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Intel E3-1231 v3 3.4GHz 80W Quad-Core Server Processor

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Intel Xeon E3-1231V3 3.4GHz LGA 1150 80W BX80646E31231V3 Server Processor
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Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 Quad-core (4 Core) 3.40 GHz Processor - Socket H3 LGA-1150Retail Pack - 1 MB - 8 MB Cache - 5 GT/s DMI - 64-bit Processing - 3.80 GHz Overclocking Speed - 22 nm - 80 W (BX80646E
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Intel Xeon E3-1231V3 3.4GHz 22nm Quad Core CPU (BX80646E31231V3) Intel Xeon E3-1231V3 3.4GHz 22nm Quad Core CPU (BX80646E31231V3) $475.69 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Intel E3-1231 v3 3.4GHz 80W Quad-Core Server Processor
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Below Average
Rating: 10/10
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Review Date: 03/18/15
Pros: Low power consumption
Great performance for the price.

Review Date: 03/17/15
Cons: limited availability, cannot be overclocked

Pros: Fast, good price, 8 threads and 8MB of cache, will work with most 1150 mobo and regular DDR3
I am very pleasantly surprised at this processor. It is nearly identical to an i7-4770 with a slightly less TDP. This is a server-grade processor designed to run almost non-stop. I know that the hyperthreading on an i7 seldom makes a difference in gaming but this is essentially the next best thing. A base speed of 3.4GHz, turbo up to 3.8 (so per core it is identical to an i5-4670 but with more cache). An i7-4770 starts at 3.4 and goes up to 3.9 (I seriously doubt you will notice that 100MHz difference)Granted, it's locked and cannot be overclocked but anything more than 3.0GHz should be more than sufficient and compared to the red side and Intel's more efficient IPC is already a bonus. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound like a fanboy but there are marked performance differences and increases when comparing AMD and Intel systems. I still have existing 1090T and 8350 builds but TDPs beyond 150W make them unusable for mitx builds (besides, try finding an itx AM3+ motherboard). Anyway, for those interested in gaming and torn between an i5 and i7 - the E3-1231V3 would be a good middle ground. When PM'd it's price is just a few dollars over an i5 and a substantial amount below an i7.If you have no plans of overclocking, then this xeon would be a no-brainer. Other advantages over both the i5 and i7 are intel's advanced technologies like VPro, VTX, VTD, TSX, AES etc. If you need any of these then make sure you check your processor carefully. For example, most of the K or unlocked processors have VPro disabled.Again, not overclocking means you can use this even on the most basic 1150 socket chipset. Tested on an Asus H81i and then permanently installed on an Asus H97i - both motherboard recognized the chip at 4C with HT but an upgrade to the latest Bios version (2201 for the H81 and 2503 for the H97) unlocked a few extra features and provided a better UI. So yes, they work with MOST standard 1150 boards (check your manufacturer) and regular non-ecc DDR3.If you prefer a more robust but more expensive setup, then server-grade motherboards are also available that also utilize ECC memory. The only catch is the lack of onboard graphics so you cannot use the video ports on the motherboard. However, any basic GPU will work and if you're a gamer, you will most likely disable onboard GPU anyway so why pay for the feature you won't need?Excellent price but very limited availability. Fortunately, a quick chat with an NCIX ts placed me at the perfect time for ordering - a new batch was about to be delivered.

Product Features

Product Specifications

Tech Spec
NameE3-1231 v3
Operating Frequency3.4GHz
L3 Cache8MB
Thermal Design Power80W
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