quality plastic)- The aesthetics of the drive bays are hit or miss for people

Pros: + Surprisingly roomy+ Easy to work with+ Striking looks+ Cable management is AMAZING+ Colour choice is neat+ One of the best cases for air cooling
Overall, I am very impressed with this case! Although you do pay a premium, the quality and thought put into the design is far more than I expected. If you can grab this case for the sale price of $230, I would highly recommend it.Also, the case looks a heck of a lot better in person :P

Review Date: 04/06/12
Cons: Some bad build aspects.

Pros: Large, Looks, Easy Install, Great cooling
Now just a disclaimer I bought this open box. This is a very good case with a few flaws that are easy enough to work around. The Bad;The plastic fan fins that direct the air from the intake at the side will not for any length of time stay upwards and there is no way to tighten them. It seems my side fan filter also doesn't lock in quite right, or I guess if it does it's a poor design. Also my top fan cover is not very secure, you are suppose to release it with a button on the back but I never need to as it just pops up when I grab at it. One more minor thing, it seems the paint on the metal parts of the case scratch easy. The Good;Hot swap bay work better then I thought. Easiest install I've ever done. Lots of room for fans or liquid cooling. Built in 3 fan controller. Lights work good if your into that kinda thing. Mine had an internal usb 3.0 header! Overall the most fun I've have building in a case. If you like the looks, go for it. I might even pick myself up the half case version.

Review Date: 03/03/12
The quantity 1 factor about this case is cable management. It just looks clean and tidy when you're carried out. It all matches up with the black and red color scheme Thermaltake is utilizing. Pair the case with a Frio and a new Tt Toughpower Grand PS (with the red stripe) and you'll have a really complete searching case. No I don't perform for Thermaltake - I just like the look of their stuff right now. For some the look of the case is a adore or hate factor but if you like the image you'll adore the case in person. I mean it looks like it's portion of the Death Star. It's brilliant! The drives aren't truly hot swappable, as other individuals have said. Permitting us to buy additional HD caddies may be a very good solution - in particular if they don't price an arm and a leg. I personally don't like that the lights default back when you turn the technique off. I simply don't like to leave my computer operating day and night for the sake of keeping LED lights the identical color. I'd be pleased if the lights were just red. A single last thing about the lights - the "official" images show a cool lighting effect that you won't achieve. If you appear closely adequate at the pictures on their site you can tell the red in the case looks painted. Maybe it's hard to get a fantastic photo with the LED's on, who knows? The red stripe on the deal with doesn't light up but the deal with is very sturdy. Almost everything I've pointed out is simply a nit choose. The case functions as no other case has. Period. I'm mainly a Mac user. Pc circumstances have usually looked either plain, affordable or ugly to me. The original Level ten came along and I believed it just looked remarkable but I wasn't willing to throw down income like that. This case follows and it's a compromise of the original style but the function paired with the new appear produced for a great balance to me. I'm willing to devote this amount of cash on a case that may well never be replaced. I didn't want to cover all the exact same bases other reviewers have covered but I do hope this critique was valuable.

Review Date: 02/17/12
Cons: price

Pros: brandbig and lots of room
it is a very very big case, i was shocked when i went to warehouse to pick it up.black color, pretty cool. my first e-atx case which i am happy about it so far.

Review Date: 12/27/11
Cons: none so far

Pros: Lots of spaceCable managementNice looking fans
I bought this for my son and he loves it. My son likes how you can change the fan colors. BUT BEWARE It is very big. If you don't have the space, then go with something else. Otherwise it is a very nice looking and roomy tower.

Review Date: 12/23/11
There's a lot of space and the cable management is great. I can't really comment on a lot additional as 2 separate power supplies did not fit in this case and can not get an operational Pc. The instructions are horrible and the motherboard screws are very tiny and motherboard instillation isn't as effortless as it really should be. You have to shove it fairly a lot to get the motherboard holes to match up with the case holes, mainly because, of the faceplate for the rear connections panel.There's a serial ATA cable that I'm not entirely certain where it wants to be connected to: a SATA connector on the motherboard or? Similar factor for the dual audio connector.All the other cables/connectors were fairly obvious where they necessary to be connected to.My power supply (Thernaltake TR2 RX-850) did not fit in the case. There's piece of metal sticking to the left of where you would slide the power provide in.Documentation says, "Standard PS2 PSU" Purchased a Corsair GS 700, which also DOES NOT FIT IN THE CASE.This is unacceptable that standard power supplies do not fit in this case, taking into consideration it expense 趮.I've had it going on four days and it's absolutely nothing more then a 趮 paperweight. Also, there was no invoice or receipt from newegg. How do I get warranty service or return it to newegg?I'm very disappointed in this case. When you aspect in the expense its even more so.i gave it 1 egg, since, it wont let you give it zero. Manufacturer Response:Hi JoJo,That SATA cable is an extension cable for the eSATA port at the top. You can connect it to the Mobo or SATA controller card. Use it any external storage devices with eSATA connection. The front panel audio cable has alternatives for AC 97 or HD (AZALIA) header. This is base on the Mobo or BIOS setting to opt for the connector you will need.Please slide the PSU from the front to back of chassis. Then secure the PSU to the mounting plate with 4 screws.You can contact us for additional installation concerns. Our support e-mail is ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com or call 1-800-988-1088.Ideal regards,

