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Logitech G700S 13 Buttons 8200 DPI Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

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Product Reviews

Logitech G700S 13 Buttons 8200 DPI Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.47/10

Review Date: 03/19/15
Cons: None buy this mouse if your on the fence, great deal if you can pick it up for under $100 what it has been for a while now.

Pros: Best mouse ever. This mouse is great I love it! You can choose between wired or wireless (i keep it wired for faster connection I use it for FPS games) Its a larger mouse what is great for me because i have big hands, can finally not have to claw grip it. The finish of this mouse is superb, extra programmable macros and the option to cycle through different presets of the mouse this thing is 100% programmable. The logitech software is extremely easy to use and finding your right DPI and changing on the fly could not be easier. Has an unlimited scroll wheel, not a big deal but nice in some cases. Spare parts are also easily purchased from the logitech website what is a huge bonus, fray the cable (what you probably wont its huge, also a plus) just buy a new one or need new feet can get them cheap too.
This mouse is perfect, fits my had extremely well tracks wonderfully, can choose between wired or wireless. Water resistant coating so never feels greasy or wet after hours of use. I have always liked logitech as a company and this mouse only raises the bar higher. You can also buy replacement parts if anything ever breaks, but by the build quality of this mouse you would have to really abuse it to break it.

Review Date: 02/10/15
Cons: Stiff charging cable.

Pros: Plenty of buttons. Fits my palm perfectly. Choice between wired or wireless
Bought this mouse on sale to replace my G700. Thought my old G700 was failing on me since the left click on the wheel was dead. Did not want to change mouse brand because the Logitech Software suits me well and I really use all the buttons either while browsing the web or playing RPGs. Finally repaired my G700 but I keep the G700S for my laptop. No need to swap anymore!

Review Date: 10/30/14
Cons: No weight adjustment

Pros: Smooth motion, comfortable feel, lots of buttons, easy to use configuration software
I bought this a couple of months ago to replace my Logitech G15 that had served me well for so long and am very happy with the performance of the G700S. The textured surface provides a nice grip and the mouse is a good fit for my hand. However, since I tend to claw instead of palm my mouse I sometimes find some of the macro buttons a bit far from my fingertips.The Logitech software for configuring the button functions is incredibly simple to use and can handle some pretty complex macros. For games like the Batman: Arkham series or DCUO its great to have the numeric keys on the mouse instead of having to move my hand from WASD. And with the number of buttons available I can pretty much map all my abilities and still have a push-to-talk button for voice chat.The ability to use it wired or wireless is also a nice feature. Ive actually started to use on my desktop wired and then just take it and the receiver with me to use with my laptop. So far its had good reception on the surfaces that Ive tried (mostly smooth, dark surfaces).Overall, another great product from Logitech.

Review Date: 10/02/14
Cons: The cable, when playing wired in, is very stiff and will create  resistance when moving the mouse.The battery, even when set to economy mode, lasted no time at all compared to my previous wireless gaming mouse.

Pros: Comfortable hold for a palm userButtons are well placedI really like the free scroll-not free scroll toggleTons of customization profiles available
I believe the mouse is one of the hardest peripheral to chose for a gamer as it is the main conduit for interacting with your computer and can be used for hours on end. As a palm mouse user (meaning I don't grip it with my fingers, I simply lay my hand on it and let my fingers loose) the size of this mouse and it's shape was perfectly fit for my needs. While comfortably laying my hand on it all the buttons are easy to access and aside from the far thumb side button they will not cause any fatigue to use repeatidly.Your experience may vary on your particular preferences!

Review Date: 09/15/14
Cons: hyper scrolling can be too sensitive at timesbattery life

Pros: nice size/weightsmoothhyper scrolling can be great at timescustomization options with buttons and dpi
Perfect size for my hand, nice weight, button to switch between hyper scrolling and regular scrolling (hyper can be a little too sensitive at times) haven't done much with the macro buttons but their placement is great. You can do wired or wireless, if you do wireless make sure you've got rechargeable batteries cuz it eats through them like crazy. The program for the mouse is very easy to use, you can adjust the function of every button to use basic mouse functions, keystrokes or multi key macros and you can also change the dpi and set 5 different levels which you can cycle through with the click of a button mid game.

