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Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

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Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 - USB
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Product Reviews

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.14/10

Review Date: 09/17/13
Finally, some thing Microsoft came out with that I can truly bolster and assistance! I've been making use of this very same keyboard for more than five years, and by way of regular wear and tear it functions precisely the very same as the day I took it out of the box. It may possibly not look like it just came out of the box, but it confident feels that way. Thing has additional macros than I ever wanted to use, but ended up becoming accustomed to anyway and now miss when employing other keyboards. The ergonomic bit has basically saved my wrists and fingers from comprehensive ligament damage and cartilage degradation. Not a con at all, but it did take a tiny finding use to. Completely worth it even though. The keyboard comes with a detachable "stand" that props it up at a larger angle so the keys are more level than titled downward. I didn't use it for probably, two years or so, but I found by employing it I could sort for longer periods of time and attain a faster wpm count with it on rather than off. Completely personal preference I consider. I purchased a spare about two years ago, I believe, just in case a essential stopped functioning all of a sudden or some other mishap. It's nevertheless in its original box.

Review Date: 08/28/13
Good, comfortable keyboard. I do a lot of programming at function and at property, and have the very same model of keyboard at each. Be confident to download and set up the Intellitype computer software to use the hotkeys. It's nice pressing F1 and have NotePad++ come up, F2 for KeyPass, and so on. It is a huge keyboard compared to a standard keyboard. But, I am trying to avoid CPS.

Review Date: 08/22/13
Been a Organic user since they 1st came out "back in the day". I've attempted other brands, and even the "Comfort Curve" from MS. But nothing has ever matched these All-natural keyboards for keeping my carpel tunnel syndrome at bay. Responsive keys, great feel to the keystrokes. Fantastic for touch-typing. Not a huge fan of the way MS has been labeling their function keys, with the "F3" on the front, rather than the leading, of the important. Possessing the lock-lights front & center, between your thumbs when typing, makes them effortless to see. SOOOOO substantially superior than the cordless MS keyboards with the caps/num/function lock lights on the wireless receiver!!!!!

Review Date: 08/16/13
Feels very goodQuite comfortableWonderful more buttonsSolid Windows 7 support- no challenges, simple set up Takes up a lot of spaceSplit style may well take some acquiring employed to I had an older All-natural, and loved it. Purchased this for my newest program, and adore it. Hugely recommended for any person who spends a lot of time behind the keyboard

Review Date: 07/20/13
good capabilities, enjoy the split layout as I've been employing the older style microsoft split for Ӳ years now. This space bar is so extremely annoying. It seriously tends to make the keyboard unusable. If you don't hit it dead center, it merely doesn't push down with no an unexpected amount of force. And it makes a really loud bang, when you do. I am going to return it, and go back to http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823109028&cm_re=keyboard_microsoft_ergonomic-_-23-109-028-_-Solution

Review Date: 07/12/13
i genuinely like the way the all the keys are laid out and how comfy it is and it is also great for media use NONE!!!!! i didnt acquire this one particular newegg but this is still a great keyboard, and the wrist grips on this issue is incredibly properly carried out

Review Date: 07/08/13
The keyboard's curve and essential placement is great is just correct. Crucial click is noisy. The space bar is particularly loud.

Review Date: 06/20/13
Beautiful, quiet, comfy. I've come to like them greater than the original, PS-2 MS Natural (the non-Elite) that are now, what, > ten years old? Still good adequate, but these are better. I'm a programmer, I'm convinced that these 4000s and their ancestor have kept me from RSI; I purchased the old versions upon starting to get it, but haven't had any indicators considering that. All 4 that I personal (well only one other 4000, which is four-years old) nevertheless operate. The small f-lock crucial that you from time to time neglect to press, and go to press F5, or some other function crucial and nothing happens, and it requires a while to figure out why. You understand though. And, I suppose what ever price and space the top-row silver keys take up - I don't use Windows. And the fact that they don't last in their original total smooth, silent condition forever. For the cost although - pssh. I already had one particular of these 4000s from when they initially came out Ӱyears ago. The keys have gotten a bit loose, and it's a bit rattlesome and noisy - fairly quiet compared to some surely but, I'd forgotten that it wasn't often that way. Right now I received a 2nd, new 1 for function, and wow, I'd forgotten what they're like new - velvet! So quiet! Unobtrusive to the fingers, and ears. A stealth keyboard. A total pleasure to use. Makes me virtually want to purchase one more 1 to replace the one particular that's still otherwise fine. Re: how extended I've owned them - one for 4 years as I've stated, one particular, < 1 day. But they're identical except the new one particular has an indentation more than the left Windows important (and this newer one particular was cheaper!)

