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NETGEAR WNDA3100-100NAS USB 2.0 N600 Wireless Dual Band Adapter
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Product Reviews

Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 5.96/10

Review Date: 08/25/13
The lights are fairly when they light up. Performs okay on a G network, but that's not why I bought this adapter. Certainly does not work on an N network at two.four or five Ghz. Drivers are aweful, and really buggy. I purchased this to go with my Netgear WNDR3300, which is the Dual Band router to go with this Dual Band adapter. Challenge is, they don't perform with each other on any setting except 54mbps wireless G. I bought a new router and adapter to have wireless N, and I particularly purchased these to have five Ghz wireless N even though obtaining a 2.4 Ghz wireless G network for my laptop and my Wii. It just plain doesn't work reliably, not matter what the router or adapter settings. It will connect, and I get incredibly limited, intermittent online browsing skills that are on par with dial-up circa 1994. Also, it causes interference with any wireless G adapters in the area, and my laptop cannot connect on my G network if I connect on my N network with this adapter. I wish I could return it, but Newegg only has a 30 day return policy on this item, even even though the chipset/driver is defective as is evident on Netgear's support forum.

Review Date: 08/15/13
when it functions on occasion its ok at greatest. hooked up to a wndr3300 and cant maintain a connection. Hardly ever connects, have to unplug it every single 5 mins or so or it wont show any available networks. I will never purchase netgear anything once again. eggs should be an selection for garbage like this

Review Date: 08/12/13
Ease of use, super rapid when connecting to the world wide web. It was straightforward to set up but I nevertheless had to contact Tech help to complete the set up, but that was no difficulty. By the time I installed, referred to as Tech, configured, and capable to access the net it was about fourty minutes. Powerful signal from the farthest away. None I run netgear modem/router with this wireless adapter and they perform very effectively with each other with no difficulties what so ever. I am running XP with all this as properly, so I am not experiencing the concern with 7

Review Date: 08/04/13
USBStraightforward installation Interferance can bring about adapter to quit functioning. Initially, the USB adapter would drop my internet connection at random intervals. The only way to repair the challenge was the remove and re-insert the USB adapter.Ended up my issue was inteferance from neighboring wireless networks on the exact same channel. Adjusted my router's wirless channel from 11 to three and all has been great considering that.

Review Date: 07/17/13
Working with on a computer due to lack of pci ports, card stays connected everywhere, contains usb cable to move connection about, although i have located it to be just fine plugged in to forward usb ports. none so far.

Review Date: 06/11/13
None!!! Everything. This adapter would not even install on my computer. I took the initially 1 back to the retailer where I purchased it and received a replacement. The second adapter would not install either. I called Netgear and after several minutes of arguing with the customer service individual I was put on hold for about five minutes. When the rep came back I was informed that the adapter was not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit edition but that it would work with the 32 bit edition. So much for the added benefits of the 64 bit edition. Never ever get Netgear merchandise!!!!!

Review Date: 06/09/13
Revising my earlier critique. I ultimately got it to function. Had to sacrifice chickens and make offerings to Memory Spirits but finally yanked the right chains. To get the adapter to perform on the Presario, I had to to into Network Connections and disable both the other wireless connection I use (for the WN511 "G" adapter) and also my ethernet wired connection. Following I did that, I plugged in the adapter and it launched the Admin Tool which permitted me to establish the connection (supplied the WEP pass-phrase).Right after this, it just worked. I've rebooted, I've removed the adapter, I've disabled and enabled it again. In quick, I've completed just about every thing I can assume of to "break it". It is solid now and I give it a thumbs up. I couldn't give it a ř" even though because of all the problems I had acquiring it to operate. None of that was required with either of the other computers I tried to set up it on. But with that said, it performs on the Presario now.

Review Date: 06/01/13
Great reception, seems to be responsive to signal, pretty blue/red LED. Netgear's assinine refusal to release xp-64 drivers indicates that it was a total waste of money. Given it to a friend who doesn't need much more than 4gb memory.

Review Date: 05/02/13
Installs and connects fine to my Netgear 3500 router. Constructed in G functions greater on my laptop than this point!!Throughput is abysmal, pings go up and down randomly. This dongle is primarily based on an Atheros chip and customers on Netgear forums are reporting comparable challenges. D-Link dongle based on equivalent chip appears to endure from similar troubles. Skype calls become horrendous, and for the moment I can't use till drivers are upgraded. 21 July 08. I strongly suggest waiting till new drivers are out and users report that they operate.

