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Buffalo Nfiniti WIRELESS-N High Power Router / Access Point 802.11B/G/N Draft N Gigabit QoS USB NAS

Buffalo Nfiniti WIRELESS-N High Power Router / Access Point 802.11B/G/N Draft N Gigabit QoS USB NAS (Buffalo: WZR-HP-G300NH)
Vendor: Buffalo
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Buffalo Nfiniti WIRELESS-N High Power Router / Access Point 802.11B/G/N Draft N Gigabit QoS USB NAS
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.18/10

Review Date: 08/25/13
Lots of possibilities! It was extremely effortless to set up a wireless client bridge. Wireless keeps dropping when I am streaming to my PS3... Not confident why it is. I have attempted everything that I have discovered on DD-WRT's forums with no luck in fixing the difficulty. Maybe the manufacturer can assist me out! Wired functionality is outstanding!

Review Date: 08/16/13
Desirable router that was much quicker than my previous unit and makes use of a selection of firmwares. Tried 3 diverse firmware versions but the unit would reboot itself every 45 minutes to an hour. It would constantly reconnect but wired and wireless connections would be reduce off dropping any file transfers like a network backup to disk. Requested RMA and returned to Newegg.

Review Date: 08/13/13
Lots of RAM and flash, 802.11n, gigabit switch. All for ๠. Can't get much superior than this these days, and it seems a lot of other people agree-- virtually every person I see in #OpenWrt is selecting up this router. Despite the a lot of adverse reviews here, which made me uneasy about my buy, this router operates good with Openwrt installed. It seemed ok with the factory firmware as nicely, except that QoS has by no means worked right in DD-Wrt, and I actually require QoS. The wireless radio *does* turn off seemingly randomly, but it's uncomplicated to reinitialize with no rebooting the router or losing any connections. Supposedly it doesn't occur if you disable 802.11n help (and only use 802.11g). With as a lot interest as the OpenWrt neighborhood has taken in this router, I am fairly confident this problem will be fixed in future versions of Linux. I don't get what the use is of all the physical buttons/switches. I hide my router up in a closet-- don't want to go up there to watch a film or add a wireless client. Far less difficult to have these functions on the web interface. Maybe I can reuse the switch/button GPIOs for a SD/MMC slot or one thing.

Review Date: 08/03/13
Swift Shipment from Newegg and hopefully a painless refund. I am a laptop professional and after a full day could not get the router to obtain online access. Buffalo had a fantastic concept in mind but failed incredibly badly with this a single.Even the user friendly alternative is painful to setup. They really should really learn the definition of user friendly from other producers. I can't even think about how an individual with novice or intermediate expertise could get this device working. Buyers need to also pay interest to the truth that only particular NAS devices are supported. Buffalo look to have just glanced over that a single.

Review Date: 08/01/13
Appears good; fantastic variety, when it functions. Up to about 4 reboots per day on this just to maintain a signal. Signal either drops totally or slows to pre-14.4k modem days. I chose this item because of the glowing testimonials. Nonetheless, it seems that a lot of the more current reviews have turned much more negative. Is it possibly a poor version of the firmware or defective devices?

Review Date: 08/01/13
I upgraded from a Linksys Wirless N router. I never ever thought I would like something but Linksys but this router has got the most current technologies at a great cost.The Network Attached storage device that you can access via the internet is great. The NAS was quite straightforward to configure instead of having to jump by way of a lot of hoops. The range is very great in our house and outdoors. There are some descrepencies in the configuration software especially with the admin passwords.

Review Date: 07/07/13
Ram / Flash, can run dd-wrt, the underlying hardware specs. Prospective. I received this router and tested the buffalo branded dd-wrt. I located the wireless connection to be totally to unreliable to use. I could watch my connection speed drop from 54mb to six mb in a matter of seconds and then sit at 1mb. All the when I am sitting 20 feet away, line of web-site. I have an old netgear, almost certainly 8 years old, that is additional reliable. I had higher hopes for this gear, but in then end, I rma'd. Perhaps I got a poor on out of the bunch, but right after reading multiple forums, I have discovered two several stories of the identical problem. I really perform as a network engineer, largely on cisco gear and have configured all sorts of gear, ap's, router's ,and so on and have but to locate one thing this predictably unreliable. I'd look else where if you are thinking of buying this router/ap/switch. Besides, you can locate superior correct dual band equipment. The technology on this pile is almost 2 years old.

