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ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa 120mm Long life CPU Cooler

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Zalman CNPS10X Performa CPU Fan For Intel LGA1366/1156/1155/775 & AMD Zalman CNPS10X Performa CPU Fan For Intel LGA1366/1156/1155/775 & AMD $59.35 CAD Shop Now
Zalman Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler with Direct Touch Heat-Pipe Base CNPS10X Performa+ Zalman Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler with Direct Touch Heat-Pipe Base CNPS10X Performa+ $64.33 CAD Shop Now
ZALMAN CNPS10X PERFOMA+ 120mm CPU cooler Fan Intel 1150/1155/1366/775 & AMD AM3+ ZALMAN CNPS10X PERFOMA+ 120mm CPU cooler Fan Intel 1150/1155/1366/775 & AMD AM3+ $69.50 CAD Shop Now
Zalman CNPS10X Performa CPU Cooler Dual Fan Support 2011/1156/1155/1150/1366/775 Zalman CNPS10X Performa CPU Cooler Dual Fan Support 2011/1156/1155/1150/1366/775 $89.84 CAD Shop Now
Zalman Performa Cpu Cooler Zalman Performa Cpu Cooler $90.80 CAD Shop Now
Zalman Performa CPU Cooling Fan CNPS10X PERFORMA Zalman Performa CPU Cooling Fan CNPS10X PERFORMA $90.80 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa 120mm Long life CPU Cooler
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.99/10

Review Date: 09/09/13
Hardware secrets gave this a gold rating and I can see why. Really effectively put together and it dropped my operating temps nearly 20* from a stock cooler. Fan clips suck but with the cost of this cooler and it's efficiency annoying fan clips aren't even worth mentioning.

Review Date: 09/02/13
Quiet,cool,shiney little tall, and not the sexiest.

Review Date: 09/01/13
cooling my i7 930 the included zalman fan is a bit noisy... was planning on placing the resistor on the fan, putting it on the 'pull' side of the cooler and installing a gentle typhoon on the push side...turns out the incorporated zalman fan only has hooks on the edges to attach on the push side of the cooler... you can see it from the photos, the fan is missing the square corners on the intake side...so i had to leave the resistor off the zalman fan and place the scythe on the pull side... wish water cooling wasn't so darn expensive... >_<

Review Date: 08/30/13
I don't even know where to commence with this thing, honestly... I cannot express the epic win I have skilled with this. I anticipated a thing very good adequate to pull me via a modest overclock, for the around 40 value variety this is. What I got was a theoretical refrigerator. Right after some prime95 heat tests, I got these benefits on my Phenom II six-Core BE.Ambient @ 30 CIdle after 30 minutes: 33 CelsiusSoon after prime95 testing for 30 minutes: 46 Celsius. Obtaining the screws into the motherboard and the general installation was a hassle, as you might expect from a behemoth. This fit fine with no hassle although, not even with ram troubles, in my 8.ten inch wide case. They say 90% of all folks who are angered or sad right after a acquire are most likely to make up 90% of a solution's evaluations. I am right here to dispel your doubts.

Review Date: 08/28/13
This factor cools my Phenom II x3 720 BE OC'd to 3.4Ghz at 20c idle n 29C load in prime.compared to stock which was 40C idle and 60C load. Massive, had to take off my side fan. Get it.

Review Date: 08/25/13
The ideal worth cooler. Best finish functionality with a mid variety cost tag. Create quality is not sacrificed at all. Frankly it is loud, ugly and very productive.I suggest it hugely. This is not a quiet cooler. I'm not sensitive to fan noise but it might bother some.

Review Date: 08/23/13
All I have to say is wow! This point cools like nothing at all else. Big improvement in temps over the stupid stock AMD heatsink.Temps when idle were 40-ish ahead of. With this on, core temps are *below space temperature *, at about 22 degrees.Ships with a packet of Zalman's personal ZM-STG2M thermal compound, which performs about Arctic Silver five level.Fan is four-pin PWM, with the alternative of a resistor extension for quieter operation. It is Big. Retain in mind from the photo that the fan is 120mm. Yeah. Persons need to have to measure their case before buying this and whining when it blocks RAM or just doesn't fit.This WILL match in a correctly spec'd mid tower case with perhaps 2cm of clearance in between the side panel and prime of the heatsink.It also extends about 6cm to the side of the CPU socket. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's low adequate to block your RAM slots. I bought this realizing totally nicely it would block the initially two slots, and it was worth it IMO.The box in which it comes is sort of badly created. The flap that would hang it on a store wall folds into the box, blocking the styrofoam that the heatsink is in. I had to cut the box in order to be able to take the contents out without bending all the fins on the heatsink. A workaround to blocked RAM slots would be to install the fan on the other side, or just have a mobo with lots of space among the CPU and RAM in the initially place.It has excellent compatibility and directions. The bracket is sort of weird although.This cooler is awesome for the price. The only inconveniences are minor (size, packaging design) so I only took off a star. Could use an LED fan to spice points up :PSpecs:AMD Phenom II X6 1055T CPUGIGABYTE 890FXA-UD5 Motherboard4GB Patriot DDR3 Sector five RAM80GB Intel X-25M SSD1TB WD Caviar Black HDD

