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Belkin SOHO KVM Switch F1DS104J Belkin SOHO KVM Switch F1DS104J $62.48 CAD Shop Now
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BELKIN F1DD104L SOHO DVI & USB KVM Switch MPN # F1DD104L BELKIN F1DD104L SOHO DVI & USB KVM Switch MPN # F1DD104L $248.93 CAD Shop Now
Belkin F1DD104L OmniView SOHO 4-Port DVI & USB Desktop KVM Switch Belkin F1DD104L OmniView SOHO 4-Port DVI & USB Desktop KVM Switch $252.36 CAD Shop Now
LOT OF 6 Belkin F1DD104L OmniView SOHO 4-Port DVI & USB Desktop KVM Switch LOT OF 6 Belkin F1DD104L OmniView SOHO 4-Port DVI & USB Desktop KVM Switch $292.39 CAD Shop Now

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Rating: 7.6/10
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Review Date: 04/25/13
Cons: Indicator lights a bit brightCan't turn off the button press beep

Pros: Switch buttons easy to useComes with 4 sets of Dual link DVI/USB cables!DVI Dual LinkCabling in the backFairly low profile
I've been using this KVM switch daily for almost a year and a half. It has worked flawlessly from the start.It is mainly used for my desktop PC and work laptop (on a docking station). I am only using two of the ports regularly, although I have had a Netbook connected via an HDMI-DVI cable and other systems while building them.I don't know what the comment about not supporting Windows 7 is all about. I currently switch between my Windows 7 laptop and Windows 8 desktop. I have used Windows XP previously as well.In my current configuration, I am using a Logitech K800 keyboard and Logitech Performance MX mouse. Both wireless on the same Unifying receiver. The receiver is NOT plugged into the keyboard USB port though. This is working great for both desktop and laptop. That was important for me and I was crossing my fingers when I bought the switch.I must note that if my desktop is asleep when I switch to it, the mouse or keyboard will not wake it; I need to hit the power button. However, if I did not switch away from the desktop, wake by mouse of keyboard works fine. Likely not the KVM's fault.Also, I have an ASUS VG278H 3D monitor. With all Dual Link DVI cables 3D works great!I have been very pleased with this KVM switch. And when I got it on sale for $110 it was a bonus.

Review Date: 06/26/12
Cons: Frequent loss of USB signal discounnect shared keyboard and mouse

Pros: DVI with audio KVM
Bought 2 units from NCIX while it is on sale for around $100. Thought it was a good KVM to replace the old VGA KVM. All systems running at Windows 7 with different chipset. My main pc running on EVGA X58 MB (windows 7 Ultimate) frequent loss the USB connection (sometimes during I was tying the MS office document). I have to unplug the KB and MOUSE and connect to the front of the case USB ports to continue the work. The only thing to restore the USB sync is re-start the pc. The same thing apply to other pc running on Z68 and P55 chipset.Have to discount all USB, video cable and power to reset the KVM switch. If one of the ports is not connected to pc, the port selection will auto switch to that not connected port and unable to switch to other port by pressing the front port selection switch.Manual said firmware update  is available but there is none posted on their web site.I am in the process to look for other DVI KVM for replacement.

Review Date: 01/21/12
Cons: -Some USB devices not properly working via the USB ports-Hot keys quits working and often need to reset the switch-No dedicated button to reset the switch

Pros: When all works, it does what it's supposed to doWorth to buy at today`s sales price $109 (but not at $269)
This thing has 3 USB ports, 1 generic, 1 for mouse and one for keyboard.I own a Razer Lachesis 5600 dpi and a Razer Megalodon headset. The headset is not recognized on any of the ports and the mouse is only recognized when plugged in the generic USB port.After a while the main hot-key trigger (double tapping SCROLL) no longer works. Keyboard cable must be unplugged and plugged back to restore normal operations.The KVM does not have a dedicated reset key. Since it is not stable, I whish it had a reset key.I just paid full price couples of days ago. Would never recommend this product at retail price. But at $109, I would probably consider buying again

Review Date: 01/16/12
Cons: update  : WONT WORK WITH WINDOWS 7!!! Problem with keyboard emulator, maybe kill the mouse!?

Pros: 4 PC, cable included with color code, switch sound and display separatly.
update  :After more communication with Belkin before complete the RMA, they told me that the product has NO SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS 7. I tried it on WinXP configuration at work, and it works. So I have to return it, because I use Windows 7 on my computers at home.FIRST USE :I installed it a friday evening, plug n play.When using keyboard, it seems I am writing too fast for the switch! If I am writing slowly, it's ok. But everytime I am writing normal speed, I begin to write and it's like if I fill up the buffer of the switch, and the switch stuck on one character and send it in a loop until I press again this character or power off the switch. Tried a second keyboard, same result. I have read that keyboard is emulated on the dedicated usb port of the switch, so I tried the "supposed" usb hub port, but it's the same result. But when I connect directly the keyboard in computer, no problem. *** Strangely, I connected a 3 weeks old new mouse Alienware Dell MG900 (like Logitech G9), and during the 1st day of the switch, the mouse slowed down until it died! Don't know if its relative to the switch, but a strange coincidence... for a 80$ buck mouse...:S Tried the mouse on my laptop... but dead is dead!I contacted Belkin support for update   firmare or something else... by the way, they have english and french support - appreciated!... and they told me I have to return back to exchange the switch to the store. Hope it will solve the problem, because too much time was lose on that switch up to now!I am surprised, because I never read a bad review of this switch model.... This review was modfied by poster @ 01-20-12 12:03 PM

Review Date: 12/14/11
Cons: Can't turn off the led.The "keyboard wake up" doesn't work anymore on my PC.