Review Date: 05/17/13
Works excellent does the job and sorts quietly. None other than gettin utilized ergo kb

Review Date: 05/09/13
Best Ergonomic Board I have discovered.The wrist wrest can be taken off to lower. Multimedia functionsAdore the zoom tends to make it wonderful for laptop usage. Its quieter than my saitek blue led keyboard and a lot more comfy on the wrists than a normal keyboard None that would make me deter a person else away from this item. Would be good if the keys lit up. I am not a massive microsoft item fan, nonetheless this keyboard has impressed me. The new essential placement threw me off at very first, but soon after a handful of hours of utilizing it. I can feel a distinction in my wrists, they dont feel as tense or as stiff in comparison when I use a normal keyboard. Would defiantly tell my Customers who do alot of computer system work to get this. Perhaps even a few gaming close friends..My Girlfriend mentioned if her nails were shorter she could variety on the keyboard, so not really a undesirable factor persay, but a usefull believed if you ask me.

Review Date: 04/29/13
Comfortable. This style of Microsoft ergonomic keyboard has always fit me specifically nicely. Shoddy craftsmanship and tough to hold clean. If utilised with any sort of function-environment form frequency, this keyboard simply does not final. After a 18 months or so the keys begin to really feel sloppy and eventually start out to bind as the sleeves they ride in turn out to be worn out. Fairly annoying when you go to press a essential and it's like hitting a wall. I had this difficulty with my initial 1 but I favored the keyboard effectively adequate among other options at the time to replace it with the identical sort. Close to 2 years later this keyboard is also exhibiting indicators of failure; The spacebar binds if I hit it "wrong" and at times some keystrokes also create a character from an adjacent key. This morning the L key would also generate a semicolon. I got frustrated and smacked the keyboard which fixed it, but uh, yeah it's time for yet another keyboard once again. The lettering wears by way of relatively swiftly, but that's just cosmetic. Also the rubber feet WILL come off at some point. not a very good sign brute force fixes your electronics.

Review Date: 04/02/13
Good finish, quiet keys, adjustable height, LED show for numlock, etc. Similar functions that come with the web version of the ergonomics. The "leather" at the bottom is really really comfy on the palms, and is a good touch. The bracket that comes attached makes the platform a bit as well high, but it is removable. (Under the palm rest) As a individual with substantial hands and a need to have for an ergonomic keyboard, I've really grown to love these keyboards from Microsoft. I only wish that these came with a backlit and mechanical key solution as nighttime gaming is a hobby of mine.

Review Date: 04/01/13
Big, comfy, a pleasure to type on. As stated in a prior overview, don't let liquid anyplace near it, I have just (literally ten mins ago) lost my third keyboard to a handful of droplets of condensation off a water glass. Compare that to the beat up dinovo edge I preserve about for such times, which survived possessing a complete glass of OJ spilled on it. If it weren't for its bordering on Bruce Willis in Unbreakable ridiculous vulnerability to water, this would be a four or five star item. I'm ambivalent about replacing this a single knowing it may very effectively be taken out by an errant sneeze, in a word: absurd.

Review Date: 03/23/13
Comfortable once you get utilized to the ergo-style. Does not work for the duration of Windows 7 Startup / Repair menu selection screen soon after POST Perhaps there is an update needed. It performs fine during POST and in the BIOS and Protected Mode menus.My wife complained that she couldn't use the keyboard since of the "weird shape" but I place my foot down! And purchased a regular keyboard and switched them out:-/

Review Date: 03/20/13
Comfortable, Stylish, Strong Building. Computer software for configuring the additional keys is too simple. They ought to have changed the internal mechanism of the spacebar in newer revisions of the board. My space bar works great without the sticking difficulties and needing to depress on the center as other individuals have reported.Shortcomings in the Intellitype computer software for configuring the additional keys can be largely overcome by editing the registry, the data can be fould with google.

Review Date: 03/15/13
Tons of keys. Many wrist rest angles (positive and adverse) to assist wrists and play properly in any atmosphere. What am I going to do with all these keys? So several keys?!

Review Date: 03/08/13
Functions nicely and is comfy with the ergonomic factor it's got going on, specifically for those with carpal tunnel or in starting stages of it. Nice wrist rest because I'm not very good about "keeping the correct hand position" when I type. (Probably why i'm receiving carpal tunnel...) Space essential is just sticky and too hard to strike - I've owned at least 3 of these keyboards (my children hold spilling stuff in the poor points lol) and on every single single one I've had, the space key sticks and has to be hammered with my poor thumbs to function (even prior to something is spilled on it ;o). Also, it's kind of loud and clackety. These are the reasons it's not a five-egger and also why I stopped acquiring these even though the children still attempt their finest to ruin my keyboards... lol. Uhm, maintain the kiddos away from it... ;o)

Review Date: 03/07/13
Excellent keyboard, adore the shortcut keys. Wonderful for gaming and for typing letters, ect. waiting for it to ship, also the legs on the bottom are kinda thin, so dont drop or be rough on them. It really doesn't take quite extended to get utilized to the ergonomic design, I use this keyboard at school and at property.