Review Date: 08/07/13
You have to look outside the box (not apparent) techniques to do this. There is almost no purpose why you can't mount the fan on the other side of the HS, so instead of a PUSH, you will get a PULL. Some tests show the PUSH is perhaps ~ a degree much better. Also, if you use a lengthy handle screwdriver, the curvature of the fins in fact provides you the clearance to tighten the screw heads. You ought to also use your totally free hand to push down the plates so there is no strain when you are tightening the screws. I want Far more downward stress onto the CPU surface. Please appear at how the Prolimatech and/or Thermalright's mounting setups. They are the ideal in da business. The fan sucks I mean blows I mean it is terrible. Offer a better fan please (and no far more than 1600 RPM).

Review Date: 08/04/13
Uncomplicated Set up on i5 750 on a Gig@byte MB. I have a millimeter or two clearance among my RAM heatsinks and the fan on the Performa HSF. The directions that came with the unit had been very fantastic. The packaging was also great (a type-match plastic case inside a retail box - no bent fins like on some other brands). SILENT operation (I am operating the resistor adapter to lower fan speeds). In fact, my fan was not operating at all right after I moved my Pc from a single office to an additional. The BM fan connector came unplugged. The heatsink alone worked great - I under no circumstances even noticed especially high temps (I run Coretemp in the tray so I see actual time temps). In reality, the temps are lower than the stock HSF temps! What much more can you ask for? Plus, the cost is Good. Regardless of the price (even at twice the cost) this would be a wonderful HSF. Large HSF. Check to make certain you have room.Must remove the MB (or at least have excellent access to the back) for the set up. But after installed, it is solid - what a mount Must BE. If you are hunting for a Excellent Worth, appear no further than this.If you are hunting for a very quiet (if not silent) HSF, this is a excellent solution.If you are looking for cooling far beyond what really should be doable in this price range - this is it.What need to come as a stock HSF. If MS did this, there would be really tiny market place for aftermarket HSF, unless you need really leading 10% functionality, and you don't thoughts hearing the loud fans.

Review Date: 07/31/13
This heatsink is capable to successfully cool an I7 930 CPU below full loads and still be really. Beneath idle, temps keep under 30*C. Beneath full loads, temps remain within the 50*C ranges. But when the load is gone, the CPU temps drop like a brick back below 30*C. Its aircooled, so just got to clean dust from it.

Review Date: 07/24/13
Fits on MSI 870A-G54 fitted with G.Ability Ripjaws Series 4GB ƒ x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3. I had 1mm clearance =D. Keeps AM3 RANA 440 at 19c at idle and I havn't observed it go over 35c as of however. Installation was difficult but it worked. Purchased a 120mm green LED fan to ad some glow to the circumstances interior and it emits a good green glow over the fins on this cooler. Quite Happy, if it aint broke dont fix it!!!WOOT, case stickers!

Review Date: 07/12/13
it can match in my cm690 ii simple case couldnt use it due to the fact i couldn't line up back plate on my msi 785gt-e63 motherboard and i want additional double sided sticky tape

Review Date: 07/09/13
Well packaged, Massive unit. Looks like it would have worked well. RMA'd due to size problem (see cons). Will not operate with N82E16813131402 and ripjaw RAM. (or RAM greater than 32mm I think it was)I feel the manufacturer should have disclosed it on the product description, instead of in the instructions where you are pondering to yourself "I wonder if my RAM will clear?".Directions are hardly sufficient in respect to illustration. There are a few stickers that require to be placed on the unit that are challenging to distinguish between on the guidelines pictures.I rated this at two stars since the unit wasted a good two+ hrs of my time. Confident, I can RMA and get my dollars back but what about my time?Zalman, please disclose the restrictions on your units just before an individual desires to locate out the hard way. I won't be doing company with you in the future because you already owe me. I assume this unit would have been fantastic had I truly been capable to use it.This unit requires pulling off component of the CPU retention assistance, don't purchase it unless you want to tear apart your mobo.I'm off to acquire a liquid program now.

