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LOGISYS Computer CS308RD Red / Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window

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Logisys CS308RD Ruby Red 10-Bay Atx Mid Tower Window Case 480W PSU Black Red Logisys CS308RD Ruby Red 10-Bay Atx Mid Tower Window Case 480W PSU Black Red $75.72 CAD Shop Now
Logisys 10 Bay 7 Expansion Slots ATX Mid Tower Computer Case w/480W 20+4-pin PSU Logisys 10 Bay 7 Expansion Slots ATX Mid Tower Computer Case w/480W 20+4-pin PSU $75.75 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS308RD Ruby Red Atx Mid Tower Window Case, Black, Red Logisys CS308RD Ruby Red Atx Mid Tower Window Case, Black, Red $107.87 CAD Shop Now
Logisys CS308RD Ruby Red 10-Bay Atx Mid Tower Window Case with 480W PSU Black, Logisys CS308RD Ruby Red 10-Bay Atx Mid Tower Window Case with 480W PSU Black, $117.71 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

LOGISYS Computer CS308RD Red / Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.45/10

Review Date: 08/17/13
Deep red colour. Energy provide functions. All affordable circumstances I have purchased have been really light and flimsy. This a single is no exception but that is what I was expecting. I fill I was quite fortunate in that my case arrived in ideal situation. Affordable circumstances are shipped in low-cost boxes with tiny padding.

Review Date: 08/01/13
I have not purchased this case but I study the evaluation which claimed the energy switch caught fire. The guy need to have held a match below it or anything, because energy switches don't carry existing and if connected to the correct pins can not possibly brief out or otherwise create heat. none

Review Date: 07/27/13
1.Quite great face plate paint job two. Black paint inside3. Power Provide (maybe, time will tell) 1. One Fan2. Brief Audio cablethree. Flimsy plastic side cover (easily breaks...don't even feel of torquing down the screw if you're placing a fan on itƞ. Not sufficient stand-offs5. Front USB ports are flimsy (have to take care when plugging one thing inƠ. If you're going to take off the face plate to add a fan..once more take exceptional care as it seems it would easily scratch I bought this case with just about every intention of replacing the power provide as I've had three of four Logisys PS fail from the very first boot... A client picked this case because she like the "red front".....I have warned her that I can't assure that the power supply will final and that she mayhave to replace it shortly (and there is a danger of it burning other components with it) but she is willing to take the danger...lolI wouldn't suggest this case if you're going to be moving it about..... It is the big attractive red apple on the best of the fruit basket with a couple of modest worms in it...lol...I would have given this case 2 eggs if it weren't for the very good paint job...(as yet another reviewer noted)....I don't actually care for Logisys solutions simply because my all round impression of the company is they're not remotely interested in a suppling even a small quantity of excellent but in all fairness the case (with a functioning energy supply) is a excellent obtain.

Review Date: 07/25/13
Great worth, cool color, 480 watt energy supply integrated None Maybe I was just lucky as I did not run into any of the issues that other reviewers talked about. I don't have a problem with Logisys power supplies - my wife's 鸂 watt) has been operating for over 3 years now. (It is plugged in to a excellent UPS) I assume the case is sturdy, and as yet another reviewer talked about, the picture doesn't do it justice. It is the coolest deep metallic ruby red I've ever seen in a case... I wish I had a automobile that colour. I installed a fan controller in the top bay, two DVD drives in the other two five.25" bays, a card reader in the 3.5" bay and a red LED 80mm fan in the side window. The Pc is one of the very best searching I've ever built. If you're looking for an low-cost case and you like this a single, don't let the unfavorable reviews scare you away.

Review Date: 07/04/13
Amazing case pleanty of room this is my 3rd logisys case all with a 480 watt p/s 2 over two years old by no means any issues will definatally get an additional one of these cases in 2-three weeks very sturdy quiet fan also none what so ever make certain you have on hand some added brass fittings to correctly safe motherboard to case only comes with 6 most motherboards call for 8

Review Date: 05/27/13
Wanted one thing with color,this case does have that plusfar more,was built from new with all inside items from NewEgg.Has got alot of comments on this case and side clearhalf panel is one thing I never ever had,, adore it. None Am watching the energy supply after some comments however time will inform as a upgrade may not hurt but for now its working excellent.

Review Date: 05/25/13
not low-cost flimsy metal fairly strong case not rlly a con but nonetheless lost a egg for it when i recieved my case only about half the nuts and bolts for the clear side panel have been on and losely at that and im nonetheless missing 2 of them relly solid case lots of space and it looks excellent definatley a recomended buy
computer consulting@NCIX

Review Date: 04/05/13
Cons: Satisfactory

Pros: Satisfactory
well the question is what can we get for under $40when we pay 39.00 with 480W power supply I think it is a good deal even if the case is not good

Review Date: 03/29/13
Nice red color. Like how its black inside the personal computer as effectively. Fantastic wattage on power provide for a normal case. LOGISYS can not package this case correctly. I have ordered about six of these case and I have only had 1 in perfect situation. I have had to send them all back. I am receiving prepared to get 3 far more with yet another getting shipped back. strategy to send this case back for replacement unless u dont thoughts paint chips or scratches. I dont feel this is a UPS challenge due to the fact the box seems to be in decent shape. I feel this is from LOGISYS themselves.

