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Synology DS411J DiskStation 4-bay NAS Server for Small Office and Home Use

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Synology DS411J DiskStation 4-bay NAS Server for Small Office and Home Use
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Below Average
Rating: 8.18/10
With 11 User Reviews

Review Date: 09/13/13
The device is very well constructed and is uncomplicated to install/setup. The application is really intuitive and effectively documented in the user manual. The DS411J does almost everything that I anticipated - the UPnP interface functions like a charm (streams HD video without a problem) and I totally love the Web access capabilities. Takes a when (ie... 8 hours+) to set up two 2TB Raid 1 volume but the outcomes are worth the wait. Have been using the SAMSUNG 2TB drives I purchased from Newegg with no troubles - advise working with these as well!

Review Date: 07/15/13
see other thoughts and my prior overview see other thoughts and my prior evaluation I pasted in the incorrect command line in my other thoughts point about telnet-primarily based testing. As of course /dev/urandom is horribly slow itself such result would be meaningless; but the 44MB/s that I reported was for a source of /dev/zero not /dev/urandom.

Review Date: 06/20/13
This is a incredibly good NAS with brilliantly developed software. Every thing functions as it must, it handles Time Machine backups from my Mac, lets me upload and download files from anyplace, as well as listen to music stored on it from the internet. There are several other photo sharing and net sharing capabilities I haven't even explored but.The web config is effortless to operate with and fundamentally replicates a simple windowing environment. I set anything up with only a fast study of the manual to make positive I was installing the drives and setting up the software properly.The drives are securely mounted with a lot of screws. It makes use of maglev sort fans so they are quiet and are not going to commence generating grinding noises anytime soon.This is my initial Synology solution, but it certain won't be the final. I looked at a lot of other NAS devices, and they all came up short in one particular way or yet another. Numerous of them have terrible application and questionable relibility. This is what a fantastic NAS ought to be. It's not the fastest factor out there, but that's what the DS411+ is for. Following the initial backup run, I'm not pushing massive amounts of data anyway. If you are going to move massive amounts of information constantly, then you can justify the value to get the DS411+. If you go to Synology's website, they have a unit you can log into and play around with. It's quite cool so you can see what it's like just before you purchase, and this helped sell me on it.I installed 4x WD 1TB Black Edition drives (which are on the hardware compatibility list) and put them in RAID5. It took awhile to format, but that's since it's writing to and testing 4tb of space. Leave it alone overnight.They have a section on their forums for modding etc of the unit. Clearly no warrnaty assistance, but it's good to see they don't try to avoid you from adding to the capabilities of the unit if you are so inclined.

Review Date: 03/17/13
Fantastic quiet sleek design, Currently have three 2 TB Green Seagate harddrives for Storage and a single smaller sized drive for torrents/downloads and so forth. Computer software is quite informative and effortless to use. Even though my printer wasn't in the compatible lists it worked without having concerns. I hope new future firmware/software releases permit for newer larger drives, Somewhat slow to get began up from a reboot and so forth. I debated for months on end which unit to get, Expensive (unit plus harddrives)overall but it was worth just about every penny. The reduced power usage and quietness was a large selling point for me.

Review Date: 08/25/12
Looks great and seems properly constructed.I fitted it with 4 x WD enterprise class 2TB drives WD2003FYYS. Took forever to format but doesn't truly matter. Useless for my objective. I got it to run Squeezecenter. Right after install it worked and then by the morning (doing nothing overnight) the Squeezeboxes will no longer reconnect to the server. Their help is terrible. Slow response, patronising and no resolution. I regret purchasing this device. It is now an costly paperweight. The challenge is that it just doesn't have enough memory. 128Mb. I will have to obtain an additional and will acquire from a diverse manufacturer.

Review Date: 07/22/12
Appears like a solid small NAS as far as the machining and so on. 2nd drive bay slot DOA. User interface is kind of confusing. Guess I will find out tomorrow if this corporation has decent help...

Review Date: 04/28/12
Excellent backup device for a tiny home network with a couple of computers or laptops s/w included. Tends to make the approach of moving information from one particular Computer to another easy, for either hardware upgrades, or OS upgrades. One particular of the cheapest raid storage devices that actually works on the marketplace. Extra computer software a plus, however I don't use it, but if I did, this box has a shared file process, a print server, a photo server, a music server, a video server, camera server, internet server, and so forth. I did attempt most of these items and they had been basic to configure, and did work. Synology gives an extensive assistance forum and WIKI for support. I wanted a device to backup my computer's, with no getting to be concerned about a hardware failure, and this does the job. I recognize it is sold as a server, which it can do, but for now those server functions are not needed in my residence network. Backup speeds I got even though a D-link gig switch peak around 370mbit. but commonly typical about 70mbit, 9k frames. Processor could be quicker, three server take a while, 1) creating a significant volume, four tb ~ 16 hours, 2) coping photos to the photo share re-renders every single photo, and generates an on-line photo album, that can take a while but only occurs a single time (the photo album is pretty cool), 3) copying video files to the photo share, also re-renders the file so it can be viewed in the photo album. These events are not done also typically, so it is not really a massive issue, and can be tolerated if your expectations are not also high for this low finish processor. Some hardware is not supported extremely effectively, or is slow to get added to the supported hardware list (I use 3each SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM raid5 no issues alt all). Lastly it would be good to have upgradeable memory it this unit. I wanted a device that I did not will need to preserve an OS such as windows, even though below the cover this is a linux server, you wouldn't know it, simply because of the nicely developed computer software, and polished interface. I originally was going to purchase the DS410J which is the 2010 model (very related o this 1, but with a slower processor), then I believed the DS410+ would be for me but the cost is 贶-200 more than this, and I understand has far better efficiency, and upgradable memory, instead I settled for the DS411J and I am happy with what it does.

