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Logitech Wls Gamepad F710 PC Gaming

Logitech Wls Gamepad F710 PC Gaming (Logitech: 940-000117)
LogitechVPN: 940-000117
Vendor: Logitech
Price: $39.99 - $66.90 CAD from 5 stores
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Logitech F710 (940-000117) Wireless Gamepad
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$39.99 CAD Buy Now

Logitech F710 Gaming Pad - Wireless - USB - PC (940-000117)
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$49.99 CAD Buy Now
Logitech F710 Gaming Pad - Wireless - USB - PC   $56.00 CAD Buy Now

Logitech F710 Gaming Pad - Wireless - USB - PC (940-000117)   $66.36 CAD Buy Now
Logitech 940-000117   $66.90 CAD Buy Now

Product Reviews

Logitech Wls Gamepad F710 PC Gaming
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.75/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/18/14
Cons: None

Pros: ConfortableEasy to setupGood build quality
Bought the controller to play some games on Steam. Works very well, minimal setup time with the games. Recommended for any gaming setup, especially with an HTPC.

Review Date: 11/26/13
Cons: None

Pros: Works great, very responsive, great feel
I bought this controller for gaming on steam and it does the job perfectly.

Review Date: 03/11/13
Cons: The gamepad is heavier than I thought

Pros: Easy install (well no isntall at all, it's really plu and play)Goold build for the price
I wasn't sure if i wanted this one or the xbox controller. Finally got this one because it's compatible Xinput and DiurectInput for old-school game.Instant detection and it worked out of the box. Tried a couple game in X-input and everything is working.

Review Date: 07/17/12
Cons: - Nano receiver and not uni receiver- sort of small

Pros: - it works and seems responsive for wireless- vibrate setting- worked on a game I tested without logitech drivers/software.
I decided to ditch my old wired controller for this one. This one is a bit smaller and doesn't get as comfortably in my hands. It also has its own USN receiver instead of using the same as my mouse. I tested this on one game (beat hazard) and it work without any extra driver/software.

Review Date: 06/15/12
Cons: Somewhat Expensive

Pros: Well made, durable, flexible
I'm using this with emulated games on an HTPC. While it's not quite a Nintendo controller quality it's a pretty effective controller that offers both xinput and directinput to make it useful in a range of situations.

Review Date: 04/25/12
Cons: Perhaps the triggers are a little too hard to push?Slight deadzone in left joystick.

Pros: - X-Input, D-Input modes- Sturdy Build - Fits just right- Rubber grips prevent slipping
I have been trying this controller for a week now and it has been absolutely fantastic. I like the heaviness of the controller and for my hands it's comfortable to hold. The triggers aren't really a problem for me but I can see why some people have an issue with them, they are a little harder to push than the Xbox 360 triggers. For the people who say it's smaller than the Xbox controller, it's not. The F710 is just shaped differently, the angle of the handles are smaller and the controller is deeper than the Xbox one, so putting them side by side gives you the illusion that the xbox one is bigger.The only reason I removed a star is because the deadzone is weird on the left joystick. I don't know if it happens to other owners but for me, when I just nudge my left joystick to the left from center, there's no response, but going to the right, it responds right away. It doesn't really hinder my gaming experience as I'm fine in racing and fighting games. However, it might become an issue for people who want to use it for FPS's. Then again, I saw a video of the F710 responding almost immediately in any direction of the joystick, so maybe it's just mine. Anyway, I'm fine with it, no need for return.

Review Date: 02/18/12
Cons: Not a rechargeable battery

Pros: Comfortable, compatible with most old and recent games, seen as xbox 360 gamepad, light weight middleware
A side from the short battery life, I have nothing to say against that gamepad. Has been working fine with all game so far, old emulator or recent 3D games! I would recommend to anyone!

Review Date: 07/07/11
Cons: LT and RT buttons are very uncomfortable to use due to them sticking out like the xbox RT/LT buttons.

Pros: Small usb receiver
I've purchased a Rumblepad 2 from NCIX about a year ago which unfortunately died on me. Logitech was nice enough to send me a new one but instead of the rumblepad which was out of stock they sent me this one.Now the Rumblepad buttons 7-8 which are called LT and RT buttons on this this one, were PS style (flat), these ones are sticking out at a 45 degree angle which is very uncomfortable to use when playing FIFA or NHL type of games. The USB receiver is smaller and more up to date with today's ergonomics but range sux, so you have to keep it on the long extension cord which is about 1.5 m in length. Update: after calling logitech and asking for a Rumblepad 2 again because this controller is not what i need, they agreed to give me a refund. I guess for people who prefer xbox style controllers this one would be perfect. This review was modfied by poster @ 07-13-11 12:02 AM
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Product Features

2.4GHz Technology Programmable Buttons

Logitech 940-000117 Wireless Gamepad F710
Cross the finish line, annihilate all enemies, and play hardcore games with such intensity using the Logitech 940-000117 Wireless Gamepad F710. With the Logitech 940-000117 Wireless Gamepad F710, you can feel every detail of your game via its dual vibration feedback motors. It delivers a 2.4GHz wireless signal for a stable gamepad-to-console connection. Furthermore, it's designed with a familiar button layout like conventional gamepads to ensure that you have a perfect grip. Progress through your games with excellence; buy the Logitech 940-000117 Wireless Gamepad F710 now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 2.4GHz Wireless; utilize a stable connection
  • Plug-and-Forget Nano-receiver; instantly connects you to your console
  • Familiar button layout; same feel as using a conventional gamepad
  • Dual vibration feedback motors; provides you with a more immersive gaming experience
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A Closer Look

Additional Specifications

  • XInput mode: A, B, X, Y buttons
  • LB, RB buttons
  • Left and right analog triggers
  • Start and Back buttons
  • Two clickable analog mini-joysticks
  • 8-way D-pad
  • Home button
  • Sports mode
  • Vibration on/off button
  • DirectInput mode: 10 programmable buttons (Software installation required)
  • Programmable left and right triggers (Software installation required)
  • Two programmable analog mini-joysticks (Software installation required)
  • 8-way programmable D-pad (Software installation required)
  • Sports mode
  • Vibration on/off button

System Requirements

  • Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7
  • USB port
  • CD-ROM drive

Product Specifications

Brand Logitech
Model F710
Features Powerful and reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
Broad game supportóworks with popular new titles and old favorites
Customizable controls with Profiler software(requires software installation)
Dual vibration motors support vibration feedback games
Works with Windows XP, Vista and 7
Package Contents Gamepad
USB nano-receiver
Range Extending Receiver Cable
2 AA Batteries
Software CD
User documentation
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited

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