Review Date: 06/13/14
Cons: Very very often this mouse will make the "alt" key on your keyboard get stuck, disabling you from doing a lot of common tasks like typing or doing anything really.

Pros: Best mouse out there
I own/use the G700 (>1yr) but i have read about similar left-click issues with the G700s. This suggests that this is a recurring problem with this series of Logitech mice. The problem is when i left-click it doesn't register unless i press hard or press close to the front. Maybe it's just old.The wheel has two modes and feels solid and powerful as well. You can customize it in many ways. Worth mentioning that it supports side click as well. I use it in WoW to do many tasks, even the wheel press function.I can't think of alternative, so versatile and solid. I have touched Razor and other alternatives. Razor do great products but they do not have competitor for this one currently.

Review Date: 06/13/14
Cons: Charging cable is somewhat stiff (compared to a Razer's rope like cord)

Pros: Good Construction Quality, Decent battery life for a wireless laser mouse, excellent customization software, decent weight, excellent grip, good quality scroll wheel
Got this mouse to replace my G5 wireless mouse, and its a good upgrade to it. It has a life span that is around the same amount of time (both are laser mice, so expect 8-10 hours life time on wireless before charging; an optical mouse would have several weeks). Glides smoothly on my mouse pad, and the middle scroll wheel is good quality (enjoying the mode switches for normal and fast smooth scroll.) Good amount of buttons for customization and macros, and decent location for the DPI switch buttons (which can also be switch to something else).

Review Date: 06/08/14
Cons: awkward sensor placementleft click worns out easily

Pros: good featuresgood softwarelots of buttonsfree-wheel
had this mouse for almost a year and the left click would randomly not work.the sensor is not in the center of mouse and instead placed near the upper section. this creates weird and unintended mouse movements.besides that, the mouse is great.and ps do not use this mouse for gaming.

Review Date: 03/28/14
Cons: Kinda expensive.

Pros: Adjustable dpi, 13 buttons, wired and wireless!!!
I test alot of mice and this one has to be on the more expensive side although it is also on the more efficient side of gaming mice. The G11 button takes more than a second to press and is hard to utilize for gaming that requires split second decisions. Still there are many other buttons so overall this mouse is amazing.
Allan L@NCIX

Review Date: 02/17/14
Cons: - Micro USB Cable very stiff- Wireless Battery

Pros: - Fits perfect- Speed- Programmable Buttons
Wireless option is nice. Battery live is decent but it doesn't matter since I have lots of enoloop lying around. The mouse is perfect for palm grip gamer. THE ONLY NEGATIVE ISThe cable is too stiff. When you take the battery out and play it on wire, the cable is ALWAYS in the way. I swap the logitech cable with a blackberry micro usb cable and the problem is solved.

Review Date: 02/07/14
Cons: Battery may run out fastEnough buttons to customize

Pros: Wireless + WiredLaser instead of normal optical IR
This most is not bad, better than G700 which I used to have. More accurate, ergonomic and got buttons for general gaming needs. (MMO might need more buttons than this) Battery can run out very fast depend which power saving mode you are on. It's a tough call between G700s and G602. Anyway both are really good.

Review Date: 01/20/14
Cons: -battery life isnt as high as id like it to be but its still great

Pros: -great range of buttons and mouse sensitivity settings-can be used while charging-sanyo enerloops are included
Great mouse overall. the shape is great and suits my gaming style. may be big for some people

Review Date: 01/16/14
Cons: -Horrible battery life-Stiff, plastic cable-Needs 2 USB connections (1 for wired, 1 for charging/wireless)

Pros: -Responsive wireless performance-Comfortable-Uses standard AA rechargeables and comes with Eneloop-Good set of mappable buttons/profiles
The mouse performs great...there was no noticeable difference at all between wired and wireless use and it's easy to swap between them.Imo this has a perfect amount of buttons for mapping controls compared to some others that are awkward to hit and so crammed up they are hard to find/use. This combined with on-board memory to store up to 5 profiles is great. The 4 thumb buttons aren't as tactile as I would like but they are easy to hit.All in all it's an almost ideal mouse except for 2 big drawbacks...battery life and the wired cable.The battery life is horrible. This is a gaming mouse and when used at a higher dpi and polling rate the battery life nosedives to as low as 5 or 6 hours per charge before you have to plug it in.When plugged in it functions as a true wired mouse which is good but the cable for it is poor quality. It's an unbraided, plsticy sleeve which is pretty rigid...not very ideal for a mouse and it can get in the way on the desktop and push back against the mouse a bit.Having to charge the mouse so often kind of defeats the purpose of a wireless mouse and using it in wired mode isn't optimal because of the stiff cable. For me it was kind of a deal-breaker but if you can put up with that and want a great performing wireless mouse and features then it's a good choice. This review was modfied by poster @ 01-16-14 02:44 PM

