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StarTech.com P.C. Tool Kit - kit

StarTech.com P.C. Tool Kit - kit (StarTech.com: CTK200)
StarTech-comVPN: CTK200
Vendor: StarTech.com
Price: $19.99 - $48.76 CAD from 4 stores
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Startech CTK200 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case
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$19.99 CAD Buy Now

StarTech.com 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case - Provides the necessary tools to service and repair PC computers - computer tool kit - pc tool kit - computer tool set -pc repair tool ki
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$28.99 CAD Buy Now

StarTech.com 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case - Provides the necessary tools to service and repair PC (CTK200)   $31.74 CAD Buy Now
StarTech.com CTK200   $48.76 CAD Buy Now

Product Reviews

StarTech.com P.C. Tool Kit - kit
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8/10
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Review Date: 02/21/14
Cons: - Some tools are quite flimsy or could have better Quality control. Considering the low price, it was kind of expected.- Having a pair of cutters included would be a great addition, it's often needed for cutting zipties and wires. You can always purchase a pair separately but there will be nothing to hold it inside the case.

Pros: - Nice starter toolkit- Includes a variety of useful tool for working on computer/electronics. Will fit most needs.- The carrying case and screwdrivers are reasonably well made for the price.- The screwdriver are magnetic, definitely a plus- It includes a nice little tool to grab screws or small parts in hard-to-reach spots. Definitely a nice addition.- Inexpensive and functional
Nice cheap little toolkit for someone starting in the IT industry.The carrying case is quite practical and is surprisingly well built considering how cheap the whole kit is. The elastic straps holds the tools very well.The screwdrivers are reasonably well built and are all magnetic, which is definitely a plus. The tip types and sizes will fits most needs. However, the interchangeable bits screwdriver I received has the shaft leaning a bit on the side. Looks a bit goofy. The included reversible torx bit also doesn't fit very well in the screwdriver slot(not deep enough), it wobbles around a little, but it still works.The tweezers and chip extractor are two things you'll only need on a few rare occasions, but are still nice additions. They are rubberized, which means it can reduce risks of electrical shocks (although you should always avoid working on electronics with power plugged in). However, I would still prefer having a pair of cutter included instead, as you'll always need to cut zipties when building/working on computers, while you'll only unsolder chips from a PCB a few times, and possibly never, depending for what you're using the kit for.The cylindrical screws container, and the little red tool to grab screws in hard-to-reach spots, can be quite useful. However, they are very flimsy, but for the low price paid I didn't expected anything special. Just don't expected them to handle much abuse.Overall, nice little toolkit for starter, but there are a few tools I know I will replace later down the road. Would definitely recommend, but I would also recommend spending a little more money on a higher quality kit if possible. Still, it's a nice, functional low-budget solution.

Review Date: 02/25/13
Cons: Cracked the tube immediately after opening

Pros: Commonly used tools and sizesCase keeps things organizedTube was very helpful
Bought this to help with my first computer build. Great little set of tools with a nice carrying case. Screwdrivers and nut drivers worked with everything I needed to install. Tube for screws came in handy more than once, but it cracked right out of the box (pushed the lid in too far I guess). All in all, a very useful set and can't really complain for the price.

Review Date: 01/08/11
Cons: Takes some time to leave the warehouse

Pros: -Nice tidy case keeps tools organized-Non-magnetic tools-Surprisingly complete for a kit its size (I didn't need anything else for a full rebuild!)-Well-priced with a price match
Bought one of these for a post-boxing day upgrade and it works nicely. The tube for screws is a nice touch.

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