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Microsoft Windows 8 64Bit Full Version English OEM

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Microsoft Windows 8 64Bit Full Version English OEM
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.12/10

Review Date: 09/23/13
Cons: Sizeable learning curve in coming from win7, even more if coming from anything else.

Pros: Some similarity to windows 7, and easy to modify the start menu to suit individual needs, and hide all unnecessary programs/apps.
Coming from a Macintosh background (occasional win7 and xp use), I am having some difficulty adjusting to this OS. The desktop is practically the same as windows 7, but the start menu is totally different. Now that I'm all set up, it suits my needs and workflow feels good.

Review Date: 09/19/13
Cons: not really a 'con', but does take a few days to get used to.

Pros: I really like windows 8. Many cool features and very easy to use.
Very nice os. very visually appealing and easy to navigate, especially if you have a touch screen. I actually really like windows 8, even though a good chunk of people seem to hate on it. I upgraded my laptop to windows 8 upon its initial release and did not regret it, which is the main reason i decided to go with it for my desktop as well. No complaints here

Review Date: 09/15/13
Cons: The tablet OS...

Pros: It feels fast and it looks nice.
I wish Microsoft would have realeased Windows 7.5 instead... I like that Win8 is fast... some games benchmarks are better, but They should let you choose if you want to use the desktop version or tablet version when you install instead of always starting up as a tablet by default...

Review Date: 08/13/13
Cons: No standard start menu

Pros: Faster than Windows 7 using an SSD
This new version of Windows didn't convince me on launch day but after getting used to it for a couple weeks I feel that this is really an upgrade from Windows 7 and was worth the change. Except the fact that you have to use the modern UI instead of a traditionnal start menu, I think that overall this is a great os.

Review Date: 08/08/13
Cons: The auto full screen - use other apps instead

Pros: FastPrice- OEMno compatibility issues- Actually better plug and play for everything I used with win 7
The best YetTake the time and learn how much faster navigation can be over the start button.Avoid the default apps that make you go full screen - absolutely annoying unless you use a tablet. It takes some configuration and changing of the default window apps.

Review Date: 04/06/13
Cons: -none

Pros: -attractive UI-good backwards compatibility-good price
I upgraded from Win XP pro, so for me this is a huge upgrade. I can finally have more than 4 GB of ram, and proper support for SSD drives. I don't know why so many people bash this OS, I think it's great. I've used Win 7 as well, and 8 is a big step up. I don't miss the start button either. It took all of 2 hours to get used to not having it.

Review Date: 03/29/13
Cons: different than win 7

Pros: Faster than win 7
It's windows 8, you either like the new UI or don't.

Review Date: 03/11/13
Cons: The Metro UI leaves much to be desired on a PC

Pros: Very fast OS, much quicker boot times and some decent customizability.
Okay, the metro UI really is not that great on a PC. On a tablet I can see it working but not on a mainstream PC. The desktop mode is great once you install Start8 or Classic Start and set it to boot straight to the desktop. The OS feels like it has MPD but its noticeably faster than Windows 7

Review Date: 03/06/13
Cons: None yet

Pros: Cutting edge technology
I also have PCs running XP and Vista so this will be a good test. Can't beat the pricing, service and delivery from NCIX.

Review Date: 03/03/13
Cons: A bit too much for some people

Pros: Fast, Fluid UI
Although Windows 8 is a bit of a departure of their classic OS fundamentally it is almost the same, with a new touch friendly UI laid parallel to it. After just a couple of days I realised it is nearly as easy to navigate as any other OS and while some complain that it was made for touchscreens first I have no troubles navigating with just a mouse on my desktop system. Plus there is an easy to use app store built into the Modern UI side of thing I still like the OS overall.

Review Date: 02/07/13
Cons: none so far

Pros: Faster than 7 in every way imaginable
I will admit, I was hesitant to switch to 8, since i have been so comfortable with 7 for so long, but after I got used to the differences, there's no way I could go back. Booting is almost instantaneous, updates are worlds faster, the UI is really sleek and quick, just in every way better than 7. No one can ever give me a real reason why they prefer 7 other than the home screen layout (there is still the classic desktop alongside it) . Well NEWSFLASH: Apps are literally the exact same thing as programs, and if you dont like the tiles, just don't go to that screen, or you can use classic shell to make it look the same as 7.