Review Date: 04/16/13
DO NOT Purchase! disconnects just about every ten-30 seconds like clockwork. I cant anxiety this enough, DO NOT Purchase! Connection disconnects every ten -30 seconds, even when im standing proper subsequent to the router with my laptop(signal strength: 98%) this disconnect nonetheless happens. However when i switch over to the G-connection that came with my laptop i dont knowledge the disconnects. So to sum up: DO NOT Get.

Review Date: 03/24/13
Tiny and easy to set up. Comes with a long wire to let you locate it greater, which is extremely significant as placement tremendously adjustments your connection with any of the USB "Key" sort adapters. Good for a laptop and what I use it for almost always. Not advised for a desktop. You can make it operate, but placement will never be "clean". It will usually be that issue with a wire that falls here and the or you snag by accident. For a desktop take into account the Netgear 鵷 anything or yet another) with the external antenna for greater variety and a cleaner set up

Review Date: 03/23/13
None, adapter doesn't function on Windows 7. Can't say no drivers are readily available for Windows 7. Adapter drops the wireless connection each 10 minutes. Must unplug and plug the adaptar back into the USB slot for it to discover the connection once more. Can't play games on the net or browse net, as the adapter keeps dropping the connection. Referred to as Netgear to report the challenge and ask for a resolution. They just do not have drivers for Windows 7, told me by way of Support to return the adapater and exchange it for yet another adapter which has drivers for Windows 7, nonetheless, the other adapter doesn't help Dual Band Routers. Don't acquire this adapter, till you see drivers on Netgears web page. Also, I have heard the Linksys adapters have the exact same problem with Windows 7 drivers. Do you investigation just before purchasing.

Review Date: 02/23/13
Dual Band, Wireless N, Performs with out disconnects. Not the most attractive adapter to use but it operates according to what i wanted it to do.-kinda pricy compared to the more affordable ones but i wasn't going to go via risking receiving DOA's or sketchy adapters, went for the finest -Bulky-Nowhere to place the cap-Comes with seemly outdated computer software-Can't use it with window 7's wireless software, have to use it's software as far as i know Ok, i purchased it to use with my Ngear dual band N and it does what its suppose to do, which is preserve a wireless N dual band connection. But on a side note, when replacing my old linksys wireless adapter, it looked pretty bulky in comparison. That could be a problem for those of you that stick it in the front of your pc and may possibly end up accidently running into it or these of you that plug into the sides of laptops and might snap it off by accident. Good issue that hasn't occurred to me however given that i plug it into the back of my computer for my living space media. On a similar note, once you take off the cap, there's noway to plug it on the end of it or some thing. since its quite stationary, i throw the cap in the box, but for these that constantly unplug and stow it could get really annoying.about the software program, it looks old but its basic and I did place it to use windows 7's wireless system but it was faulty and couldn't come across the 5Ghz signal so i just used the software.

Review Date: 02/20/13
it function on my win xp @vista but i had to do add hardware from each of them. none

Review Date: 01/29/13
Rapid speed, straightforward setup with NETGEAR utilities. Serious jitter difficulties if router is set to "Auto" channel altering - must use fixed channel with this adapter. I personal two of these and use them on Windows 7 in conjunction with a NETGEAR N600 router. The greatest problem I had for the duration of setup was with the adapter connected to my 2.4Ghz network; the router defaults to auto-select channels on this frequency, and kept bouncing about in between channels, which was causing a serious "jitter" issue with the adapter. (English translation: almost everything connects fine, then you actually try to do stuff and your perfornace would be incredibly sporadic - one thing is definitely incorrect with your Internet connection, but Windows would report back that every thing was just fine. Sound familar to these of you with complaints about this adapter?) After the router was set to use a fixed channel, items calmed suitable down and I've been acquiring consistent speeds of 144-300Mbps on my property network with each adapters. I generally suggest employing the Windows utility to manage wireless networks, but I've used this card both techniques and NETGEAR's computer software does a better job of fixing the In

Review Date: 01/23/13
I plugged this in even though nonetheless connected to the net (with my preceding USB g adapter still plugged in), and Win 7 pro x64 observed the drivers and it was functioning in significantly less than a minute... The USB cap doesn't clip on the other end, I guess. There seems to be some misconception that the 5ghz band is supposed to have better range than the two.4ghz band. It's not. By nature, 5ghz is supposed to have a weaker range, though the speeds are nonetheless incredibly superb. My suggestion is that if you own a accurate dual band router (you may have noticed two various value point for dual band routers that seemingly do the similar factor for Linksys and Netgear. The far more high priced ones generate N networks at both bands, even though the less expensive ones produce b/g at 2.4 and n at five) connect utilizing n on two.4ghz if you don't have also much interference and range is a lot more of a concern for you.Personally, I have 5 PCs and 15~ gaming and mobile devices in my household. So possessing select devices on the n 5ghz band (like gaming Computer and Netflix enabled Xbox) and all other folks connected to the g two.4 ghz band genuinely worked out for me.

