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APEX Vortex 3620 SGCC / ABS ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

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Product Reviews

APEX Vortex 3620 SGCC / ABS ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.83/10
With 24 User Reviews

Review Date: 01/22/15
Cons: Air flow should requires an additionnal Fan

Pros: LookEasy to build
This is an high-end case for the price of a mATX, coating, wire emplacement, Drive Bays ... everything in this build will look simple :)Give a decent look to your PC and a Free Fans comes inside !

Review Date: 07/15/12
Cons: Steel

Pros: Attractivegood airflow
Picked this up for the media computer. Very happy with it.

Review Date: 03/06/12
Cons: n/a

Pros: cost sub 40 on sale
when i bought this case it was for a budget build for my neice .didnt think it would be that good as it was under 40 on sale but was surprised to see that it was studier than i thought side panel can be tough to close but all in all a good case

Review Date: 01/04/12
Cons: Using the headphone jack causes noise/distortion through my headphones.

Pros: Clean lookCheapRelatively easy to work with
Good case with good overall build quality. Would have given it a 5 if it wasn't for the bad headphone jack.

Review Date: 08/15/11
Cons: 'Easy Install' on drive bays was kind of a pain to install drive in.

Pros: Cheap.Clean/basic look.Solid.
Bought this on sale for $30, was a steal of a deal, used in HTPC build, looks great.

Review Date: 07/26/11
Cons: Included screws have threading problems?

Pros: Looks great reminds me of the HAF
Cheap case that looks great.The holes on the side window lets you mount a 120mm fan "unofficially"Included fans are quiet.Allows heatsinks that require backplates to be swapped without removing the motherboard from the case.Includes black screws for matching color setup.

Review Date: 07/20/11
Cons: The one thing I do not like it where the USB ports are, why put them on top when the cables are going to interfere with the DVD drive?

Pros: Its BlackQuick connectorsPlenty of screws and mounting hardware
I got this case and it is pretty awesome considering the price on sale, it has all the screws, and they are black. As well the case is black inside and out. It has two fans built in also!

Review Date: 04/08/11
Cons: auncun, none

Pros: design, intérieur noir (black inside), 4 USB à l'avant (in front)
Vraiment un des bons boîtier pour cette tranche de prix, très beau, l'intérieur noir augmente de beaucoup l'esthétisme pour ceux qui comme moi aime bien que tout soit 'clean' à l'intérieur. La seule chose que j'ai dû modifier afin de faire des installation parfaitement à mon goût, c'est de couper un petit bout du boîtier avec mon Dremel, afin de pouvoir bien passer et dissimuler les câbles des prises avants.A very good case for this range of price, very beautiful, and for some people like me who love clean install inside the case the black interior is perfect. I just had to make a little cut inside the case with my Dremel to perfectly place, pass and dissimulate front ports's cables.

Review Date: 01/27/11
Cons: Cons: None yet.

Pros: Pros: Sturdy, spacious, quiet, cool, easy to work in.
Pleasantly surprised for the price paid. Far from being a really great case, but exceptionally good value.

Review Date: 01/17/11
Cons: - Very fragile USB ports (Be careful!)- Pretty hard to input the 3.5MM Audio Jacks (Be careful!)- Cable Management is limited to cable sizes and the amount of cables can fit into the holes (lets just say it so small to fit all of them in)- It says "tool-less" PCI bays, I did not get that version or it did not include it- Back 120MM fan is not LED- Both Fans (front and back, back especially) barely gave out airflow- PSU is not bottom mount- No options of top/bottom mount fans- Not much space for HDDs to remove or relocate due to GFX card size depending what model is it- Pointless screws with the accessories, when this has tool-less drives (does not have tool-less PCI bays)

Pros: + Front 4x USB/Audio Panels at top+ eSATA port at the front+ Nice black glossy front frame look + Cool looking black "grills" or mesh with dust filters at the front+ Two 120MM Fans (Back & Front fan is Blue LED)+ Several options on side-panel fans+ "Tool-less" 3.5" and 5.25" brackets+ Easy access CPU fan replacement+ Black everywhere! (except the tool-less knobs)+ Lots of accessories (2 different kinds of clips you attach on with to manage cables)+ Snap-on front face panel+ Ventilation holes on the case cover on the back-end of the motherboard
After a few week of using this... my little brother managed to break 2 front ports already, and causing the those two 2x front USB ports causing an mother board "over current" power error to my ASUS M2A-VM. This is why I say be careful with the front ports.Overall, a very good budget case or could be an ideal budget gaming case too; it was my very first case I bought. Pretty much my PROs proves it all while my CONs are just my picky opinions.

Review Date: 12/03/10
Cons: lacks cable management

Pros: easy on the wallettwo 120mm fansfrontside audio/usb/esata
its a good case although it would be nice if there was more room for cable management but then again you get what you pay for...

Review Date: 11/17/10
Cons: Cheap feel.

Pros: Black inside out.4X front USB22 X 120mm Fans includedOption to add side Fans.Price.
For the price, this case is worth it. The 120mm fans included are super quiet, they spin at around 800rpm. THe side fan option is great also. I installed a Antec 3 speed 120mm Fan on the side. Quality build isn't top notch but still good. Highly recommend.

Review Date: 10/20/10
Cons: cannot instal side fan

Pros: good for a budget build
very good case for this price, quiet and cool, easy to install hdd and optical, not so much for mb, but cannot expect more for this price

Review Date: 09/25/10
Cons: Not much cable management, iffy headphone jack on front bezel, Cables for the I/O panel of front bezel is a messy affair, flimsy body construct

Pros: Many features for price point, relatively easy assembly without getting cut, Wide enough for large but not huge CPU coolers, case's black interior finish is quite good.
Build mid-tower with this case for friend to replace antiqued PIII desktop. Recommend this case for builds on a budget.

