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Thermaltake Mobilefan II External USB Case Fan

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Thermaltake Mobilefan II Cooling Fan - 1 x 80 mm - 3000 rpm - Sleeve Bearing (A1888)
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Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd A1888   $28.05 CAD Buy Now

Thermaltake Mobilefan II Cooling Fan
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NEW THERMALTAKE A1888 Thermaltake Mobilefan II Cooling Fan - 1 x 80 mm 3000 rpm NEW THERMALTAKE A1888 Thermaltake Mobilefan II Cooling Fan - 1 x 80 mm 3000 rpm $33.07 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake Mobilefan II Thermaltake Mobilefan II $36.27 CAD Shop Now
Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Us Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Us $36.84 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Thermaltake Mobilefan II External USB Case Fan
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.93/10

Review Date: 09/12/13
Quiet, strong, and really flexible little fan! I bought this as I have an aging Sony monitor that has really high temperatures coming from the prime, and am attempting to extend it's life by a couple of more years. The mounting "clip" is actually straightforward, and I just had to reinstall it in reverse so it could mount in the application to suit my demands. I can see this being applied as a desk fan and blowing over nonetheless as it doesn't look that stable. Good small spot cooling fan for external applications. Money effectively spent!

Review Date: 09/06/13
This is cool and really adjustable. Doesn't tax my system. Only noisy if you crank it up. This would make cool gifts! I would like to be in a position to just by the us cable issue to make my own. I guess you can often replace the fan. I enjoy this factor. I was going to get the larger a single, but this is excellent. This would be perfect for hot laptop screens. A small fan that cools.

Review Date: 08/18/13
It does the job if you are searching to add a fan. It is not too and provides sufficient air to transfer heat off elements. I used a hole saw to drill by way of the side of my Sans Digital 4-Bay e-Sata enclosure and mounted this fan on the outdoors to keep the 4 3TB challenging drives super cool which it does. Could be quieter - It is a bit too loud for a bedroom exactly where mine is set up. Demands a better connection rather of obtaining the wires hanging out. Possibly a runner plug in to the plastic housing ? Wish there have been other folks creating some USB fans which enhance the notion

Review Date: 07/20/13
USB powered, transportable, adjustable speed and nifty cord reel makes this a fantastic purchase for beneath 20 bucks. I couldn't make one with all these characteristics for that cost! It doesn't have a mini A.C. condenser :) It will hold your hands cool whilst you sort but won't blow away any papers nearby. After three months of everyday use it still performs great.

Review Date: 07/01/13
Super simple design and style I guess it could be quieter? I've applied Arctic Cooling brand fans that are quieter, but this point is quite dang quiet already This fan is exactly what I was hunting for when I started looking for a "USB Powered Fan." My PS3 sits on a shelf in my desk and the heat had no where to escape. I drilled a 80mm hole out the back of the desk 3ǚ" above the shelf the PS3 sits on, then all I had to do was sit this fan proper in front of the hole, have it blow out the back, and no much more heat difficulties! The PS3 powers this fan just fine, it couldn't be much easier! The simple style also made it super easy to take apart in order to flip it about; I wanted the air flow going in the opposite direction than it was out of the box, but it was really simple to flip the speed controller knob and feet around to the other side.

Review Date: 06/25/13
The fan appears to be nicely constructed, and moves a lot of air. Good knob on the side of the fan to adjust the speed. The fan is good and quiet. Certainly deserves 5 eggs None so far. My application was for a media center Computer in an enclosed entertainment center. The pc would just circulate the hot air around the shelf and not push it out the hole in the back. This fan running at only half speed a lot more than takes care of the heat.

Review Date: 04/22/13
This fan is good. So far I have only used it in my entertainment center. I am a broadband tech for a cable company and I notice how numerous of my shoppers electronics in their entertainment centers are cramped and hot. Most cable converters have a usb port on the front that is powered and will power your little devices (phones and so forth) and this fan. I plugged this fan into mine and positioned it so it would take the heat out away from my hottest device (Cable box DVR) It has a variable adjustment so you can tune it to your demands. none except when you turn the fan all the way up its really loud, not in a poor craftsmanship way, just its noticeable. Obtain it if you want to move some serious heat away from your goodies!

Review Date: 03/20/13
Speed Control. Higher Air Flow. Convient USB cord w/ variable length. You can hear it on high. My xbox is in a confined space. This thing functions wonders. The difference with this and absolutely nothing in temperature is evening and day.

