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Linksys WRT1900AC-CA Dual Core 802.11AC 1900 5GHZ Dual Band Gigabit eSATA USB3 USB2 Wireless Router

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Linksys Wrt1900ac Ultra Smart Wi-fi Router Ac1900
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Linksys WRT1900AC CA 1300 Mbps 4-Port Gigabit 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Router Linksys WRT1900AC CA 1300 Mbps 4-Port Gigabit 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Router $229.00 CAD Shop Now

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Linksys WRT1900AC-CA Dual Core 802.11AC 1900 5GHZ Dual Band Gigabit eSATA USB3 USB2 Wireless Router
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.69/10
With 13 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/29/15
Cons: -Expensive-Does not support open source firmware as advertised-Intermittent resets

Pros: -Fast-Good range-Lots of features-Easy set up
This router performs very well, but for the price point there are better options. I bought this router only because I found it on sale. The issues with resets and random losses in connection have been mostly solved by firmware upgrades, but beware that some issues still exist. Do your research before buying to make sure this router is really something you need. There are many cheaper options that will do the job for most homes perfectly

Review Date: 03/24/15
Cons: price...

a good fast open source router for all your needs !

Review Date: 12/23/14
Cons: - watered-down features from stock firmware - Still pricy with an ongoing sale

Pros: - Much better signal strength compared to my old Netgear WNDR3700- possible room for openWRT/DD-wrt (still work in progress)
I bought this router after digging some router reviews..what instantly came to my eyes was its potential for custom firmware. Looked no further and bought it, only to discover that there has been some delay getting custom firmware out (this router runs on a Marvell-based chipset, instead of Broadcom).Should be a charm once a feasible custom firmware comes out, but until then - I'd stay away if advanced features from custom firmware matters.

Review Date: 12/08/14
Cons: Horrible interface and VERY limited options...

Pros: Amazing hardware and great perfomance
This is really sad. You have a piece of hardware that is, by definition as powerful as a computer but you cannot access the power because of the firmware. The firmware (updated to Linksys's newest release) makes an apple product look like the control panel of a nuclear power plant.No one even knows if a third party firmware (such as Open WRT) will even be released. If not, this router is just a big waste of money.

Review Date: 10/21/14
Cons: Stock user interface needs work

Pros: Great range and power
Yes, it's as beefy and as smug looking as the photo suggests. Fit and finish are excellent and the pale white LEDs look cool (you can turn them off). I have owned 3 other Linksys routers including one of the legendary WRT54G series. I have never been fond of Belkin and when the company purchased Linksys from Cisco, I wrote the Linksys brand off. Once the WRT1900ac appeared, I was intrigued and impressed with Belkin's approach and I was seduced by the familiar look of the beast. I am most pleased with my purchase. I bought the router with the expectation that I would have to tinker with it (via stock firmware or via early versions of open source code) for a day or two in order to get it to work at top speed with my "ac" desktop adapter (Asus PCE-AC66) and an additional 10 clients in my household. Lo and behold, out of the box, my "ac" connection was running at a minimum rate of 1.0 Gbps, my laptops were running at their top rate of 300 Mbps and an assortment of Android and other appliances were humming along with a hitch. Frankly, I was disappointed. I had been spoiling for a fight. Oh well. Just ordered two "ac" network cards for our laptops. The one beef: user interface. Buggy, wonky. Even for a casual user. As well, the stock code does not provide some of the more advanced features such as VPN. Frankly, once you've set things to your liking (channel assignments, DHCP assignments, etc.) you can leave it alone and enjoy the speed and stability of a beast that barely breaks a sweat.

Review Date: 08/21/14
Cons: cost but worth the money spent

Pros: new administration menu fast and enough power to manage all routing need
was using a linksys e2000 before this one, it wasn't powerful enough to manage all my home, camera and mini server traffic now i have the speed and range that i need

Review Date: 07/23/14
Cons: - Price

Pros: - Good performances- Good range
The router is easy to setup and stable with the default firmware but some features are lacking but OpenWRT, once available, should be a good alternative for power-users (Belkin just provided an open source driver so things should start moving along on that front).I'm currently using one in my home and range is great (better than the RT-N66U it is replacing). It's too soon to say if it is stable but we will see.Before purchasing you should read the review available at SmallNetBuilder (http://goo.gl/L3uVdG).

