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APEVIA Black X-MASTER-BK/500 ATX Media Center / HTPC Case

APEVIA Black X-MASTER-BK/500 ATX Media Center / HTPC Case (Apevia  International: X-MASTER-BK/500)
Vendor: Apevia International
Price: $99.99 - $99.99 CAD from 1 stores
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APEVIA Black X-MASTER-BK/500 ATX Media Center / HTPC Case
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Product Reviews

APEVIA Black X-MASTER-BK/500 ATX Media Center / HTPC Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.58/10

Review Date: 09/18/13
Attractive tiny case. Second one particular I've bought now...A single upstairs for the family area htpc which I got two years ago and now this 1 for my bedroom htpc. Really sturdy and effortless to setup! Would totally recommend this for any person developing their very first or tenth htpc...Amazing solution! A couple of minor point which price it an egg in my assessment....It is a tad bit cramped inside thinking about it's a complete atx case and overlook about putting a monster graphics card in there. The NEON BLUE power light indicator is way too vibrant.( Extremely distracting even though watching a film in a dark area) I just disconnected it and it's fine. And lastly, not actually a "con", but each instances I've gotten now, have had the power "switch" in the off position on the energy provide. Like I mentioned, not genuinely a "con" but most amature builders may not know to open the front of the case to "hit" the psu switch. I'd purchase one more if the will need were to arise.....Perhaps next year's project....A MAN'S DEN!!!!!

Review Date: 08/09/13
I'm certain I have written a evaluation or two on this case over the years (in 1 of it's colors) but wanted to add my thoughts once again to counter some of these unfounded negative comments.This case is a ideal balance of size, function and expense. Micro sized but nonetheless makes it possible for a full ATX board. The Tough Drive mounting at the side cooling fan areas. Comes in cool colors. I like the fact I can Completely disassemble the case when beginning a construct, specially the front panel and all the usb/frt panel wiring comes off with a pull and set it out of the way. Rear blue fans are really incredibly quiet.Two 5.25 bays exactly where most mini/HTPC situations give you a single. I know most men and women only need to have one particular optical drive but run an old school IDE Plextor for ripping CD's so I want a second slot.Works excellent in tower or desktop orientation.With very good planning and some imagination you can fit an extraordinary quantity of stuff in this case. I can't see where any person should have any cons with this case provided they essentially study the solution description and plan their make accordingly. If there was anything I'd inform Apevia to change, it would be to offer you a version with no the PSU at a reduce cost. I use this case on function stations that run 24ǝ so I require a additional "robust" PSU. That said, at the cost this case sells for the PSU is a nice freebie for these that plan to use it within it's signifies.Perhaps refress the front IO and ditch the 1394 for a USB3. I have constructed 10-20 systems in this case for both workstation and home use. My personal workstation at one point was a complete ATX AMD 965, Dual 4650's, 2 Velociraptors, BD drive, Corsair 620 PSU and a Corsair H50. You can fit up to 3 difficult drives devoid of making use of any external slot by utilizing the side fan areas and as many as 5 if you fill the 3.5 and one 5.25 external slots. Cooling is decent at all the places and I've under no circumstances had any issue with the drive rails.You will bend the case removing the expansion block offs, only if you don't take your time.This isn't a full or midsized tower you can just throw any component into. The description and images make this clear, so complaining about a lack of space, truly? You actual want to make certain your options will work in this case. ie. SATA port orientation, energy connector place, CPU cooler size, cable management etc. This is a fantastic case but isn't not going to magically accomodate you if you make poor choices