Review Date: 03/08/13
Fan performs great. Hasn't died on my yet. I use this to support retain my HTPC cool. A small bit louder than I would like. Wish is shut off when the Computer went to sleep but that is a Windows/USB issue and not a fan difficulty.

Review Date: 01/06/13
easy, portable, private. cost...my wife's laptop situation/tower, sits in a small cabinet which i have ventilated at the back with a three.five inch hole. and once a tiny 115 v fan, but now i have this fan to come on with the pc. functions good, is reversible and has a handy speed adjuster, to throttle it down to perfection. has cute small wire legs to assist it stand on a desktop, and at @ 2 ft. away on high, you can feel a nice stream across the face. and nevertheless be removable at the end of the day, USB i guess they could be givin them away. wouldn't final extended on a laptop, too much amp draw, would drain a battery rapid i bought two, and now i'm pondering of vacation gifts

Review Date: 12/27/12
Comments: I am actualy tempted to location a powerd usb hub inside my laptop or computer, and only use these fans inside the laptop...

Review Date: 12/22/12
Metal grills on each sides, metal stand, worked effectively initally until motor wiring was only slightly tensioned. If going to use a speed adjuster ought to have just gone a stage additional and permit it to be switched off as well.Rugged exterior is misleading as to how fragile the wiring from coupling to the motor truly is. The push-button activated auto-recoil mechanism on the usb cord is as well effective and can yank tough adequate on the much smaller sized motor wires to break the connection to the motor. Was going to use in mounted position to ventilate laptop or computer desk cabinet. Motor wiring(black/red) doesn't look rugged sufficient to withstand continual transportable setup use. Finest to just set up meticulously in a fixed position and leave it there. Wiring detached just on initial installation.

Review Date: 09/25/12
Cons: Not the quietest, not super loud on low tho

Pros: Gets the job done
Got it to cool the back of my 60inch, works like a charm

Review Date: 08/14/12
Wonderful tiny fan. Tiny but plenty of power with no all the noise. I love the power on/off feature that activates when you energy on/off your Computer or gaming method. All I have to do is set the fan speed and not worry about turning it on or off. The retractable cord is a big plus. No need to have to have extended wires hanging out all over the location. I'm ordering a few additional! The only con.......I didn't come up with this thought myself!

Review Date: 08/10/12
The fan is very flexible in application. I have a little form Gateway case that I've got a Radeon 5570 in. It gets warm so I thought I may mount this fan appropriate on the outside of the holes on the case. Performs good, matched proper up to the holes and aids suck the hot air out. The only con is the lack of a power switch. It's excellent that it has speed manage though. With the lack of a power switch I will only plug it in when I'm taxing the video card with a graphic intensive game. If your situation is obtaining hot and you don't have any space to add internal fans, contemplate this 1. The side of my little type factor case is covered with holes for heat distribution. Take one side of the screen off the fan and it mounts right against the side making use of the nuts & bolts that come with it. For 15 bucks it's a fantastic tiny option

Review Date: 05/28/12
Works well, have it close to the back of my Playstation three to pull away heat. I don't have a thermometer to quantify this, but the PS3 feels cooler to the touch when I use the fan. Adjustable speed a plus. Overall quite hassle-free. A little on the loud side - can be dealt with by turning down the speed a bit. All items regarded as, you're paying a premium to have an 80mm fan operating on USB voltage, but it is hassle-free.

Review Date: 02/25/12
It is a great tiny fan fairly adequate and the power adjustment is nice. If you have a laptop like mine "the notorious overheaters/lawsuit brands" I cut a hole in the bottom and mounted this sucker....no much more heat troubles. This would also mount to alot of laptop coolers that have holes and space underneath so you can adjust the fan speed and put the fan where you want it. It has the power to cool and not just blow!!!!!! It wasn't cost-free, no girlfriend included.

Review Date: 12/16/11
USB Connection, Variable Speed, Double Grills. Loud, No Off Button, No Computer Control. I installed this fan in the back of my Television Stand to aid cool my HTPC which was enclosed in the stand. I had really expected this device to shut off when the Pc shut off or went to sleep. That's why I chose a USB connection. ALAS that is not at all how it works simply because USB is always powered. I wish the device had enough smarts to allow Computer Speed Manage or at least shut off manage.

Review Date: 12/10/11
Mounted this underneath my lap desk to cool my laptop. It does way more than it needs to so I preserve the fan on low. Its a great fan for the value and blows air very properly. Drains battery on laptop incredibly fast if not plugged in.