Review Date: 01/07/14
Cons: None

Pros: Good feel in hand, tons of buttons and features
I bought this mice for online FPS and so far it has been great.I love the extra buttons and the ability to switch profile in game. Highly recommended for all gamers!!!

Review Date: 12/17/13
Cons: VERY loose scroll wheel when it arrived

Pros: Comfortable, good looking, and grippy
It's pretty ok I guess. But when i first got it in the mail the scroll wheel was very loose and would not stop scrolling on normal mode for 2 seconds, which is very bad. The hydrophobic coating which "prevents your palm from sticking" doesn't work at all. Although it is comfortable and good looking and has lots of grip, it still has a lot of issues when it first arrived.

Review Date: 11/30/13
Cons: little heavy, battery will over charge if left in wired mode causing the mouse to feel warm, if battery is taken out in wired mode, a very annoying red blinking light will stay on, no adjustable weights, side grips feel like used low-grit sandpaper.

Pros: Well design, uses Eneloop rechargeable battery! Can choose to go wired or wireless!
Replaced my g15 mouse. Love the many features on the mouse! Fits well in my hand. The scroll wheel feels solid, not those cheap feeling ones. This review was modfied by poster @ 11-30-13 09:21 PM

Review Date: 11/11/13
Cons: Not great ergonomics for anyone with a medium or large hand (the mouse will feel tiny)The battery dies very quickly, and the charging cable is quite annoying

Pros: Very sturdy, responsive and accurate
The mouse construction is great and feels sturdy. However, it is made for someone with smaller hands. Anyone with medium or large hands will probably find the mouse uncomfortable after a few hours as it is very small.The big issue I have had with the mouse is the rechargeable battery. It dies after a few hours of game play. This is not normal, and certainly not normal for a logitech mouse. My last logitech mouse would last for at least a couple days before needing a charge. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that the charging cable is bulky and heavy and annoying to use.I would recommend looking at a different mouse if you have your heart set on a wireless rechargeable.

Review Date: 10/01/13
Cons: None

Pros: Build QualityStored ProfilesWireless
This is indeed a very good mouse. The profiles being saved onto the mouse is very useful as I switch between computers often. The Logitech Software to set up all of the programmable keys is very easy and slick to use. I have had no problems with the wireless, the responsiveness is great. Definitely recommend others to get this.
Hong Fei_L@NCIX

Review Date: 09/21/13
Cons: No ability to add weights

Pros: Comfortable grip, customization features
Bought to replace a broken G700 after dropping it on the ground. It feels almost exactly the same, only difference being the surface texture is of the dri-grip type. Battery life seems better.

Review Date: 09/11/13
Cons: Chubby wire, poor ergonomics, feels cheap

Pros: Responsiveness
The mouse performs admirably well in wireless mode and the Logitech software is amazing. That being said, the ergonomics feel weird in my rather large hands,there's no ring finger/pinky rests, it feels like there is no comfortable way to hit those side keys that stick out the mouse with their odd shape. The charging wire is definitely not a "play n' charge" wire, it is so bulky and stiff that it feels like you're dragging a boulder around. And to be quite frank, the mouse feels cheap. In my opinion, not worth the price.

Review Date: 09/10/13
Cons: battery life is too short,

Pros: comfortable mouse, software is great,
had one g700 before, feel is great, now try g700s, not feel too much difference, but battery life is still not so good, usually need charge it every day

Review Date: 09/06/13
Cons: - Clicks are kind of loud.- Feels rather plasticy.- Wheel is loose in non-detent mode.- Pretty pricey, even when on sale.- Not a great choice for lefty's.

