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Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB FPS Laser Gaming Mouse 8 Buttons 8200DPI - Black

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Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB FPS Laser Gaming Mouse 8 Buttons 8200DPI - Black
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Below Average
Rating: 8/10
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Review Date: 03/01/15
Cons: -Software is not the easiest to use-All buttons other than left/right click are not very tactile-No weight system

Pros: -Nice feel in hand-RGB lighting-Solid build quality-Looks nice-Has additional buttons (but not too many) and can save profiles to device-left/right click buttons are mechanical omron switches-no noticeable acceleration
The sabre laser RGB mouse is a lightweight and comfortable mouse to use. When I first used the mouse I found the shape was a bit awkward, but after a week of using it, the mouse felt pretty natural in my smallish hand although my pinky felt slightly out of place. The right/left click buttons have a satisfying click and are not difficult to press, but the CPI change buttons are firm with little feedback and the back/forward buttons on the side as well as middle button are not clicky at all. The scroll wheel has satisfying scroll steps and the click on that is alright, but not very tactile.The build of the mouse is great. There is no creaking in the plastic when you click and it is solid all around. This mouse is very light, and while at first it was a bit weird for me, coming from a heavier mouse I eventually became used to it and noticed it glides better because of the lightness. Still, I would have appreciated some sort of weight system. It is also covered in a grippy and sweat-resistant rubberized coating that looks nice and feels good. The cable is braided but is also very light, so it doesn’t get caught on the edge of your desk and won’t pull the mouse with it. It is worth mentioning the USB connector is also easily recognizable but is also a tad bit large. I didn’t have any issues but can imagine that if another larger plug was beside it, it could cause issues especially on a laptop. The mouse is extremely aesthetically pleasing, with the only exception being the ‘corsair gaming’ logo which I am not a fan of.This mouse also features 4 RGB leds that are fully customizable. I really like the ability to change the colour of the LEDs as it allows you to have a consistent colour scheme across all peripherals and makes it so that you don’t have a mismatched mouse when you get a new PC or keyboard. I also like the fact that each LED can be it’s own colour and you can assign different colours to different CPI levels with the CPI led. I am a little bit confused by the LED on the front of the mouse as it is barely visible unless you’re looking directly at it and would have preferred an underglow LED of some sort.The software to customize the mouse is not the easiest to use. While it’s not difficult, you should expect to spend around 30 minutes if you want to fully customize your mouse. I found that every setting was not exactly where I expected it to be and some settings had unclear descriptions (very similar to other settings). It is, however, extremely robust and has the most options I have ever seen in a gaming mouse utility. My only other qualm with the corsair software is windows said it has a ‘high’ impact on my startup time.When it comes to the sensor of this mouse all I can say is I am impressed. I did not notice any acceleration with this mouse and found the sensor very accurate on multiple surfaces. The sensor has the ability to go up to ridiculously high CPIs and I found that it performs great in games and general usage alike.In day to day use, I really enjoyed using this mouse. I admire the lack of an excess of unnecessary buttons on the mouse and the simple design. It is not distracting to use with no sharp edges and silly dials and I found it great to use when playing competitive games like CS:GO and TF2 but also to use while working and browsing the internet. The sabre mouse is very versatile and would not be out of place in an office or gaming setup. While it's not perfect in every way, if you want an all-round good gaming mouse the Sabre Laser is a great option and probably one of my favourites. This review was modfied by poster @ 03-01-15 06:45 PM

Review Date: 02/19/15
Cons: Forward/reverse button awkwardly positionedMiddle mouse button awkwardly positionedFront "headlight" LED not bright enough

Pros: ComfortableLightPreciseWell-madeVery flexible cableExtremely customizable lighting
This is a very comfortable mouse to use, and it's very well-built. It feels very solid and uses high-end components (Omron switches, 8200 DPI laser sensor). The buttons have a very precise feel - no side-to-side sloppiness, inconsistent travel or mushy activation. The scroll wheel feels particularly good. Many mice have a squishy rubber scroll wheel but this one has a solid scroll wheel covered in a tire tread-like rubber pattern for grip. It requires a bit more force to activate the scroll wheel than those doughy rubber scroll wheels and took a while to get used to, but it feels very solid and precise.The sleeved cable is quite fine and very flexible. It does not push the mouse when it's on the mousepad like many other mice, it just folds back effortlessly as the mouse moves.The mouse is covered in a grippy rubberized coating. There are 4 large glide pads underneath. It's quite light and is comfortable for hours at a time. The base flares out at either side to allow your thumb and pinky finger to rest on it.The software is quite good. Every LED can be set to a custom colour and can be set to blink, wave in intensity, etc. There are extensive macro editing capabilities.The LEDs are nice, particularly the resolution LED (which changes colour to indicate the current resolution) and the scroll wheel which is lit on the edge and in the centre. As the scroll wheel is separate from the body in a cutout in the centre, this effect is particularly impressive. The large "Corsair Gaming" logo LED is hidden by your hand in operation, and of course it can be turned off in the software if you don't like it. The only useless LED is the "headlight/searchlight" LED which lights the mouse pad on the front left of the mouse. It should be very useful in the dark to see the mouse pad but it's just not bright enough.The left and right buttons are perfectly positioned, as is the scroll wheel and the resolution up/down buttons. I find the forward/back buttons too far forward and the middle button too far back, resulting in me having to reposition my hand to use them.As the mouse is stated to work only in Windows, the following comments do not have any bearing on the score - but I tried it in Linux. It works fine as a regular mouse. All buttons work and the resolution can be changed. However it takes about 30 seconds to start up and if the PC is restarted with the mouse plugged in, those 30 seconds are added to the start up with the cursor mysteriously blinking as the system waits. No big deal as it doesn't formally have Linux support, yet it works fine anyway. Obviously the software doesn't run in Linux so it doesn't support changing LED colours or macros, but it does work well nevertheless.An excellent, customizable mouse that's built to last.

Review Date: 01/10/15
Cons: it double clicks sometimes when press left button

Pros: best macro editing software
best shape and macro support but painful to use with double clicking bug. For that price I expect a better mouse that comes without any problem This review was modfied by poster @ 01-10-15 08:19 AM

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