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LOGISYS Computer CS301BK Black Computer Case

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LOGISYS Computer CS301BK Black Solid 6.0mm SECC metal ATX Mid Tower Computer Cas LOGISYS Computer CS301BK Black Solid 6.0mm SECC metal ATX Mid Tower Computer Cas $44.99 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black $58.33 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black $69.90 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black New Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black New $70.59 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black $71.73 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black Logisys CS301BK Mid Tower Computer Case with 480W PSU Black $77.78 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS301BK 10-Bay ATX Computer Case with Blue LED and 480 Watt Power Supply Logisys CS301BK 10-Bay ATX Computer Case with Blue LED and 480 Watt Power Supply $92.17 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

LOGISYS Computer CS301BK Black Computer Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.19/10

Review Date: 08/12/13
Arrived damage free, enough energy provide, great aesthetics. At the value, what a lot more do you want? None

Review Date: 08/10/13
It was really inexpensive. My boyfriend spent 2 hours putting together my personal computer collectively.. the light would come on and immediately shut off. I got replacement parts for two items.. and when he put it back collectively once again... It did the similar precise point. Here this case is so flimsy that it twist... and the motherboard wasn't sitting specifically the way it required to be because of the twisting.. so I wasted three weeks waiting for my replacement parts to come in.. when actually... I need to have replaced the case. Never ever once again will I obtain a Logisys case!

Review Date: 07/31/13
Properly the value is great, and as someone talked about prior to, very user friendly as far as installing components without having tearing up your hands. I essentially enjoyed working with this case for the most element. Sides come off quite simply as effectively as well. All round a good case. Whoever put this ad on Newegg clearly did not observe that the PSU is not 480W. I am trying to power up a Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L mobo, and was below the assumption that 480W ought to be ok to power it up. Program did not boot at all, even immediately after checking all the connections and whatnot. Upon observing the PSU, it states that the total output is 330W!!! Now.... I usually don't get too bent outta shape on stuff like this, but c'mon. You gotta label your goods appropriately! Label the specs properly so that other individuals don't get confused. Also.... obtain a greater PSU. I got a 600W, operates like a charm for my setup now. But took off eggs due to inaccurate specifications. Not cool...

Review Date: 07/18/13
Wonderful value, great looks. None. This is a excellent box for the price, and a lot more than adequate for my demands. I wanted a lightweight gaming rig, and this case fit the bill perfectly.

Review Date: 05/06/13
Its Black. The screws that come with it are as well smaller. The front doesn't detach. And the energy provide is noisy.

Review Date: 04/08/13
it's low-cost, it works, it's flashy. applied for a few technique builds, it's decently thin metal and general a low-cost case, but what do you count on for a case that has PSU integrated. a few standoff holes had been more than bored out from factory too significantly and made them un-usable. for the cost you get what you spend for i guess. i can't leave feedback on the energy supply's as they have been instantaneously replaced with a decent Antec unit.

Review Date: 03/25/13
cheap. Fits anything. Not also quite a few flashy lights. Noisy power supply. Front panel mounts clumsy. You will harm the mounts taking it of (which you have to mount front 120mm fan). Thin steel. was a cheap case. And it shows. Don't expect to use this to create a silent program. The steel will resonate with the fans. It is that thin. Front panel: mounts in a way that everytime you take it off, you will damage one of the six mounts. I'm down to 3 now I assume.Subsequent time I would invest some added money and get a superior case. Tough to make a decision even though from the critiques.. :-(

Review Date: 03/15/13
Rounded edges, powder coat finish obscured fingerprint throughout the make. Case was very sturdy for my make, and the integrated energy supply was a more than sufficient for this non-gaming rig. As other's have talked about:* Only 6 motherboard riser's were included, I required 8 to correctly mount the motherboard into the case.* No case speaker was included.* The two sata power adapters are on the identical rail, and the length is incredibly short. Calls for you to move the DVD drive to a reduced position.* 80mm fan vs 120mm mount. Undoubtedly a no frills case for a fundamental develop, but considering I will under no circumstances see it (thank to remote desktop, it must last for years to come as a WHS.

