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Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 ATX Full Tower Case 3X5.25 7X3.5 *No PS* Top USB3.0 Audio - Black

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Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 ATX Full Tower Case 3X5.25 7X3.5 *No PS* Top USB3.0 Audio - Black
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.4/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/10/15
Cons: -The cable management on the back side behind the motherboard can be a little frustrating-The power button is rather large and is the loudest component. Also has a bright white light that I haven't figured out how to disable yet.

Pros: -Definitely keeps everything quiet.-HDD Cages are excellent and the rubber slides that come with are handy-Loads of room to stick a bigger graphics card in and have some room left for a little cable management-Comes with 3 fans already that are really quiet
Overall I would definitely recommend the case to anyone looking for a quiet solution. It's a sleek design, has lots of room, and above all it keeps my system quiet. Even when the DVD-ROM drive is running at 24x it still dampens the noise to a very reasonable level. The door in front of the drive helps with keeping things tucked away and out of sight. It's certainly worth the money so get the case if you have any doubts, you won't be disappointed.

Review Date: 04/02/15
Cons: -Instructions are slightly lacking if you're looking to alter  drive cages, etc

Pros: -Looks Great-Silent as advertised-High build quality-Built-in mobo standoffs-Roomy
I bought this case because I wanted something quiet and loved the look. I was a little hesitant because other reviews claimed the instructions were almost non-existent but I ended up having absolutely zero problems with my build. If you want to move your drive cages around you may indeed have problems with the included documentation but for a simple build the included instructions and motherboard instructions were more than enough. The only other slight problem I had was that the HDD LED connections were not labeled positive or negative, but easy enough to fix if you went the wrong way (also, the arrow on the connector gives it away).Overall, classy looking case, great build quality, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a full sized tower.

Review Date: 01/24/15
Cons: - Instructions aren't easy to follow- There isn't really a great solution to placing your SSD When I placed mine where it suggested, my power supply cables couldn't reach to it. Luckily, SSDs can be placed just about everywhere...- I bought a 3.5in multifunction panel (usb, e-sata, firewire, card-reader, etc) to put in this case but didn't realize there wasn't many options for putting front-panel drives in this case. To insert  a 3.5in drive in the front, you can't also have a 5.25in drive in the same spot it's one or the other, which means I couldn't have both a CD drive and multifunction panel.

Pros: - Very simple, minimal design- Lots of opportunity to manage cables well- Very, very quiet- Large lots of room- Great price $120 for a high-quality case- Well-built
I wouldn't recommend this case to someone who is new to PC building because of the lack of good instructions, but for an experienced builder, it's great quality for a great price. Overall, I love it!

Review Date: 01/12/15
Cons: -Small working room-Components will be starved of air-Limited cable management capabilities in the back-Poor build quality

Pros: -Sleek, good looking case-Quiet (depending on your system)
I bought this case after hearing good reviews from Linus. Unfortunately, his good praise did not deliver.I was thoroughly disappointed with this case in terms of what you can do with it.You want to run a 240MM Rad? Sure, but be ready to have it choke. You want to run SLI? Sure, have your GPUs die of heat. You want cable management? Just use zip straps and tie it to random places. You want to overclock? Sure have your CPU thermal throttle.The compromise is HUGE with this case. Unlike the Fractal cases, this case is only useful if you plan on running something like a GTX760 or a 260x with a i5 non-k variant. I tried running an overclocked 4770k/780GTX combo and my system starved for air, which completely defeated the purpose of being quiet because my components drew even MORE air causing EVEN MORE noise.Mind you, the build quality isn't very good either... You are required to remove the top cover to install any fans on the top. As soon as I removed it, 2 tabs snapped off... I wasn't even pulling hard and followed Hardware Canucks disassembly guide. When it came time to POST, the power button failed... It was due to a POOR cabling job from the MOBO connectors to the power button; (Really Be Quiet? You just used heat shrink on 2 separate pieces of wire and call that connected?)The case does have redeeming features though. The look of the case is sleek and futuristic and it was quiet after I tried only the 4770k and ran onboard graphics.I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS CASE if you plan on using anything like SLI, overclocking or radiator mounting.I WOULD RECOMMEND if you are using it for light duty use and are only interested in QUIET.

Review Date: 01/06/15
Cons: Almost no instructions on how to install anything in the case, is pretty much a guessing game on which screws to use for the hard drive mounts, etc.Would be nice to have fans included in the top

Pros: Very QuietEasy to build in, tons of roomPre-installed fans are high quality
This is a very nice looking and quiet case. If installing a larger graphics card like I did (GTX 770) you will need to remove the hdd cage first, install the card then put it back in.I'd recommend installing 2x140mm fans in the top as well for added cooling.

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