Review Date: 01/03/13
In a position to connect to the online. Hold losing wireless connection. Have to get rid of and re-insert the USB adapter. Got this adapter from Fry’s, I must have came here and read the assessment 1st.I have attempted every little thing every setting and tweak from other critiques, but no use.The dilemma for this adapter is it cannot manage a big quantity of downloading or uploading at higher speed. It will permit me to go on-line to read internet, but freezes when downloading torrent or a substantial file in high speed.It seems like whenever the network utilization go over 25%, the adapter turn itself off.The only remedy is to limit the download speed below 1MB/s and upload under 100KB/s, which is not fantastic at all for torrent.

Review Date: 12/26/12
Worked great with vista x86 Dose not function with windows 7 x64 Netgear requirements windows 7 drivers:(

Review Date: 12/20/12
It saw the WAP. It would not establish a connection. This unit would regularly show the WAP with a signal strength of 40% for N and G bands. It would in no way establish a connection and receive a DHCP address. The WAP was roughly 150 feet away with the signal going by way of a number of walls and pallets of goods. IMO, if it sees a WAP it need to get a connection. Termed Netgear help. They stated to return it and get a WN111. I did, it worked. BTW, connecting to a Netgear WNDR330 wireless router.

Review Date: 12/15/12
OKAY. Pros, performs perfectly with XP and Vista, just make confident you get Ver 1.7 Drivers, as soon as you get on the net with it. I can vouche for that. All the on the web gaming you can throw at it right after that, as extended as the rest of your puter can keep up. Supplied drivers do suck, but will get you on the net to get the 1.7 drivers. I'm about to develop a new technique, and will be using Windows 7. Following reading the few other individuals beneath, I'm nervous as to what I will have to mess with, to get it to operate like it does now. I'm not joyful with reading about the low, to nill, tech assistance on it, not functioning with Windows 7 issue. 1 query, and 1 suggestion.1. Suggestion. We must pester the hell out of Netgear to throw out a new driver that supports Windows 7, for use with this worthwhile wireless. Of program this won't almost certainly take place, as there aren't numerous people willing to do this, and as newer and greater wireless USB stuff becomes available, it may be a moot point.2. Question. Considering that, or if, this won't operate with Windows 7, what wireless USB adapter will perform with Windows 7, and have quickly and dependable functionality, for gamers like myself and other people reading this? All I've read after an hour or so of looking, is what won't operate. What we want are some people today who KNOW, what performs.

Review Date: 11/15/12
Installs easliy. Then... Apparently this paired with the WNDR300 causes legendary concerns. Each frequencies drop continually and even though my adapter is only 30 feet from the source, I get only about 30% of rated transfer. It requires forever to connect when booting up and then speed drops till subsequent disconnect. I have attempted disabling security, shifting channels, altering MTU's, almost everything I could discover. Chaning to Powerline Networking. We'll see how that functions. Definitely someone dropped the ball on this one. Hey, Netgear! How about a PCI dual band adapter? Linksys has a single (although their dual band router performs worse than Netgears)!

Review Date: 10/31/12
Worked properly for about 1 month. I by no means had any difficulty with network connectivity(which is not necessarily the adapter, but either way I was pleased) or speed. -The set up took a though due to having to get new drivers.-Soon after two months, the adapter stopped becoming recognized by my pc. I known as up customer help and soon after getting run by way of the gamutྐྵ minutes) on concerns I was told I necessary an RMA. However there was "no stock in my area" and I necessary to get in touch with back in two days. There was nothing at all they could do for me. I get in touch with back in 2 days and they insist on bringing me via the tech inquiries again྾ a lot more minutes of telephone call), and again have no stock. This time get in touch with back in a week. They have no plan in location for helping out a consumer if there is an inventory situation. Fortunately I have some old adapters laying around otherwise I would nonetheless be waiting on them, with out net, without any clue when this will be resolved. I discover this unacceptable. If you will need wireless N, I would search for an adapter from a company that will stand behind the item.The way I really feel, if your product breaks inside the initially two months, you should be embarrassed and want to get me a new one ASAP, not give me the run about.