Review Date: 11/21/11
Can bend the metal stand to angle it how you want. Adjustable speed. Seriously quiet when on low. It's a case fan with a grill on every single side and a little potentiometer that the 3 pin plug attaches to so you can adjust speed. Retractable cord is a good feature. Can commence to hear it when you turn it up. On low, barely noticeable, but 25% and up it gets louder and louder. Upside is that it blows a lot of air when it's on high. Initially 1 I received was fairly naturally a return that got re-shipped as the wires weren't connected and no matter what I did I couldn't get it to turn on. Emailed Thermaltake and they instantly shipped out a new 1. New 1 has been going powerful for more than a year so have to have been a screwup with NewEgg. Tsk Tsk.

Review Date: 11/12/11
Cons: Distinct buzzing noise, not as quiet as expected

Pros: USB powered, adjustable speed, fan guards included, cheap
I bought this fan to help cool a cabinet housing a PS3, so being able to power it via USB and adjust the speed were huge factors in my decision. Unfortunately, even at the lowest speed, the fan makes a distinctive noise that's very distracting and can be heard over the fan of the PS3 and even during quiet scenes. The price is good for the features but I can't recommend it for applications where quietness is needed.

Review Date: 10/03/11
Cons: Nothing I have seen

Pros: Wow. Everything about this is great
I baught this fan to get the air out of the enclosure where my HTPC and my tv are. Boy it was hot in there. Couldn't get any other fan but 5 volts (USB). What a pleasant surprise. totally silent when speed knob is ajusted... Will buy another.

Review Date: 09/30/11
Type of a geek toy, straightforward to use, adjustable speed, compact size Loud on full speed, always on when plugged into USB port I bought two of these fans for a actual objective and it serves it nicely. My wireless router is in a spot that has extremely small air flow so it runs hot. When it gets too hot it gets "flaky" and begins dropping wireless connections. I have the fans cooling the router and given that setting them up the heat dilemma is cured! Haven't had anymore flaky wireless isssues and the fans were less expensive than replacing my router. Yes, one of my PCs sits close to the router so this was a excellent remedy for my set up.

Review Date: 08/30/11
Comments: I got this mouse to attempt and cool my sweaty, mouse hand during gaming. It's not incredibly powerful so I preserve it on full energy. I genuinely notice the dead region in the center so it blows out like a tube. It still cools superior and its silent. This is the funniest novelty laptop or computer geek factor I have.

Review Date: 08/24/11
Moves a TON of air. Speed manage unit works terrific. The screws that come with it don't leave any room to mount this to anything, despite the fact that thats not what its created for, I necessary it for just that. The fan is as loud as you want it to be with a speed control knob. I use this in my entertainment stand for my Media Center PC. Noise is not an issue since if its on than I'm more than most likely watching a movie or playing games anyway.
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Product Features

Thermaltake A1888 Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan
When it comes to cooling, turn to Thermaltake ? the industry leader in performance and innovation. Always on the cutting edge in design and research, Thermaltake is the world leader in the supply of thermal management cooling solutions and provides its customers with the most effective products to optimize system performance. Every Thermaltake product is rigorously tested to ensure that it far exceeds industry standards in quality, dependability, and efficiency. Choose Thermaltake for the very best in cooling technology..


  • "Thermaltake" convenient solution with extremely "Mobile" concept inside
  • Perfect accessory for NB & PC
  • Directly plug into USB port. Unnecessary additional power supply
  • VR knob : Adjust fan speed manually
  • One-touch retractable USB power cable box
  • Slim USB power cable, only 0.6 mm in depth

Product Specifications

Brand Thermaltake
Model Mobilefan II
Type Case Fan
Compatibility Notebook & Desktop
Fan Size 80mm
Bearing Type Sleeve
RPM 3000 ± 10% ~ 1300 ± 20% RPM
Air Flow 47.28 CFM
Noise Level 17 dBA at 1300 RPM
31 dBA at 3000 RPM
Power Connector USB 1.1/2.0
Color Black
Physical Spec
Dimensions 80x80x25mm
Features Application for Notebook & Desktop
“Thermaltake” convenient solution with extremely “Mobile” concept inside
Perfect accessory for NB & PC
Directly plug into USB port. Unnecessary additional power supply
VR knob : Adjust fan speed manually
One-touch retractable USB power cable box
Slim USB power cable, only 0.6 mm in depth
With “Tt” badge fan grille to avoid touching accidentally
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