Review Date: 06/25/13
Worked OK (until I updated the firmware to DDWRT).Updated to most recent firmware v1.76 two days ago and haven't lost signal... however. Help - When I ultimately got via to Buffalo's 800# the agent sounded like a kid in the middle of an online game match. I told him how I read the blogs and only saw complaints on dropped signals and having to reboot router day-to-day but no options. His reply was: OK...? I then asked if he had any recommendations / must I go back to original firmware? Reply: Sounds fantastic. I asked where to uncover the original firmware? Reply: Same location you got the updated firmware. I finally found that there had been an updated firmware recently, which I'm making use of now without any troubles ࿐ hours). I wouldn't say their agent was rude, but just unhelpful and uninterested. I've by no means had a problem free of charge wireless router so it's hard to compare this with other items. Only assistance would be to appear for non- Buffalo router with five stars. Manufacturer Response:Please speak to me so we can talk about your encounter with our tech assistance. We take pride in our customer service and would like this chance to 1. enable troubleshoot the DD-WRT firmware if you select to attempt it again. and 2. See if we can use this opportunity to retrain suitable personnel. ThanksMarcomarcor@buffalotech.com

Review Date: 06/22/13
Works very good using DD-WRT firmware. Transfer speed utilizing "User-friendly" firmware is disappointing. I tried to use the "User-friendly" firmware to take benefit of the capabilities not in DD-WRT but it was awful, connecting an external-drive to the router is worthless.

Review Date: 06/13/13
Super signal strengthEast DD-WRT InstallationStraightforward NAS Setup Buffalo firmware (non-DD-WRT) had some difficulty configuring itself for my cable connection when set on Auto mode. Had some other connection problems with that firmware and switch to DD-WRT. The DD-WRT installation was a breeze compared to what I had to go via with my previous router. The only cause I didn't do it proper away was that I wanted to see how their default firmware was. Not as well shabby, but I choose the flexibility of DD-WRT. I'm super satisfied with the signal strength that is offers. Full coverage in my residence and not difficulties streaming video on a wirelessly connected client.

Review Date: 05/25/13
Higher energy, excellent wireless coverage, DD-WRT by default. No SMB (Server Message Block) NAS assistance beneath DD-WRT, intermittent NAS functionality beneath Buffalo's personal firmware, clueless and unresponsive tech assistance. If you require to make a NAS from a USB drive as a substitute for a server, buy a less expensive router and a thing else for the NAS element of it.

Review Date: 05/16/13
Nice router, every little thing performs, comes with DDWRT installed. usb does not look to assistance USB hub, may well be a DDWRT problem

Review Date: 05/11/13
Lots of capabilities. Built in simple media server. Would in all probability play properly with other units of the similar model. I like the appear for the buffalo branded dd-wrt software program. It would be good if the buffalo branded dd-wrt computer software worked. (the rest regards the non-dd-wrt firmware)Media server doesn't transcode or auto-update it's library or genuinely let you configure it at all. The device can't appear to connect to a DSL modem without wanting to handle the dsl communication I don't know what to think about this yet. I presently can't use it in the fashion I wanted due to the fact the DD-WRT firmware didn't function for far more than a handful of minutes. I was hoping to operate this device into the existing WDS I have set up, but for factors I haven't figured out however, it wouldn't talk to my WDS and the DD-WRT primarily based software program was pretty substantially junk. It would modify wireless channels automatically with no telling me if I changed if it was B/G or B/G/N or... (had to discover out by checking the router summary page). Even although everybody reported very good signal strength, it wouldn't speak to my WDS. And even when I stopped worrying about wireless and just began operating it as a router (Still dd-wrt) it would quit routing and require reset following 5ㅇ minutes.I'm running DD-WRT micro on my existing devices, and the buffalo dd-wrt is much more featured and a newer release, so it could possibly be that there are some configuration possibilities I'm not realizing that will need settiing, but doubtful

Review Date: 05/10/13
Nice router, DD-WRT built in, quickly On my second one particular of these factors and am now 2 for 2 defective. I have loved buffalo routers but this 1 has truly tempered that attitude. Their G routers worked fantastic but this 1 is a real dud.

Review Date: 05/04/13
when i got it, loved it it did every thing it was suppose to and then someI left a wonderful assessment (I would like to retract it NOW) HAHAH, right after 5 weeks this point is JUNKI have had it RMA'ed TWICE now the a single I got back was in all probability the one I sent it it was carrying out the precise identical point as the a single I sent back study the buffalo's forums there are tons of complaints on packet loss, bad wifi, and Quite slow thru placeSpend a little more dollars and get you a Linksys dual poor router or place with with alot of headaches

Review Date: 05/01/13
High energy. Lengthy range. Random reboots.