Review Date: 02/04/13
Cons: Start screen not so intuitive. Takes a while to get used to it

Pros: Loads extremely fast
Upgraded from Vista to Windows 8. Loads in about 27 seconds on a P5K with Core2 Duo u 3.0 Ghz and 6 GB RAM. WOW what a difference compared to Vista taking 5 minutes and longer sometimes. I wish I new before ordering from NCIX about the Microsoft direct upgrade special for 39.99 download version for WIN 8 Pro or 69.99 for a DVD version. Regardless of the extra $30 I paid, it is well worth the upgrade.

Review Date: 02/03/13
Cons: It takes some getting used to.

Pros: Fast. Customizable. The upgrade price was very good.
Do some research. Watch some videos. Download Classic Shell. Classic Shell gives you a customizable start menu in the style of W7 or XP if you want. There are some audio features that are great for those of us who use our computers for a DAW but can cause problems for home users. Windows 8 employs a WASAPI mode which has been incorporated with the Windows Mixer. This allows direct and exclusive access to your ASIO drivers from your Digital Audio Workstation. If however you are just a home user and only ever use your audio to play games, it's best to disable this feature. I can cause your audio to drop  out completely for seemingly no apparent reason. Particularly if you have a web cam with audio. In short, do some reading, download Classic Shell and watch some videos. If you can get to grips with the interface it can be a great experience. If you don't, it could prove to be frustrating. You also may want to invest in a touch screen eventually to take full advantage of the UI capabilities.
William M@NCIX

Review Date: 01/27/13
Cons: Desires a touch interfaceWants to be OSX when it clearly isn'tVery different learning curveNo tutorial for the drastic learning curve it creates

Pros: SecureTries to break away from the Windows formulaPolished
Wanting to future proof my system I picked up Windows 8. The OS has a great theme, is well designed and very polished. I was surprised given Windows 7 is fairly new by comparison. Windows 8 has all the features of 7 but provides the Metro UI. While the Metro UI isn't awful, it is difficult to navigate simply as users are not familiar with it. If Windows 8 provided a tutorial for the Metro UI it would be far better. Equally the Metro UI is not great for mouse control, as it is designed for a touch system. After using the Metro UI I moved to using StartIsBack, a program that restores the retro Window Start menu. While this is somewhat cheating I think that until Metro becomes more polished it is a necessary 3rd party add-on.While I am satisfied with the UI and comment Microsoft on trying to be different, they should have made the transition more gradual as it alienates users quickly. Coming from Windows 7, which was leaps and bounds better than XP and Vista, you feel like this isn't nearly as good as their previous OS.

Review Date: 01/25/13
Cons: Clumsy UI

Pros: - faster boot up than windows 7- recognized all my peripherals”
Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 8, includes updates to some Windows 7 features that may allow for more intuitive use. The software was designed with interfaces for computers and tablets, but both devices can support either menu.The tiled start-screen is modeled after the Live Tile system that Microsoft uses for Windows Phone. These icons are animated shortcuts that provide live updates for each program. For example, if you link your email account with Outlook, you'll receive an on-screen notification for every new message.
Chi Yip_L@NCIX

Review Date: 01/22/13
Cons: not too intuitive, need to re learn

Pros: its new, its lean, its fast
a lot of changes were done, so if you are used to the old windows style, you wouldnt be familiar with this one. very easy to misclick on the corners. lots of features are supposed to be only for mobile users. These features were not designed to be used by pc to begin with.

Review Date: 01/21/13
Cons: "Start" screen is a** uglyDriver support not there...yet

Pros: SmoothNative support for dual monitors
Unfortunately this came out in the middle of me planning my build so I didn't have much choice in getting it.I do like how fast programs seem to open and that there is support for dual monitors without having to find some third party program. In fact you can have one montior set to the desktop and the other set to the "start" screen.Main reason I didn't want to buy this OS yet is because I knew I would run into driver support issues but those will be fixed... eventually. Finally the new start screen is so ugly I'm taking a star off. It looks like it's made for pre-schoolers with the colors they used and as far as I can tell you can't customize the backgrounds like you can on the desktop. And if you can they certainly didn't make it easy to do.I don't like the way Microsoft is starting to tell people what is good...

Review Date: 01/13/13
Cons: -Start menu (metro)quality of appsclosing app by dragging

Pros: -Take little space on drive-Fast and clean UI
It's a nice OS after you taking a couple of days getting used to it. Currently the apps available aren't good and looks bad on start menu and the way to close apps isn't that well suited for non touchscreen. Overall I'm happy with it but I wouldn't recommend or deter others to purchase this.