Review Date: 03/18/13
Nice vibrant red,and the interior appears good in black. Low-cost!!! I have purchased various Logsys cases for budget builds,but this 1 was a tiny disapointing. To begin off the side window bolts have been all loose,and some of them were missing.To best it off many of the bolts were stuck inside of the power supply. Yeah that could have been undesirable! Oh yeah by the way the side window is cheap and weak,in truth it came broken. Ok I know its a cheap case but if I would not have noticed the bolts in the energy provide it could of price alot in fire damage!! I will not acquire one more 1!!!! Its sufficient to make you not want to obtain this brand once again! I thik I am being generious with a two egg rating

Review Date: 02/07/13
Great price tag for case with energy supply. า.99 at MC. Fairly compact for holding complete ATX Board. Lot of space for a smaller case. Front panel for Audio and USB. I like the blue lighted energy button. Components are thin. Be carefull not to strip screws. Drive mounting screw slots easily distort. Did not have adequate standoffs for MB. Breakout tabs for expansion slots can not be place back. I don't like clear side windows. Power supply gets warm and fan is noisy. Drive LED is a bit vibrant. Energy Provide seems low-cost, thin wires, only one SATA connection. This is a real nice looking case for a low expense, childs, family room Pc or HTPC. Fantastic value with the power supply. You get what you spend for but with care this case will do the job.

Review Date: 01/30/13
Cons: Threads were stripped on the tower where a thumb screw went.Don't always sit flat on all 4 feet.Easily twists from corner to corner.

Pros: AffordableBasic power supply
Bought for a family member for the color.Made it into a gaming Rig without issues, after swapping PSU of course.MSI GTX560 Ti Hawk fit nicely. Full size mobo installed with no problems. New PSU fit like it is supposed to. Basicly everything fit ok in this tower.I will recommend it and buy it again if requested to do so.

Review Date: 01/18/13
Cons: A bit flimsy and does not have tool-less features at all.

Pros: Shiny, dark red colour is striking, a beautiful case
I bought this case for a budget build using an Intel e5200 dual core with simple components. I added a card reader and DVD burner, so it is a well rounded machine.

Review Date: 11/25/12
I bought this case in a various color- solid black with silver trim, not red. The case fits all the components I required, but really, I only have a motherboard, 1 tough drive and 1 optical drive. The finish is shiny, the interior is painted glossy black, and I have a blue led fan and an ULTRA X-connect UV power provide that lights up orange, so I can see all of those colors via the side window. It's wonderful! It was tough to install a front fan simply because the case has guards over the screws that hold the front panel in, as opposed to most circumstances. The PSU that came with the case was garbage, but I anticipated it to be - most circumstances are sold collectively with negative PSUs. That's why I was using a separately bought, top-notch, name-brand PSU from the start. I just lately RMA'd my dad's old motherboard that he stated I could have when it returned, and decided, beforehand, to acquire a new case for it. So now, I have a case that looks as great as my personal computer is rapidly. (well... perhaps) You can decide - here's my develop: Intel Pentium D 830 CPU 3.0ghz, NVIDIA nforce 630i mobo, Ultra X-connect 400W PSU, Acer P223w 22" LCD screen, 120GB HD, Lite-on DVD burner, Windows XP sp3. Other thoughts: I'm considering of buying windows 7.

Review Date: 11/10/12
Brilliant deep red color!Great styleBlack inside Restricted to 80mm fans Only 1 fan includedPower supply sucks(depends on what you wanna do) Power provide fan is to loudDoes not assistance micro atxNeed to have created case wires black to match oh effectivelyNot sufficient standoffs I'm fairly positive most individuals like me bought it for its color.all with each other its not a negative case

Review Date: 10/23/12
Cons: psu conector

Pros: lightcolorrealy cheap 39.99$ with a psu
nice red case , very light, look good

Review Date: 10/18/12
Quite unique, excellent looking case. Has side panel window, with ventilation. Very low-cost (paid ำ at MC and sold energy supply to a friend for ฤ). Painted black, inside and out. Involves blue LED rear fan and PSU. Didn't believe I would like the red front panel with the blue lights on the inside and blue LED energy button ring but somehow it works and just adds to the uniqueness of the appear of my spending budget make Pc. I was also worried about cooling given that I'm just using the integrated rear 80mm fan but almost everything running nice and cool although none of my components are specifically "barn burners" (AMD Athlon II 640 quad, Radeon HD5670 video, single WD Blue 320gb HDD). Decent high quality for the value, have had no issues with this case so far. Only came with 6 motherboard standoffs (I needed seven but six worked ok), wish the optional side panel fan would've been placed toward the bottom to blow on the video card though it does have ventilation holes. Also wish the rear fan was 120mm. Integrated PSU is truly 330 watt (not 480) but Logisys PSU's usually advertise fake wattage. No loss of egg due to value although. You cannot count on thick metal and a high top quality case at this value point particularly since it does include a power supply. The metallic look red front panel offers this case a really special look and the side panel window, included fan and PSU are just icing on the cake.

