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Logitech G500 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

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Professional Tiger Gaming Logitech G500 / G500s Mouse Feet (2015 Edition) 0.6mm Professional Tiger Gaming Logitech G500 / G500s Mouse Feet (2015 Edition) 0.6mm $3.76 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 Replacement Weights and Tin (IL/RT5-910-001259WT-UG) Logitech G500 Replacement Weights and Tin (IL/RT5-910-001259WT-UG) $7.55 CAD Shop Now
New Logitech G500 Tuning weights & Case for G500 Gaming Mouse 910-001259 New Logitech G500 Tuning weights & Case for G500 Gaming Mouse 910-001259 $12.54 CAD Shop Now
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For Parts - Logitech G500 Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse 910-001259 For Parts - Logitech G500 Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse 910-001259 $16.32 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 Dual-mode USB Wired Laser Gaming Mouse (IL/RT5-910-001259-UA) Logitech G500 Dual-mode USB Wired Laser Gaming Mouse (IL/RT5-910-001259-UA) $31.50 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 Dual-mode USB Wired Laser Gaming Mouse (IL/RT5-910-001259-UG) Logitech G500 Dual-mode USB Wired Laser Gaming Mouse (IL/RT5-910-001259-UG) $37.81 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 Laser Mouse Logitech G500 Laser Mouse $59.99 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse 910-001259 Logitech G500 Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse 910-001259 $88.18 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 10-Button Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse 5700 dpi 910-001259 Mint Logitech G500 10-Button Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse 5700 dpi 910-001259 Mint $94.53 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 10-Button Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse 5700 dpi 910-001259 Neww Logitech G500 10-Button Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse 5700 dpi 910-001259 Neww $151.26 CAD Shop Now
Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse $240.27 CAD Shop Now
Logitech, Inc Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse Logitech, Inc Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse $252.11 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Logitech G500 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.1/10

Review Date: 09/14/13
Its Logitech!I like the appears and the feel of the mouse.The tiny weights for the mouse operates far better than I believed it would. Wasn't free of charge? :p Bought 2 of these to replace some older Logitech mice. I only obtain Logitech mice due to the fact I've never ever had a negative item from Logitech. Every little thing operates as it really should.

Review Date: 09/05/13
Just a fantastic mouse! Developed well, sharp response and fantastic grip design. Finest Mouse I have ever owned. Have to buy! none Utilised for gaming mainly. Excellent for almost everything else as well.

Review Date: 07/27/13
This mouse is just about best for gaming. The software is extremely simplistic yet highly effective. The rough surface on the thumb area seriously helps stick it into your hand. Macros are so incredible to use in games, I actually don't know how I ever went so lengthy with no it. My primary complaint and the only purpose I dropped an egg is the thumb button layout. For getting such a enormous amount of actual estate on the left side of the mouse, I believe the buttons should have been perhaps like 20 percent bigger. Other than that it is perfect.

Review Date: 07/26/13
ComfortExcellent Match/FinishOn-the-fly DPI with clear indicators Middle thumb button The middle thumb button is tucked beneath the other two. The front and back thumb buttons have a extremely prominent feel (which i enjoy) so you feel like you have to "aim" for the valley b/w the two. I uncover it type of awkward to hit with accuracy. In BFBC2, I use the front button to sprint and the back button for my sidearm. PTT is the middle thumb. Note: in order to get the middle TB to perform you will need to map it to a keyboard important in setpoint and then bind in-game (at least for ME2 and BC2).

Review Date: 07/22/13
I enjoy this mouse! Positive, you can't alter the LED lights, but that doesn't really matter to me; Despite the fact that, it would have been a excellent bonus feature.This mouse is so a lot far more sturdier than the G9x, which is connected to my other Rig. I've owned the G5 and the G7, and I have to say, the G500 out performs them all (including the G9x). This is a definite ought to have if you like Logitech gear.There's also so a lot much more buttons than the G5 had. As I stated earlier, you can't alter the LED lighting. I don't consider this a con, 'cause I could care less, but for these of you that do, then you've been warned. I'd surely suggest this mouse to any individual who just wants a better, much more reputable mouse.