Review Date: 07/01/13
I've been browsing the internet for a CPU that is of wonderful top quality/build and this is it. I bought two of these as I'm creating two Computer's for the initial time. Following reading all the outstanding critiques on this solution, I have to say I'm one hundred% satisfied with my selection. I love the truth that this CPU functions with all Intel/AMD mobo's out there that was another pro in getting this CPU. Thanks to Zalman & you guys for leaving feedback on right here and generating my purchasing knowledge a extremely positive one particular. None at all. I got the Enermax 120mm fan model number: UCAP12-G. Quite good good quality/build. At this time this fan has an outstanding rebate provide that you just can't beat! I also bought the Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound, from what I read on the critiques of this solution, it's the best paste out there! Thanks to Newegg for the quite rapidly two day shipping to get here. Often wonderful and quickly shipping, what else can you say. Thanks once again to everybody who leaves feedback on the merchandise you acquire! It actually aids folks like myself who are finding out on how to construct there first Pc's, it indicates a lot to me!

Review Date: 06/22/13
im updating my review really sturdy mountquiet even when under full load my cpu idles at 58 degrees ferinhight! which is awesome! beneath full load both cpus at one hundred% it tops out at 72 degrees ferinhight ive overclocked my amd athlon II X2 240 to 3.44ghz from two.8ghz and that nonetheless topped out at 72 degrees not sure how to push it additional difficult i could problibly reach four.0ghz if i was really very good at overclockng. have to take out mobo to install if am2,am2+,and am3 but nonetheless worth it for the excellent stablility i purchased it for 50$ now its 40$....get it

Review Date: 06/15/13
Keeps my phenom II x2 cool . can overclock with this cooler and know it will preserve my temps down. none

Review Date: 06/09/13
This issue will cool your processor like no other.It'll perform greater than 95% of the heatsinks out there. and the 5% that carry out greater are only a little increase significantly less then five degrees... and it charges 50% much less than the other five%!its got like 5 copper heatpipes... thats running up ther! nice!Fan is rele strong and created nicely. i can really feel air blowing all over my case now just b/c of cpu fan. lolTo put it in viewpoint, I have a Phenom II x3 720 BE, its overclocked to three.4Ghz. with stock heatsink it used to idle at or above 40C and in prime95 it would go to the 60s.With this point, utilizing ArticSilver5 not even cycled however, I'm running 20C idle and 28-29C w/ prime95 running for 20mins... does tht say sufficient? I can't wait to push my phenom up to its actual max now! This factor is large! like incredibly massive! wow!If you have a side case fan 99% your going to have to take it off. I was capable to mount my side fan on the outdoors of the side panel so tht it is really sticking out of the case, w/e it still operates just annoyin.Also if you have a normal motherboard with the four RAM slots appropriate next to the cpu (lik less than a fingers width away from the cpu bracket) the fan will just block some of the initially slot if your ram has ne kind of heatsink. This didn't matter to me at all b/c Im operating two sticks in slot 3 and four anyway. So tht shouldnt matter to most.like with any other heatsink fins they can bend... but thats a given... but its not lik they're created of cheap material, its just fins are thin so it can come about, not a deal breaker in anyway.Fan noise is noticeable when its totally going... but it has the resistor if u want it to be more quiet (im not using it considering that i want the most of of this point and noise isnt tht large of a deal) Ppl mentioned the fan clips were a difficulty... idk wat they rele meant I had no challenge.For the price tag... get it! For the performance... you need to have already purchased it!I didn't get mine on Newegg b/c i discovered it someplace else for more affordable. got it for ำ. But even lik ุ would be a fantastic cost and โ is nonetheless worth it. But appear on some other web-sites also for a better deal. I really like you newegg but this time you didn't have the lowest cost.On of the finest air cooling heatsinks out there is the noctua nh-d14. tht issue is a beast n costs a lot additional! But i have noticed ppl compare this to it and in evaluations the performa is only a couple of degrees hotter than it. This factor rele is great! Great job Zalman.Technique:Phenom II x3 720 BE ʃ.4GhzZalman CNPS10X PerformaBiostar TA785 A2+Patriot Viper 4Gb ƒx2Gb) 1066 five-5-5-15BFG 9600GT OCWD Caviar Black 640Gb

Review Date: 06/02/13
Keeping my AMD B55 incredibly cool. Can hardly hear the CPU fan at full load. 41 C at full load. A small massive and comes a little close to RAM slots. Be conscious if you have RAM with massive heat spreaders.

Review Date: 05/18/13
It is quiet and cool and has room for a push-pull fan configuration. It is a discomfort to install as it demands going by way of the motherboard. It is difficult to line up the screws via the universal brackets.The foam pads to hold the fan quiet came loose and got ate by the fan. The noise it made bring about me to cower below my bed pondering doomsday had come. Had to take out the foam pads. This cooler is big. The fan was on leading of my first two DRAM banks, so make certain you purchase ram without having tall heat-sinks if you want to use this cooler.

