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Metadot Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Model Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard

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Metadot Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Model Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard
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Review Date: 01/06/15
Cons: -At the standard price it's a little bit difficult to recommend, when it's on sale and price becomes comparable to say a ducky shine the perks in construction and features becomes much more compelling-the footbar being removable seems nnecessary since the keyboard is positioned so flatly with it on anyway. Would have preferred if the kb was at its propped-up angle without the footbar and then have the option for a steeper angle with it on.-no headphone jack. Considering the smart positioning of the usb ports and the price of the kb I would have thought tossing on a easy-to-access bonus audio port would have been something easy enough to toss on as well

Pros: Very satisfying to type on and NKRO has held up great when gaming. This keyboard's built like a tank - for being marketed at the 'thinnest' MKB available it's surprising how satisfyingly heavy and solid it is, and with a matte black aluminum cover that doesn't leave fingerprints it looks incredibly slick with the blank keycaps.Dedicated media buttons are a huge improvement over previous editions relegating volume and playback to an annoyingly-placed function key, the oversized volume wheel especially is a nice visual accent. USB passthrough ports are another great feature and they were smart enough to put them at the back of the board instead of on the side so that memory sticks or whatever else don't get in the way of your mouse
Five stars with an asterisk since I bought it on sale when its price was much more in line with 'mid-range' mech keyboard manufacturers, and when priced in direct competition to many of those options it really stands out. Bumped back up to the ballpark of $200 it becomes far less compelling - cherry switches are what they are, and for a price gap of $50 or so I'm more inclined to "settle" with things like a plastic chassis or volume buttons instead of a wheel when the fundamental typing experience is pretty much going to be the same.Also just as a word of notice, even with the footbar the kb is set at a very flat angle. It was barely an issue for me at first and after a few hours I didn't even notice, but I know some people like having a steeper angle for typing and I wanted to make note that the kb doesn't really accomodate it.

Review Date: 12/04/14
Cons: - Surface of one key I use frequently has been rubbed down to a shiny surface inconsistent with the rest of the keyboard, and happened only within ~3 weeks of owning the keyboard- Scroll/caps/num lock lights are very bright when viewed at an orthogonal angle

Pros: - Very solid build quality- Matte metal body- Ruler attachment- Low slope- Volume wheel and media buttons- Aesthetically pleasing
The body of the keyboard definitely feels more solid and sturdy than Das' previous models. The feeling of the keys is smoother than a Ducky Zero DK2108 I own, and the key-presses feel very solid and satisfying, with absolutely no ringing from the backplate on even the hardest of key-presses. I've had no issues with the volume wheel, and the media buttons are handy but expectedly normal. The slope of the keyboard is significantly lower than the Ducky Zero DK2108 I was comparing it to, which makes typing much easier on the hands when your fingers do not need to move as much vertical distance. The lights for scroll/caps/num lock are EXTREMELY bright and hurt to be viewed at an angle perpendicular to the surface of the keyboard. By far the best Cherry MX Brown keyboard I've ever used.

Review Date: 09/10/14
Cons: - Volume knob a bit buggy

Pros: - Amazing build quality- Fairly silent keystrokes
I decided to upgrade my old Das Keyboard Ultimate with Cherry MX Blue Keys to the new Das Keyboard 4, but decided to get Cherry MX Brown switches instead.I find it aesthetically pleasing, and I'm really happy with the fact that the surface of the keyboard is coated metal, as opposed to plastic, which is prone to fingerprint marking. I also love the fact that the keyboard is really thin, definitely haven't seen many other mechanical keyboards this thin.The typing experience is awesome, the keys work as expected. The only issue I had was with the volume knob. The volume knob is clicky and not linear, which I like, but sometimes after turning the wheel a click, it doesn't seem to register sometimes. Doesn't happen very often, so not too big of a deal.

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