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Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025B-RP 120MM Blue LED Case Fan 1200 RPM 56.22 CFM 18.9 dbA

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Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025B-RP 120mm Blue LED Case Fan 1200 RPM 56.2... Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025B-RP 120mm Blue LED Case Fan 1200 RPM 56.2... $18.10 CAD Shop Now
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Product Reviews

Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025B-RP 120MM Blue LED Case Fan 1200 RPM 56.22 CFM 18.9 dbA
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.8/10
With 15 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/10/13
Cons: pricematch available

Pros: well made and nice look
good airflow and fairly quiet fan. very nice quality build and finish.blue leds are not too bright

Review Date: 03/06/13
Cons: lower RPM

Pros: Bright, low noise
These are decent fans for the price. they are fairly bright and very quiet. The only thing is they really don't feel like they move a lot of air. They are still great none the less and would get more.

Review Date: 02/06/13
Cons: None

Pros: Great Looking, Quiet
If you just install 1 of this fan, it would not be bright enough. I added a Bitfenix LED strip at the bottom of the case to complement this LED fan, and this combo makes the inside of the case really bright.

Review Date: 01/12/13
Cons: none

Pros: Nice and quiet with decent RPM. Nice looks and blue led's
Great fans with nice looks. Does what I needed them for, nice and quiet, and the blue led's are a nice touch.

Review Date: 01/09/13
Cons: Could push more air.

Pros: Bright and quiet.
Quiet, and has bright leds, looks really nice.

Review Date: 12/23/12
Cons: not a delta fan

Pros: nice looking and mmoves air
Used this fan to replace broken rear exhaust fan in my case. Works great overall (pushes lots of air out) and looks nice.

Review Date: 12/20/12
Cons: -doesnt move as much air as i would like it to

Pros: -LEDs are just bright enough for me-cheap
Pretty good LED fan for the money. if it moved more air, i would give it 5 starts.

Review Date: 11/16/12
Cons: prix un peu dispendieux

Pros: esthétique, facile à installer
bon ventilateur, fonctionne bien pour le moment

Review Date: 11/02/12
Cons: none

Pros: sick lookingmoves lots of aireasy installation
this thing looks wicked! it moves lots of air and not very loud, will buy more if i knew it looked this good!

Review Date: 11/02/12
Cons: No cons

Pros: Good amount of airflow
Installation was a breeze and they look great ! LED's are bright on high fan speed setting. No whirling noises or buzzes like cheap fans

Review Date: 08/28/12
Cons: Non-sleeved cables from a company that sells single-sleeved cables. No 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter.

Pros: Great design. Bundled with lots of accessories. Separate LED wiring. Accessible LEDs. Good looking aesthetics.
These fans look awesome. They are definitely one of the best looking fans I've seen, in my opinion, both while running and while not running. I really like the blue of the inner housing and of the LED lights.They also run pretty quietly. I have four running in one case right now, and I barely hear them. None of mine have any bearing noise (fluid bearings can be good for that).The airflow is decent. It's actually less than the medium setting of my old fans that these replaced (Antec TriCool Blue LED fans), but cooling performance inside my case barely went up—no change in idle, and maybe 2C under load. However, these Spectre Pros are quieter, and that's partially why I decided to buy these.In the package, there are plenty of accessories: black fan screws, rubber fan mounts, LED power wire, 7V 3-pin to molex adapter if you want the fan to be even quieter (at the expense of performance). It would have been nice to have a 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter since they're easy to mod into a 7V adapter anyway, but it's still really satisfying that they include all these accessories. The rubber fan mounts are a great add-on to the value. What I dislike about them is that the top or the head is a sphere rather than a low-profile flat-top, meaning you will have a nubs sticking out of your case if you use them on, for example, a side panel mount. The LED wire is for connecting the accessible LED wiring on the fan to an LED controller if you have one so that you can turn the LEDs on or off at your will.Speaking of the LEDs, each of the four LEDs in the fan housing are accessible, meaning they can be easily taken out. It could be interesting to mod the fans to house different color LEDs, especially since the Spectre Pros come with a colored inner housing (except the white LED version; both the inner and the outer housing are the same color).

Review Date: 08/21/12
Cons: Average coolingRather expensive3-pin

Pros: Nice blue LEDsQuietEasy install with rubber mounts
Got 2 of these and they definitely compliment my white Shinobi. They look great and run VERY quietly. It is only a 3-pin fan but you can still make a profile for it to control its speeds.The downside of these is that it really did not make a difference in temps. I suppose you could expect that from 1200rpm fans. As well, they are also rather expensive without a sale. I got these on sale for $14.99 each so it makes it a slightly better deal.I recommend these to those who have any free space to mount fans and want to add some lights to their rig. Otherwise, if you are looking to lower temps, look elsewhere.

Review Date: 03/24/12
Cons: None

Pros: Looks good and is uniqueQuietMoves lots of airHas a fluid dynamic bearingBright LEDFan wiring is all black
BitFenix makes great fans. I have 4 of them in various sizes(120, 140, 200mm) and I am happy with them so far. I would purchase them again.

Review Date: 02/19/12
Cons: None that I can think of

Pros: Really Cool DesignGood airflowMultiple power optionBright Led
Got those fans to give a blue accent to my rig, the effect is spectacular. High quality construction, bright led, good airflow. Multiple power option. Those fans got everything

Review Date: 01/11/12
Cons: -none really

Pros: -LEDs are wired seperately!!-Moves good air-Looks great
The biggest thing I like about these spectre pro fans is that the leds are wired seperately. So you can hook it up to an external switch and turn the fan led on or off without changing the speed of the fan. The leds are nice and bright and the fan looks great! They are very quiet and move a good amount of air for a 120mm fan. Would definitely purchase again, highly recommended.
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Product Features

Case Fan 120mm Fan

Provide your CPU with a feel of silent and cool fan via BITFENIX SPECTRE PRO 120mm Blue LED Fan. It comes with dual frame construction that not only provides great looks, but also takes utmost care of the noise. It contains toughened fan blades that prevent warping at high RPM levels, while steady airflow ensures that cool air can easily reach the installed components. The Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology which is used in this fan handles the noise and grants it a larger operational life. The Fan also contains an add-on feature like on-the-fly light switching, making the fan look smarter, whereas the Blue LED lights give it a lightning effect. Get your machine the BITFENIX SPECTRE PRO 120mm Blue LED Fan today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • On-the-fly light switching; light switching is smartly handled in terms of conducting the operations
  • 18.9 db(A); allows you to focus on your tasks as the fan?s noise is extremely low

Product Specifications

SeriesSpectre Pro
TypeCase Fan
Fan Size120mm
Bearing TypeFluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB)
RPM1200 RPM +/-10%
Air Flow56.22 CFM +/-10%
Noise Level18.9 dBA
Power Connector3 / 4 Pin
Physical Spec
Dimensions120 x 120 x 25mm
FeaturesHigh Pressure/CFM Design

Dual Frame Construction

Reinforced Fan Blades

Focused Airflow

Silent Operation and Long Life

On-the-Fly Light Switching

Excellent Extras
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