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Logitech Performance Black 2.4 GHz Wireless Laser Mouse MX

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Logitech MX Performance Mouse - Laser - USB - Black - Pack of 1 - Retail   $96.20 CAD Buy Now

Logitech Performance Black 2.4 GHz Wireless Laser Mouse MX
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$110.99 CAD Buy Now
Logitech 910-001105   $126.75 CAD Buy Now

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Product Reviews

Logitech Performance Black 2.4 GHz Wireless Laser Mouse MX
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.49/10

Review Date: 09/13/13
Incredibly comfy, packed with great attributes like the zoom button and the potential to switch in between free of charge spinning scroll bar to clicking scroll, rechargeable battery IS REPLACEABLE as it's just a rechargeable AA. It's nice to be able to connect if by means of usb cable for charging while playing. Range, variety, range! This mouse's bluetooth range is definitely horrid. I'm not joking when I say my mouse was on a keyboard drawer much less than 6 inches above the blue tooth receiver (plugged into a prime usb port on my tower) and it nevertheless lags in tracking and doesn't get! I had to resolve the concern by attaching the bluetooth receiver to the extension cable and placing it on on the top of the tower shelf just 2 inches beneath the keyboard drawer. That's ridiculous. The free spinning scroll function is good for giving it flick and scrolling all the way to the bottom of a web page really swiftly, but if you try to slow scroll with it you'll finish up bouncing all the way up and down the page, as its tracking is way too sensitive in this mode. Since of this, I keep it set to the click-feedback mode. Last Con: energy saver mode. It appears to go "dormant" relatively quickly to conserve power, providing you a 1-two sec delay on wakeup. NOT FOR GAMING! Incredibly disappointed with it! Logitech ought to be definitely ashamed of itself. I feel like I bought a Lamborghini with a VW engine under the hood. It looks like a hot rod, feels like a hot rod, but that's about it. I'm giving it four eggs due to the fact, in basic, Logitech is a fantastic business and makes great solutions. If you can find a work about for or tolerate the flaws of this mouse, it is nevertheless a lot far better than low good quality mice. Till the price tag is somewhere close to 50 dollars, I'd say to keep away from it like the plague if you can.

Review Date: 09/09/13
Great really feel and really comfy for my arthritic hand. I have had Carpal tunnel surgery and nevertheless have some symptoms left but this mouse performs wonders. The scroll wheel is straightforward to use. Slightly pricey but it had a ฟ rebate which produced it a bargain!. I have had extremely great luck with Logitech merchandise and I hope this mouse lives up to their reputation.

Review Date: 09/08/13
Wireless works nicely (micro receiver) Incorporates USB extension cord for receiverConsists of typical micro-USB charging cord (same as quite a few new cell phones use)Includes universal USB wall wart charger.Can be used while chargingEasily replaceable single AA batteryManually selectable 'click' or free spinning wheelLasts a complete week on a charge @ 8hrs/day usageThe large size is extremely comfortable for meOn/Off switch to save battery (although I in no way use it) Negative positioning of the Zoom button, I'm usually hitting it rather of the back buttonHuge size may well not be excellent for smaller hands I purchased this mouse for perform and I genuinely delight in it. Movement is quite smooth, I don't loose reception, the single battery lasts a complete week with out becoming plugged in. I try to charge it over the weekends, but generally overlook on my way out the door. But that's ok given that I can nonetheless use it whilst it's charging.I also have a Razer Orochi mouse for my laptop. One feature I like on that one which is lacking on the Logitech is that the Orochi will use the USB for information when plugged in, giving you higher functionality for gaming. The Logitech Overall performance mouse does not. It constantly uses the wireless hyperlink which will be a drawback for the real really serious gamer. For me even though, it's lots responsive.I'm acquiring much more utilized to not hitting the Zoom button by error anymore.All in all, this is the greatest mouse I've ever employed. I hugely suggest it, in particular for organization use, and for men and women with bigger hands.

Review Date: 09/08/13
Movement the points it makes speed and comfort Logitech help sorry rebate individuals lie an decivedid not get rebate known as they say I did not send upc code have hole in box to prove it will never purchase there stuff once again Newegg has excellent consumer support but this is not there fault it is Logitechs I like the solutions but they don't have fantastic support

Review Date: 09/04/13
Utilized this for COD and Starcraft gaming and for detailed graphics perform. When it worked it was fantastic. Incredibly smooth movement for extremely exact detail function! Right after about 5 months it began to quit operating intermittently. Would move fine up and down but output from lateral motion would be sluggish (about 1Ǟ the normal movement). Then it would work once more. Then it wouldn't. Great mouse when it performs but if top quality is low and you get a mouse that doesn't retain functioning, all the pros are outweighed. If it doesn't work it is useless.

