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StarTech.com Game Console to PC Monitor Converter Adapter NTSC/PAL

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StarTech COMP2VGA Video Game Jockey
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StarTech.com Composite and S-Video to VGA Video Converter for Computer Monitors StarTech.com Composite and S-Video to VGA Video Converter for Computer Monitors $114.48 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

StarTech.com Game Console to PC Monitor Converter Adapter NTSC/PAL
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 6/10
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Review Date: 01/06/15
Cons: No upscaling.

Pros: Successfully allows analog composite input to a VGA digital monitor
I used it to connect a pre-internet TI-99/4A Home Computer (1981)to a modern LCD monitor.Computers of this era did not output an interlaced signal, and most low priced converters, expecting a video game console's interlaced signal, have trouble interpreting progressive input. This result in the colorburst signal being mis-interpreted and a B&W picture with severe vertical banding.The Startech device has no such difficulty, and colors come through fine. Unfortunately because it still tries to de-interlace the image, the result is VERY muddy. Additionally, since it does not provide upscaling to modern resolutions, it forces the LCD to do all the work, scaling the 256x192 resolution to the closest available (640x480), well below the ideal resolution of the monitor. This further distorts picture quality.To be fair, upscaling converters (such as the XRGB) cost several hundred dollars, so Startech unit performs as can be expected in the price range in which it sells.Also, since this will likely be used to plug a SNES era machine to an LCD monitor, the results should be very good.My only REAL complaint is the audio pass-through. Pass-through should be "PASS-THROUGH" with no audio quality loss. Not the case here. I highly recommend bypassing the audio on this device for a direct connection to your sound system or speakers.You won't get the pristine image quality of an XRGB converter, but the Startech device performs acceptably for it's low price point.

Product Features

Product Specifications

PC Connectors1 x Female DB15 VGA Monitor Out
Console Connectors1 x Male DB15 VGA In 2 x RCA composite Audio In, 3.5mm line in and speaker out 1 x RCA composite Video In 1 x S-Video In
Video Resolution1280 x 1024
Monitors SupportedHorizontal = 31.4685KHz Vertical = 60 Hz Resolution = 720 x 480 (NTSC)Horizontal = 31.25 KHz Vertical = 50 Hz Resolution = 720 x 576 (PAL)
Dimensions6.5" x 3.98" x 0.98"
Weight0.5 lb
SplitterOnlyVideo Switch
FeaturesAlso allows VCRs, DVDs and video cameras to connect to monitor Audio pass through with amplified (active) speakers Compatible anywhere in the world, with automatic NTSC and PAL video signals detection Convenient push-button switching between game display and PC display Easy one-time plug and play set up requires no drivers Includes all necessary cables for instant out of the box set up Superior video resolution - 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz Supports composite (RCA) and S-video input
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