Review Date: 03/06/13
Comfortable layout and all buttons except for space bar appear to be quiet and have a very good feel to them. The space bar tends to make this keyboard unusable for me. When pressing the space bar approximately an inch to the proper from the center benefits in a loud click sound and does not press down smoothly like the other buttons. Nevertheless, pressing an inch left from the center, even though nonetheless not smooth, does not result in the ridiculously loud CLICK. If you typically press the space bar with your left thumb, this keyboard is probably fine for you. But if you press the space bar with your proper thumb, you're best off avoiding this keyboard. I'll be returning mine for a unique brand. Easy difficulties like these need to not make it previous QA testing.

Review Date: 02/14/13
Soft Important touch, palm/wrist rest is comfy, ergonomic design doesn't make you feel cramped or like you have to hover your fingers over the keys. Can't truly find any but other than the removable stand that heightens the keyboard is sort of uncomfortable for me with it attached. I got this with a wireless mouse in a combo-deal for 65 bucks. Ive seen these microsoft ergonomics go for ๪ in computer system retailers, all in all I'm quite happy.

Review Date: 02/14/13
This is the greatest keyboard I have ever utilised, hands down. It lessen the strain on your hands when undertaking marathon paper-typing or coding sessions, it has two distinct arrow buttons on the bottom that are great to make music forward / backward buttons, and the keys are all easy to recognize with just a touch, excellent for gaming. All the buttons are smooth to press and hold up effectively to put on and use. It is friggin' huge. It also requires fairly a bit of time to get applied to the layout, and after you do moving back to normal keyboards can be an awkward encounter. I've destroyed two of them with coffee spills and attempted other keyboards in the interim, and I've always come back to this one.

Review Date: 02/02/13
feels tremendous on my wrist. seems to be relatively higher high-quality except what i place in the cons SPACE BAR is obnoxiously stiff and make a loud click each and every time its pressed. assists if you hit it toward the center but if you don't have massive hands like me that could be awkward. this would only be half an egg to me but i dont get that selection. does take a bit to get made use of to the shape of the board

Review Date: 01/26/13
Shape, wrist rest, feel of keys, color, layout, long cord no usb header on board. no sleep crucial. no onboard memory for macros. I've been using the MS All-natural Keyboard Pro because the beginning. I purchased two ƒ) ๳.00 models back in the 1992 timeframe. This keyboard holds correct to that pedigree.There is area to enhance. MS must add 1) USB Header on the keyboard. 2) Onboard memory for local macros.

Review Date: 01/20/13
I have had difficulties with wrist pain and couldn't type very long devoid of possessing them hurt. This keyboard makes it possible for me to use the pc for extended periods of time without getting my wrists hurt. Most of the special buttons can be assigned to launch any plan or carry out macros. I haven't ran into any cons however and have been utilizing this for more than a year. Soon after working with a single of these keyboards, I hate going back to a typical keyboard. Got one particular on my home Pc and also have one at function. These are wonderful keyboards. May possibly take a bit to get utilised to, but it will be well worth it. I hope that when I require to replace this keyboard that they nevertheless sell this 1. Have utilized on Windows XP and Vista, not yet on 7.

Review Date: 01/20/13
Quite comfortable. I can see the distinction that it tends to make, now that I had to go back to making use of a regular one particular (see cons).Nice design. Adore its appear. Space bar was by no means that excellent, you have to kind of press it in the middle, not very soft.Just soon after a few months, the ink in the letters started to fade. But I tried to overlook that, because that didn't truly bother me. And yes, coming from a organization like Microsoft, that is terrible. I have a 'generic' keyboard (one I am making use of ideal now), it's possibly about 10 years old, and no letters have faded, not even begun to fade.Soon after around three, maybe four years, the letter 'c' stopped working. Actually that was right now, and that is why I decided to write this assessment. You may feel 'well that's a long time', yeah, but once more, I'm employing my 'generic' keyboard, with every single single key is nevertheless functioning. Really disappointed. I never gave keyboards/mice considerably believed, I usually believed they had been the similar. Just recently I decided to get greater input devices. I'm delighted with my mouse, which is NOT Microsoft, and totally disappointed about this keyboard.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

NameNatural 4000
Keyboard Connection Type
Keyboard InterfaceUSB
Keyboard SPEC
Design StyleErgonomics
Palm RestIntegrated
Normal Keys107
Function Keys17
Keyboard ColorBlack
Windows VistaCertified for
Mouse Included
Mouse IncludedNo
FeaturesFeel the comfort of the Gull Wing design, the best way to understand the comfort is to experience it yourself. Snap in the optional palm lift to experience the seven-degree reversed slope. As you type, rest your wrists on the supportive, integrated palm rest. The palm rest makes typing for long intervals more comfortable. Open a spreadsheet and move the Zoom Slider up and down to zoom in and out. Save the spreadsheet and then assign it to a My Favorites Key by pressing and holding one of the five keys. Close out of the spreadsheet, and then press the My Favorites Key you assigned it to, to quickly access it again. Open your Web browser and click around on a few pages. Use the Back and Forward keys to navigate pages without ever having to remove your hands from the keyboard.
Package ContentsNatural 4000 KeyboardUser ManualDriver Disk
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