Review Date: 01/11/13
Cons: Compatability issues

Pros: Simple and clean layout
Windows 8 is easy to use, but only if you watch some tutorial videos on youtube first! Otherwise would have been pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.I continue to have driver compatability issues on my new PC build; graphics card driver didn't work so had to do a system restore. This process took over an hour! What happened to the good old "use last known good configuration" option from the F8 menu? Now I have a problem that it won't respond to any right clicks from my mouse!Once you get to the desktop, it's basically just a copy of Windows 7, everything appears the same.I don't find the tiled start screen easy to manage and organize, probably going to have to look up another youtube how to video on this!I'm sure this new OS will grow on me over time however.

Review Date: 01/11/13
Cons: -the metro UI is crap

Pros: -much faster than windows 7 in most things-can pause file transfers now
Good OS but i really miss the start button. Downloaded a alternative for that usage

Review Date: 01/10/13
Cons: - Not Pro, but you don't lose much for the average user

Pros: - It's Windows 8- Fast, fluid, responsive, better task manager, better everything- Keeps "Windows 7" basically as the desktop, and adds tons extra- Decent price when PM'd to less than $80
Windows 8 is a great improvement over Windows 7. You lose absolutely nothing, but gain a very large amount of improvements. The start screen is just a cleaner, nicer way to get to those programs you only use once in a while. Otherwise, you can still pin all your most used programs to your taskbar.The task manager has been improved tremendously, as well as the responsiveness of the entire system. Old systems will boot faster, and feel like a whole new machine!I've upgraded my entire family to Windows 8, and every single one of them love it. It does take some getting used to, for some...but in the end, there's nothing not to like about it. Far, far better than OSX, that's for sure.

Review Date: 01/09/13
Cons: Silly metro UI, no start button

Pros: Fast startup
Maybe this OS is handy on a tablet, but it's goofy for a PC. I tried a couple "Start Button" programs which bring up a familiar Start Menu; i like "Classic Shell" best. If i could use the Windows 8 product key to re-register my Windows 7, i'd do it in an instant. I definitely like Windows 7 better, and will go back to it.

Review Date: 01/06/13
Cons: -could use more improvement, like the start menu

Pros: -good upgrade with some extra features
I got this through the windows web site, and I think it is a good upgrade to have but it not as good as it could have been. It is lacking features in some areas, and I really miss the start menu. However you can download a replacement instead as they showed you on the youtube ncix channel.

Review Date: 01/03/13
Cons: More suitable for touch screen applications

Pros: Fast, neat and all round looks good.
I updated this through microsoft for a reasonable price, though its definetely and upgrade from win7, I would recommend using win7 for normal users without touch screen displays.

Review Date: 12/29/12
Cons: Modern UI only useful if you have a touch screen

Pros: runs x86 software
Using this OS on my old acer aspire 3820t. works well, no issues with drivers or any other sort of support. however this OS is definitely designed with touch screens in mind. operating it with mouse and keyboard is not a problem, but it just seems very inelegant. still, can't complain, as i got this on sale and it isn't any worse than windows 7. just not much better on this system.
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Product Features

Windows 8 64bit Software License
Disc OEM Packaging

Microsoft WN7-00404 Windows 8 Operating System Software
Personalize and enhance your computing experience with the Microsoft WN7-00404 Windows 8 Operating System Software. This software is the latest operating system produced by Microsoft, it features a whole new set of options to optimize user experience. It lets things get done faster, so you can finish more tasks in shorter span of time. Additionally, it provides a reimagined and reinvented platform with its new user-interface and metro-style Start screen. The new Start screen replaces the Start menu used by previous versions of Windows, and it has an integrated online store that can be used to access new applications, delivering a fast and fluid system performance. Plus, it comes with a built-in antivirus program to protect sensitive data from online threats. Make a change, grab the latest Microsoft WN7-00404 Windows 8 Operating System Software now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Licensed Windows 8 Operating System Software; provides a whole-new and enhanced computing experience
  • Reimagined and reinvented platform; changes the way you access your programs
  • Built-in antivirus program; protects your sensitive data against outside threats


System requirements

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available hard disk space
  • 1366 × 768 screen resolution
  • DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver
  • Internet access (fees may apply)
  • Microsoft account required for some features
  • Watching DVDs requires separate playback software
  • Windows Media Center license sold separately

Product Specifications

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