Review Date: 04/18/13
When this issue is functioning, it's lightening rapid and has excellent variety with some very cool capabilities. Setup was fairly straightforward (though I've observed far better) for a quick install and the interface would take some acquiring utilized to for the sophisticated features. I've only had the router for a little more than a week, and I'm in the process of returning it. It worked nicely for about a day (so I know I had it setup and configured correctly) and now it just will not hold a wireless connection for any of the devices in the property (PC, Mac Pc, Apple Television, iPhone, etc.). I've been about extended enough to know that if you have technical difficulties inside the initially week of owning something, it's all downhill from there. I read various reviews with this very same complain and chose to ignore them. Opps. At least I'm still in the 30 day return window. I've as an alternative opted for the Netgear N600 as its about the exact same cost and we've constantly had great luck with Netgear in the past.

Review Date: 04/02/13
Nice style/ 300mbps wireless throughput/ quickly loaded DD-WRT firmware and had no concerns configuring QOS, iptables ,firewall guidelines, ect. The help forums for the DD-WRT is great and is a never ending flow of understanding. N/A I think the negative reviews on this website are due to the fact that DD-WRT is not for the typical customer. You HAVE to know what your carrying out PERIOD. The reviewers who stated netflix problems and xbox problems is mainly because of flaws in the open supply DD-WRT not the router itself. If you Unchecked the boxes for DNSMasq in the configuration, I assure your streaming media difficulties will be solved. OH and heres another point use the retain alive setting and have your router reboot at five am daily and guess what you wont have to manually reboot your router when it locks up. More than taxing a router is a frequent situation and the maintain alive function in the DD-WRT is awesome. I have never had to tough reset my router and I've owned because 9Ǚ񳏊Don't use a thing you don't know how to configure.

Review Date: 04/01/13
Rapid, and 4 months uptime with no reboots, and only then due to the fact I moved. Immediately after I figured out what triggered some connectivity problems (more on that beneath). This router was hooked to a Motorola Speedstream DLS modem at the time.Then Upgraded to U-Verse DSL came with a (HUGE Wifi DSL router)This Buffalo router Operates with my U-Verse Router that has constructed in WIFI (Stick it on port 1 on the U-VERSE router, with it configured with DMZ+PLUS for the router)I use it this way since I can connect to my LAN quicker this way and slightly better pings Even with the additional router HOP. Plus the variety on this Buffalo is just fantastic. Connected at 300Mbps vs 54Mbps.Plus I wanted uPNP back and performs like a charm.DynDNS function is handy.These are all motives why I have kept and continue employing this VS stock internet router..uPNP, Range, DDNS, N-Speed, NAS, and finally attributes not supplied in original service hardware. This may possibly be a Con for some. Following all, I had to disable two characteristics to get better compatibility and stability out of stock firmware in my setup (Linux WPA, Old iPod Touch 1G). Not that I wanted those features anyways. These two capabilities just permit you to add additional customers to the router without obtaining to variety in your Wifi password (when supported).To get this router to positive experience I Found stock firmware operates better if you just disable "AOSS" and "WPS". They will turn grey when appropriately disabled. (just click on the icon in setup) When this was accomplished the router never ever had to be rebooted or reset from lockup or connection refusal. Its practically like obtaining those capabilities on induces some sort of time bomb or memory leak. I initially purchased this since the stocked firmware was going to be replaced by DD-WRT but following playing around with DD-WRT on this router I located it not so mature and felt like taking a step backwards. I had a WNDR-3300 with DD-WRT that worked a lot far better and even had 5ghz radio that could be utilised as another AP instead. If you can get a stable DD-WRT its worth the work but for me I located the stock firmware not so negative, (after the initial setup definitely that may possibly need to have really a few reboots.)BTW I know since of the couple of concerns I had troubleshooting this on my own It really shouldn't get 5 eggs but after you get the computer software in line the hardware, it performs like its meant to, and so I consider it deserves five eggs. Its works fantastic when troubleshooting is over, no matter if run DD-WRT or Stock firmware (they each have their quirks) there are some initial setup issues.Will Disable my U-Verse DSL Router Wifi function as soon as I know this setup is stable for a lot more then 2 months.