Review Date: 09/04/13
I know those who play FPS shooters often aren't a fan of wireless keyboards and mice, but for these who aren't, this is a fantastic mouse. I've utilised it all over my area and utilized it on just about every surface in it as well and it works fantastic with no lag. The look and feel are superb. Retail value is pricey. As great as it is I don't know if I would have spent 贄 on it. Got it around ์ with Newegg discounts. I play far more RPG's and slower paced games, so I don't have any info for FPS players. Outdoors of that category although, I'd advocate this mouse to everyone.Two other positives by the way are that it is rechargeable and you only need to have a single Logitech wireless USB adapter to use several Logitech devices. This is seriously nice as it frees up USB ports and tends to make for much less clutter.

Review Date: 08/31/13
-Comfy and effortless to use-Super responsive and correct (Darkfield)-Battery life and idea (use your own high mA rechargeable AA)-Tiny unifying receiver that never stutters or drops the wireless connection-On/Off switch on mouse-Infinite scroll wheel (esp. in Firefox w/ YetAnotherSmoothScrolling) -Thumb button application switcher is kinda cool, but right after I get multitasking with like 12 -15 programs/windows open, the app switcher animation runs seriously slow, so I don't seriously use that any longer, no large deal (intel e6400, 4gb ram).-Hardware button to switch scroll wheel mode is sort of cheesy and clunky.-When you jiggle it back and forth, the right and left mouse button surfaces and scroll wheel also shake and move around. Annoys me a little bit, and other individuals have mentioned click failure right after a couple of years. Mine still operates fantastic even though. All round, though a bit pricey, this mouse is completely great for so several causes...it's excellent that you can nonetheless use it as a wired mouse when charging the battery if you need to have to. Want it came with a case for the mouse as well, as I want to guard this point for the price.

Review Date: 08/25/13
Looks good. Includes a nice zipper bag to hold the cables. I cannot get the scroll wheel to go "click-to-click." Logitech's Tech Support mentioned to just press down on the scroll wheel to stop it from absolutely free scrolling. Their advice did not work. It is incredibly challenging to plug in the tiny USB cable to this mouse in order to charge it. The side buttons are awkward to use. My old MX Revolution Mouse worked significantly better than this piece of junk. I assume I will switch more than to mice made by Microsoft.

Review Date: 08/02/13
Bought this from Best Get for บ additional (WITH open box discount) but wish I had purchased it from Newegg... It's a Excellent mouse, with not only lots of buttons, but lots of distinct buttons. I've customised all of mine, which is a thing I think the description of this item is missing - the application that comes with the mouse enables effortless reprogramming of each button, even though not ANY function is offered. I have under no circumstances had an problem with this mouse, it requires about 20 seconds for it to be recognised and very good to go on new (to the mouse) computers and genuinely does track on any surface completely. Even on pants, blankets, couches, glass surfaces, hands, and so forth, it performs like it ought to, not like I'd expected from expertise with other laser/optical mice. Go "Darkfield" I guess? The bundled application does not let every single function possible (or macros) to be mapped to the buttons on the mouse, so I was a small disappointed in that, but utilised a third party system to map the remaining 2 buttons to macros. Battery life is also relatively short, at perhaps 5-8 hours. I preserve the charge cable nearby, so it's not considerably of an situation for me. I want the buttons on the mouse didn't have words or photos written/drawn on them, such as the side "zoom" button I now have mapped to refresh a page, or the "resize window" button below the thumb I now have mapped to "play/pause". Speaking of mouse button mapping, when particular functions (vol +/-, play/pause, and so on) are carried out by way of button mapping, text is overlaid on the screen briefly to notify you of the adjustments. This comes in very handy with some functions, but is really annoying when watching a movie for instance.

Review Date: 07/31/13
All round great Battery is not as fantastic as earlier MX Revolution but it's decent Wall charger produced an electrical hissing sound. Requested a new one and it's still sorta the identical, poor design?