Review Date: 09/21/10
Cons: drive cage, back fan doen't pull tomuch air from case.

Pros: Black interrior, price, ease of use, toolless drive bay's, quiet fans, cable management
Beautiful case, can't complain about much, only the rear fan is garbage, front blue one adds a nice touch, got on sale for 38.99, great deal. could've use fans on the top though (or at least fan holes at the top)
Cheng Wan_C@NCIX

Review Date: 09/14/10
Cons: - Cramp space after installing

Pros: - Includes Fans- Lots of front ports- Light
Great case overall. Fans are silent, front ports work fine, all black is a nice touch. Only minor issue is that my case was a mess after installing all the components. Had issues installing a hard disk with the video card in the way. Would've preferred if the hard disk slots faced sideways instead of the usual front to back.

Review Date: 09/13/10
Cons: may not fit a HUGE aftermarket cpu cooler

Pros: not extremely huge, yet enough space for everythingsolid build
I am extremely satisfied with this casebuild order is very goodcomes with 2 fanstooless drive installationrounded edges, won't cut yourselfonly concern is if you have a HUGE aftermarket cpu cooler, than this case might not be wide enough. The coolermaster hyper 212+ just fit in the case, the top heatpipe is almost touching the side panel.

Review Date: 09/08/10
Cons: front plates are hard to remove

Pros: All black paintmotherboard tray cutout for cpu fanincludes 2 120mm fanspass through access for wirescome with spare parts and tons of screws
Started using these for my system builds and haven't been more impressed with this case. It has all the spare parts for holding drives and is tooless except for the pci slots. Lots of front panel connections.

Review Date: 09/08/10
Cons: no psu

Pros: great look, 2 fans include
Amazing case! All information to help you build te pc a written in the case manual. The blue led fan in front of the case give a gamer look! Was able tu price match it a a good price! i already order 3 cases like this will be continu to do so!

Review Date: 06/28/10
Cons: -At the sale price, none, if I want to get picky, the case is very thin, doesn't absorb vibration very well.

Pros: -Price when on sale-2x120mm quiet fans included-Dust filter
This case is just amazing at the sale price, its simply the best budget case I've ever come across. everything's painted black for a good look, cable management is great for a case of this price. As I've mentioned earlier, only complaint is its inability to absorb hdd and fan vibrations.

Review Date: 06/14/10
Cons: Can feel the cheapness of the case

Pros: Good budget case complete with 2x 120mm fans
Great Budget case overall. Coming with 2x 120mm fans is a nice bonus. The interior of the case is decent, with a small amount of cable management routing available. The cable management holes and routing though isn't quite big enough for feeding of existing cables as well as storage of unused cables.Everything black including the screws and rear expansion slot covers is a nice touch.Biggest complaint is the ports at the top right above the 51/4 bays. Working with temporary KB/M out the front of the unit, with an optical drive right below, the optical drive when ejected will actually pull out and disconnect the usb cables! Also the front panel connectors are a little flimsy and have a tendency to cave in a bit when pushing in usb devices.Works great as a budget case. But I would go with a budget antec case instead.

Review Date: 06/01/10
Cons: BigFlimsy FeelHeavy inteference in front panel Audio

Pros: 2 low RPM FansGood for stationary Budjet caseCable Management + CPU Heatsink change built-in
Case was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.Has nice spots for cable management and CPU Heatsink changing without taking the motherboard out . Good 2 Fans, but the Blue LED is killing me and is very bright. I don't know if its the Front Panel Thing itself or grounding issues, but I have sooo much interference in the front panel Headphone jack that its unuseable.

Review Date: 05/20/10
Cons: bottom PSU placement would be nice, bright blue LED (too bright)

Pros: Sexy, good size, plenty of room
Very good case for the price. It comes with 2x120mm fans which is a cool 'bonus'. All black interior makes it sexy. Cable management isn't the best but it works good enough. Front panel is well made. I would recommend it.

Review Date: 05/03/10
Cons: A bit thin in the metal department, but not too bad.

Pros: Fully painted/coatedFully complement of screws, plates, and extra quick release parts.Pass through access on backside for heat sink plates.Includes fans
Very awesome case for the money.I have brought in 5 of these cases for system builds in the office and they are fantastic for a simple single video card, 1-2 hard drive setup.Every piece and extra part is black so you don't have a silver plate in the midst of a black tower.There is a rear access for pass through mount heat sinks as well as for routing cables behind the motherboard tray. The 2 included fans are fairly quiet for supplied fans and I didn't have any need to under volt or replace them to work in an office environment.Best case I've ever had under $50 and easily one of the best under $100.
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Product Features

ATX Mid-Tower Desktop
10 Bays USB

Apex Vortex3620 Gaming Mid-Tower Case
The Apex Vortex3620 Gaming Mid-Tower Case features a sleek black exterior and interior, supporting ATX and micro ATX motherboards. This is designed with a unique mesh front panel for maximum air intake, and two 120mm fans are included to deliver high-performance cooling. It has a screw-less design for 3x 5.25" and 2x 3.5" drive bays, and supports the installation of five 3.5" internal hard drives. Install multiple video cards using 7x expansion slots. Acquire the Apex Vortex3620 Gaming Mid-Tower Case today!

What It Is and Why You Need It:

  • Interior black coating; creates a stylish look on the inside
  • Two 120mm fan; includes a brilliant Blue LED provides the best airflow to HDDs
  • Three 5.25in external drive bays; fit up to four 5.25in-sized components
  • Two 3.5in external drive bay; provide housing for one 3.5in drive

Product Specifications

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