Review Date: 11/12/11
This was uncomplicated install, I got a excellent deal, I got the case and power supply for cheaper then the case alone. I would have bought the case by way of Newegg, but they had been out..so auctions was the way to go. LOL Cable management was awesome, I appear like a pro....and the case is a behemoth..huge...... Huge case is a con, and the non toolless hot swappable trays. I Loved the large brother and couldnt afford it, hehehe this is a awesome trade off, I don't care what everyone says this case is winning!

Review Date: 11/05/11
Cons: None

Pros: Lots of spaceNice looking fans
I was surprised when I got this case. Looks WAY better in real life. Note* when I got this, it was missing the accessory box, which includes screws, headphone clip, manual, and more. NCIX told me to call thermaltake about this. At least thermaltake has good support, and sent me a replacement.
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Product Features

Extended ATX Full Tower Desktop
10 Bay USB 3.0

Thermltake VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Full Tower Gaming Case
Thermaltake looks to invigorate the PC enthusiasts with the latest Thermltake VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Full Tower Gaming Case. The design language of the Thermltake VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Full Tower Gaming Case expresses a passion for visual aesthetics deriving from demanding and immersive game play and multimedia entertainment enthusiasm. With EasySwap Pitstop 5 every HDD/SDD has its own removable tray, EasySwap in hot-plug mode within seconds. With this users have greatest storage flexibility and maximum data transfer speeds you need. Modern multimedia peripherals operate at tremendous data transfer velocities, with 2 USB 3.0 connectors right on the top of the Thermltake VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Full Tower Gaming Case you be guaranteed to always enjoy SuperSpeed entertainment.

What It Is and Why You Need It:

  • Compatible with ATX, Micro ATX and Extended ATX Motherboards
  • 3x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0 and 1x eSATA Front USB Ports
  • 1x 140mm Fan and 3x 200mm ColorShift Fans
  • Water Cooling Ready
  • Ready for Extra-Long Graphics Card Up to 14.2?/36 cm

The concept of the clear lines of the outside design of the Thermltake VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Full Tower Gaming Case is just as well continued in the inside. An advanced and highly convenient cable management bundles respective cables almost like in tunnels behind a back plate. Your system shines in clarity, easy access to all components is warranted for and even ventilation is greatly improved. It features Thermaltake's QuadFan Ventilation concept, of which three also feature ColorShift, creates an ideal environment for your components to unfold their full potential. Perception of what and how it is surrounding us, can have strongly inspiring, motivating and vitalizing effects on us. With triple ColorShift three LED fans with five sets of illuminations let you get into the driver seat of your respective moods. Or if so wanted, you turn them all entirely. At times enthusiasm may push you to the ultimate limits, to where you have not been before. Ready for Liquid Cooling Systems you can rest assured to keep your coolness. Powerful performance needs space to unfold, this is also the case for highly advanced graphics cards, which the length has grown considerable over the past years and is most likely to grow even further in the future. With space for up to 36 cm oversized cards, there is sufficient space to stay future proof. Purchase the Thermltake VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Full Tower Gaming Case today!

A Closer Look


  • Performance cooling made quiet: one top 200mm exhaust fan, one front 200mm intake fan, one side 200mm intake fan and one rear 140mm exhaust fan.
  • Hinged side panel to enable easier opening of the side door and access to computer for maintenance or upgrade.
  • Dramatically improved cable management. User no longer "hides" the excessive cable on the back, the Level 10 GT features numerous holders designed into the chassis for cable management.
  • Five hot-swappable hard drive bays, each with its dedicated backplane to support hot-swap. Hard drive mounting supports both 2.5" or 3.5" drives.
  • Connectivity array. Four USB 2.0 ports are conveniently located on the front bezel including a pair of audio ports. Two USB 3.0 ports and one eSATA port located on the top.
  • Water cooling ready - 120mm or 240mm radiators can be easily attached to the top side of the chassis (top 200m fan needs to be removed)
  • Fan speed management control embedded. ColorShift fans can be easily controlled through controls on the top.
  • Fully black-powdered interior.

Product Specifications

With Power Supply: No
Power Supply Mounted: Bottom
With Side Panel Window: No
External 5.25" Drive Bays: 4
External 3.5" Drive Bays: 1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: 5
Front Ports: USB 3.0 x 3, USB 2.0 x 4, eSATA x 1, HD Audio x 1
Motherboard Compatibility: Micro ATX / ATX / Extended ATX
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