Review Date: 03/10/13
Had to use this box in a pinch, not going to get rid of it now. Nicely built. Lots of space for an ATX board that demands 9 standouts. Fan was LOUD when I first started it up, but has because been decreased to a hum. Not enough standouts have been shipped, luckily I have an arsenal from preceding retrofits. While the construction of the board is wonderful, it was carried out with flimsy supplies, so dealing with this box did require a level of finesse. Standout holes look like they can simply be stripped if overtightened. All round, an Awesome box and PSU for the money. Even with shipping, you are either acquiring a cost-free PSU or a free tower. Maintain in thoughts, the PSU MAX output is 580W, I have not utilized a multimeter to decide it's sustained output. I would not suggest this box if your setup demands adequate airflow. I had an additional fan for the sideport, but there is no spot to front mount, so your HDD and RAM will run a couple of degrees hotter.

Review Date: 03/06/13
Cheap The metal is quite thin - be careful or you'll reduce yourself.The complete issue was loosely put with each other and flimsy.The screw holes are poorly tapped if tapped at all. Little attaching hardware integrated.No manual/instructions/wire maps of any kind integrated.I don't know about the pwr sup sound as I couldn't mount the mobo due to the sloppy tapping of the mount holes and the really thin metal utilized.Newegg is replacing but I wish I could have added some funds and stepped up to a genuine case. I nonetheless could have to obtain a much better case anyway. I will be staying away from Logisys in the future. I suggest everyone else do the same.

Review Date: 03/05/13
Sturdy case and hold together very well. I had no challenges installing the board or any factor and it comes with four USB hook ups in the front. Power provide was very light like cardboard I trashed it for a 680 watt ^-^ If u get this tower take the 80 MM fan out and place it on the side panel then place a 120 in the back i did this and my comp runs at 27 C

Review Date: 02/24/13
due to the fact this is my initial laptop construct i would say this case is great it wasent to challenging to install the drives and the metal is nice while the window was a bit floppy who cares cuz im not gonna take it off and mess with it. again, my first time so it was sort of tough to figure out the light cables, and energy connectors.

Review Date: 01/27/13
Almost everything fit inside best. No problems with it. It appears like inexpensive material...properly it was inexpensive, so I have no regrets.Holds every thing in place. Metal perhaps a tiny as well thin, but...once more it's a inexpensive case I didn't reduce any eggs due to the fact of the top quality, simply because...the moment once again, it's a low-cost case, can't ask for more

Review Date: 01/18/13
Cons: Cheap made, power button and jack bad location

Pros: Lots of room for the price come with 480watts PSU, THE PRICE
I bought 2 of these for my work just perfect for an office cant ask more for the price but I will never get one of these for my home just too much basic for me but well great product overall

Review Date: 11/02/12
It was affordable, got it on Black friday for beneath ฤ. Looks OK. 4 USB ports on the front. Came with thumb srews for the side panels. Power provide sucks. If you had had a motherboard that was four years old it would work. No 8 pin connector for MB CPU. The side panels are flimsy and just sit on there and are truly only held on by the thumb screws. Energy button on the front of the case came off in shippy and had to glue it back on. SEE OTHER THOUGHTS Replaced power supply just before I even applied the one particular that came with the case. I would have sent it all back if I had not punch out the metal brackets for the video card.I knew better to not acquire this but was trying to save money on a construct for my parents for christmas

Review Date: 10/25/12
totally free powersuppy, in essence. the case is metal (plastic faceplate, of course). the usb ports are on the major (great because mine sets on the floor). ample space for expansion. i also like the appear of the tower and the blue lighting on the power button. there are a few factors that i would like to have on my tower that this one doesnt feature (e-sata on the front, fan in front, heavier gauge steel, and so forth), but i would also expect to pay a lot more for a case with that stuff, and excellent looks. that getting mentioned, this is a excellent case for what you will spend for it. it does the job, and it looks fairly good also!the only complaint i can assume of is the fit and finish of the drive bays in relation to the bay covers. there is a slight gap between the drive bay covers and the cd drive. also, when you push the drive in all the way, up to the faceplate of the drive, it sets a tiny bit additional than the bay covers. you have to kind of split the distinction among the two to make a excellent fit. it could just be my dvd drive though... its an asus that i purchased a few years ago. when i purchased this case, i also picked up a blue led 80mm fan for the side of the tower. the additional fan actually increases air flow (the case typically feels cold to the touch), and the blue lights on the fan appear great shining out of the back! it arrived UNdamaged. even the box looked excellent!im using this case with an old rig that want a new case and bigger power provide. it's cheap, looked excellent, and had a 'free' power provide that was about what i was searching for. im satisfied with it, and i would advocate this item to a friend.