Review Date: 07/21/13
Love the texture of the mouse - it feels rugged and gives me a firm grib (I am 5Ə" and have a single of the bigger-than-average hands). Adore how the DPI buttons are positioned. I do not use them frequently, but they do work well when I need them.Enjoy how the scrolling wheel can switch in between absolutely free-scrolling and clicked scrolling. I am making use of this mouse at operate and cost-free-scrolling is just fascinating. Clicking the scrolling wheel is just... hard, when compared with a handful of mice I have applied prior to (MX310, MX518, MS Comfort Mouse, MS Laser 6000, and a few more). I abuse the middle wheel a lot in opening and closing tabbed browser pages, and the work that it needs for me to "click" the scrolling wheel (in each absolutely free- and click-mode) has been far greater than any mouse that I have utilized prior to... General it has been a very constructive knowledge for me. I have study from other reviewers about how tricky it is to click the middle scrolling wheel, but I would have by no means believed that it would be so hard to click that I am placing that as a "Con". Sigh.

Review Date: 07/04/13
Extremely ergo designed and fits the hand in a organic way. Capability to macro keys is nice even though I don't genuinely use it but for some it may be of use. The "rough" really feel it has to it feels a bit odd, absolutely nothing really obtrusive but it does add "grip" so the mouse doesn't slide away from you during rapid reactive movements. Overall, its a very good mouse a little pricier than regular mice but I really feel it is justifiable if you play games regularly and macro a lot of keys. It does have added function that I've never ever noticed before personally, it has a chamber that you can put weights into. This can operate two methods...no weight and its a standard mouse (think automobile with numb steering is best comparo I can assume of) and on the otherside of the coin, as well substantially weight in it and has an adverse of impact of feeling like it requires a bit much more work and bring about hand/wrist fatigue. Luckily, the load can be varied in increments to accomodate absolutely everyone.

Review Date: 06/24/13
Quite customizible and comes with weights so you dont want to keep with a light or heavy mouse. Rough texture so it feels substantially simpler to hold onto to. Lights for DPI settings so its a lot easier to tell when going back and forth. DPI buttons are placed proper along the left click button so I have a feeling i'll be accidently hitting that every single now and then.

Review Date: 06/09/13
Outstanding response. Weighted wheel that can spin freely or click into positions at the click of a button. Cord is built to last. Mouse buttons switches are the very best I've experienced. Wish I could make it heavier than it is with the maximum weights supplied. I was applied to wireless. So the batteries provided important weight. Regardless .. it doesn't warrant minimizing the 5 eggs!

Review Date: 05/07/13
This is my 2nd G500. My last one particular lastly gave out (left mouse click). So I purchased a new Logitech mouse, the G9X. Boy was that a error. Jumped back onto Newegg and saw the 20 rebate, so I ordered the G500 once again. Gave the G9X to my daughter. None I as well came from a mx518, and the G500 was an improvement for me. I like the heavy weight and sandpaper grip. With my razor mouse pad it tracks excellent. And the weight assists with the tracking at high dpi. The G9x would make my palm sweat, the G500 does not and it performs much better with a gel wrist pad.

