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Xigmatek MIDGARD-W Black ATX Tower Case 5X5.25 5X3.5 INT W/ 1200MM LED Fan Front USB Audio Mic

Xigmatek MIDGARD-W Black ATX Tower Case 5X5.25 5X3.5 INT W/ 1200MM LED Fan Front USB Audio Mic (Xigmatek: CPC-T55DB-U02)
Vendor: Xigmatek
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Xigmatek MIDGARD-W Black ATX Tower Case 5X5.25 5X3.5 INT W/ 1200MM LED Fan Front USB Audio Mic
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8/10
With 4 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/21/10
Cons: Some features that just don't work, could have used better testing.

Pros: A lot of advanced features, decent price.
Having owned this case for several months now, I'm quite pleased with it and have no desire to replace it anytime soon.It has some very cool features for a case in this price range. It can accommodate a reverse mounted bottom PSU to draw cold air in from the bottom. It makes use of real estate wherever possible to add extra fans (bottom and 2 top exhaust), and the painted black interior is a nice touch.There are a few things that feel rushed, tacked on, or just not well thought out though. The retainer clips for your addon cards are loose and wobbly, and don't do their job very well. I pulled mine out and just used normal screws instead. The sliders designed to hold your 5.25" bay devices in place allow for too much play, in my opinion, so I ended up using a couple of screws anyways.The sideways mounted HDD cage was a nice touch. The sliders went on easily, and the rubber insulators seem to do a good job of keeping the noise down, as I don't hear a peep from my 2 WD Caviar Blacks.The plexiglass on the side window is cheap, and shows scratches and marks easily. I ended up removing mine and replacing it with some black fiberglass window mesh. It actually looks pretty awesome, lol.Overall my complaints are minor, petty and few. It's a great case, and as I said at the beginning I am pleased with it. However, I just picked up a Coolermaster CS Storm Scout for my wife's new build that has many of the same features (minus the bottom fan) and for a few dollars cheaper.While it's cool to have a case that very few other people seem to have, I doubt that I would repeat the purchase. The popular brands are usually popular for a reason.

Review Date: 04/24/10
Cons: Motherboard backplate cutout is too smallTool-free clips for pci slots and optical drive bays do not work.

Pros: Solid construction Great airflowBottom mount psu area w/filterLooks incredible
I bought this tower for my first build after reading many reviews of it. I was aware of the motherboard backplate cutout being too small, and I was aware of how poor the tool-free clips were. Those two things are minor IMO, as this case has everything else you could want for a great price. The backplate cutout could easily be made bigger and the tool-free clips remove easily so you can just use screws.There's tons of room inside the case, lots of space for cable routing (my super fat 24 pin cable from my Ultra x4 750w psu fit just fine behind the motherboard tray), the hdd trays are great, the fans that come with it look amazing and move lots of air. The fan controller included works and looks great, side panels go on very tightly (which I think is a good thing) and the whole case is just really well made.

Review Date: 10/29/09
Cons: Cable management is a pain is the a$$,Hole for the CPU back plate is useless for most of lga1366 mobo and amd one alsoNot that much place for interior WC, Fan regulator is garbage !!

Pros: all painted in black, good airflow, cheap.
I had a high hope for that case, read a lot of review and they all said that it's one of the best case for the price... I was really disappointed when i got one. almost took 3 hours to put my rig into it and still had a lot of mess inside my case >.

Review Date: 08/21/09
Cons: my window came scratched on the inside

Pros: great looking case
for the price of this tower you get great quality and better than expected air flow. and it looks great.

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