Review Date: 04/10/13
Such a wonderful cooler. It isn't incredibly loud, and when I tested it with prime95 for 1 hour, it yielded the following benefits on a phenom ii x4 955 BE.Ambient: 20Cʃ.2GHzIdle: 33CLoad: 46Cʃ.6GHzIdle: 37CLoad: 49CAs for the stock cooler:ʃ.2Idle: 35Load: 65ʃ.6Idle: 38Load: 71Fantastic COOLER! DO NOT Consider TWICE ABOUT Acquiring IT.I will suggest this to whoever demands a low-cost CPU cooler. Rather large, but you know that going in.For me, it was a Discomfort to install, but the method I was installing it to was quite difficult to get about, and obtaining the mobo out took about 25 minutes. Seriously, I would give this additional eggs if I could. My hats off to Newegg for shipping it hastily and providing great service, and hats off to Zalman for making such a BEAST.

Review Date: 03/28/13
Incredibly nicely constructed cooler, lovely copper base, tons of good hunting heat pipes, got really good evaluations, and performs incredibly properly at cooling a CPU. The back plate for AM3 leaves a lot to be preferred. I installed this onto an Asus Evo 880G complete ATX Motherboard. I ended up just working with the Asus backplate, rather than just not installing this cooler at all. If would not get any cooler heavier than this one, due to the strain imposed on the motherboard's PCB in moving and or transporting the Pc. It is fine sitting in one particular spot though. Zalman tends to make some lighter coolers, and I would go that route the subsequent time about.

Review Date: 03/23/13
Can fit 2 fans, if the fans have screw holes in the proper positions. Installation directions are really clear, and the bracket has plastic nut holders, so the nuts dont slip and fall when screwing in the bolts. The heat fins are really thin, they will bend. There is a foam sticker that holds the backplate through set up, it could not be usefull a second time the cooler is installed.

Review Date: 03/03/13
Very Powerful Cooling EfficiencyAllowed Me To Push My CPU To Its LimitesQuite Quite Cooler FanIncorporated Fan Voltage Resistor Not So Easy To InstallCut My Hand During InstallationWhen Connecting Fan Resistor , Fan sometimes Doesn't Spin Till I Manually Push It. Dropped My CPU Cores Temps From 52 C To 35 C @ IDLEAnd From 79 C To 53 C @ Full LoadMY CPU : AMD PHENOM II X4 955 BE C2 REV

Review Date: 03/02/13
keeps my 1090T beneath 60c when oc'd to four.2ghz + toture test. doesn't keep it under 55c? get the second fan.

Review Date: 02/22/13
This is one fantastic cooler. Easily the greatest value for the income. Add a 2nd 120mm med to hi flow fan & it rivals coolers costing twice its price tag. Its also a bit shorter than other premium coolers & that makes for much more mounting alternatives in instances that are a bit less wide.Dosent block memory slots as some other premium coolers.Includes fan speed resistor for rather operating or use no resistor for complete speed operation.Keeps a intel 950 running at 4ghz+ & vcore of 1.35v+ operating at a chilly 30 degree idle temp & intel cpu burn in test completely loaded in the upper 50's to lower 60's in any case with very good airflow. Straight forward install & compatable with just about all socket interfaces. Not a a single. Get ya one particular!!!!
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Product Features

120mm Fan Heat Sink

Zalman Performa CPU Cooler
Keep your CPU from overheating with this outstanding cooler. Designed with 120mm fan, it is CU/AL engineered and uses aluminum wire for functioning. Coming with 4-Pin connector, it lets you connect to other devices very easily. You can mount it easily as it comes with swappable fan clips. You can also integrate an additional fan to it to maximize cooling efficacy. This CPU cooler gets in direct contact with the heat-pipes and aluminum fins to reduce heat considerably. It is compatible with Intel Socket 1156/1366/775. The PWM Fan Speed Resistor and Super Thermal Grease ensures powerful cooling performance. Get the Zalman Performa CPU Cooler today.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Dual Fan Support; gives high pressure airflow
  • Compatibility; works with Intel Socket 1156/1366/775
  • PWM Fan Speed Resistor; lets you adjust fan speeds
  • High Performance Super Thermal Grease; dissipates heat

Product Specifications

Model CNPS10X Performa
Type Fan & Heatsinks
Fan Size 120mm
Compatibility Intel LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366
AMD Socket 754 / 939 / 940 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3
Bearing Type Long life
RPM 900~1,350 10% (RC24P Connected), 900~2,000 10% (RC24P Not Connected)
Noise Level 17~24dBA 10% (RC24P Connected), 17~36dBA 10% (RC24P Not Connected)
Power Connector 4-Pin PWM
Heatsink Material Aluminum & Copper
Physical Spec
Heatsink Dimensions 132 x 100 x 152mm
Weight 748g
Features Dual Fan Support
CPU Supported: Pentium 4, Celeron D, Pentium D, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme, Pentium Dual Core, Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Sempron, Athlon, Athlon FX, Opteron, Dual-Core Opteron, Phenom, Athlon X2, Phenom II, Athlon II
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 30 days limited
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