Review Date: 05/03/13
Steady driver computer software with outstanding features.Getting the weight cartridge maxed out feels right.Adjusting DPI is optional, etc.Pleasant texture for extended term high pressure use, doesn't get slippery if my hand gets sweaty.I am a woman with little hands and don't have any difficulty with reaching any of the buttons right after working with it a day. Not all games support a lot of of its added buttons as exceptional DirectX Input buttons, although this is not truly the fault of Logitech. On the other hand, I did not anticipate this to be the case with the game I purchased this mouse particularly for and I regret making this buy over yet another multi-button mouse. I purchased this due to cost savings even though I had been arranging to get the Naga for a long time. I appreciate PVP in my MMO's and wanted as several buttons as achievable, and felt that for the savings ten buttons would be enough rather than the 14 supplied by the significantly additional pricey Naga. Sadly, half the buttons on this mouse aren't recognized as exceptional buttons by Globe of Warcraft and are only usable when mapped to keys/key combinations making use of the driver application. I personally mapped the five non-unique buttons to numpad keys, but number pad keys can't be bound with modifiers making use of Clique (not sure about direct Crucial-binding through default UI). Due to this, I did not gain more buttons from this upgrade which was the whole point of spending more than 50 bucks on a new laser mouse. The mouse is nonetheless of excellent top quality but once more, wish I went with some thing that offered much more buttons like Naga or even the official WoW mice.

Review Date: 05/01/13
I truly like it but the factor don't last....... I've only had it for 4 months and the index finger clicker is going out currently it won't remain pressed down when holding it!!My G7's.... yeah I went by way of three which all double clicked soon after six months now this? I'm almost certainly going to switch brands due to the fact four months for ์ bucks is a waste of my time.

Review Date: 04/09/13
I've employed quite a few mice for gaming and this mouse is THE ideal I've ever employed. quite smooth really feel. I love the wheel scroll selection to have click or free of charge movement. comes in handy far more than I believed it would. Fantastic get. None so far. Highly advised for gaming.

Review Date: 04/01/13
Great Mouse, operates wonderful, can adjust dpi on the fly and can adjust general really feel of the mouse with the weights. Only has 3 profiles to promptly switch in between. Fantastic mouse for a good price tag, in particular when it is on sale. Worth each penny.

Review Date: 02/14/13
Higher Dpi compared to other brands with only offer up to 4000 at this price tag. Smooth, basic, and clean. Buy it is just wonderful! Other than my personal fault of spilling water on it, it is a good item.

Review Date: 02/09/13
Good response and really feel. Appreciate the button layout. Solid design and style. None genuinely took some time for me to get utilized to as I played with a a lot more claw like hold on the mouse. I had to study to flatten my fingers out a lot more. 5 eggs mastering to use this mouse came quite natural and for the cost you cant drop.

Review Date: 02/09/13
-Ergonomic shape-Very good thumb triggers-Adjustable weight and speed-Responsive but not jumpy -Feels lighter and more affordable than a G5-Speed adjustment buttons placed badly (easy to accidently hit) The G5 blue/black was the greatest mouse ever; there's a purpose even a used one particular can fetch ๛-贄 on the open market. The G500 is a step back, but as the G5 was inexpicably taken off the market in favor of the G500, I feel that this is the ideal mouse readily accessible in new situation. If you can come across and afford a G5, get it. If not, get this.

Review Date: 02/04/13
This mouse is really good! I haven't skilled any of the laser "whine" or jitter other folks have talked about and love the hyper scroll wheel, the adjustable dpi, the adjustable weights, etc. I've made use of a G5 and prefer the evolutionary design of the G500 more than the G5. This mouse is outstanding for gaming as nicely normal use in spreadsheets, web browsing, and so forth. Logitech's Set Point software is even useful! None however!

Review Date: 02/03/13
From the picture this mouse appears decent in length and seriously thin in width but when I got it, the fit is wonderful. = Feels extraordinary. The sides stop a sweaty hand its like a concrete-ish type of feel. Can't actually explain till you really feel it for yourself.+ Macros, macros, macros, and speed + Two forms of scrolling is just stunning.+ Customization with the weights. - Attempting to acquire a con is challenging...Possibly four buttons on the left side instead of 3 would have been neat but when once more that's just me not wanting to leave the con section empty. Looks remarkable. I was going to go with the flashier Razer. But from what I've study it gets definitely sweaty and there wasn't as a lot customization on that mouse. Very same value immediately after rebate just go with this mouse.Was deciding to get a G9X which was บ more affordable at the time but I wanted extra buttons rather than becoming capable to switch out the grips. I am trashing everybody in TF2 with this mouse :D