Review Date: 02/21/12
-Physical style: it looks good and adding/removing drives is super uncomplicated. Uncomplicated and functional. -GUI: The GUI is incredibly straightforward to realize and navigate. -Control and Access: Setup was a breeze. Even setting up dyndns for remote access was straightforward. There is a bit of a mastering curve if you are not utilized to this kind of item. It took some trial and error to get some characteristics working (mainly because I am the type who doesn't RT f M). When setting up the NAS for the initially time, expect a bit of a wait. I added two 2TB drives and it took the superior part of a day to have them prepared for use. A few days later, I added two far more 2TB drives. Considering that there was about 200GB of information on the initial two, it took a incredibly extended time to extend the drive pool and distribute the current data. Seeking back, I would have waited and installed four 2TB drives correct off the bat. That probably would have produced the setup quicker. Also, don't add user accounts till Following you have added HDDs to the NAS. I didn't and had to redo some tasks.. nothing main, but it had me scratching my head for a few minutes. I did have an issue with TimeMachine backups. This was due to the reality that I had the Guest account active one both the NAS and the laptop. For some reason, the mac was attempting to log into the TM backup location utilizing the Guest account.. which didn't have RW access. Just disable it on the Mac to steer clear of this problem.

Review Date: 11/24/11
I purchased this unit at a unique online shop due to cost. So far, the unit is fantastic for house user. The only reasonI bought it is to have redundancy in my information, and to save on power bill due to the fact I normally have to leave my desktop on to stream movies. This unit does it all. Streaming video, audio, download utilizing bit torrent, is way more than just a NAS. Also, the DSM software program is excellent! Uncomplicated, intuitive, today any moron can configure iSCSI with this type of software program. I may be out of a job soon!I recommend this for someone who's seeking for redundancy and someone who desires to shop all the information in a secure place (Note: complement this unit with a UPS and you're king!) It took mor ethan 8 hours to setup two 2TB Seagate drives in RAID five. That's the only con that I've noticed. And I read some users were complaining on how lengthy it took to expand a volume. For companies, that could be an problem, for me, it's not. I have two tips for you based on the data you're going to storeɅ) if you value your data, obtain enterprise class drives. They are expensive but they are worth it when it comes to reliability.two) if your data is just music and movies, go for the biggest drives in the industry, 2TB+, you'll regret not setting your method with larger drives in the future, upgrading is a lengthy approach.!

Review Date: 08/18/11
Installed with 4xSamsung 204UI 2TB drives as a RAID5 array.+ low energy usage, 33W writing data, 31W serving video, 14W idle with disks hibernated, 0W when turned off, measured with Kill-a-WattEZ connected between plug and wall socket+ quiet and cool running, the external "brick" power supply moves heat out of the unit+ good and tiny, you can put it anywhere+ uncomplicated to use wizard for installing the OS on the NAS and acquiring it set up+++ fantastic browser-based, desktop-like management software with manage panel, resource monitor, file browser, and so on.+ lots of apps you can optionally allow, UpnP server, iTunes server, web server, security cam support, and so on. The ones I tried - windows file server, UpnP server, iTunes all worked well despite the fact that I did not see any way to transfer playlists to the iTunes server+ telnet support and obtainable ipkg bootstrap for techies that want to play with this as a linux server (may void sw warr'y)+ schedulable sleep/wake and disk hibernate timeout - no wake-on-LAN, I did not notice this in the specs until the unit was on the delivery truck- file transfer speed was moderate at ideal - in my tests at finest about 38MB/s, commonly about 25MB/s, and less than half the speed of copying the exact same file from the identical source to a windows PC on the identical switch as the 411j. It took a actually lengthy time to init the disks, for me it was about 13 hours. But it in fact parity-tested all 8TB in the process, so that was OK with me.telnet-based testing (best perf at 8k blocks e.g. time dd if=/dev/urandom b[lock]s[size]򖻐 count� of=/volume1/testdata/synthǗGbr.8k.file) seems to show the performance limits are internal, as this nearly pegs the cpu and runs at about 44MB/s. Way below the native speed capability of the driveI truly returned this in favor of a diskless DS411+ for a bit much less than twice the $, a bit additional than twice the speed, about 7 to 10 watts much more actual measured energy use, all the same computer software-related pluses, plus WOL, plus an esata port. And I was able to transfer the disks without having losing data. But the listing for that unit seems to be missing on NE proper now.PS newegg produced me alter the accurate command syntax above mainly because of filter therefore in b[lock]s[size] you need to have to drop the []'ed parts.

Review Date: 07/21/11
Simple setupLow price (minus drives)Tiny foot printLots of additional attributes (iTunes server, download station, and so on).New 3.1 software extremely slick and uncomplicated to use. Not significantly, wish the HDD compatible list was bigger. Only had this about a week. Presently only running a 320GB HDD as the 3TB Hitachi drive I ordered was DOA.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Form Factor: 4-Bay
Port RJ-45: 1 x 10/100/1000M
Port USB: 2 x USB2.0
HDD Interface: 4 x SATA
Supported Protocols: Networking Protocols: CIFS, AFP, FTP, iSCSI, Telnet, SSH, NFS, WebDAV, SNMP File System: EXT4, EXT3, FAT32 (External Disk Only), NTFS (External Disk Only)
Operating System: Supported Clients - Windows 2000 onward - Mac OS X 10.3 onward - Ubuntu 9.04 onward Supported Mobile Devices (Photo Station, File Station) - iPhone OS 2.2.1 onward - Android OS 1.5 onward - Windows Mobile (IE Mobile or Opera 9.0 onward) - Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd Edition onward
Processor: 1.2GHz CPU
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