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Mini DisplayPort Cable Adapter

Mini DisplayPort  Cable Adapter (Others: CAB-D-HDMI-M)
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Mini DisplayPort Cable Adapter
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Rating: 9/10
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Review Date: 10/27/11
Cons: None so far

Pros: Way cheaper than official apple products
I use it with my macbook pro, official mini displayport adapters being way too expensive. I only tested it for a while and it seemed to work great. I will update  if anything changes with more usage

Review Date: 08/03/11
Cons: Remember that a mini displayport is graphics-only - they will not carry audio into the HDMI cable, so you will need an alternate audio cable (macbook pro users, I suggest a toslink fiber - the headphone jack also supports this).

Pros: Sweet little replacement for my Macbook to HDTV setup. It's solid and does its job perfectly
No further observations. It carries a great video signal, and no audio.

Review Date: 07/12/11
Cons: None.

Pros: Works great, supports audio passthrough, compact, very inexpensive
I plugged this into my MacBook Pro and was rocking a 1080P HDTV in no time. I could select  HDMI audio, and got a clean image. No complaints, it works well.It's interesting to note that it is packaged and presented in a way that looks similar to an Apple product (although not quite as polished as that). The price was very excellent on this, and was actually cheaper than any other type of mini-displayport adapter I have seen.BTW, I think the other reviewer above was just a "tad" harsh. Zero stars? Come on, tech stuff breaks, crap happens. It could have been caused by anything.
Antoine Qwerty@NCIX

Review Date: 07/03/11
Cons: Breaks after using a few times

Pros: Cheap price
This item gets 0-stars. This is an active adapter, not passive, which means it contains a chip inside. The chip is located at the HDMI-end of the adapter. After a year of infrequent use the adapter failed. Probably the chip burned out. I was using it with my MacBook Pro connected to an Asus monitor (excellent value, BTW, and purchased at NCIX). The price of this adapter is 1/3 the cost of an Apple plug, and you certainly get what you pay for.The audio and video quality from this adapter is very good, but the quality drops drastically when it becomes broken. And the value of this product is very high given it's low price, but the value decreases significantly after it breaks.It shouldn't break after using it only 15 - 20 times.But perhaps it should break. After all, you get what you pay for. And if we measure the lifespan of the adapter against the price then it's probably worth every penny. But if you want an adapter that lasts longer than 15 - 20 operational periods you might have to spend more money.I gave this product 3-stars because, in this product review forum, if you enter 1 or 2-stars you also have to submit your 'order id' which I no longer have. This product gets a full 5-star rating when it's used less than 15 times. But the rating drops to zero when it's used more than 20, and becomes broken.Also, recent MacBook Pros will definitely send digital audio through their Mini DisplayPort and will send it to an HDMI device via an appropriate adapter. Currently my 2010 13" MacBookPro7,1 will drive the built-in speakers of my friend's HD television using an HDMI cable with adapter (but not the adapter above because it's broken, I have a slightly more expensive one now). No other cables, digital or analogue, are required to send audio in this arrangement. But my previous 13" MacBookPro6,1 from 2009 would not drive the same speakers because, previously, the audio signals weren't available through the Mini DisplayPort.MBP's from 2010 onward will send up to eight channels of audio through their Mini DisplayPort. A useful note from Apple Support reads, "On some noncompliant Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters, the audio signal may not be passed to the HDMI device." So, not all adapters will send audio...... This review was modfied by poster @ 08-03-11 11:36 PM

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