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Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Network Kit

Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Network Kit (NETGEAR: XAVB101-100NAS)
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Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Network Kit
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.95/10
Li Ming

Review Date: 09/03/13
Performs as advertised. Got rid of the ethernet cable I was running down my stairs. Up and operating in about 5 min. Saves drilling holes in your walls. Seem to be a tiny warm. Advanced security settings a tiny confusing. You may well have to experiment with which outlet you use. Was finding a 30mbps in the first plug from downstairs to the upstars office. Still extremely usable.Moved to an outlet on a distinct wall and now obtaining 110mbps.

Review Date: 09/01/13
Uncomplicated to use / install. More rapidly than older 85mbs powerlines. Economical. Eliminates want to cable inside walls. I am also making use of 85 mbs powerlines and have, essentially two separate powerline networks, an 85mbs is plugged into a switch connected to my DIR-655 router and the XAV is also plugged into the switch. These two powerline devices drive the other powerline devices. I have 5 Homeplug 1 compatible devices running off of the 85 mbs powerline and 2 XAV's running off of the HomeplugAV XAV powerline device. none that I can feel of. This is a great networking resolution. The speed I get is very dependent on the distinct outlets. Example, I have my router upstairs in a bedroom. 1 XAV is in the basement and it gets a link rate of 156 mbs. The other XAV is on the 1st floor and it gets a link price of 52 mbs. So distance isn't the key factor, outlet noise is the speed determining aspect. I am using the XAVs to drive Netflix and my Linksys Music Bridge. I have a switch that the LG BlueRay and Music Bridge are plugged into, and then the switch is plugged into the XAV. The XAV gets 52mbs speed, plenty of bandwidth for netflix and music streaming. The other XAV in the basement drives my NAS and FTP server, and gets 156 mbs; again faster than the transfer speeds of the HDD devices themselves. I use the 85mbs devices on outlets that have much less noise or are just becoming utilised for net access. I get amongst 40-60mbs on these devices. I also have some world wide web safety cameras using old netgear XE102 homeplugs that are compatible with the 85mbs units

Review Date: 08/28/13
simple to set up, plug them correct in! DHCP from your router and away you go to yet another area. They work perfect for my Xbox360 employing netflicks and get 4 bars video high quality. NO packet loss, They seriously work good. also working with WRT320 linksys as my router. could be a bit smaller.

Review Date: 08/21/13
I have a 12 Mbs Online connection upstairs which any laptop can get, either wirelessly or wired, a connection of 11.51 Mbs. Even so, my downstairs laptop, connected to the Internet through a absolutely free, generic Powerline resolution (provided by the telephone organization) would give me at most 2.five Mbs and frequently a lot significantly less. I plugged this pair into the wall and I immediately received involving 10.85 Mbs down to 11.15 Mbs. None. My wife likes how they fit into our decore of the residence. I am not positive what Netgear did differently from the generic brand, but I now have about 90% of the bought bandwidth that I would otherwise only have 21%. Some of that ten% difference is a theorical limit, which prevents a full one hundred% bandwidth download.I asked the phone firm what could be performed and they mentioned I had two selections: 1) Use a wireless connection (just as undesirable, if not worseƜ) Spend 赨.00 for a technican to come out and run a hard wire line to the office.While high-priced, these can be moved anywhere and you take them with you if you move! I undoubtedly learned that not all Powerline solutions are the similar. Beware!

Review Date: 08/04/13
I was looking for an upgrade to my aging wireless router 齢.11b) when I came across this item. It operates effectively inside the primary residence as all the electrical outlets are wired to the similar sub-panel. Nevertheless, I was in doubt that it would perform in our detached garage which is some 80ft away from the key house and is on a separate sub-panel. I figured that if it does not perform in the garage, the worst that could take place is I return it and consume the re-stock charge. So I attempted it in the garage and I'm delighted to report that it functions! The connection speed appears the similar as if I am in the key property. Not absolutely free

Review Date: 07/26/13
I applied these now in two distinct homes both of them over 15 years old. Each houses have been over 4000 square feet. I have a laptop connected on a single floor and the router is in the reduced floor and rather far away. It works perfect and is actually excellent. I do not stream HD films but it does work properly for things like youtube. Netgear makes the Ultra for streaming motion pictures. This unit is not made to do that but it could if you have a great wiring. New home does not mean good wiring. Excellent copper wiring with the suitable ground is what you will need. For downloading, surfing the web and watching youtube, this will operate just fine. If you want to stream HD motion pictures then step up to the model created just for carrying out that. NONE. Price tag is fair for the high quality of these units.

