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Intel Core i3 4330 Dual Core 3.5GHZ Processor LGA1150 Haswell 4MB Cache Retail

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Intel Core i3-4330 3.5GHz LGA 1150 BX80646I34330 Desktop Processor
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Intel Core i3-4330 Dual Core Processor 3.5 2 NA (BX80646I34330) Intel Core i3-4330 Dual Core Processor 3.5 2 NA (BX80646I34330) $524.98 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Intel Core i3 4330 Dual Core 3.5GHZ Processor LGA1150 Haswell 4MB Cache Retail
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.56/10
With 9 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/31/14
Cons: -stock heatsinks for intel should all have a copper slug instead of a aluminum core

Pros: -performs great for a dual core-power efficient-runs cool
Good CPU. works as always from intel

Review Date: 03/21/14
Cons: Only dual core

Pros: Good SpeedHyperthreadingRuns Cool with stock coolerLow power usage
I was looking for something to use with a secondary desktop build and this did the trick nicely. It's got a good price to performance ratio and is great for an Internet/office machine and some light gaming.

Review Date: 03/17/14
Cons: - Only has 2 cores

Pros: - Quick processor for the price- Hyper-Threading- HD 4600 Graphics
For the price, this is a great processor. Will be plenty fast for most non-power users. Used this in a budget build for my Uncle and have to say, coupled with a nice SSD and 8GB of RAM, this is even faster than my 3 year old top end gaming rig. Nice that these Intel Processors have fairly decent on-board Graphics now. Allows me to save money on a GPU to spend on other components, while still preforming great in everyday Windows tasks. Probably move up to an i5 if you are building a gaming rig.

Review Date: 01/30/14
Cons: n/a

Pros: Fast, cool, effiencient
Not the cheapest when compared to AMD but uses less power, so cooler, and hd4600 graphic cards good they really should not tie reviews to reward poings....

Review Date: 01/30/14
Cons: Not the most price/performance valued cpuCant be oced

Pros: Fast.CoolNo issue
I got it on sale for 120$ during boxing week. It was the cheapest haswell processor that can run games. No problem.But not best priced since the fx 6300 can be better.can not be oced with locked core multiplier.

Review Date: 01/27/14
Cons: -None

Pros: +Fast+Cool+Hyperthreading
Bought this for general use/light gaming. I'm really impressed for the $135 I paid for it. With an SSD, it feels just as fast as my 3770K when not gaming. The most intense game I'll be playing is DOTA2, and the CPU is more than capable of it. I have yet to test the HD4600 graphics for DOTA2, but may pick up a GTX 650/660 in the future. Done hesitate to get this CPU, great performance for the price.
Sherwin A_D@NCIX

Review Date: 01/09/14
Cons: None

Pros: Good price, Good performance!
Hard budget cap?? This $120 CPU performs neck & neck with my $300 2600k CPU in Games! Check out my thread on Hardware Canucks for proof, Google "Got a Package in the Mail (Pics)" A GOOD DAMN BUY! Hardware Canucks!

Review Date: 01/07/14
Cons: none

Pros: Intel Price
This is the first I3 I purchased. Seems to work well. I am not a gamer so didn't think I would need the more power that the I5 has but maybe down the road I may consider it for editing some videos. For now the I3 on the Gigabyte Z87x-d3h seems to work good together. Being on sale helped in the decision.

Review Date: 12/06/13
Cons: none

Pros: FastLow power consumptionHyperthreadingIntel
Fastest dual core on the planet for sure. On board graphics scored a 6.7 in Win7 index scores(I know it's not something to be basing performance from but it gives you an estimate on performance and compared to older intel HD it's improved). Unless you're using heavy multitasking programs then this CPU is all you need. It has 2 cored and 2 threads so it can handle 4 threads at a time witch is nice.
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Product Features

Dual Core CPU Fan Included

Intel® Core? i3-4330 Dual Core Processor
Make Intel® Core? i3-4330 Dual Core Processor the backbone of your Desktop PC! This 3.5GHz powerhouse packs 3MB of L3 Cache to keep your system running fast and efficient. Featuring integrated Graphics with a maximum core speed of 1150MHZ, this LGA1150 Core i3 processor provides visual and color enhancements for top-notch gaming. Additionally, its efficient 54 watt fan keeps this processor running cool. So act fast! Purchase the Intel® Core? i3-4330 Dual Core Processor for your PC!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • LGA1150 interface; plugs right into your LGA1150 motherboard
  • 3.5GHz clock speed; delivers excellent system performance
  • 3M L3 Cache; enhances the performance level of the PC
  • Integrated Graphics; provides enhanced visual quality and colors

Product Specifications

SeriesCore i3
CPU Socket Type
CPU Socket TypeLGA 1150
Tech Spec
NameCore i3-4330
Operating Frequency3.5GHz
L3 Cache4MB
Manufacturing Tech22 nm
64 bit SupportYes
Hyper-Threading SupportYes
Integrated Memory Controller SpeedDDR3
Virtualization Technology SupportYes
Integrated GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4600
Thermal Design Power54W
Cooling DeviceHeatsink and Fan included

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