Review Date: 01/22/13
First off, I loved this mouse. It fit my hand ideal, I was surprised by how significantly I enjoyed the ability to alter weights, and it has lasted although drops, strikes, slams, and the occasional nerdrage with aplomb. I've spilled a thing on it twice without any issues and I've by no means noticed any degradation of tracking capabilities or click/scroll recognition more than time. The braided cord cover wasn't as protective/strong as I had hoped. Even early on (a month or two) the braid would get caught up or kinked a bit and would expose the cord underneath. At some point it split entirely and began bunching up to either side of the cord itself. I'm not taking an egg from it for this even though, simply because it's a pretty smaller cause and didn't effect the capabilities of the mouse in any way other than aesthetics. Following a extended while the wire started to pull out from the mouse (right at the base where the wire and mouse meet). It would bring about the mouse to lose connection just about every now and then and after a bit of jiggling and shaking, would turn back on just fine. Several months later, it finally pulled out sufficient that it would no longer connect devoid of pushing on the wire. I stress that I doubt this was any fault of the design or supplies; it's just had a challenging and nicely-employed life. I could likely take the mouse apart and re-solder the connections, but I'm not confident I will at this time. It's had a great life, but it's a bit worn down, dirty and I'm itching for a new 1. Possibly wireless this time?

Review Date: 01/17/13
Logitech make some wonderful merchandise and all the mouse i use are from Logitech. But what tends to make a item stand out even far more is there consumer service. The issue was the weight cartridge was missing, i emailed a representative from Logitech; replied to me inside subsequent day and shipped and received my weight cartridge in about 7-8 days. I wish other big corp company's will stick to the similar path Logitech is going, endless future. i give an extra egg if i could yes, i have Logictech speakers, keyboard, wheel, flight stick and four-6 mouses.

Review Date: 12/18/12
Great style, ten buttons, correct and super rapid. Kind of pricey for a mouse?

Review Date: 12/18/12
-Several programmable buttons-Attractive style-types to hand nicely-Can add or take away weights to mouse-Middle Scroll Wheel has grip and has two various scroll techniques (I will talk about additional beneath)-Ability to alter pointer speed by the press of a button-Forward and Back buttons on the mouse for internet ease. pads at bottom of mouse gather dirt and dust simply, almost certainly remedied with a mouse pad although.. I do not use 1. Not significantly new since earlier designs of the identical mouse, which is not a bad thing at all. The middle mouse wheel has a great rubbery grip in the center but the wheel itself is metal. The wheel has a button that can be pressed to make it so that the wheel can either spin indefinitely or with resistance, created for scrolling speeds on the fly. Good LED telling you what speed your pointer is set to. Texture on the side of the mouse (where your thumb rests) is a bit abrasive to me and I am not a enormous fan of the really feel there but I overlook it most of the time. Easy to set up and install the software. Haven't fiddled with the programming for the buttons too considerably however so I cannot vouch for how user friendly the computer software is other than setting the pixels at which the pointer moves. Fairly ergonomic and feels great on my injured hand so long as I take it uncomplicated. The potential to add or take away weight also aids with my hand pains. I would recommend this to any person.

Review Date: 12/10/12
- Thoughts-blowing good quality laser. At 5700 dpi, a half-inch motion sends your cursor to the opposite edge of the screen, or causes your avatar to spin a total 180 degrees whilst gaming.- Laser is front-and-centered, as compared to the G5 laser, which was offset to the side.- SetPoint computer software has a assortment of choices that turn your mouse into a customized behemoth.- Button assignments and macros are saved on SDRAM present inside the actual mouse, and interface with the OS, if you use your mouse on yet another machine.- Flywheel mouse-wheel, with click-lock for single-line scrolling.- Index-finger, close to left-click DPI adjustment.- Incredibly ergonomic design, feels like it was made just to fit your hand.- Desirable "weathered Titanium" black and silver finish.- Vibrant red DPI adjustment LED indicators, with a total of five person DPI settings. - The braided cord has a habit of destroying itself if it rubs as well extended on the edge of a surface, such as the sharp corner of a table. My G5 had the same style of cable, and it looked like a fuzzy cotton ball soon after 3 years of use. Stick the cable underneath a weight, like the base of your monitor.- The weight-adjustment system is gimmicky at ideal in nature. Yes, it does enhance or lower the weight of your mouse, and this could be very helpful to FPS players, but the distinction in heft is barely noticeable at ideal, if you are a robust person. Eject-spring for the weight-tray on the bottom of the mouse is hilarious. It'll shoot the tray out across your desk.