Review Date: 09/26/12
Cons: Poor quality, basic power supply

Pros: Inexpensive, looks pretty good
I bought this case thinking that it would okay for a basic Intel i5 system with a Radeon HD 7850 video card but it definitely wasn't. The included power supply only comes with one SATA power connector so I had to buy a 4-pin to SATA adaptor in order to use my DVD drive. After I bought that I realized the power supply doesn't even have an ATX power plug! I don't know if there's an adaptor for that so I just dug up an old power supply I had laying around and used that insteadThe construction of the case is okay but the wires connecting to the switches is poor. The wire that connected to the reset switch wasn't attached! Very disappointed

Review Date: 09/20/12
Cons: The case doesn't look hard and though

Pros: Really nice color, nicely built, light
Nice case, recommend for mid using utility

Review Date: 09/10/12
The rear fan is 80mm even though can be upgraded to 120mm (if so, then you can move the stock fan to the side panel). I received all parts (no missing screws), packaged effectively so no shipment damage.The red front is a nice touch, and the blue LED adds that unique impact of finally owning a overall performance Computer.Room for 3 optical drives, 1 floppy drive, and 5 tricky drives. It's generally superior to have the alternative to expand.6 expansion slots. This can either be a pro or con. I was going to get a particular motherboard, then I realized that it was also long to fit (ATX extended). Following seeking I identified an equally as great motherboard that fits for บ additional.Good value. Side panel window is flimsy, on the other hand the moment you screw it in tight with all screws it holds its location nicely (definitely adequate to mount an average fan).Side panel windows screws came loose even though shipping. Make positive to get rid of from packaging cautiously so you don't accidentally throw the screws and nuts across the room (like I did).It was difficult to replace the PSU, there was a metal lip that I had to bend to make it fit all the way, but as soon as I got it in it couldn't be sturdier.The power button, hard drive LED light, headphone, mic, and USB cables are ever so slightly inconveniently placed (because it will have to go over and down past your optical drives). If your motherboards connector pins for these cables are on the correct side, or lower right corner, then it shouldn't be a problem connecting them. If they are on the lower middle or lower left then they may well not reach. PSU wattage depends on how you wish to measure. Max is 480W, however I listed it on an online auction site as a 330W. I then replaced it with a PSU that has an typical wattage of 550.There are a lot more cons than pros, yes, but if you take the added 10 minutes of TLC to make confident almost everything's there and fits adequately, then the cons will be fixed.Make positive the motherboard you have/are finding fits the 12"x10" ATX form. I almost got a 14"x11", so that wouldn't of worked :PHighly encouraged for a first Computer create (or an affordable two-tone, side-panel windowed situation).

Review Date: 09/07/12
lightweight sturdy although tiny fan also can barely hookup my monitor to the video really close to the edge wants a lot more stand offs six not adequate

Review Date: 09/05/12
Cons: thin ;Not enough sata power connectors

Pros: nice looking, light weight, plenty of bays
nice looking, light weight, plenty of bays

Review Date: 08/19/12
Cons: stock psu fan is a little on the loud side, but does the trick

Pros: Nice ruby red color and adequate number of mounting screws
good case for $40 on a budget build. Power button is nice and big which is a plus - it's for an older couple.

Review Date: 07/24/12
The color is the only excellent issue about this computer system situation. No 120mm fan in the front. It's a discomfort on the neck to set up one particular. The 80mm fan on the back must be a 92 mm at least and be red, not blue. As anticipated, the energy supply is a piece of trash and it does not deliver adequate energy for an ATX mobo. The situation feels a little flimsy but I'm not going to be driving a tank more than it or dropping it. I did not get this situation from newegg. In my opinion it's not worth โ plus shipping. The only reason I bought it was because it was 30% off at a regional retailer in Dallas, TX.If you buy this situation, acquire also a new power provide, a 120mm fan for the front, and an more 80 mm fan for the side panel and you must be very good to go. Yee haw!!!

Review Date: 06/23/12
Nice paint job on faceplate (that's the only purpose I gave it 1 egg). Cheaply made, lousy power supply, flimsy. The power supply went "POOF" in much less than 10 hours of operation, had to replace it. It's a very good looking case and extremely lightweight but that is due to the very thin steel applied to make it. I would not recommend this buy.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand LOGISYS Computer
Model CS308RD
Type ATX Mid Tower
Color Red / Black
With Power Supply Yes
Power Supply 480W
Power Supply Mounted Top
PSU Main Connector 24Pin
Motherboard Compatibility 12" x 10" ATX
With Side Panel Window Yes
External 5.25" Drive Bays 4
External 3.5" Drive Bays 1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 5
Expansion Slots 7
Front Ports
Front Ports USB / Audio
Cooling System
80mm Fans 1 x 80mm blue LED back fan
Side Air duct No
Physical Spec
Dimensions(L x W x H) 16.55" x 7.10" x 16.55"
Features Rear Fan Mount x1 for 80mm / 90mm Cooling Fan

Toolless Thumb Screws

Clear Side window w/ precut Vent and 80mm fan mounting grill.
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited
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