Review Date: 07/09/13
Wonderful speeds. Streaming 1080p x.264 DTS from desktop to Acer Aspire Revo with no buffering. Bursted up to 45Mb/sec in the course of an intensive scene with no troubles. 5 egg ratings soon after discovering the appropriate outlets that offered a steady green status on both adapters. Struggled to find the proper outlets in my house that didn't lead to degraded efficiency troubles.

Review Date: 06/17/13
Very easy to install.Delivers fantastic connection. Extremely pricey.Only 1 year warranty, perhaps they know one thing...Quick cables. I use it for an upstair computer, that wants to be connected with a router that is downstairs. The wireless connection I previously used (Linksys PCI device, wireless g) did not provide consistent signal, specially when I applied it to capture reside television. XAVB101 fixed the difficulty, really excellent connection at any time. Since It delivers a incredibly very good connection, compared with the wireless I previously had, I'll give it five eggs.

Review Date: 06/14/13
Got the job carried out with no hassle, and worked appropriate out of the box. The lights can get annoying if the unit is visible; Fortunately, you can disable them.Efficiency lowered with distance.Works finest if you can utilize the entire wall socket, which wastes a power plug. I purchased these to provide a network drop to my HTPC without operating Ethernet across the home. My pc space is near the Living Room. If placed on the wall furthest from the livingroom, I got ㅹMbps. If placed a single wall closer, I'm finding 𞲧Mbps. Either way, it's a lot of bandwidth for streaming video to the HTPC from my ReadyNAS.My Personal computer space is located centrally in a Ӯ,000sqf home, so I don't foresee any problems using these to network to rest of the home. I did disable QoS and have not enabled security. I would expect encryption to slightly lessen available bandwidth.To counsets: You in all probability just will need to re-run your security setup if you utilized the default keys generated by the modules. The newer units may well have a higher MAC address, but aren't configured with compatible safety settings but.

Review Date: 05/30/13
Effortless set-up Connections speeds did not get higher than about 30 mb/sec which was on par or slower than my current wifi-g setup. The two units were only 1 room apart. I'll try a wireless g access point subsequent and see if that improves my setup. Wanted a rapidly network connection to the living area where i have a PS3 and a htpc.

Review Date: 05/26/13
Plugged them into the outlet... connect them up with your cable... your carried out. Perhaps not as safe in the socket as you would like... they have no dilemma staying in even though. Just bought a house constructed in 1960 and did not want to have to run any far more cables, but needed to have my TiVo on the network. Because of the age of the home there are not a lot of outlets and therefore I plugged one unit into my battery backup and a single into a energy strip at the Tv on the other side of the house. They connected in four or 5 seconds and that was it. I have transferred various applications from an additional TiVo challenging wired to the router with no troubles and no noticeable slowdown from when they have been both difficult wired to the network, despite the fact that I did not really time them. Don't plan to stream video so can't comment on that.

Review Date: 05/19/13
Stupid easy setup. Connect one particular to the router and plug into the outlet. Plug in the other in wherever you want network connectivity. No software installation. It worked right out of the box. Not however. Some variability in the maximum throughput I can get between unique outlets in my home.

Review Date: 05/18/13
I'm making use of the NetGear XAVB101 to connect my XBox 360 to the web. My XBox is in the basement and at the opposite finish of my home. I have medal studs so the wireless connection was severely lowered Ɩ Mbps). The XAVB101 is delivering speeds above 112 Mbps, easy to set-up, and offers a very quick connection speed. gets a tiny warm, initial scan time is a bit long ࿰ seconds), initial connection speed was low but improved as time passed. Pondering of acquiring a lot more units

Review Date: 05/12/13
Plugged them in and immediately had a connection. I am using them to connect my desktop immediately after finding there is no Win 7 driver for the wifi adapter I had been employing. A new wifi adapter could have cost a small significantly less, but with these units there will be no hassle no matter how I boot up (Win 7, Ubuntu, XP). Lights are a tiny bright (newegg makes me create something right here). I haven't tested for challenges with diverse power-line phases.My wife is glad I didn't drill a hole amongst the initial and second floors.

Review Date: 04/19/13
So a lot far more reliable than frustratingly unreliable wireless-n. Easiest network setup eeevvvveeeerrrr. N/A I have these suckers running to my Samsung BD-P3600 and it's been a fantastic encounter, all content material is in highest image quality. I had utilized the incorporated wireless adapter for the player, which quickly grew frustrating with its continual connection drops.Powerline saved my sanity.This is working in my apartment which is roughly 15 years old at about a 50-60 ft. distance from workplace to living area.