Review Date: 11/30/12
customizable weights, awesome look, superScroll, textured really feel, nice cord, on the fly dpi adjustment... almost everything that you see is specifically as sweet as it seems. application switching doesn't detect when playing SC2 - have to generate a distinct profile in setpoint and manually burn it to the mouse's memory anytime i want to play and have my macros didn't go w/ g9(s) for 1-cost and 2-use a single at work, don't like the shape of it. too wide. the g500 is slightly larger than the mx518.
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Product Features

Gaming Mouse Laser Sensor
Adjustable Weight Onboard Memory

Logitech 910-001259 Gaming Mouse G500
Every move you make with the Logitech 910-001259 Gaming Mouse G500 registers precisely and accurately for game-changing precision. Store your settings and ready-to-play profile on the on-board memory on the Logitech 910-001259 Gaming Mouse G500 and take it with you anywhere. You can add up to 27 grams of weight to get just the right heft and balance for your game. Game-changing precision at any hand speed. Whether you?re zeroing in on one pixel or whipping across a million at full speed, the gaming-grade laser gives you hard-to-beat cursor control. The Logitech 910-001259 Gaming Mouse G500 has a dual-mode scroll wheel to give you precise click-to-click scrolling that?s perfect for weapon selection when you?re gaming. Hyper-fast scrolling lets you fly through long Web pages.

What Is It & Why You Need It

  • Adjustable sensitivity allows you to shift from pixel-precise targeting (200 dpi) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 5700 dpi) in an instant
  • 10 programmable buttons you can program your buttons to put valuable macros in your hand

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  • Resolution: 200 - 5700 dpi
  • Image processing:12 megapixels/second
  • Max. acceleration: 30G
  • Max. speed: up to 165 inches(4.19 m)/second*
  • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
  • USB report rate: Up to 1000 reports/second
  • Sleep mode: Disabled
  • Dynamic coefficient of friction - Mu (k): .09**
  • Static coefficient of friction - Mu (s): .14**
  • Tuning weight: Up to 27 grams
  • Buttons (Left / Right): 8 million clicks
  • Feet: 250 kilometers

A Closer Look

System Requirements
Windows-based computer

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • USB port
  • CD-ROM drive

What's Included

  • Logitech Gaming Mouse G500
  • Adjustable weight-cartridge
  • Tuning weights and case
  • CD with Logitech SetPoint software
  • User guide

Product Specifications

Brand Logitech
Model G500
Type Wired
Interface USB
Hand Orientation Right Hand
Tracking Method Laser
Buttons 10
Scrolling Capability Dual-mode Scroll Wheel
Maximum dpi 5700 dpi
OS / System Requirement
Operating System Supported Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Requirement USB port
Features 12 megapixels/second Image processing
30G Max. acceleration
8 million clicks Buttons
Gaming-grade laser: Game-changing precision at any hand speed
Onboard memory: You can save your settings on the mouse
Weight tuning: Up to 27 grams of extra weights lets you mix-and-match for personalized feel and control.
Dual-mode scroll wheel: You get precise click-to-click scrolling thatís perfect for weapon selection when youíre gaming. Hyper-fast scrolling lets you fly through long Web pages.
Adjustable sensitivity
10 programmable buttons
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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