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Pinnacle Systems Fast Track Pro - 4 x 4 USB Audio/MIDI Interface

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Product Reviews

Pinnacle Systems Fast Track Pro - 4 x 4 USB Audio/MIDI Interface
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.52/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/24/10
I've had this unit for about 2 months and it performs quite well. I use it in conjunction with ACIDPro 7.0 and it works nearly flawlessly. Sometimes there seems to be some kind of conflict with the microsoft sound mapper that causes horrible noise to come throught the inputs. This is a negligible factor for me as a home musician, but it would probably be unacceptable in a professional studio. I use it on a Corei3 laptop with 4 gig of RAM running Windows 7 and it smokes! I did not like the bundled software, however. I am new to the whole computer-based recording, having used a multitrack recorder for about 5 or 6 years now. I switched because editing audio on a 2 inch by 4 inch screen got to be quite tiresome.

Review Date: 01/07/10
I bought this for someone else and he was very satisfied with it. I can't really say anything more than that since I am not familiar with this kind of equipment.

Review Date: 12/12/09
I run Windows 7 64bit. M-Audio has drivers so that should not be an issue. The included Pro-Tools 7.4 demo app won't run. Ableton live has to be authorized online but has a problem with Firefox. The inTone Guitar Express showed moving vu meters but no sound. Tried their trouble shooting but still no sound. The biggest problem is latency. I tried to adjust through the FTP control panel but it still had a delay. Not pleased with this unit. Back it goes.

Review Date: 10/15/09
This interface is working very well. I use Ableton software for multi-track recording and midi. Product has plenty of features for my use and the price is better here than the regular outlets: AMS, MF, GC. Thanks for your always prompt shipping!

Review Date: 06/11/09
Bought one of these to use with an electric guitar and it performs very well. I just plug in my guitar to this unit and the unit has audio output cord to computer's microphone port and audio speakers, I use 5.1 surround speaker system and it goes really loud without distortion, but living an apartment so cannot turn it up too high. I recommend using this with software programs such as Ableton Live or NI Guitar Rig 3 so you will have many effects. Set it all correct and there isnt any lag, at least not enough lag to mess anything up for recording. I just have a sound blaster X-fi gamer card and it works fine, havn't tried it on integrated sound yet. Good product that does what is should and more.

Product Features

Product Specifications

Model Fast Track Pro
Audio core
Sample Rate 96KHz
Digital Audio 24-bit
SNR 103dB, A-weighted
Line In Yes
Line Out Yes
MIC In Yes
Interface USB
System Requirements PC:
Pentium 3 500 MHz (higher speed CPU may be necessary for laptops)
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Windows XP (SP2 Home or Professional Edition only)
(Windows 2000, 98, 98SE, ME & NT not supported)
USB port
Home and Professional Edition only. Windows Media Center Edition is not currently supported.

Macintosh G3 600 / G4 667MHz (higher speed may be necessary for laptops)
OS X 10.3.9 / 10.4.2 (earlier versions of Mac operating systems are not supported)
USB port
Dolby AC-3 and DTS pass-through with Apple DVD player
(M-Audio suggests that you also check the minimum system requirements for your software, as they may greater than theabove)
Features Insert jack for outboard processors
2 balanced outputs
4 unbalanced outputs (RCA)
S/PDIF digital I/O with w/ 2-channel PCM
S/PDIF out also supports pass-through of AC-3/DTS surround-encoded content
1 x 1 MIDI I/O with activity LEDs
Headphone output ( TRS) with level control
Headphone A/B source switch for DJ-style cueing
Input/playback mix control for hardware direct monitoring
Mono switch for input/playback direct monitoring
Master output level control
Near zero-latency hardware direct monitoring
Low-latency ASIO software monitoring
USB connection to computer
Powered via USB or optional AC power adapter
Kensington lock port
Package Contents M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro 4 x 4 Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Preamps
Driver Disk

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