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Zalman ZM-NC1500B Notebook Cooler Black Aluminum Dual Fan 1100-1500RPM USB Upt to 17"

Zalman ZM-NC1500B Notebook Cooler Black Aluminum Dual Fan 1100-1500RPM USB Upt to 17" (ZALMAN TECH: ZM-NC1500B)
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Zalman ZM-NC1500B Notebook Cooler Black Aluminum Dual Fan 1100-1500RPM USB Upt to 17"
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.64/10
With 11 User Reviews

Review Date: 12/09/11
Cons: this is my 2nd fan. The 1st one had a faulty on switch.

Pros: Solid construction, class design, looks good, integrity from Zalman Tech, fan runs quiet at highest RPM
Overall NCIX handled me very well. My 1st one of these I sent back through RMA request. NCIX delivered the 2nd one with-in 3 days to Penticton, BC via Purolater. Excellent experience and good fan. A+++

Review Date: 10/08/11
Cons: Flies don't die on the laptop anymore...

Pros: Very efficient cooling, not noisy at all, USB powered, cool design
I bought this notebook cooler to cool down a Compaq Presario laptop that kills flies daring to land on it (really). That laptop had some very hot GPU chipset temperature (85 to 100 celcius when watching videos...) that would sometimes makes its solder parts melt and disconnect from the motherboard due to a very bad heatsink, forcing me to reflow the chip. With this cooler, the GPU temperature dropped to around 65-75 celcius when watching videos, never expected that!

Review Date: 09/06/11
Cons: None

Pros: Good quality, nice cooling.
These two fans and aluminum base keeps anything cool. A must for laptop user!

Review Date: 02/11/11
Cons: None

Pros: Super coolerLightweightSilent
I bought this to keep a dual core Dell Vostro from burning up and to also be able to comfortably keep the computer on my lap. This device may have succeeded in both areas. (only time will tell whether it saves the Dell) I have Real Temp installed so I can watch the temperature. Without the Zalman, just surfing the web the laptop goes over 50C very quickly. Turn the Zalman on and the temps stay in the mid 30's. The unit handles the 15.5" Dell perfectly and there's no sliding around as the rubber strips that the laptop sits on holds it firm. The base of the unit is comfortable sitting on your lap and keeps the heat away from your legs. It's silent, I can't hear it running at all. I can't imagine using a laptop without one of these coolers again. A great product.

Review Date: 11/04/10
Cons: maybe a bit loud but honestly not a big deal

Pros: Stylish, great performance, comfortable
Goes very well with my friend's black matte laptop I bought it for as a gift. The performance is excellent, and his laptop has not overheated once since starting to use the cooler. Zalman makes excellent laptop coolers.

Review Date: 10/08/10
Cons: None to mind

Pros: Looks, build quality
The build quality is solid and definitely does the job well. Bought this for a Gateway notebook with dedicated graphic card, the notebook use to overheat and shut down a lot. Problem solved now.

Review Date: 10/04/10
Cons: -None

Pros: -Keeps laptop nice and cool-Not too pricey-Looks nice
I bought this to use with my Dell Studio 15 and it works wonders for keeping it cool. It sucks air from underneath and pushes it through the laptop. Keep my Dell a good 10 degrees cooler. It also looks pretty good. Definitely worth buying.

Review Date: 09/01/10
Cons: None

Pros: Quiet, looks good !
Using this with a MSI laptop with a HD5870 keeps it cool and is great when you want to place the PC on you lap it keeps the temps down.Great product, quality construction. Would definitely buy again.
Homer Jay Simpson@NCIX

Review Date: 07/06/10
Cons: A little noisier than laptop fan at idle at half to full speed

Pros: Good coolingNice looksQuieter than laptop fan at load
Picked this up for my wife's laptop when I noticed core temperatures in the 80 - 90 region under max load, and chipset temps in the 90 - 100 region!! (ambient temps are around 25 - 30).Anyways with this cooler I'm getting between 5 - 10 degrees improvement at idle and load.Reccomended!!

Review Date: 07/05/10
Cons: Could be small for a 17" laptop.

Pros: Good cooling.Quiet.
I had a max GPU temp of 80 degrees Celsius, and the CPU stayed around 60 degrees on my MSI GX640-260US. The Zalman ZM-NC1500B drops the max GPU temp to ~68 degrees max.The feet of my GX640-260US sit fine on the stand, however the edges of the laptop hang over the sides of the cooler. I'm not sure a 17" laptop would sit well on this model...but perhaps MSI's laptops are wider than the norm. This review was modfied by poster @ 07-05-10 02:39 PM

Review Date: 08/10/09
Cons: Nonei dont feel there is any weakness. maybe the price.

Pros: Everything.Amazing cooling power and absolute silence
it was a simply awesome purchase.Amazing cooling power(from 85 degrees to 55), and absolute silence(i am really picky about this, and i cant really hear anything).Seems like very high quality too.Not one of the cheaper ones u can find out there, but definitely worth every penny.One of the Best-Highly Recommended. This review was modfied by poster x 08-10-09 12:01 AM This review was modfied by poster @ 08-10-09 12:30 AM
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