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NZXT H440 ATX Mid Tower 7X2.5IN 5X3.5IN 2XUSB3.0 Steel Computer Case White & Black - *No PSU*

NZXT H440 ATX Mid Tower 7X2.5IN 5X3.5IN 2XUSB3.0 Steel Computer Case White & Black - *No PSU* (NZXT: CA-H440W-W1)
Vendor: NZXT
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NZXT CA-H440W-W1 White Computer Case
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Product Reviews

NZXT H440 ATX Mid Tower 7X2.5IN 5X3.5IN 2XUSB3.0 Steel Computer Case White & Black - *No PSU*
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.8/10
With 10 User Reviews

Review Date: 02/16/15
Cons: If I absolutely had to pick something, it could use more space behind the back panel.

Pros: super sexy. good price. good build qality. quiet.
I love this case. probably one the nicest cases I have owned. SEXXXYYY.Totally recommended. You wont be dissapointed.

Review Date: 01/05/15
Cons: -No place for optical drives-No hole in the front panel so the airflow is not optimal

Pros: -Silent-Come stock with 4 fans-Nice design-Good cable management-Huge window to look at your components-NZXT LED logo light up
I love the design of this case,its so classy.The interior is very spacious, the maximum GPU Length is 294mm with HDD Cage and 406mm without HDD Cage.The cable management is neet, if you take your time to hide all your cable behind the backplate you will be happy to see the result.I'm lookin forward to put some more LED inside to brighten it up !

Review Date: 12/04/14
Cons: None

Pros: Beautiful caseNoise deadeningPSU Shroud
Agree with the other reviews that its a silent case with good looks. It was easy to set up and I was able to do all my cable management easily. There is enough air flow to keep my temps in check. Perfect case for me.
Hui Kang_F@NCIX

Review Date: 08/31/14
Cons: - not enough cable management room on the side panel- should have a better implementation for accessing the top and front cover

Pros: - clean looking- silent- PSU shroud, also a great place to hide those cables
Overall, this is a great computer case if you're targeting for aesthetic and silent. The sound-dampening foam is a nice touch but I hope NZXT would've leave a bigger gap for the cable management side panel. Like I said, the side panel is covered with a nice sound-dampening material but after all the cables are tided up, it leaves a mark on the sound-dampening material. One thing I would like to see is a better implementation for opening the top and front cover; I see myself using quite some force to get it open.As with airflow wise, I did see the temperatures of the CPU and GPU increases a couple of degrees, but that's the case with any other silent computer case.

Review Date: 08/14/14
Cons: Limited video card space when outfitted with radiators. Plate/support for hard drive cage should be removable, as should power supply cover bracket

Pros: Beautiful, clean look. Supports dual 360mm radiators, lots of drive bays for 3.5 and SSD/2.5, no optical bays, good space above motherboard for radiator, Fan Hub for many fans
Bought this case from NCIX with the intent of putting two GTX 780 HOF SLi video cards in it with two 360mm radiators for a fully water cooled setup. I put a 360mm ST30 Alphacool radiator on top and I intended to put an XSPC RX360 V3 in the front, but I ran into some snags. With the 54mm thick radiator in front I did not have space for a tube reservoir and pump between the radiator and the ends of the video cards. The 780 HOF cards from Galaxy are pretty standard length, and I was disappointed to see that this was the case. I've since purchased a second thin 360mm radiator for the front, but I would have like that this case was even a half inch longer/deeper to enable me to fit a reservoir and DDC pump between the video cards and the radiator. In terms of building, cable management is a breeze with many cable tie spots behind the motherboard, and I had a clean look behind the motherboard try to quell my OCD. Also the motherboard is easy to install, and the window is perfect size to show off the motherboard and components, without showing the front hard disk bays. There is also a lot of room for added LED strips for lighting effects. My biggest gripe with building in this case is the hard disk plate on the front of the case. The plate makes it difficult to reach in from the left (windowed) side of the case, and the motherboard tray is too close to the front, making entry from the right side obtrusive too. All-in-all a great case, and my one mod will be to drill out the rivets for the hard disk cage, remove the plate, and start my build again in the near future.

Review Date: 07/23/14
Cons: None.

Pros: Beautiful, quiet, innovative, fun to build with.
This is an awesome case! Easy to build with, great cable management, tons of features, and it looks pretty deadly as well. I think I might prefer the black and blue / green though... The only reason someone wouldn't want this is if they needed 5.25" bays for DVD burners etc. I picked up a USB powered external one not too long ago and use that instead.

Review Date: 07/05/14
Cons: None to be seen so far.

Pros: Great design and surface. Wide window so you can see everything going on.
A more unusual kind of case that will greatly satisfy your need of a different case.

Review Date: 05/22/14
Cons: Nothing worth complaint at this price point.

Pros: - Quiet- Small- Minimalist
Most definitely the best chassis at the $120 price point. Ridiculous amount of liquid cooling options, wonderful design, large acrylic window, and superb build quality. No chassis in the same price range is better than the H440 as of May 2014.

Review Date: 02/28/14
Cons: back panel is a little tight for cable management with the sound deadening material enchroaching.Air flow is tight at front and topThere is no Optical disk drive bays

Pros: overall striking look to the case.all metal HDD drive sleds. Cable management is good- need to plan ahead with PSU cables but everything can be well hiddenQuietUnique SSD drive placements
Was looking for a small home theatre computer but came across this one on NCIX and decided I loved the looks and the promise of being a silent case. It is silent, all I really hear is the hard drive is reading or writing. Just using on board graphics with standard AMD CPU fan for now.I like the PSU shroud hiding the PSU cabling even though it makes one have to plan the cable run in advance. The lighting effect on the back ports and the NZXT logo is cool.Has a fan splitter in the back panel opening which make it easier to run fans but it is not a controller.Love the look and neat features and its build quality --- Shiny

Review Date: 02/21/14
Cons: a little too much plastic

Pros: -good build quality-quiet-fits the cables nicely
Does the job i need it to. no complaints
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Product Features

computer case mid tower
120mm fan 140mm fan

NZXT H440 Silent Mid-Tower White Case
The new H features a doorless, ODD-free front panel made entirely of steel while a large, full-view window reveals an interior specially engineered to make any build seamless and beautiful.

  • Four Included Fans; The H440 comes standard with 4 of NZXT's newly designed FN V2 case fans. An unheard of 3x 120mm in front and 1x 140mm in rear.
  • Steel Throughout; Newly designed steel HDD drive trays complement the H440's front and top steel panels.
  • Liquid Cooling; Supporting both 140mm and 120mm fans, the steel top and front panels come Kraken? ready- fitting radiators up to 360mm in size to offer comprehensive water cooling performance in a sleek, minimalist package.

Product Specifications

Case MaterialSteel / Plastic
With Power SupplyNo
Motherboard CompatibilityMicro ATX / ATX / ITX
With Side Panel WindowYes
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays5
Internal 2.5" Drive Bays7
Expansion Slots7
Front Ports
Front Ports1 x Audio/Mic, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0
Cooling System
140mm FansFront: 2 x 140mm or 3 x 120mm (3 x 120mm included)
Top: 2 x 140mm or 3 x 120mm
Rear: 1 x 140mm or 1 x 120mm (1 x 140mm included)
Physical Spec
Dimensions8.67" x 20.08" x 18.71" (W x H x D)
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