Review Date: 04/16/13
I've had 4 of these units operating in my 40-year-old residence for more than a year now. Two of them are stationary and two are employed as "floaters" for computer systems I'm moving around the property or my wife's laptop anytime she's getting a difficulty receiving a decent connection to our wifi. I can inform you that these work just as advertised and I've yet to have a dilemma with them. We've had a wide variety of energy events at our residence ranging from nearby lightning strikes blinking the power to having the Public Service organization accidentally bring down power for our neighborhood with no warning. Since these adapters run directly off the wall sockets I was concerned about the energy bumps and spikes seeing they are not on surge protectors but they continue to perform just fine. I use my computers for almost everything from function to on-line gaming and have no network challenges. They function fine with my firewall and bring about no difficulties iwth my wifi setup either. THESE ARE Fantastic! Their a tiny bulky on the wall. No massive deal, though. If you're thinking about these over drilling holes in your walls/floors so you can run cables then just save yourself any additional thought and get these adapters now. You won't regret it. The installation couldn't have been less complicated and they perform everywhere in my home upstairs and down, in the garage, and even outside on the patio outlets. They haven't had any issue on the old wiring in my house and I even took them to my second house which is a townhome that is receiving ready for some upgrades since it has aluminum wiring 񢈷 construction) where they nonetheless worked just as anticipated. I've however to uncover a limitation of these adapters when applied as they are intended. I have successfully extended my house LAN and I'm capable to move these around the house with any resetting or setup. Just plug and go.

Review Date: 04/05/13
Utilized 10 of these kits in an office set up that could not run cable. They got 50mbit or so, and everybody is delighted. LED's on the unit tell you what speed you are at. It also has software on the CDROM that will let you see the whole powerline network, and unit speeds (that you can name)... this way you can track every little thing and get a full one hundred % idea of what's going on. None The units operate as nicely as they can, but I am unhappy with some of the wiring jobs I'm walking into. ɝmbit on a residence signifies the electrician really should be fired. The units do inform you every thing you need to have to know. I carry a pair in my bag when I am performing a powerline check, merely because they give you so substantially info.

Review Date: 03/05/13
Functions good, fortunately I am on the exact same phase on the breaker for both connections as I heard that not being on the very same could show reduce speeds. It seriously is plug and play, and is compatible with all routers and switches on my household network. Easily getting speeds of 100mbs+. Only issue I've noticed is getting too much on the breaker, and then adding this has brought on the breaker to go out. (although I'm not positive it is mainly because of this addition or just simply because I'm operating 2PCs, 2 HDTVs, xbox360, ps3, router, 1 set of these powerline ethernet, along with a wall AC unit between me and my roomate...ya thats a lot but I'm in IT not an electrician so I'm waiting to locate out about that) So this is but to be determined as an actual con...because it is supposed to run more than power, I just need to have to investigate how considerably power they consume. For some background on this - My area is in the portion of the home that would want drilling via concrete on the house to have the coax cable or a Cat-5 cable to come in so I remembered seeing these solutions on Engadget awhile back and thought I'd check it out finally given that I necessary it. (not a fan of wireless access points, as this connection is for gaming mostly)

Review Date: 03/01/13
genuinely plug and play. It performs great right out of the box. Online speed tests confirm it has the same speed as the base direct connected laptop and ping levels. Fantastic for gaming. price. It is sensitive about plug areas even in the exact same room. The ethernet connection is on a single side which was the incorrect side I wanted it on. I want it came with a longer cable. The 3 speed light indicators are a wonderful feature. On the 1st plug I tried it was orange which says it is involving fifty and eighty mbps. This is excellent if all you need to have is the online. It often went from orange to green so I know it is a excellent speed. I plugged it in a various slot, even technically closer to the base plug and it was red. Tried it on the xbox and there wasn't any lag but in the same slot I ran a handful of speed tests and it was 3mbps down and 3 up. This was wwaaayyy tooo slow since my typical cable is 25 mbps down. Not that it matter for gaming.

Review Date: 02/28/13
Plugged it in and it was prepared to go. No configuration required, and they're always as speedy and more dependable than wireless. Employing these in spot of my wireless network lets me stream 1080p videos from my Computer to my Xbox 360 and PS3 devoid of any stuttering, and lets my wife's desktop connect to the network with no standard signal drops. You really don't want to plug these into power strips or extension cables, so make confident you have a totally free wall socket for them. Also, they don't appear to function as properly in newer homes with AFCI circuit breakers (mandatory due to the fact 2002).The good quality of the connection can also be degraded by vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and other higher-load power devices. Depending on your house and what you have running, this could be a challenge.These are challenges for all ethernet-over-power solutions even though, not just these. These saved me from operating network cables by means of my walls, and there's lots of other things I'd rather devote my time and cash to. If you're preparing on using this to connect to a residence AV center, do a search for XAV1004 - it's a four-port switch that operates like the 1-port adapters in this kit.