Pros: Supports DVI.NCIX offers great rebates on this product, which makes it affordable compared to most DVI switches.Has 2 shared USB ports in addition to the keyboard and mouse ports.Can switch volume and display separately.Clean design.
I bought this to replace an old DLink KVM switch with 2 ports that was still using VGA and PS2 connectors. So far it works fine. The switch buttons are way more easier to access and it is nice to be able to use the DVI output of my computers instead of the VGA output. Also the ability to switch display independently from the sound is great. Unfortunately I can no longer wake up my PC while in sleep mode using the keyboard. I had not fully investigated this issue yet, my previous keyboard was PS2 (yes I'm using an old PC), maybe this feature is not available for USB keyboard on my motherboard...

Review Date: 10/29/11
Cons: DVI digital only; no analog.Requires yet another power brick (included).

Pros: It works. DVI-D, USB, audio, plus more USB!Four complete 6' colour-coded cable sets included!!
Excellent value at the $99 sale price (or even the $110 sale price). 4 x 6' CABLE SRTS INCLUDED!Plugged it all in, and it works.The instructions indicate that it might be fussy about power-on order with the monitor (read instructions for details), but that's not really the case. I was worried about having to unplug replug everything after any power loss, but the KVM works perfectly after power loss. Excellent!No complaints, and nothing else can touch it in the $100 price range. At full price ($200-300) things could be different, but not at around $100 (sale).

Review Date: 10/05/11
Cons: leds are too bright, 6' cables may be too short for some

Pros: Works great
I have been wanting to get one of these for a while but the price was much too high. Now that they are more affordable I decided to get one. It works great and the cables are just long enough to reach my computers. My only gripe is the LEDs are much too bright and I wish they had included a way to turn them off or dim them.

Review Date: 05/30/11
Cons: Random dots on the screen occasionally (red and green ones). Expensive for regular KVM use.

Pros: Works with DVI at high resolution (2560x1600). Can control audio separately from the video/controls.
Wish it could control keyboard/mouse separately as well especially for the higher cost.The dot issue can be flushed by refreshing the driver or sometimes by changing the current display.

Review Date: 05/21/11
Cons: Big, but not big ENOUGHbright bright white LED light flashes when everything is turned offdoesn't work with special keys or mouse functions, like MS Intellitype/point, or Logitec Setpoint

Pros: Comes with cablescan separate audio and video channels
I bought this for my bedroom, where I have 2 computers, and am constantly working with a laptop and fixing other people's computers. I really wanted DVI instead of the usual VGA found on inexpensive KVMs so this was perfect.It works extremely well. No lag, no display artifacts. Colours look perfect, exactly like if there was no KVM at all. It even supports HDCP pass-through fine.You can switch the audio, video, or both between the systems. And you can even modify what the keyboard hotkey shortcuts do, whether you want both to switch or only switch video.Only negatives are it doesn't quite fit properly on my desk. It's really big, but not really deep. I'd wish they had included a cover or something to fit on top of the wires extending out the back, so you can rest a monitor on top. It's just too shallow for that.And one negative for ME particularly: when all attached computers are turned off, the video light on the last to be turned off blinks constantly. This wouldn't be a problem, except it's EXTREMELY bright. And i happen to have this in my bedroom, so I actually have to block it with something at night or it keeps me up.This is the best KVM i've used though, so I'd highly recommend it.

Review Date: 04/16/11
Cons: Big compared to standard KVMs

Pros: DVI KVM with audioOption to switch just the keyboard/mouse/video, the audio, or both
I was disenchanted with most KVMs due to the fact that they caused input freezing, but I've had no such problems with this one.What I like about this KVM is that each button is actually 3 buttons.( < | > )< = switch just the keyboard, video and mouse| = switch keyboard, video, mouse and audio> = switch just the audioThe only downside to this is that it is approximately 1 foot long, so it does take up quite a bit of space. But for someone like myself, I just added some depth to it and placed my LCD display right on top of it.

Review Date: 04/03/10
The cables that come with this are DVI-I (four pins around the flat spade portion of the connector). If the connectors on your video cards or docking stations are DVI-D (as two of mine were) you will need to buy adapters at about 16.00 each in order to connect. Just a caveat. They do not state this fact (anywhere that I saw) in the product description, and I assumed therefore a DVI-D connector.

Review Date: 12/06/09
Tried to enter a review, but was told my colons or commas or single quotes are special characters. I don't care to take the time to reverse engineer which specific character is invalid, so I just won't bother.

Review Date: 12/05/09
Just love having a switch that works with my digital monitor, wireless keyboard and across platforms. The first product shipped was defective, but manufacturer's customer service made good on it, pronto. Bonus Features - audio on all 4 channels can be independent of the computer you are working on, and TWO universal serial bus devices - printer and tablet, but could be scanner and external hard drive. Great product, easy to set up. Will not work with analog video cards on older computers, even with adapter!
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model F1DD104L
PC Connectors 1 x display / video - DVI-Analog/Digital - 29 pin combined DVI
Console Connectors 1 x keyboard - 4 pin USB Type A
1 x mouse - 4 pin USB Type A
2 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
Computer Connections 4 Ports
Monitor Connections 1 Port
Video Resolution 2560 x 1600
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