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Corsair Vengeance MM400 Hard Plastic Gaming Mouse Mat

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Corsair MM400 High-Speed Gaming Mouse Mat CH-9000016-WW — Standard Edition Corsair MM400 High-Speed Gaming Mouse Mat CH-9000016-WW — Standard Edition $34.63 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Corsair Vengeance MM400 Hard Plastic Gaming Mouse Mat
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.5/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 11/24/13
Cons: havent found any

Pros: Works great, semi-rigid
Paired this with a long range wireless mouse to use on my couch with 50" TV

Review Date: 07/25/13
Cons: My mouse will not track properly on it.

Pros: Good amount of surface area, grips well to desk, does not move. Mouse slides very easily on pad.
I have the CM Zero G gaming mouse, and it does not track properly on this mouse pad. Sometimes when the mouse is lifted off the pad and put back down, it has a 0.5 to 1 second pause before it will track again. Sometimes this even happens without lifting the mouse too. As you can imagine, this is unusable for gaming and completely negates the purpose of a gaming mousepad. My mouse works perfectly on my old Razer Destructor mousepad.
Carbon Rod@NCIX

Review Date: 06/10/13
Cons: A bit too slick at times.

Pros: Very well made. Thick plastic, but a thin rubber backing. Still only a few millimeters thick overall.
I actually bought one of these and a similarly sized cloth mouse pad to try them both out. I had actually gotten used to the cloth mouse pad first, but then I changed my mouse. On a whim I switched back to this one and it's the one I'm sticking with.Like I said in the cons, it's still a bit slick at times which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I had to adjust the weight of my mouse to counteract some of the lack of friction so that the mouse cord itself wouldn't push the mouse all over the place when I took my hand from it. Overall, I think my response time is better, but my accuracy has taken a bit of a hit. It's OK though, my main game is WoW with a few other single player shooters thrown in for good measure. Nothing serious.All in all, it really is a nice, high quality mouse pad.

Review Date: 03/15/13
Cons: none so far

Pros: Very smooth when paired with Corsair M60
When I first bought the mouse pad, I noticed that there was a cut-out on the packaging where you could feel the surface of the mousepad. I felt its textured surface and suddenly worried that it would eat up the feet on my mouse. However, this did not happen and the mousepad is very smooth when matched with my Corsair M60.

Review Date: 03/03/13
Cons: WAY to slippery dont ever try to play a first person shooter with this mousepad u wont be abel to hit anything ur aim will be off and aiming down teh gun site his god terrible u will move all over the place never hit a target and get killed none stop. DEFFINTLEY NEVER use this pad with a vengence m65 mouse because it will move all over the place even more

Pros: none do not buy this
do not buy this mouse pad completley cheap and way to slippery u will be wasteing 24 dollars on a peice fo plastic. this thing is way over priced for a peace fo plastic with rubber this thing doesnt warrant a price tage of 24 dollars. get real. corsair has alot of nerve to charge that much for a peice of plastic. costs them 50 cents make it. very cheap and terrible product from corsair this is no gaming mouse. when u play games u want to have accuracy this pad send u off target no matter what u do no matter what dpi setting ur mouse is at This review was modfied by poster @ 03-03-13 07:24 PM

Review Date: 02/23/13
Cons: expensive if not on sale

Pros: good qualitysticks to desk and doesnt move
Purchased this mouse pad on sale for $12.99 and is very thick and large mouse pad. I would recommend if you have a large desk.

Review Date: 12/28/12
Cons: Expensive when not on sale

Pros: Good QualityVery low frictionGreat value when on saleSticks to my desk very well
I got this mouse pad for $15 on sale. I was previously using a low quality mouse pad which I got for free from PAX2012 from the EVE Online booth. For $30 this pad seems a bit expensive for what it is considering you can buy very smooth Aluminum pads for not very much more than that. For $15 though this thing is of great value.What a big difference this pad is. It's very smooth and low friction compared to my last one. It threw me off at first so It's going to take a bit of getting used to for me for sure.It's quite large so it should accommodate most everyone I would think.If you like hard surface pads as opposed to fabric ones then I'd recommend this one quite a bit.

Review Date: 11/29/12
Cons: - regular price is too much, but great if it's on sale

Pros: - clean and simple look- high quality + thick- works great with my Sensei (low friction, slides easily)
Great pad if on sale. Low friction and Sensei slides effortlessly. Very thick and high quality, seems very durable.
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Product Features

Mouse Pad

Corsair CH-9000016-WW Vengeance MM400 Gaming Mouse Mat
Built with quality and performance in mind, the Corsair CH-9000016-WW Vengeance MM400 Gaming Mouse Mat makes mouse tracking a piece of cake. The Corsair CH-9000016-WW Vengeance MM400 Gaming Mouse Mat is made from high quality, long-lifespan polymer. Delivering excellent gliding characteristics without compromising control, this mouse mat provides the consistency and performance a user needs to get things done swiftly. It even enables both consistent snap targeting and pixel-precise shots for an uninterrupted performance. Grab the Corsair CH-9000016-WW Vengeance MM400 Gaming Mouse Mat right away!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Tuned Microtexture Surface; delivers superb glide characteristics while maintaining control
  • Expert-Grade Tracking; ensures accurate and consistent tracking
  • Non-Slip Natural Rubber Base; makes sure that your mat won't slide around your desk
  • Extra-large surface area; provides a spacious gaming surface area

Product Specifications

SeriesVengeance MM400
Dimensions13.86 x 10.71 x 0.08 in
FeaturesLow-friction Microtexture Surface
Hard Plastic polymer delivers optimal mouse glide characteristics

Designed Expert-Grade Tracking
Optimal reflective characteristics ensure consistent and precise tracking

Non-Slip Natural Rubber Base
Won't slide around your desk - even during intense gaming sessions

Extra-large surface area
Assures you never run out of space even during the most intense gaming

Refined surface coating
Optimized surface tracking for users who lift the mouse
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