Review Date: 02/18/13
Generates very little heat: This was the single biggest point I was worried about with powerline adapters..no concern now. Outstanding throughput: I streamed a Netflix film on to my 52" Samsung DLP (with zero good quality loss), created a Vonage telephone contact (again..zero excellent loss) and downloaded a copy of Windows 7 beta from MSDN all at the similar time. Incredibly impressed therefore far.Adapter size might be an problem for some, but i was in a position to plug this in in the lower proper corner of a four receptacle wall outlet with the plug of energy strip directly to it's left. Prime two receptacles are nonetheless free.I have this running from my Residence Workplace to my Household area to offer net connections to my XBOX360 and Directv DVR... necessary zero configuration...just plug in and go! None as a result far... I want i had purchased this kit ages ago! Far out performs wireless...even 802.11n. Playing XBOX360 Reside is a dream compared to with my Linksys 802.11n gaming adapter.Only dilemma will come when i don't require it after my residence is wired up with Ethernet.

Review Date: 02/17/13
Worked precisely as anticipated. Plugged them in and they worked. Fantastic connectivity speed on copmputer in back bedroom that was "iffy" making use of Wi-Fi prior. If you want to dabble with teh software program some of the settings may well be confusing for a person not versed but then once again it's not seriously required. I only applied it to turn off the LED's on teh devices. Always a balance among convenience and cost. Wi-Fi conenction was eventually less costly but in my place was ont eh edge of the signal. This was literally a plug and play operation. Now I have excellent connectivity int eh back bedroom for a second laptop. Will almost certainly obtain other "powerline" solutions for media system, etc in teh future.

Review Date: 02/16/13
Easy set-up, rapidly, run cool Need to have at least 2 ports My first powerline adapters had been made by Netgear. Had them from 2003 - 2008. One particular of them ultimately died and I went with the TrendNet TPL202E. These didn't operate out (see my tenǟ񳏉 review). Next came the Belkin F5D4075 AV+ starter kit - absolute garbage. Returned those to NewEgg (notice that NewEgg doesn't even sell them anymore). Must have gone with Netgear from the beginning and would have saved myself a lot of difficulty. The connection speed on these things fluctuates very a bit but they are still quick and trusted. I presume this is due to noise inside my property's wiring. Now I have 4 of them in my residence (two desktops and one particular on my DirecTV DVR). Outstanding solution. Hope they final as lengthy as my old HomePlug 1. devices from Netgear.

Review Date: 02/11/13
-Effortless to setup-Functions with no difficulties-Very good variety, my son makes use of it in the upstairs area to play XBox with no problems-Streams motion pictures to XBox with not trouble or buffering -One particular ethernet port. I had a prior model ࿵ Mbps) that had four.-Not backwards compatible with any earlier models.-Lights are a bit ugly. Overall I'm very impressed with these adapters. I had a previous 1 that lasted me years with no trouble. I hope this one does the identical.
Francois Form Of Francis

Review Date: 01/31/13
The only way these could be far more user friendly is if they jumped out of the box and plugged themselves in. I'm serious, there is nothing to set up, just come across an outlet close to your laptop. Present powerline networking is tremendous but it nevertheless isn't as quickly as wired ethernet (just so you know that going in).I've read that they don't function effectively with subpanels, but that isn't an challenge for me. Despite the fact that I just got this set from newegg I've been employing these identical adapters for properly over a year, and they have never failed me (I just needed significantly more). I'm operating computers, a networked printer, and a media streaming device with them, and I didn't have to crawl under the property to set it up.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model XAVB101-100NAS
Standards IEEE802.3/3u
Encryption 128-bit AES Encryption
Ports 1 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
1 x 200 Mbps Powerline HD interface
LEDs Power, Status, Ethernet
Certifications Electromagnetic Emissions: FCC Part 15 Class B, CE, C-Tick
Power and Safety Regulations: UL Certified
Powerline Speeds Up to 200Mbps
Connection Type RJ45
Connection Speeds 10/100M
Kit Type Double
Power Supply 100-240V @ 50-60HZ
Dimensions 3.9" x 2.8" x 1.6"
Weight 0.4 lbs.
Temperature 0C ~ 40C
Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Features Turns any electrical power outlet into an Ethernet network connection
Secure your Powerline AV network by just pushing a button
For use with both wired and wireless routers and gateways
Simply plug one XAV101 into your router and another XAV101 into any Ethernet-ready device
Connect a desktop, notebook PC, gaming console, NETGEAR ReadyNAS, Slingbox, a DVR or NETGEAR Print Server (PS121)
Red, yellow, green status LEDs indicate maximum data rate
Supports Windows Vista
HomePlug AV compatible
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited
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