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NZXT 39.37" (1 m) Sleeved LED Kit - Red

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NZXT CB-LED10-RD 1-Metre Light Sensitivity Sleeved LED Kit ( NZXT CB-LED10-RD 1-Metre Light Sensitivity Sleeved LED Kit ( $39.02 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

NZXT 39.37" (1 m) Sleeved LED Kit - Red
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9/10
With 4 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/02/12
Cons: PCI board is very fragile

Pros: Just adds enough color on the lowest setting
Had this for 2 months. First one I bought had to be exchanged. The leds slowly stopped glowing after 2 weeks of usaue on the lowest settings. I haven't had any problems with this one. It can be maneuvered around the edges of your case very easily.

Review Date: 06/27/12
Cons: could always be longer. attaching clips could have more options for smaller spaces.

Pros: nice color and shading effect inside or outside the tower. dimmer control.
They look like mini Xmas lights. cool effect wrapped around your cables. if they were a little less expensive all the cables would look cool decked out in these. I used 1 string to hide under the front face cover of a tower. It nicely lights up the cd trays in an easy on the eyes red glow. Looks cool at in the dark with the mini black light shining down and the red glow around the trays.

Review Date: 09/24/11
Cons: N/A

Pros: LED Lights on a string, easy to wrap around things & provide decent lighting
Good light, I dont know how many you would want to have in your case though

Review Date: 07/15/11
Cons: -none so far

Pros: -all black sleeving-decent quality for price
Nice addition to my case giving it a softer red glow. The 2 meter light strip would have added more light but would have been too bright for what I wanted.I like the quality of this product. All cables are sleeved in black and the molex connector is not a stock flimsy one either. Nice push button on/off switch and the 3 (low/med/high) setting switch works decently.

Product Features


NZXT Sleeved Kit
Lighten up your computer case with the NZXT Sleeved Kit. This sleeve kit unlike the traditional solid LED boards do not take up a large amount of space inside your PC. You get this as paired wires with high density amount of LEDs allowing you to hide lights between the side panels and under the mechanism creating an amazing glowing effect inside the computer case. This sleeved LED Kit is paired with three step light sensitivity that comes with on/off light function via the PCI keeping the LED kit stealthily hidden away while unused. It comes with the cable measuring 1 meter of length, along with red colored LED lights to set up your mood. Order the NZXT Sleeved Kit today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Three step light sensitivity; Allows its user to turn the LEDs on with high, medium, and low settings or turn off when not in use
  • Sleeved LED Kit; comes in 1 meter length along with attractive red colored LED lights
  • Easy Management; designed to take up minimal space and fits in narrow areas in any computer case as it provides numerous LEDs on one cable to simplify installation

Product Specifications

Specifications: LED color: Red Length: 39.37" (1 m) Easy Management: Designed to take up minimal space and fit in narrow areas in any case, the Sleeved LED Kit provides numerous LEDs on one cable to simplify installation. 5 Kit Colors: Set the mood or mix and match with red, green, white, blue, or orange
Features: The NZXT Sleeved LED Kit re-images the way enthusiasts sets up lighting inside the computer case. Traditionally, cold cathodes and even solid LED boards take up large amounts of space inside the case. Using sleeved wires paired with high density amount of LEDs, the NZXT LED kit allows users to hide lights
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