Review Date: 03/30/13
clean setup menuswonderful wireless rangesupports wpa-* don't leave the router mode switch on auto - it'll never perform; verify out the buffalo support forums for much more info. you want to use this as a router, turn it to on.devoid of spending 2-3 hours trying to get it to operate on auto and reading their assistance forums; it would have been a 15 minute setup. i wanted a gig wireless router that could run a replacement firmware and wouldn't break the bank. found it....

Review Date: 03/28/13
Fantastic advertised characteristics (but are they honest?)Very rapidly switch for your wired networkFast wireless capabilitiesDD-WRT firmware by defaultMIMOCost-effectiveUSB printer and drive help?Integrated bittorrent client? The alternate to DD-WRT is terrible "user friendly" firmware, and unfortunately the advertised integrated utorrent client is a function of that firmware only. Otherwise you'll have to attempt to get OpenWrt + transmission + samba to operate with it.Advertised USB support for external drives is deceptive. Only supports XFS (Linux) or FAT32 volumes, and FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit. If you're sharing a thing larger than that on your network, like a film in 720P or 1080P, you're out of luck. Again, if you can somehow get OpenWrt to operate, Samba could be able to support an NTFS volume, but this thing DOES NOT by default.Inexpensive plastic, not sturdy, so be careful with it. It feels like a low cost model kit or a thing.Also, just like any other device you could acquire, yours could come DOA right out of the box. Not genuinely a con, just a reality. You could say that Buffalo is becoming progressive by making use of DD-WRT as their default firmware in order to offer you far more functions, but it's additional most likely a way to recover from the disaster of their substandard "user friendly" software. I'm not the 1st to recommend they come up with their own version of OpenWrt so they can in fact back up their claims of bittorrent and external USB drive support. Not supporting NTFS is ridiculous. Hardware-smart this is a wonderful router, but it's not for amateurs or newbs. It's most likely better for linux forms than it is for Windows geeks.It would be smart for them to include things like a failsafe button to restore factory defaults and original firmware. The reset button does not do this even with 30ቺቺ.

Review Date: 03/27/13
Lots of characteristics, supports DD-WRT, long variety, seems stable Buffalo Technical support is the worst I have ever observed. I was possessing difficulty connecting my android telephone to the router with the connection resetting constantly. I referred to as the tech support line and the representative was very rude and abrupt. He acted like I was wasting his time, (more like interrupting his game of Wow), and refused to support me, saying that it couldn't be the router's fault. Then he HUNG UP on me... I consequently upgraded the router's firmware to the DD-WRT version and the difficulty went away. (Something the representative stated in all probability wouldn't repair it.)They are still ironing out a lot of the bugs with the DD-WRT version (and the Buffalo version won't work with Android (at least mine)). This is a wonderful router, but I have a really hard time recommending it based upon the horrendous client 'support' expertise I had with Buffalo. Purchaser beware -- if you require aid, stick with the boards.

Review Date: 03/24/13
I have bought and installed two of these; one at my church and 1 at household. Setup was a tiny significantly less intuitive than other brands I have utilised but it was uncomplicated sufficient to figure out. Granted practically every transform calls for a restart, but after configured, these routers have been one hundred% up and reputable, and how generally does the typical user change the setup after the initial mods are completed? I have not upgraded to the most recent firmware due to the fact the stuff that shipped with it was fine. They have By no means dropped a connection, usually recover to steady state soon after power failures, & I haven't located anything that won't connect to it with 100% reliability and seriously superb, constant speeds. And the sweetest function for me besides the rock strong performance is the multiple SSIDs with diverse levels of access to the network. I have a public SSID for everyone at church to access only the internet, and a Staff SSID for access to to all network sources like printers, network drives, and so on. Aside for requiring a reboot immediately after every single transform, I have none... certainly none. This seriously is an exceptional wireless router and access point. Haven't utilised the other modes it supports like repeater simply because I don't need them. The router at church is configured behind the key router as an access point and covers thew Whole church about 18,000 square feet. The other is set up as a wireless router and covers my whole two story property and yard Ɠǚ acre). I'm utilizing WPA security and as I said earlier, almost everything connects with no issue. At church men and women bring all sorts of devices in; PCs, Macs, iTouch, iPad, smart phones with wifi, and other junk, I'm positive. The a number of SSID function with variable levels of network access is the coolest "unusual" feature of all and operates good. This is a super device.