Review Date: 07/17/13
Incredibly light button pushes. Outstanding ergonomics make it uncomplicated to pick up and control. It's light, even with a couple of batteries in it. With the four buttons on the side, and the left/right tilt of the scroll wheel, you get in effect 9 buttons. The software program lets you map any of the buttons to keyboard keys, generic buttons, and other selections. It also lets you know the status of the batteries. Also, being a wireless mouse, I was concerned about response time with FPS games, but I can't detect any lag in response. Not being tied to a cable has actually grown on me! This is my new favourite mouse.The lights on the mouse are handy. Considering that the mouse puts itself to sleep following a few minutes of non-use, when woken up the lights come on for a couple of seconds. If all three lights come on, the batts are full, two implies they're fantastic, and 1 means low. When charging, the lights slowly flash, and keep on when charging is complete. Under constant use the batteries only last about a day. If it gets low adequate you can plug in the cable and charge the mouse when nevertheless employing it. Nonetheless, this may well affect your ability to manage FPS games the way you want to. The charging cord primarily alterations this into a wired mouse, the only difference is that the 1st inch of the cord is stiff simply because of the connector. This tends to make it a little much less maneuverable.I have 2 of these mice, and their left/right scroll wheel button pushes are not consistent. A single of the mice is additional sensitive, but they're both effortless sufficient to push so it just takes a tiny adjusting when moving amongst boxes. If your motherboard delivers energy to USB ports even when the machine is off, you can power this mouse overnight. It only takes 1-two hours to charge it. If your MB doesn't assistance charging when off, just plug in the mouse and put the machine to sleep.

Review Date: 07/14/13
Nice fit to the hand, smooth scrolling and good button options. Center click wheel is somewhat tricky to use (could be because I have tiny hands). Mouse movement is slightly glitchy which is why I took off 1ǘ an egg (only 1 egg choices). I would give this mouse four 1ǘ eggs, great mouse with some quirks.

Review Date: 07/06/13
-Amazing shape design-Darkfield Tech-Speed scroll-Unifying Reciever-Comes with case for all the cables It cant do my function for me Fantastic mouse. I bought this 1 for my 17in laptop that I do CAD operate with. The little reciever with unifying tech is definitely ideal for laptop use (limited USB to commence). The cable case is great for the laptop user as nicely. I have an MX Revolution for my desktop mouse and the only issue I miss is the auto detect for the speed scroll feature. Apart from that I am totally satisified with this mouse and would very rec it!

Review Date: 06/21/13
Ergonomically comfortable. Buttons in just the appropriate places, easy to system, rechargeable battery saves dollars in the long run from getting batteries. Can literally be used anyplace, even on my CLEAR glass desk. Unifying technology makes it possible for the identical USB receiver to be linked to a keyboard as properly, meaning you won't drop two USB ports to both a keyboard and mouse. Comes with a USB adapter that lets you plug it into a wall or use a Computer port to recharge it. Charges in no time. Mouse is Hugely inacccurate. Pointer will actually go at an angle from corner to corner of my monitor instead of side/side or up/down. If you have a smudge or fingerprint on the glass and it slides over it, the pointer can and will go haywire and go off in diverse directions. Have to pull out my old IM Explorer three to play FPS games. Is okay with RTS but if you want it to move speedily in any games, this is NOT the mouse you want. It is twitchy too, the pointer will from time to time shake even though the mouse is nonetheless. Battery will final a long time and then just drop to low levels extremely promptly. This is a excellent mouse, not a good one. It is not that correct and as I stated already, NOT a mouse for FPS or any games exactly where you will be moving the mouse swiftly. I wouldn't even feel of attempting to use this one in any on-line games, specially FPS games. Is Extremely high-priced, even at a reduced cost, for a mouse. One other thing, a BB "tech" guy told me there was no such thing as a mouse that worked on bare glass, so I walked in the back, discovered this and showed it to him. He had no reply at all. I did get it at a lowered price tag because it had been returned by someone that had no idea how to use it (supposedly), so at least I saved ษ more than obtaining it brand new. Would recommend it for internet surfing, light RTS gaming and general use, but if you are a hardcore gamer, remain away from it at all charges.

Review Date: 06/17/13
Style and ergonomics are good. As great as the Revolution MX just before it and greater than the MX1000 I had just before that. 1. This is the most laggy wireless mouse I have ever had. My final two mice had been each wireless Logitech's and they had practically no lag, weather they had been sitting for a minute or a day. This new Performance MX will go to sleep often right after a minute, or sometime not for a five minutes. And when it does decide to go to sleep, you practically have to shake the mouse for a very good two-3 seconds to get it to wake up.2. I miss the flick to absolutely free scroll solution, now you have to press a button behind the wheel to switch it from click scroll to absolutely free scroll. Why not give us the solution to do it either way. Any person know of a way to transplant the Unifying radio into a Revolution MX?