Review Date: 06/23/14
Cons: The price is high.

Pros: This routers is really powerful. I got signal all around the house with plenty of power. I am more than pleased with this router. For what I do with it, I have my hands full.
I recommend this router to any person who need high speed internet without beeing annoyed with complex set up. Fast to configure, very easy to use and the signal is really strong.

Review Date: 05/22/14
Cons: Horrible firmware

Pros: Great wifi range, great speed, great NAS performance
The router is advertised as being open source meaning you are suppose to be able to install custom firmwares. This has remain to be seen so as far as I'm concerned. that's a complete lie. Regardless, you're an average consumer who uses the router for the basic purpose of routing and perhaps as a NAS device. get it, otherwise, just wait.

Review Date: 04/22/14
Cons: Very misleading on firmware supportOpenWRT does not support this router (Marvell drivers not available)Really easy to mess up initial setup requiring a restorePrice

Pros: Nice packagingFast network speedsDoesn't seem to succumb to the WiFi congestion issues I had on my old router
Overall I really enjoy this router. It's interface is slick and it has some nice features on it (including a built-in speedtest, decent diagnostics, slick looking interface, etc).My biggest issue is the flat-out lie about OpenWRT support. If it wasn't for this misleading comment, I'd rate it at a 4 or 5.It is a great router and I enjoy it. I would recommend it at a cheaper price. But it's quite disappointing that it is so far from the hyped expectations.From the OpenWRT team:"Because of these issues, we would currently recommend against purchasing this device until we have the missing pieces of software to make it functional with OpenWrt.The Linksys press release claims that the device is "OpenWrt ready" and "Open Source ready". Given how much is still missing, and that not even the GPL code for this device was posted to the Linksys GPL code center, we consider these claims to be premature and unfortunately misleading.Regards,The OpenWrt Team"

Review Date: 04/20/14
Cons: The biggest feature of this product as opposed to its cheaper competitors is it's advertised "open-source support" specifically openWRT. This is a lie. There is no open source platform that supports this router nor will there be for some time.

Openwrt dev team posted in the forum about how Belkin are misleading their customers. If you need an AC router now buy something cheaper. If you like the idea of this router running openwrt wait until support is available and the price lower. You can read openwrt's take on the situation here: https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=230686

Review Date: 04/18/14
Cons: Lacks features in stock firmware, overpriced

Pros: Robust construction, good throughput, good range
*update  June 8th 2014*Still no Opensource driver from the WRT1900 chipset manufacturer Marvell. It does not appear that they will be releasing the driver as open source in the near future or at all. Marvell has provided a terrible binary driver which really offers no hope when it comes to a decent 3rd party firmware offering. This is definitely one of those cases where being an early adopter did not pay off. Stay away from the WRT1900.At current there are no 3rd party firmwares available for the WRT 1900 so my experience is strictly based on the stock latest firmware ( short, if you plan on leaving this router stock (which lets be honest, you're probably not) then I would not recommend it.First and foremost, I have not had any connection issues with the router and the firmware appears to be stable. I have tested it on multiple laptops equipped with Dual Stream Intel 802.11n adapters and performance has been roughly identical to that of my ageing Linksys E3000 running Tomato. The performance with my laptop running an 802.11ac Intel 7260 adapter was roughly 3x the 802.11n performance at the same distance. I was pulling a consistent 250-300mbit on AC through several basement walls and about 30 feet of actual distance. The range performance definitely seems improved significantly compared to my E3000.The issues really come down to the firmware and the price.The firmware itself is extremely basic for a router in this price range. I do not use this device for WAN routing so I put it into bridge mode (I use routerboards for my WANs) - that chopped about 75% of the options out of the firmware (not that there were that many to begin with).I get a very basic "password" option (you can't even create  users), and some basic controls over 2.4 and 5 ghz wireless bands. That's pretty much it. Seriously. It's so basic I can't even change the damn hostname of the router.I'm extremely disappointed with the stock firmware from a feature and flexibilty standpoint, but I would imagine that once we start seeing Tomato, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, etc firmwares on the market, I think this will be a pretty decent piece of equipment. For now, 3 stars. Appropriately fast, apparently reliable (over a 48 hour period of intense use), firmware a let down. This review was modfied by poster @ 06-08-14 10:47 AM
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