Review Date: 10/17/12
USB ports on the front but near the top of the case is a extremely good function typically only located in larger in instances. Almost everything performs which include the energy provide which has been running for a week now. They do not supply adequate risers to place the MB in. Case extremely thin which is common of low end cases. PSU only has 2 Sata cables and they are located on the similar wire. So if you have a SATA DVD player and a SATA Drive you will have to set up the DVD player in the bottom of the drive bays. Case nonetheless looks great this way, but you could use a energy adapter also. PSU is operating on a Asus MB with and x4 chip. So far it's nonetheless running.

Review Date: 09/03/12
None Newegg issued rma DOA ,For a consumer create, losing income waiting on return. Spend interest to critiques.

Review Date: 08/24/12
Cons: short a few motherboard standoffs

Pros: cheap, cheap and cheap
I bought this for a build on a very tight budget. Nice that it came with a power supply at such a cheap price point. However, I would not trust the power supply to last very long. The case I received was missing a few motherboard standoffs but I was able to find some kicking around that worked for me. I think 4 stars is bang on for this product "Very Good-Would Purchase Again"

Review Date: 08/14/12
Room for any upgrades, sata energy plugs & 480w ps.All usb, sound and front panel connections worked fine. None Would purchase once again

Review Date: 07/31/12
Yes it low cost, but it is also very light. Most of the case has rounded edges which is great for keeping reduce no cost. Lots of space for every thing! Screws and MB mounting stands included. Power supply is just what you would expect from a low cost situation/power provide combo. The energy provide factory mounting is not very fantastic, if you obtain make certain you examine that. All in all greater than I expected for the situation. I place an 8800gt into it with a e5300 and the energy provide seems to be holding up ok. There is NOT a 6pin plug for video cards I had an extra adapter laying about. Also the SATA power is on the exact same strand so the drives have to be close to every other. Would buy again for one more construct.

Review Date: 06/11/12
Cons: Meant for MicroATX boards, Power On Button Light Failed on one.

Pros: Price, PSU Included, Nice Look, Front USB and Audio, Sata Pwr Cables with PSU
I have purchased several of these over the last few years. It allows for a reasonably inexpensive build. Apart from one (out of at least 4 I have purchased) having intermittent blue Pwr Light flicker and sometimes totally off, I am pleased with them. I like the high front USB Connectors.I continue to use these for my builds.

Review Date: 04/27/12
It functions The energy provide was way as well noisy for my workplace atmosphere when drawing only 120 watts. The case cooler is also noisy.No standoffs included for mounting the motherboard I haven't figured out what the green and white connector was major to the front panel. Any clues?

Review Date: 04/22/12
Affordable and sleek. Metal for mounting the board is a bit thin/flexy. Stand-offs will strip the threads if torqued too a lot. For the funds, you can't beat this for a low cost create.

Review Date: 04/16/12
cheapblack?fantastic looksit operates at least has terrible stylenot as negative as some ive noticed but the little brass stands for the mothher board are are smaller screw size than typical so i waste dtime screwing with thathad to use alot of tools for modding and getting screws to tighten and not spinthe metal is extremeley thin and the holes are drilled terriblemay possibly i recommend the cooler master 430 purchased for my grandpas office pc budget buildit functions fine for him he dont no the diff or seriously care about the loud fan he says he cant hear it
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand LOGISYS Computer
Model CS301BK
Type ATX Mid Tower
Color Black
Case Material solid 6.0mm SECC metal
With Power Supply Yes
Power Supply 480W
Power Supply Mounted Top
Motherboard Compatibility 12" x 10" ATX
External 5.25" Drive Bays 4
External 3.5" Drive Bays 1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 5
Front Ports
Front Ports USB / Audio
Cooling System
80mm Fans 1 x 80mm rear fan
Physical Spec
Dimensions(L x W x H) 18.00" x 7.10" x 16.55"
Features Large Front Power Button with Decorative blue LED

Toolless Thumb Screws on both of side panels

Comes with a LOGISYS 480watts SATA Cable power supply, compatible with 20/24pin Motherboard
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited
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