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BenQ XL2420TX 24IN 120HZ LCD Monitor LED 1080p 2MS Lightboost 2XHDMI Display Port HAS 3D Vision

BenQ XL2420TX 24IN 120HZ LCD Monitor LED 1080p 2MS Lightboost 2XHDMI Display Port HAS 3D Vision (BenQ: XL2420TX)
Vendor: BenQ
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BenQ XL2420TX 24IN 120HZ LCD Monitor LED 1080p 2MS Lightboost 2XHDMI Display Port HAS 3D Vision
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.67/10
With 9 User Reviews

Review Date: 05/01/13
Cons: Complications getting the Stereoscopic to work on 1080p 120hz from a laptop GPU

Pros: Amazing picture quality and colors. Stereoscopic 3D is awesome. Good build quality and even a headphone rest. Raises, pivots and swivels easily.
Bought an Asus G75 that came with HDMI, VGA and mini display outs. This monitor comes with dual dvi and a VGA cable. I hooked up with a 3D rated HDMI cable as I was told in the store by a rep as they had one on display hooked up with HDMI. The rep was not wrong but what they dont realize is that you can only run the 1080p at 24 hz with an HDMI cable period! In order to run with the full blown 120hz you need the following:Dual DVI port from system and then use the Dual DVI cable that came with the monitor to hook to the monitorORA mini display/thunderbolt port connected to a mini dvi to dual dvi adaptor cable (the one with the mini display/thunderbolt male end in tandem with a usb male end and then hook the dual dvi cable that came with the monitor the the other end of the adaptor cable to it).I got the apple one and it works extremely well with no bugs even though the package said only works with apple products.I did not test a mini display port to display port cable but I imagine this will not work as the mini display port to single dvi cable did not work.Once you get the 120hz issue solved this monitor is primo!!!

Review Date: 04/13/13
Cons: Box it came in could have had more protection, but haven't run into any problems yet.

Pros: Stand is very sturdy!Headphone hook is great!S-Switch is really eye catching!
The build quality of the monitor is amazing! Something you don't here people say even when they purchase some of the more expensive monitors. The stand is very sturdy and a lot of love went into designing these. I'm very excited to start using this!

Review Date: 01/04/13
Cons: - Touch buttons for menu not intuitive- Blacks are not very...well black- Some clouding on mine (around the screen) but not that bad.-Slow to wake up...

Pros: - 120Hz !- 1080p with 24" (biggest size you can go with 1080p in my opinion)- 3D Vision2 is good (BF3, Diablo3, Skyrim)....let's hope for FC3 soon also- The remote for the menu is very good !- Feels solid (plastic)- Great ergonomy
Got it at 400$ in promo during Christmas, very good deal.Colors are good when calibrated (search on Google for options).I bought this one because the 3d is possible on HDMI (PS3...)

Review Date: 12/06/12
Cons: Color settings need a lot of tweaking out of the box.

Pros: Large enough at 24" and very sturdy. Lightboost makes a world of difference. Anti-glare. Built in 3d emitter.
Overall great monitor, as mentioned above. Also, the S-switch thats included makes navigating the monitor menu and changing between pre-saved color settings a breeze. Suggestion:Black Equalizer set to zero. This is only for fanatical FSP players. For best picture, set to zero.

Review Date: 10/11/12
Cons: none

Pros: Lovely monitor, rotates and slides up and down with one finger, 3 button switch for changing settings, embedded 3D emitter, easy monitor setting controls
I bought this for the 3D and it is just gorgeous. I am mostly playing Crysis2 with a GTX670 OC and i5t4.2 GHz . I've had zero issues and basically am thrilled. 1080p video is worth watching as the screen area is large.
Daryl S.@NCIX

Review Date: 06/26/12
Cons: 3D mode does not consistently kick in, regardless of whether the display was asleep or not. Some programs trigger the emitter, some don't.The non-physical buttons are very flaky.3D monitors are still overpriced.3D Vision doesn't work with OpenGL (games or anything).Minor ghosting in 3D games, especially parts of the screen with sharp contrast.Audible hum when running at 120hz.

Pros: When 3D mode kicks in, it works great.Plenty bright, even in 3D mode.Very, very little ghosting.Intuitive menus.
The 3D on this thing is amazing... When it works. I've read many, many threads on various forums about this monitor having a flaky emitter and it goes beyond a firmware thing from what I can tell. It seems more likely that it's poorly written drivers by NVIDIA. Power cycling isn't a guarantee to get it to work. The best trick I've found is to run it at 60hz for normal use. Generally when it goes into 3D mode it will jump up to 120hz automatically. This hasn't worked 100% of the time, but more consistently than any other trick out there.Ghosting is still an issue, though far less than previous generations of 3D Vision hardware. I've yet to see it much in movies aside from a bit in Tron: Legacy. It's more apparent in games, but still only when there's a sharp contrast between light and dark. That said it's incredibly rare and gaming in 3D is a treat. Just don't expect it to worth with OpenGL/WebGL games or applications as that's strictly, and stupidly, reserved by NVIDIA for their ludicrously overpriced 3D Vision Pro and Quadro graphics cards.The image is bright and crisp, even in 3D mode. Colours are a bit wonky at first but cleared up quickly with some minor calibration. Viewing angles are acceptable but not great as expected with TN panels.The first couple of weeks of owning this thing were maddening. Between trying to trick it into going into 3D mode and not being able to turn it on and off easily because of the unreliable, poorly calibrated touch sensitive, non-physical buttons. I considered bringing it back but a) I'm too busy and b) the 60hz trick seems to work ok. The price is way too high, even at the $500 sale price I paid, but that's not NCIX's fault. That's all on BenQ and NVIDIA.

