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Monster Carplay Wireless Plus Designed for Zune

Monster Carplay Wireless Plus Designed for Zune (Monster Cable: ZU FM-CH PS EFS)
Vendor: Monster Cable
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Monster Carplay Wireless Plus Designed for Zune
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.11/10
With 9 User Reviews

Review Date: 02/13/12
Cons: bad receptioncable is loose in zune

Pros: cool design
Overall would not buy again, even at the 9.99 price tag it was on sale

Review Date: 06/22/10
Cons: Lousy sound qualityZune keeps on falling outOnly 3 preset stations

Pros: Allows you to connect your Zune to a car with no aux inputCharges your Zune.
I got this for $5 on sale. Thats what it's worth. The sound quality is buzzy, the Zune won't stay plugged in.However on sale it makes a decent thing to have around just don't expect any phenomenal quality. It's monster so it's overpriced at its regular price. At $5 you get what you pay for.

Review Date: 04/19/10
Cons: Only works when connected to cigarette lighter

Pros: Good Signal strengthclear audioallows for use of any FM station
This transmitter is a useful item for traveling with your zune. It's wireless and will work in any car with an FM radio and a cigarette lighter. It was fairly easy to find a station to use, even in Toronto, and the sound quality was crisp and clear. I got it on-sale for less then $10, and at that price it's a steal.

Review Date: 04/02/10
Cons: At times you will experience quality loss.

Pros: Added ability to recharge Zune, and listen to music in the car.
I would never purchase this product for the ordinary price but I picked this up for five dollars and I have to say that this thing is very useful, and am happy to have bought it.

Review Date: 03/27/10
Cons: some issues with sound qualitydoesnt stay in the player too well

Pros: works with many radio stationscheap (when on sale)has presets so you can store good stations
all in all its a great device, even if you just use it for a car charger it pays for itself. i bought it for 10 dollars and im very pleased, its not on sale for 5 which is even better. you may have issues with the sound quality when listening it through your car but being able to store a few stations in the device helps in reducing the 'static' you may encounter. i would never pay full price for this item but when you catch it on sale it is worth getting. i have a zune hd and i am quite pleased with the performance. note that the device doesnt stay in the zune all that well so its best to just let it sit in one secure area and try not to fiddle with it too too much.

Review Date: 02/10/10
Cons: None really, but there are better products to this same solution. Regular price is rediculous.

Pros: Looks decent (nice glowing logo), works well enough. 3 easily accessible presets plugs directly into the zune.
This was the 2nd of 3 devices I've attempted to use with my 80Gb zune to get audio into my car. I had an old Belkin RF transmitter that did the job from the start but offered no volume control through my car stereo. This thing did provide that which was great (no having to crank the zune's volume just to get decent audio levels). Reception of this was better as well given that it uses the cord to some extent as an antennae. I've since moved on to the official microsoft car dock that offers the following things over and above Monster's offerings:1) Has an auto-scanning mode for RF channels. Helped me find a clear channel I didn't know existed with the monster solution. 2) the controls magnetically attach to the top of the cig lighter plug which keeps things less cluttered. 3) Similarly, you can "plug" the end of the cord into the top of the cig lighter for the same purpose. Oh, and I managed to get the Zune one cheaper than this when it was on sale (9.99 vs 14.99)

Review Date: 01/29/10
Cons: Works for Zune players only because it doesn't use 3.5mm connection

Pros: Doubles as a car chargerEasy to use and setup
Good thing to have for $10. You no longer have to make CDs to play in your car. Good product all around; easy to setup and doubles as a car charger. Unfortunately, it uses the connection at the bottom of the zune instead of 3.5mm headphone jack so it works for Zune players only. This review was modfied by poster @ 01-29-10 11:17 AM

Review Date: 12/23/09
Cons: Poor design

Pros: Cheap. Easy to use
Ok.. for 10$ I guess its ok..I wasnt expecting much and good thing I didnt. The design is poor, I use it with an old 30gB zune and the cord keeps on coming out of the zune.. even though I have no protective case on it..Pretty bad.. but it works at least..

Review Date: 10/23/09
Cons: Always drawing power, cannot be used with protective case for Zune, does not output at a high volume, and picks up static from nearby radio stations in low lying areas.

Pros: Easy setup, can be used in any vehicle with an FM radio, recharges while playing.
Tested this out this past Friday while driving out to a job site and was easy to setup and get running. Downside is that you cannot plug in the charger portion into the Zune while it is in Belkin's protective casing. Switching to different fm stations is easy when background static begins to pick up. Problems are that it is always drawing power and playing when you vehicle is turned off, so needs to be unplugged from your 12 volt/cig lighter when not in use. Would be nice if it worked with protective case and would go into standby while vehicle is off. Bought it on sale for $20 and at that price it is a definate worthwhile purchase. Not so much so at $90.
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