Review Date: 10/25/12
Quite quickly, reliable, and attractive. I had no difficulty setting it up, just load the driver from the disc and hit next a couple of occasions. Let me reiterate that I am impressed with the speed. The price for Wireless N is fairly high proper now. Also the Velcro pieces for the adapter housing are incredibly small and don't really with stand the pull of the USB cable (which isn't a lot of a Con so long as you have a location to place it). The software program that comes with it ought to have a more symmetric feel to the Netgear router (which I also bought). I like N and I don't see any point in waiting around for a price lower. If you like keeping decent download speeds with handful of hiccups and you're prepared to spend a bit added, then this is the adapter for you. If speed isn't an challenge then just conserve ฮ and acquire the 'g' version.

Review Date: 09/29/12
Does every little thing it is supposed to, and does it nicely. I own two of these, and am ordering a 3rd. Its a ideal match for the Netgear WNDR3700. 1 egg lost for the aforementioned lack of robustness, and how tough is it to make the cap attach to the other end? Also, occasionally have to push the "connect" button on the dongle to get complete connection, but signal strength is regularly great. I know I'll take some heat for this, but it is nevertheless true - there are a lot of people out there that know a lot about specific portions of program-developing, but know considerably less about other aspects. THE ş trigger of system failure or poor performance is driver conflict. Period. The gentleman that posted regarding putting in drivers by means of secure-mode with networking has learned a useful lesson.

Review Date: 09/18/12
It works on my desktop. It will not connect on my Compaq Presario R3000 AMD I purchased 1 of the recertified WNDA3100 adapters from NewEgg. It is a bit ambiguous when attempting to download the drivers from NetGear...there are two versions and nothing to indicate which is the one particular necessary with this adapter. I tried them both and neither would work on the Presario. It "sees" the device and the Systems information for drivers says it is working properly...on the other hand, the configuration system that comes with the drivers would not launch on the Presario.To confirm that the adapter worked, I downloaded and installed the drivers on my desktop computer and had no difficulty receiving the 300mbps adapter to operate. The administration tool (configuration software program) launched and the adapter effectively connected to my Belkin "N" router.I have mixed opinion as to whether or not this is a great product or not. Definitely, it does not appear to be with the Presario Notebook. But it could be that the notebook just will not accept the "N" adapters.
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Product Features

WiFi N 300Mbps Speed

Netgear WNDA3100 RangeMax Wireless N Network Adapter
The RangeMax dual band wireless-N USB 2.0 adapter (WNDA3100) ? it?s your entrée to a world of wireless applications. You can wirelessly surf, e-mail, stream HD video, play online games, and make Internet calls when you use your new RangeMax dual band wireless-N USB 2.0 adapter. Your network will achieve faster speeds (up to 15X) and greater coverage (up to 10X) than other USB wireless-N adapter, while avoiding interference. Easy and secure wireless connections. Works with older Wi-Fi, as well as new wireless-N networks. This wireless-N adapter delivers consistent wireless connections and provides enough bandwidth to support music downloads, file sharing, and HD multimedia applications. And it?s backward compatible with older Wireless-G hotspots. Specially designed for your notebook or desktop PC. For faster connections over a greater range, and with less interference ? choose the new RangeMax dual band wireless-N USB 2.0 adapter.

What It Is and Why You Need It:

  • Dual-Band Wireless N Network Adapter; surf the web, e-mail, stream HD video, play online games, and make Internet calls with a high-speed wireless connection
  • 802.11n/g/a standards; provides speeds up to 300Mbps for fast Internet access
  • USB 2.0 interface; plug it into your PC and get connected

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  • Delivers consistent wireless connections using Dual Band Wireless-N
  • Provides enough bandwidth to support music downloads, file sharing and HD multimedia applications
  • Works with all new Wireless-N Gateways, Routers and Access Points
  • Backward compatible with older Wireless-G hotspots
  • Designed for your notebook or desktop PC

Product Specifications

Model WNDA3100-100NAS
Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g, IEEE802.11n Draft
Wireless Data Rates Up to 300Mbps
Security Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK)
Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) 64-bit, 128-bit encryption for IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g
Interface USB 2.0
Frequency Band 2.4GHz/5GHz
System Requirements Desktop or notebook PC with Intel Pentium 300 MHz–compatible processor or higher
Available USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 slot
Microsoft Windows Vista or XP
Dimensions 6.0" x 3.7" x 1.1"
Weight 0.76 oz
Features Delivers consistent wireless connections using Dual Band Wireless-N
Provides enough bandwidth to support music downloads, file sharing and HD multimedia applications
Works with all new Wireless-N Gateways, Routers and Access Points
Backward compatible with older Wireless-G hotspots
Designed for your notebook or desktop PC
Supports Windows Vista
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited

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