Review Date: 03/09/13
Using the "User Friendly" firmware version, this product is excellent; but lacks some (needed) advanced characteristics discovered in the DD-WRT firmware. DD-WRT version incorporated is buggy. Slow and unstable wireless connections. With dd-wrt the router desires energy cycled each day or more often to stay running. Hopefully this will be inproved in future Buffalo/DD-WRT releases.

Review Date: 03/05/13
Constant 230+Mbps wireless speeds. It will preserve 300Mbps at times too. Effortless setup with the True DD-WRT firmware. Looks prettier than the images. None. I thought I had an situation, but it was a configuration issue. I bought two of these. A single to act as a gateway router and the other to act as a client bridge. The gateway was simple to set up and had no difficulties. Even so I set up the client bridge and it was having some problems with transfer speeds and finding DHCP. I had an old WRT54G that was also in client bridge mode but it was operating fine. It ended up being a config challenge due to the fact as soon as I reinstalled the firmware and set it up, it worked fine. I by no means did try the Buffalo installed firmware.
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Product Features

Router Wireless
300 Mbps Speed USB 2.0

Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH AirStation HighPower N300 Gigabit Wireless Router
Get a high-speed network connection for all your devices with the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH AirStation HighPower N300 Gigabit Wireless Router. Featuring its optimized antennas and tuned radios with Advanced HighPower technology, this wireless router will eliminate any dead spot in your home or office so you can always get connected anywhere. This wireless router delivers up to 300Mpbs of data transfer rate to let you have seamless HD video streaming and online gaming. You can also connect your network-ready devices on its four 10/100/1000 Mbps ports for you to experience stable and whopping speeds of wired network connection. The Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH AirStation HighPower N300 Gigabit Wireless Router utilizes the IEEE 802.11n protocol to provide you greater bandwidth and it's compatible with previous generations. Connect USB or portable hard drives in its USB 2.0 port to allow easy file sharing, media streaming and central storage or add a printer to your home network. Prevent unauthorized access and hackers from penetrating your network with its WPA2, WPA-PSK (AES, TKIP), 128/64-bit WEP security encryptions. Upgrade your network with the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH AirStation HighPower N300 Gigabit Wireless Router, purchase it now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Optimized antennas and tuned radios with Advanced HighPower technology; provides wider coverage and more stable network signal
  • 300Mpbs of data transfer rate; provides seamless web surfing
  • Four 10/100/1000 Mbps ports; allows you to connect network-ready devices for ultra-fast wired network connection
  • USB 2.0 port; offers easy file sharing, media streaming and central storage or add a printer to your home network
  • WPA2, WPA-PSK (AES, TKIP), 128/64-bit WEP security encryptions; protects your network against unauthorized access

Product Specifications

General Information
Manufacturer:Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc
Manufacturer Part Number:WZR-HP-G300NH
Manufacturer Website Address:www.buffalotech.com
Brand Name:Buffalo
Product Line:Nfiniti
Product Model:WZR-HP-G300NH
Product Name:Nfiniti WZR-HP-G300NH Wireless-N High Power Router
Product Type:Wireless Broadband Router
Wireless Specifications
Wireless Technology:Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n (draft)
Antenna:3 x
Frequency Band/Bandwidth:2400 MHz IEEE 802.11n (draft) ISM Band
Transmission Speed:300 Mbps
Transmission Speed Details:300 Mbps IEEE 802.11n (draft), 54 Mbps Auto-fallback @ IEEE 802.11g, 6 Mbps IEEE 802.11g, 11 Mbps Auto-fallback @ IEEE 802.11b, 1 Mbps IEEE 802.11b
Wireless Security:
  • WPA2
  • TKIP
  • WEP /64-bit/128-bit
  • Interfaces/Ports
    Interfaces/Ports:1 x Type A USB 2.0, 4 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-TX Auto-sensing/Auto-MDI/MDIX LAN, 1 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-TX Auto-sensing/Auto-MDI/MDIX WAN
    Media & Performance
    Connectivity Media:10/100/1000Base-TX Twisted Pair
    Data Transfer Rate:10 Mbps Ethernet, 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet
    Management & Protocols
  • HTTP
  • QoS
  • Security Features:


    Power Description
    Input Voltage:100 V AC to 240 V AC Power Supply
    Physical Characteristics
    Form Factor:Wall-mountable
    Additional Information:
  • Includes external switch to change between router and access point modes
  • Supports WMM Wi-Fi Multimedia
  • Adjustable flip-up antennas
  • Warranty
    Standard Warranty:2 Year

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