Review Date: 05/22/13
Really confortable. I like the unifying idea and the smaller unify dongle. Reasonable Cost. Battery life with stock rechargable is poor. I had to charge it after a week. Swapping the rechargable out for an alkaline tends to make it final a couple weeks longer so that is what I did and I don't plug the usb in naturally now. Utilizing Alkaline it runs for about 3 weeks per single AA.

Review Date: 05/08/13
Looks nice, feels nice, decent battery life. Mouse is extremely quite laggy. Had to return it right after trying anything to make it superior. utilized to have the logitech mx1000 which was the initial laser mouse they had and that mouse was flawless. Had it for like six years devoid of any problems and the battery would last two-three weeks ahead of it necessary a recharge. This mouse is a large massive downgrade. logitechs technology is finding worse.... i would remain away from logitechs new wireless mice even this 1. provided i paid 80 for it i would expect it to be great. not the case

Review Date: 05/06/13
Appreciate it so far!!! None

Review Date: 05/01/13
I purchased it mainly because I just got an all tempered glass desk. About a half inch feel. This mouse functions like a champ. I saw some people complaining about lag. It may possibly simply because the receiver is also far away or something is in disrupting the signal. could also be a defective mouse. Functionally is flawless. Does not fit in my hand as nice as my MX Revolution mouse did. I can't take off an egg simply because for other men and women this mouse might be a considerably much better fit. Nevertheless! A single egg off since this issue uses a proprietary wireless technology to connect. that means an extra USB dongle. Also, doesn't have a charging stand like the MX Revolution does. NOTE: If you ARE NOT buying this for a glass surface, DO NOT Obtain THIS! Get an MX Revolution set. Its greater.I nevertheless have a my MX Revolution keyboard and mouse. I only use the MX Revolution keyboard and paired it with this mouse. A match made in heaven. The only concern is that the receivers are not interchangeable. In other words, MX Revolution receiver WILL NOT take this mouse and an MX Performance receiver will not take MX Revolution hardware. Tech support told me since one particular makes use of bluetooth but the other (this one) makes use of a proprietary technologies to connect. (probably to avoid bluetooth licensing costs). As quickly as a bluetooth mouse comes out that operates on glass as well as this a single, I'm placing this thing on fleabay. I will never ever once more get a device like this that isn't bluetooth. not worth utilizing an added USB port.

Review Date: 03/24/13
Good really feel, fantastic button responses good scroll wheel. Battery lasts a although and you can use it even though charging The only downside of this mouse if the flimsy connection where the charging chord plugs into the mouse with a proprietary connection. The first 1 of these I had the cable and plug got smashed, but I replaced it with the identical model. Had they employed a standard mini USB connection it would have gotten a 5 for sure

Review Date: 03/12/13
-Offered as a replacement by Logitech for a broken Revolution-Cool window sort button-MicroUSB charger-Comes with Unifying receiver-User-replaceable rechargeable battery-Comes with USB extender cable, AC USB charger, and carrying case -No automatic selection between click wheel and frictionless scrolling-Utilizes MicroUSB instead of MiniUSB-Zoom button? Why not some thing much more valuable? Quite great, and Logitech assistance was nice sufficient to give this as a replacement for our broken Revolution. NOTE: All pros and cons are only in comparison to the MX Revolution, not in basic.

Review Date: 02/21/13
Shape is amazing, appears amazing, the high inertia & quickly scrolling wheel makes receiving to the bottom of these EULA's even more rapidly for the times you forget to just grab the scroll bar. The middle mouse button sucks. If you are a "middle-clicker" for opening links inside FireFox, or rotating models in your favourite CAD software program like Pro/E / Creo then neglect about this mouse. It's also negative mainly because otherwise it's nice.Also if you are a skilled mouse pusher for eight+ hours a day or a hardcore gamer then the general mass will turn out to be noticeable.I did not purchase this from NewEgg, got it locally from FS shop. Once more the external style of this mouse deserves RESPECT, it is practically nothing brief of Sexy. Sadly the functionality (mid clickin') is not up to par with the appear.

Review Date: 02/14/13
Big, fits the right hand properly, awesome wheel functions. wasn't free. Great mouse. Functions as you would anticipate. The "all program" button is specially beneficial if you're like me and have up to 50 or 70 windows/programs open at once.

