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Logitech Z5, 2.0 speaker system for Home + PC

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Deepcool Z5 Thermal Compound
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Deepcool Z5 Thermal Paste
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Logitech Z-5 USB Stereo Speakers for Mac and PC Logitech Z-5 USB Stereo Speakers for Mac and PC $447.06 CAD Shop Now

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Logitech Z5, 2.0 speaker system for Home + PC
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Poison Ivy@NCIX

Review Date: 01/14/14
Cons: Kind of flimsyRemoved front face once, now it won't stay clipped inOversight with 2.5" SSD drive mountOnly 2 front USB ports

Pros: Excellent cable managementRoomy for large video cardsLots of vents and spots to mount fansTop "gadget" holder is nice
I think this case looks quite nice and with rebate the price was fair, but it has a couple flaws.I removed the front panel and now the plastic clips that hold it on won't stay in (might need to re-spread them). When I first put it together I noticed the case did not sit flat on the floor because the case frame was a bit twisted (from shipping maybe?). It was easy enough to untwist though. The biggest issue was the lower mounts for SSD. There are 3 possible spots that are built-in to the case. The lower spots fit a 2.5" drive only and the top mount can accommodate a 3.5". Since I want to use 4 3.5" drives I have to use the lower mounts for the SSD. They require the SSD to be mounted nearly flat with no clearance below it. This makes it really hard to attach a power cable to the SSD. It is possible to do with a lot of jamming. All they had to do was raise the mounts another cm to fix this problem.The last thing is the rear slot covers are not replaceable. Once you pop them out, you are stuck with holes.I like the roominess of the case and the cable management is flawless. I also really like the top little holder for gadgets. The mesh filters are also a nice touch. For this price point there isn't much better out there. It's just too bad they didn't think about the SSD clearance.

Product Features

Product Specifications

BrandLogisys Computer
SpecificationsNet Weight: 3g

Operating Temperature: -50c--300c

Color: Silver Gray

Thermal Conductivity: >1.46 W/m-K

Dielectric Constant A: >6

Viscosity: 73cps
FeaturesHigh performance thermal paste provides excellent heat transfer between processor and heatsink. 3.0g of silver grey compound in a syringe type dispenser for accurate, quick and easy application.
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