Review Date: 07/21/13
Case Looks fantastic and is as wide as standard A/V components. The style of the case was completed pretty properly but could use some improvements (see below).Sturdy.Price tag was proper when i bought it (ฮ rebate).Compact but still Fits a Complete ATX MoBo. Most of the cons I'm going to list can be fixed with a small ingenuity (thats half the entertaining in constructing a custom Computer anyway)Due to compact size it can trigger a couple of headaches with wire routing and hiding of additional wires. Option get a modular PSU.When they say it fits a 9" card they genuinely mean it barely fits. Couple solutions right here. 1. a ATI 5770 fits very easily (ӳ.five") or a GF xts 250 ƙ.five") will fit barely if you remove the PSU cut out a hole for the fan in the tray that holds up the PSU and flip the PSU upside down which moves the cables to the outdoors wall. Mind you the card is a tight fit nonetheless.the Duel 80mm fans arnt that really so you might want to pick up a pair of better ones.Case genuinely wants the 2x 120mm fans on the side if you do any type of gaming.HDD placement isn't perfect but i got four HDD in even with two 120mm fans (custom created a bracket for the spare five.25 drive bay to hold 2x 3.five" drives) Because I'm not a Hardcore gamer anymore I nevertheless like to game some, I also like to OC my stuff for entertaining. So this construct was genuinely a multi-tasking computer (gaming, entertainment and plain surfing the net)If your undertaking a uncomplicated straight forward HTPC this case is a fairly excellent deal.If your performing a complicated construct like I did and don't have the skills to modify the case to meet your wants there are prolly much better instances for you.I personnaly like the challenge.My HTPCApevia X-Master CaseCorsair 620watt PSUAsus M4A785TD-V Evo MoboAMD Phenom II x3 720BE CPU Ɣth core unlocked ʃ.2)Stock Cooler (not for longƞx2GB G-Ability DDR3 1600 RamXFX Radeon HD 5770 1Gb2x Seagate 500GB 32Mb cache HDD2x Seagate 1.5Tb 32mb Cache HDDLG BlueRay/DVD burner combo2x 120 Case FansAll fits in the case quite tightly but fits. No difficulties with overheating.Woulkd def. Purchase this case once more.

Review Date: 07/18/13
Extremely total component compatability, with simple installation. Power provide seems to be additional than adequate, with correct voltage outputs. The energy provide is very quiet also. Cooling options are many, but i've experienced low temps with no more cooling employing a 45w processor. The onlycon, is the excessive brightness of the blue energy light. This was resolved by filtering with tape. A great value, in particular if the rebate course of action operates!

Review Date: 07/08/13
Slim case - matches other media equipment nicely. I discovered it a quite straight-forward create even with a complete ATX MoBo The drive layout has a lot to be preferred, and I have no idea where they come up with the spec'd six internal drives. If you use the 3.five" bay, that takes up one of only two mounting points for internal drives. The other mounting point is a somewhat hidden vertically aligned bay, and the screw holes were slightly off to fit a WD Black drive. General very good HTPC case as long as you realize you're going to be really drive-limited if you want to use that front 3.five" bay for one thing like an IR receiver, like I did.

Review Date: 07/06/13
Nice shiny black paint, 500watt energy provide, sturdy Unit was shipped in the original box with only two thin strips of Styrofoam to guard the case. Didn't protect it adequate, each 1 of the plastic mounting posts for the front cover are broken. Case is absolutely unusable as a HTPC in present state. If Newegg is going to ship cases in nothing but the manufacturers original box, they ought to make confident it is sturdy adequate to protect it from normal shipping handling. There are no visible crush points on the shipping box. This is the second case I've gotten this year with a cracked or broken front panel, and no clear abuse displaying on the box.

Review Date: 06/23/13
It's htpc case. PSU is really noise and hot. forget the rebate. ฮ IS TRAP. MOVE THIS Company FROM MY LIST. Manufacturer Response:To verify the status of your Mail-in Rebate, please send an e-mail to rebate@apevia.com stating your name, address, the name of the store where you bought the item, what you purchased, the rebate quantity and the rebate period. We have a ten-12 week processing period on our rebates which begins from when we obtain the rebate.

