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Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo USB

Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo USB (Logitech: 920-002595)
LogitechVPN: 920-002595
Vendor: Logitech
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Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo USB
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.29/10
With 7 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/31/13
Cons: Keys a little loose/wobblySome keys grind against each other

Pros: Works perfectly, even in LinuxGood battery lifeTiny receiver for both mouse and keyboardGood reception
I received this as a gift almost two years ago and have been using it daily since.It's a very nice keyboard. Although the keys are half-height the travel is acceptable and the "clickiness" is adequate but soft. They are slightly cupped to ensure your fingertips naturally hit the centre of the key.The keys wobble side to side a bit and some keys grind against their neighbours, particularly frequently-used keys like the down arrow (for me).The mouse is nothing special but it fits nicely in my hand. The feet are slightly concave which means they don't accumulate gunk as quickly as other mice - or the gunk doesn't affect operation.I've only replaced the batteries in the mouse and the keyboard once over the 2 years, and this is with rechargeable NiMH batteries.The tiny receiver works perfectly with both the keyboard and the mouse simultaneously, saving a USB port over wired devices. I haven't had any issues with poor reception with the receiver placed on a back port on the motherboard - usually I don't even have to think about it, it works perfectly all the time.All the keys are work fine with Linux, this includes the media playback keys.The keyboard is showing some wear - many keytops are getting polished but the labels are still intact. The mouse scroll wheel still rotates up and down through its detents quite nicely.I'm still quite pleased with it.

Review Date: 06/02/11
Cons: If you are too far from the receiver or something is in the way there can be connectivity issues.

Pros: quiet and comfortable. Comes with extension cable for receiver. easy to install
Good product for a good price. Having too many in one area doesn't seem to cause any issues.

Review Date: 04/24/11
Cons: Signal drops frequentlyI make FAR more typos (maybe 10x as many)Missing the "menu" key

Pros: Decent price.Standard placement of 'F' buttonsFairly comfortable
I bought this combo because they "felt" the best out of the options I had the chance to try in person. Unfortunately, my options at that point were quite limited.First, the typos. The keys on this keyboard are not full depth. They are about half the height of standard keys, and they have rounded corners. I learned to touch type on standard keyboards, so they style has caused me to make far more typos than I used to make.Second, the wireless connection on both the keyboard and the mouse drops quite frequently. This happens even with fresh batteries.Third, the menu key (which normally brings up the right-click menu) is missing. I thought I wouldn't mind this too much, but it does make a big difference because a lot of keyboard shortcuts are now impossible or much more difficult.I would only recommend this keyboard and mouse to someone who uses computers casually.I will be saving up for a high-quality keyboard and mouse that:* Is wired* Uses standard keys and layout
Roger D @NCIX

Review Date: 04/20/11
Cons: NONE.

Pros: Chicklet Style Buttons, Appearance, Logitech Quality, Price.
Bought this for a client in an office who mashes the keys all day long and she loves it. She had the Wave Wireless Combo before this and like that aswell however her new slide out keyboard wouldn't fit the Wave. Myself I liked the slight rubberized mouse which felt firm in the hand and the keyboard I found was quiet and responsive. Appearance wise this set looked very good. The tiny unifying receiver was also a nice touch.

Review Date: 03/18/11
Cons: none so far

Pros: Small and light, fairly cheap price
It does what it should with no fuss. Got to love the tiny USB reciever. The only thing I am not happy about is that the mouse does not have side buttons. WTF? I price matched this puppy and got it for 50 bucks so I guess I can not complain.

Review Date: 03/05/11
Cons: Mouse could be better

Pros: ComfortableGreat key height
The mouse is allright, but it tends to jump around a little when trying to do finer things (like drawing fine details in flash). It's comfortable though. The keyboard is great. Perfect height from the desk and the key height is bang on. Sped up my work dramatically.

Review Date: 10/28/10
Cons: media buttons require fn keymouse doesn't have extra buttons

Pros: Good Range, quiet, media buttons
Good and quiet keyboard and great range. The media buttons require the use of the FN key, but that's not too much of an inconvenience for me. The mouse is ergonomic, but it doesn't have forward/back buttons. This is a simple yet good keyboard.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Mouse Included: Yes
Tracking Method: Laser
Palm Rest: Yes
Power Supply: 3 AA Batteries
Hand Orientation: Both Hands
Scrolling Capability: 1x Wheel
Operating System Supported: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirement: USB port, Internet connection
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