Review Date: 02/06/13
Smooooth tracking and scrolling! Rechargeable batteries are simply replaceable! The mouse design and style fits my hand (average size) perfectly! It has truly taken a LOT of strain off of my wrist! Had problems with set-point, and assigning keys in games at very first. Got it to function just like I wanted with a setpoint add-on named 'uberoptions'! Uberoptions is excellent! To all of you persons saying it isn't trusted or precise enough for FPS shooter games.... That is only accurate if you play professionally. I have a feeling most "gamers" just trash this mouse cause they are either trying to convince themselves they are also hardcore for wireless, or they are just afraid of alter! Ask youself, "Do you seriously will need 5600 DPI"?As, far as graphic/cad work, you might want to go with anything that does have a larger DPI.Enhanced TF2 scores significantly. Been playing Pc FPS for more than a decade,I have owned a lot of a wired gaming mouse, and in my opinion this mouse if WAY Better! Not getting a cord to position just appropriate, so that there is no resistance when gaming and jerking the mouse around, is such a relief! It is 2011 persons, time to star getting rid of cables!Never ever believed I would switch to wireless, but I only game 4 or five times a week now, so this performs for me. Paired with the unifying receiver and my Logitech K270, this combo is best for nearly

Review Date: 01/30/13
Superb mouse adore all the functions it comes with and if you obtain the default settings useless you can alter it really a handful of other stuff just after installing the disc. The "zoom" button is useless to me but it has a tiny "bump" so you wont accidentally press it or some thing, it's also flushed against the mouse so it's highly thin you nearly do not really feel it None I'm low cost but appears well for it's cost. You spend for what you get and also the wireless and wired connection which also recharges your battery whereas plugged in (left it connected overnight whilst at function and saw complete batter)
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Product Features

Wireless Logitech Darkfield
Battery Management 2.4GHz Technology

Logitech 910-001105 Performance Mouse MX
The Logitech 910-001105 Performance Mouse MX features Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking so you get accurate, precise cursor control on virtually any surface, even glass tables (4 mm minimum thickness) where optical and standard laser mice fail.

All optical and laser mice use irregularities in the work surface to track the direction and speed of your mouse. The more irregularities on the surface, the easier it is for the sensor to track your movements. But there just aren't enough irregularities on clear glass for your standard mouse to work. With Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking, the Logitech 910-001105 Performance Mouse MX reveals microscopic details?allowing you to track on a surface like glass that leaves other mice confused. The tiny receiver for the Logitech 910-001105 Performance Mouse MX stays in your notebook. There?s no need to unplug it when you move around.

What Is It & Why You Need It

  • Hyper-fast scrolling: Fly through long documents and Web pages with a single spin. Or use click-to-click scrolling for the precision you need when navigating lists, slides, and images.

    Manufacturer's Product Tour - Click Here

  • Sculpted, right-handed shape: Designed to fit your hand and put it in a comfortable, natural position.
  • Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless: You get the reliability of a cord plus cordless convenience and freedom?fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts.
  • Logitech Unifying receiver: The tiny receiver stays in your notebook. There?s no need to unplug it when you move around, so your mouse is always connected when and where you feel like using it. Plus, you can easily add a compatible wireless keyboard or number pad, or even another mouse?without the hassle of multiple USB receivers.
  • Flexible recharging system: Recharge your mouse using a flexible micro-USB system through your computer or a standard wall outlet?even while you?re using it. You?ll always have the power you need to get the job done.
  • Four thumb buttons: Do more with your mouse using the four customizable thumb buttons. Jump between open windows and applications, move backward or forward through Web pages, and zoom in and out of pictures.

A Closer Look

  • Precision cursor control on more surfaces, including glass where other mice fail
  • Wireless freedom for multiple devices with plug-and-forget Unifying receiver
  • Flexible recharging through your computer or a wall outlet
  • Fingertip controls for hyper-fast scrolling, quick-zoom and more
  • Sculpted design cradles your hand for unmatched comfort

System Requirements

Windows-based PC
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • USB port
  • CD-ROM drive or internet connection
Mac computer
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • USB port
  • CD-ROM drive or internet connection

What's Included

  • Performance Mouse MX
  • Logitech Unifying receiver
  • Logitech software CD
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • AC power supply
  • Pouch for charging system
  • Receiver extender cable
  • User documentation

Product Specifications

Brand Logitech
Model Performance
Type 2.4 GHz Wireless
Hand Orientation Right Hand
Tracking Method Laser
Scrolling Capability Tilt Wheel
Color Black
OS / System Requirement
Operating System Supported Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
System Requirement 1 USB Port; CD-ROM Drive
Features Darkfield Laser Tracking
Logitech Unifying receiver
Flexible recharging system
Hyper-fast scrolling
Sculpted, right-hand shape
Four thumb buttons
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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