Review Date: 06/23/13
Quiet, relatively 'pretty', modest compact size. Adequate energy supply. I'm not certain why others were complaining. Operating quad core wǘ sticks memory, medium draw video card. All appears just fine. The rear fans had been even exhausting like they ought to (some say they wanted to bring in cool air into the case, no require as there's vents on either side to pull air in across the cpu and out the back). Literally impossible (I gave up) to install 3.five" card reader in exposed three.5" slot. No way to screw it in. What looks like a removable 'slide out' motherboard tray and drive/power supply tray had been really WELDED in spot. There have been even two screws on the rear of the case to eliminate the motherboard tray, if it wasn't welded. The outside cover (lower/sides) was also Welded. Every thing was welded except for the cover. I just didn't set up the media reader, don't use it that a lot. I agree with the more than-vibrant blue LED for power, but what about the under-bright red HD light? I may switch them. For the income it's a good bargain. My only concern is the rebate. I sent it in, but 1 thing I under no circumstances do but did this time is essentially examine the bar code on the box with the bar code on the rebate kind. THEY Had been Distinct. All other codes, model, Newegg aspect quantity had been the same. It will be intriguing to see if I do get the rebate. Manufacturer Response:If you sent in the Mail-in Rebate Form from 12ǝብ-12ቷብ there was a typo with the UPC code. Please speak to our Rebate Division at rebate@apevia.com if you are nonetheless concerned about your rebate submission. If you do contact our Rebate Division please state the following facts to make your submission much easier to discover: 1) your name, two) mailing address, 3) exactly where you bought the item, 4) what you purchased, 5) rebate period and six) rebate amount. Once we get this information, then we can check the status of your rebate.

Review Date: 06/18/13
Can fit full ATX motherboard, comes with two rear fans, bundled 500W power provide is nicely sleeved and hasn't blown up however :) None really, don't count on to put in a long video card in this point. A decent, even though somewhat large HTPC method

Review Date: 06/11/13
BlackPower provide 500 watts - not that loud BulkyLED light on front is also vibrant CD Tray Sticks Does not help Tough drive coolingPoor wiring management I want they had utilized various mounting for the five.25 bays

Review Date: 05/13/13
Price tag following rebate makes it really attractive, but don't be fooled read the Cons. This case has extremely poor ventilation, even with 120mm fans in each opening my CPU and HDD are overheating, the top cover is to blame since only has 1 opening for the PSU when it need to have at least 1 more in top of the CPU. The paint scratches simply and it's a fingerprint magnet, energy LED is a lot more like a flashlight LED, have to remain disconnected. It's as well long/deep to location inside a cabinet, so it doesn't actually qualifies as a HTPC case. No problems with the PSU so far, but again I hardly use my HTPC due to the overheating. Don't know why Apevia do a thing about the prime cover design, given that this case has been selling for more than a year here at Newegg.

Review Date: 04/27/13
Why so many complaints of modest size for HTPC case - why do folks obtain an HTPC and then complain that it is smaller?!?!?!? Why so several complaints of little size for HTPC case

Review Date: 04/16/13
I don't personal this unit but was interested in it due to low price and excellent promotion. Just wanted to warn others interested in it this -If you're interested in it as an HTPC unit and care about how it looks in your cabinet - WATCH its WIDTH - its only 14" wide against 17" which is typical for most media gear (DVD/BluRay players, receivers etc.) Quite affordable for money.

Review Date: 04/05/13
Heavy and nicely constructed case. No real sharp edges on inside.Will take 2 five.25 DVD/BD drives and 2 to four three.5" HD's.Quite quiet and great airflow. at 1' I can hear HD activity more than the noise of the air.Subdued appear makes it match in effectively with other media componentsPSU has sleeved cables with 4 SATA and four Molex connectors as nicely as GFX card connector. The blue powerLED is blindingly bright. Come on Apevia, can't that be fixed? The piano black case is a finger print magnet. My mATX (ASUS M3A78-EM) mobo was easy to install soon after removing teh dal 80mm fans at the back. The case is a bit cramped but more roomy than most other HTPC situations I looked at. Installed 2 5.25 DVD drives and 1 three.five HD drive below those. Leaving me 1 far more three.five place as I also installed fans on each sides to maximize airflow. Mounting 5.25 drives was effortless utilizing supplied brackets.As for that glaring energy LED. I place 2 layers of sticky tape more than it with the bottom of layer two blackened out with a sharpie to cut the glare down to a manageable level.4.five eggs as I'm subrtacting 1ǘ egg for that glaring blue energy LED.

