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Delta AFC1212D-PWM Case Fan

Delta AFC1212D-PWM Case Fan (DELTA: AFC1212D-PWM)
Vendor: DELTA
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Delta AFC1212D-PWM Case Fan
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.33/10
With 12 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/11/13
None for me. 1. Performs only in 1 path. Can not be reversed--whines like a banshee!Ō. To say that this factor is loud is to threat the understatement of the Century. Purchased this to use on a CoolerMaster horizontal heat sink.Required a powerful fan that would blow UP, alternatively of down.No dice. This point seriously did not like that notion--even even though it is a ฤ ball bearing fan. My ŭ no-name sleeve-bearing case fan worked without having a whimper, why not this guy?Even when mounted in a position that it liked, this Delta is LOUD. And I imply Really LOUD. Can't see any use for this point than in server space.

Review Date: 02/06/13
This fan moves ALOT of air, it is PWM, and is a common size ྐྵmm thick 120x120) Enormous static presure! there are none truly. it can be a tiny loud at complete speed, but it doesnt bother me mainly because my motherboard controlls the fan speed based on cpu temp. so this could only be a con if you did not ahve a pwm prepared mobo This is delta's second quickest standard size fan. their fastest a single is really hard to uncover. this has more than 5 times the static presure of my 2000rpm fans by coolermaster that i had before these delta fans. i have two of these on a Zalman CNPS10x FLEX. they hold my chip really cool beneath heavy overclocking. i hugely recomend these to everyone that has a motherboard with pwm. if you need to connect additional than one to the similar fan header there are pwm fan splitters for sale on new egg.

Review Date: 01/07/13
From a high rpm fan your gonna get a loud sound..but nothing compared to my 4500 rpm fans, I set this fan on my Corsair H50 and my idol temps are at 16-18..I do have a cold area but I also reside in Texas so thats a pro. I have them operating at 2250 rpm appropriate and its dead silent. A 4pin to 3pin adapter would be good. Operating the fans on a thermeltake element-s with some custom 140mm holes.

Review Date: 12/27/12
Beast of a fan, 113 cfm with a 25 mm fan, in fact pushes the rated 113 cfm. Using it on the side of an Antec 1200 for added video card cooling. Extremely low temps. Delta produces higher quality components! Clearly at 46 dB there's going to be a good quantity of noise. Personally I can tolerate it, even when operating at max speed, and you can generally use a fan controller with it (highly encouraged if you're far more sensitive to noise). And as hundreds other folks have mentioned about fans of this caliber, you almost certainly shouldn't place your finger in this beast whilst it's running. : ) It's quieter than a standard vacuum cleaner?

Review Date: 11/26/12
I am hury to do a push pull systeme whit these.... ?

Review Date: 11/10/12
Cools. Holds down my IBT below 70 degree C on MAX.i7 950 at 3.eight Ghz with Xiggie DK cpu cooler making use of this as the single fan push - aligned straight out exhaust in Antec 600 Black. Previously i dint like testing max (i in fact have 6 sticks of 2Gig ram) but dint' like temps previous 75 so i woulnd't run additional than 3 passes. Now, i can run ... whatever, and it's 69 max.Worth every single penny ... specially with that 20% discount ... i was organizing on finding this anyhow without discount but double-checked and found that code which produced this insta-purchase.Normal sound level at 1500rpms (see other thoughts)As always, Newegg shipping ROXORS YOUR BOXORS~ LOUD - yes, i read the critiques. I even tried to envision. I din't imagine loud sufficient~! But this is really not a con. Nothing at all this powerful could be considerably quieter. So ... no cons seriously. I use speedfan to manage and sound is quite manageable even at 2000 rpms. It's normal sound at 1500 rpms which was what i was spinning at with the fan that came with the heatsink. Have to have some type of fan handle or most most likely only deaf individuals can take care of the sound at max more than 2100 rpms.This is rocking if i ever go for benches. Even cools my Temp2 in SpeedFan which ... generally stayed at 72 until this fan. and requires it down to 50-51.This fan need to be usable in other configs as well, such as hot SLI's with narrow gaps among pcie slots, or power exhaust (im very considering) and a single other reviewed i assume said making use of as super intake. You can control the sound by giving up a bit of speed. So, it's really much more of a 1500-3500 rpm fan.I have to spend tax.

Review Date: 09/22/12
I like it my Computer CPU went from 45-56c to 43c in a matter of minutes and on goal to test 1 fan i let the cpu reach 80c to 83c and then placed the fan on the cooler master z60 Heatsink and in less than 10sec the cpu temp went from 83c to 42c and that's with one fan on my cooler i can't wait to setup the other fan man it's going to drop the temps so low. Also i have a AMD 9950 BE 140w in a HAF 932 case from cooler master, so i'm loving it. None

Review Date: 09/21/12
1. drops temps greater then lesser fans ... duhhh!two. four pin permits for controlling cpu cooling or primary exhaust3. Plastic housing walls thin adequate to allows HS clips to be utilisedfour. 113 CFM, and you really hear it child! 1. Loud2. Shrill sound These fans are meant to be in a room with servers not people! But there is a way around it (other then working with headphones). Very first if you use overclock checking computer software, something like Prime95 will generally push these fans previous actual time operations even when rendering animations and other intensive tasks so dont freak at that point. Second, (if you use these fans in a push/pull for cpu cooling) you need to have to set the cpu fan control in the BIOS to manual and then set it to one hundred% when it hits 80C NOT 70C. Then you must be in a position to live with this effective and no nonsense fan.

Review Date: 09/05/12
I purchased two of these to replace the non-PWM fans in my Chenbro situation and they perform incredibly properly controlled by my motherboard, none of my eight drives get hot at all. It wasn't totally free Commonly the onboard fan controllers work ideal when you have all the very same precise fan and don't mix them.

Review Date: 04/08/12
Ok sooo, i got the HAF 932 cuz my buddy stated I must....then realized that the stock fans didnt move a complete lot of air. Properly, let me inform ya.....this fan proper here can move a ton of air. actually helps out in keeping my rig cool and the air moving efficiently. Purchased 2 of them and they work excellent together None Like in the specs, they do run a little loud, no egg taken away, cuz you must know what your acquiring. Obtaining a fan manage is great to slow them down and they wont be as loud when my technique isnt under load.

Review Date: 11/04/11
I have this fan installed on a COOLERMASTER GEMINI II S it turned a good cooler into a wonderful cooler! My temps went from 52 degrees C to 46 degrees C idle, and from 61 degrees C to 56 degrees C full load(Intelburntest set at high. In my opinion the only genuine globe overclocking test thats free.)running a 955 black c2 ʃ.8GhzƑ.45vdc).So if want to replace your 120mm fan take appear at this one. Wish I had two far more. 1 word DELTA!!!

Review Date: 07/19/11
This is a terrific fan. It can move alot of air and has Extremely good static pressure, and is Very quiet at Low RPMs. it is nice that it is PWM. Some people today could not like the noise it makes at full speed. But if you want the finest you will need to put up with a small noise. it is no con for me since my Mobo can controll fan speeds for me. This fan is unparalleled by any other that I have ever used. it does a great job on heatsinks and rads mainly because of the enormous static pressure. I extremely recomend this fan.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Delta
Model AFC1212D-PWM
Type Case Fan
Compatibility Case
Fan Size 120mm
RPM 3400 RPM
Air Flow 113.11 CFM
Noise Level 46.5 dBA
Power Connector 4-pin PWM
Color Black
Physical Spec
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm
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