Pros: - Fits my right hand like a glove.- Light weight is perfect for me.- Lot's of useful buttons.- Buttons perfectly situated.- User replaceable NiMH battery (Eneloop).- USB extension cord included.- Can be used corded while charging.- Super precise, allowing tiny movements.- Wheel has nearly perfect detents.- No wireless lag I can detect.- 3 year warranty on a wireless mouse?!
So I ordered this yesterday when it was $45 off and it arrived half way across Canada within 24 hours using the least expensive shipping option. I was pretty impressed with that. Sadly even at $75 it still seems rather pricey for a plastic mouse.Speaking of plastic which is what it consists mostly of, it is pretty lightweight due to this and I actually like that when compared to the Logitech MX Anywhere I'm returning. For a small mouse, the MX weighed a ton lol! It would be nice if the thumb area of the G700S felt more rubberized, but as is it's plenty grippy for lifting to reposition it and actually feels as if it would resist getting slippery from a clammy hand.The rest of the mouse feels well made including the buttons, all of which are perfectly situated and angled. They are easy to press and thus far seem as if clicking the wrong one would be difficult. I can't stand the smooth scrolling wheels which are everywhere these days, so I'm extremely happy to see a detented option on the G700S. I've tried the dual mode wheels Logitech makes in the past and have never really been impressed by them, so it's great to see they've finally designed it correctly this time around. One very annoying issue with the older ones used to be that detents were too far apart and you could actually rock the wheel back and forth between them, causing it to scroll when it shouldn't. Anyways people who prefer smooth scrolling may not like the one on the G700S as it's nearly frictionless.It's amazing how precise this mouse is. I do a lot of CG and the programmable buttons will certainly be useful in that area, but so will that precision. It's able to register the tiniest of movements which will come in handy any time I have need of such. In fact I'm liking this mouse so much I may very well buy another one and keep it in the package just in case they stop making them and I need a new one. My spouse loves it too and wants one as well now lol. I've owned a lot of mice over the years (my first was in 1984) and without a doubt the Logitech G700S is easily the best mouse I've ever used by far!

Review Date: 08/15/13
Cons: -Price, but you get what you pay for.-No warning before battery dies

Pros: -Logitech quality-grip is nice-quite a few customizable buttons
It was either this or the razer mamba, but I heard the mamba had a few problems that develop over time so I went for ol' dependable logitech. It can be corded or wireless seems to have the same tracking regardless. the grip is nice feels a bit like a high grit sandpaper. Very nice mouse overall.

Review Date: 08/10/13
Cons: Expensive

Pros: Very responsive
By far, the best mouse I have ever used... Very responsive! If for some reason I need another mouse, I'd buy it again, for sure!

Review Date: 08/07/13
Cons: Battery Life-when configured for max gamingPricePlate covering battery department rattles.

Pros: Works as advertised.Very smooth and wireless is flawless if fps games.Battery life-when configured for normal gaming
Mouse is a very good performer, smooth as silk. It is almost exactly the same as the G700 which i picked up here on sale. I would suggest getting the G700 instead because the design on the 700s are a bit ugly and it is just an overpriced G700. Both function identicallyFor battery life i can use either mouse at a 500 reports/s rate and normal gaming power setting for 3 days. 125 r/s and power saver mode for more than a week just getting around windows. 1000 r/s and max gaming mode will not make it through more than 8 hours of gaming. Honestly cant notice a difference between max gaming and normal gaming mode, both very responsive.
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Product Features

Gaming Mouse Wireless
Laser Sensor Adjustable DPI

Logitech Gaming Mouse G700s
Beat your opponents with speed and precision using the Logitech Gaming Mouse. This Logitech gaming mouse is packed with useful features that help you leave opponents begging for mercy. This wireless gaming mouse lets you enjoy smooth navigation up to 33 ft. away without the hassles of connecting cables. It also utilizes a laser detection technology to ensure accurate and precise navigation control. And with incredible 8200 dpi resolutions, this gaming mouse guarantees unparalleled level of cursor precision. Order the Logitech Gaming Mouse right now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Wireless gaming mouse; offers smooth navigation control without the hassles of connecting cables up to 33 ft. away
  • 8200 dpi resolution; provides optimal cursor movements
  • Laser tracking method; ensures accurate and precise navigation control


Product Specifications

TypeWired / Wireless
Scrolling Capability1 x Wheel
Maximum dpi8200 dpi
OS / System Requirement
System RequirementUSB port
Package ContentsMouse
Wireless receiver
Charging cable
Receiver extender cable
User documentation
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