Review Date: 03/25/13
Good size, and quiet. Possessing the power supply at the front leaves a lot of space about the motherboard, and I had no difficulties with the installation. Construction is solid and the side panels go on and off easily (unlike a cheaper case I have). I had to replace that bright blue LED on the front panel - I had an extra green a single around and it was uncomplicated to modify. Thanks to the other critiques that pointed out the power supply's on/off switch - mine was shipped in the "off" position also.I'm also not clear on the good quality of the power supply. The model number on it is WIN-500XPSX, but it's not the very same as the a single with that quantity that newegg utilised to carry (the rated power outputs are unique, and the label lacks the certification symbols). Newer Apevia energy supplies seem to have fantastic ratings, so I hope this 1 lasts as well. (In any case, the case does take a regular energy provide, a very good feature.)

Review Date: 03/24/13
Nice huge media center case for all my cards. The drive cover issue is good and keeps the obnoxious blinking blue light from the blu-ray drive from ruining the experience. I did have to cover up the HDD and energy lights with electrical tape although... Had some problems routing the wires to the front panel from my mobo. The indicator lights are overly vibrant so I covered them with some electrical tape and poked a tiny hole in it to handle the light.

Review Date: 02/23/13
I built an HTPC and utilised this case for it. The power provide with it is running effectively and has lots of energy and plugs. I've been looking for a case that you can lay on it's side and not be a "low profile" and this one fits the make. It's also quiet.Nevertheless, it is not wide sufficient to hold any big heatsinks and fans. It could have far more storage areas on it. You can either have 1 challenging drive and 2 DVD ROMs or 2 hard drives and 1 DVD ROM, but that's about all it will fit comfortably. Now I just have to wait and see if I get the rebate. I hope they don't shed it. Manufacturer Response:The X-Master case really has room for three internal 3.five" drives (four if you count the external bay). If you do not install fans on the side grills, you can spot extra challenging drives there.

Review Date: 02/20/13
Low cost Inexpensive. I kick myself for obtaining this. Arrived broken - appears to be constructed very cheaply. havn't tried PSU but

Review Date: 02/14/13
I required a complete-size ATX case due to the fact I was sick of toying around with micro-ATX, Shuttle, and other HTPC instances that are quite challenging to come across parts for or repair (the modding I had to do to my Shuttle case was borderline insanity). I don't care that this thing requires up additional room due to the fact I can just place some stuff on top of it (like my game consoles). Case is not that annoying, shiny black metal that gets fingerprints all over. External five.25" drive cover hides my ugly DVD drive nicely. I was going to give the device a con for only being able to hold 2 really hard drives, but Apevia has such great client care that they reply to dozens of customers right here. Since of that, I discovered I can mount two additional difficult drives where the (unused) fan vents are. See what spending a tiny time talking to your buyers can do? Really happy, particularly for the price. Apevia clearly cares about their shoppers. And this case is wonderful for any individual who doesn't want annoying LED screens, useless volume knobs, or anything else extravagant and useless. No one particular can inform this is a pc when searching at it (they believe it's a receiver or a random box). Don't place case badges on it and you're guaranteed to have a trendy, reasonably sized HTPC that won't be difficult to open and configure.

Review Date: 02/09/13
Incredibly roomy case, comes with 500w energy suply, best for my media center requirements!This case saved me a lot of funds, came with every thing I needed to get my media center functioning! None?! I contacted APEVIA and they sent me components for free that I MISPLACED! I couldn't think the amazing service A+++

Review Date: 02/08/13
Lots of space, a good case if you are seeking to make a affordable media center. I didn't have any of the troubles that most folks complained about. A very good encounter overall with this case. The fans it comes with are quiet, fantastic for media center. This point is bigger than I thought, its extremely deep, verify the dimensions and make sure it performs for you. We had to reduce the back out of the entertainment stand shelf because it is so deep. Whilst it wasn't actually an concern, you have to eliminate the front panel to access the master on/off switch on the PSU. The front panel needs to be removed during the create anyways, so just bear in mind to flip the switch then as ours was default off. So I was a little worried about this case since of all the bad testimonials, but I didn't run into any significant issues. the PSU seems fine to me. Installing the DVD drive was a tiny difficult. Right here is how to do it folks! Get rid of the front panel and remove the door/button they have on there that flips down. Just get rid of it. Put your rails on the DVD drive backwards and install it from the front. It will line up flush with the front panel.