Review Date: 06/04/12
Cons: A bit pricey

Pros: Need calibration then it's excellent. 3D is the reason why I bought it and it's also excellent.
First unit I received I had to return because the 3D emitter had a problem (known from BenQ now with my help) and they now ship those with an updated firmware. The second unit from the exact same batch did not have the problem so I kept it.I went from a CRT to this and 3D is simply amazing. I went for the TX because of the extra glasses so now I have 2 pairs (someone next to me can also enjoy) and because 3D over HDMI works for the TX even if I don't use it yet.I'm very happy now that it's calibrated, look for the procedure on TFT-central, it really made a difference. I was able to get a good price but I think this monitor should sell below 500$.

Review Date: 06/03/12
Cons: Contrast could be a bit deeper in the blacks.The touch sensitive power button requires about 4lbs of force to activate.Not a great value (but this is a premium gaming set)

Pros: Great picture for a TN panel.120Hz is a huge improvement.Almost zero ghosting in 3D mode.Bright and even backlight.Easy to navigate on screen menu especially with the dongle.Screen cover is a nice touch.
I'm deeply enjoying this monitor. I bought it for the 120Hz but wanted the 3D glasses because 3D gaming has always interested me. After playing on this monitor for about a week (Mostly Diablo 3) I find I'm loving it!The 3D is top notch and I thought I'd only enjoy 3D on a plasma TV because of the 600Hz they produce (that means 300 frames per eye). But I only got a headache from playing the first ten minutes playing on this monitor. After that, nothing. My eyes are adjusted now and I can play for several hours strait with no breaks. I even forget I'm wearing the glasses often.I like the colour quality and the brightness of the screen. It won't compare to an IPS panel but I bought this to play games for the quick response. Waving my mouse around on the screen produces no more than 1-2 pixels of trailing at a fast speed. Something I'd have a hard time valuing on an 60hz.Beyond that, I like the included dustscratch cover. I've been to two LAN parties and was thrilled to discover for myself that this is exactly what it was intended for. Transporting the valuable screen from one place to another. The monitor has a carrying handle on the top and the slip cover has a cut-out so you can carry it by said handle. GENIUS!The design of the monitor is nice! The pedestal looks slick with the red highlights. I also find the hole in it is great for channelling your cables. I could stand to see the bezel a couple millimetres thinner if I were to use a multi-screen setup. It isn't bad though. The headphone hook is a nice touch too. The hight adjustment is smooth and doesn't lift the monitor when raising. To turn the monitor left or right the pedestal base turns with the monitor a little. I think this is because the joint is still stiff from being a new purchase in addition to being on a smooth glass surface.The screen profiles dongle is nice to control the on screen menu with plus the quick changing of profiles is excellent for your favourite games. For instance, in Battlefield 3 I reduce the contrast to see more in the shadows but Diablo 3 doesn't need it because it doesn't rely on shadow details to play the game properly.The one thing that really bugs me about the monitor is the power button. I have to excessively put force on it to activate it about 4-8lbs. At first I though I had a defective monitor. The power button light fades on as you move your thumb close and it looks cool but having to force the button is concerning. How it will fare in a few months of use? That's the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars

Review Date: 03/22/12
Cons: Small cross talk, but only it specific circumstances. Requires immediate configuring.

Pros: Great build quality. Great Look. 120hz and 3d vision with minimal to no crosstalk.
Great monitor. The stand with swivel/pivot is smooth, and feels sturdy. 120hz is amazing, and kinda scary to see how bad 60hz looks as a side by side comparison. 3d crosstalk is almost non-existent, except for white on black, and random times in odd circumstances. The monitor does looks bad out of the box, but fear not, change it to standard and use the following settings and then tweak to your liking:Picture Mode= StandardBrightness= 36 (adjust according to preferences and lighting)Contrast= 50Gamma Mode= Gamma 4Red= 96Green= 97Blue= 100If you have nVidia video card then turn up the digital vibrancy to about 60% or so and it will look that much better!
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Cabinet ColorBlack-Red
Screen Size24"
LED BacklightYes
Maximum Resolution1920 x 1080
Recommended Resolution1920 x 1080
3D ReadyNVIDIA 3D Ready
Refresh Rate120Hz
Viewing Angle170(H) / 160(V)
Pixel Pitch0.276mm
Display Colors16.7 Million
Brightness350 cd/m2
Contrast RatioDC 12M:1 (1000:1)
Response Time5ms (2ms GTG)
Horizontal Refresh RateVGA/HDMI:15kHz~83KHz; DVI-DL/DP: 30~140KHz
Vertical Refresh RateVGA/HDMI: 24Hz~120Hz; DVI-DL/DP: 56~120Hz
Input Video CompatibilityAnalog RGB, Digital
ConnectorsD-Sub, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, Headphone Jack
USB 2.0Downstream x 3; Upstream x 1
Complies withEnergy Star
Power Supply90~264 AC (Built-in)
Power Consumption24 W (Based on Energy Star 5.1 test criteria)
Stand AdjustmentsPivot: 90 Degrees

Swivel (left/right): 35 Degrees / 35 Degrees

Tilt (down/up): -5 Degrees / +20 Degrees

Height Adjustment: 5.12" (able to pull down to the base)
Built-in TV TunerNo
Built-in SpeakersNo
HDCP SupportYes
VESA Compatible100 x 100mm
FeaturesSenseye 3


Vista (Premium)

Win7 Compatibility

Color Temperature: Reddish / Normal/ Bluish /User mode

17 OSD Language languages

K Locker
DimensionsDimensions w/stand (W x H x D): 22.49" x 20.35" x 5.9"

Dimensions w/o stand (W x H x D): 22.49" x 13.26" x 2.47"
Weight13.44 lbs. (6.1 kg)
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