Review Date: 02/04/13
Reasonable construction, holds an atx board. Power provide only has a four pin cpu connect. Most motherboards that support dual/quad cpus demand a 8pin connector. Though you can use the 4 pin alternatively of eight pin, your really not supposed to. I ended up getting to order a further energy supply due to the included energy provide not becoming capable to energy up my amd motherboard + quad cpu + 1 vid card + 1 wireless nic. Frankly, I recommend buying a case with separate power supply so you can get a better match involving energy provide and motherboard.Oh, and as other people have described, the energy on LED is ridiculously vibrant for something that you would use as a HTPC.

Review Date: 01/06/13
Nice top quality finish. Decent Airflow if its not standing up. Incredibly compact type, but will nonetheless match an atx mobo. Has space for multiple challenging drives. I have 2 set up but im confident i could get at least 1 a lot more in with a 5.25 to three.five bracket.( i utilised the vents already or that could be two a lot more) The blue blinding light of distraction. Energy provide cabling interferes with 16x pci slot on my GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L, attempting to use a 8800gt. I have a ZALMAN CNPS7700-CU and it wont fit unless you take off the back two fans. Following removing the two rear fans I just moved them to the side vents pulling in fresh close to the cpu and getting rid of hot air out the other side. Note* when utilizing the dvd faceplate you have to remove the dvd lip on the drive itself for smooth motion or it gets caught up on some drives.

Review Date: 01/06/13
Looks excellent Got my thumb cut at the first make contact with.

Review Date: 12/29/12
Great paint finish.Simple removal of the front bezel.Quiet fans. Energy supply is a bit noisy.Tool much less drive rails a discomfort to get adjusted effectively. I applied this situation about a year ago for a home theater make and loved it. It was specifically what I was hunting for and the height of the situation was great for my entertainment center.Ordered one more one to repackage my Pc at house due to the fact the arrangement of my household workplace calls for a horizontal laptop or computer case and not the normal tower variety.Worked wonderful and looks good in my office. The fans are considerably quieter than the 60 MM fan I had in my old situation. The energy supply was a lot noisier at initially, but seems to be finding far better with a small bit of run time.The rails that are used for mounting your drives in the 5.25" bays are a bit of a discomfort to get the right projection for your drives in relation to the openings in the front faceplate so be ready to invest a small bit of time getting them right.
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Product Features

ATX Computer Case
6 Bays 80mm Fan

Apevia X-Master Desktop HTPC Case
Use the Apevia X-Master Desktop HTPC Case to hold your motherboard intact and safe. You can place this case either horizontally as a tower, or vertically as a desktop as per your requirement. The brushed aluminum front adds a look to your home décor. With a capacity of up to 4 fans, it disperses all heat within and surrounding the system. It is compatible with standard ATX/MicroATX motherboards, and standard ATX power supplies. Also infused with 500W power supply, it allows a smooth functioning and directs increased airflow. The Front USB, Firewire, Audio ports lets you widen your connectivity ability. Get the Apevia X-Master Desktop HTPC Case immediately.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Up to 4 fans; for an optimized cooling system
  • 500W power supply; manages all your system needs very easily
  • Compatible Motherboards; goes with ATX and Micro ATX motherboards
  • Front USB, Firewire, Audio ports; gives instant connectivity to other devices

Product Specifications

TypeATX Media Center / HTPC Case
Case MaterialSECC Steel / Aluminum
Power Supply500W
Motherboard CompatibilityATX, Micro-ATX, Baby AT
Side WindowNo
External 5.25" Drive Bays2
External 3.5" Drive Bays1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays1
Expansion Slots7
Front Ports
Front USB PortsYes
Front FireWire PortsYes
Front Audio PortsYes
Cooling System
80mm Fans2 x 80mm Rear Fans
FeaturesNVIDIA 8800GTS Compatible Aluminum Plated Front Mask Fits Standard Size ATX Motherboard & PSU Optional 2 x 120mm Side Fan or Dual side Hard Drives Best Cooling and Silence among HTPC Mid Tower/ Desktop Durable and Sturdy Construction Dual Positioning, Vertical or Horizon Depending on Home Setup

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