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Belkin Conserve Power Switch clutter reducing

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Belkin Conserve Power Switch
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Belkin Conserve F7C016Q Power Switch for Iron, Electric Grill - 1800 Watts Belkin Conserve F7C016Q Power Switch for Iron, Electric Grill - 1800 Watts $29.20 CAD Shop Now

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Belkin Conserve Power Switch clutter reducing
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.67/10
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Review Date: 02/24/14
Cons: - Worth it at 5$ but definitely not at 10$ as you have to buy a few of them to cover most of your accessories.

Pros: - Saves energy and money.- Less hassle than unplugging the wire everytime you finish using something.
I bought 5 of those but only use 4 for now. The only downside is my family is too dumb and lazy to remember turning it off manualy after they're done with the toaster and stuff. I would have like to have an On/Off switch AND a timer too on the same unit.

Review Date: 09/26/13
Cons: Relatively expensive for a manual on/off switch

Pros: SimpleEasy
I bought these to try them out, rather than have an actual use for them.Personally, I like it a lot, but I cannot see how an used (re: worn out) surge protector with on/off switch cannot do the same job for less per socket.It is prettier and clutters tabletops less than a surge protector and it allows you to individually turn on/off appliances, I'll give it that.Ideally, this should be used on devices that use a DC adapter, since those will always be on when plugged in, even if the device it powers is off.

Review Date: 08/27/13
Cons: Switch might be hard to reach when attach to outlets that may be hard to reach.

Pros: EasySimple to use
A simple switch that can help reduce power consumption and also function as a on/off switch to items that does not have a power switch.

Product Features

Easy Energy Saver 1 Outlet

Belkin Conserve Power Switch?
Many of the electronics and appliances around your home use electricity even when they?re not in use, wasting energy and driving up your electric bill. The Conserve Power Switch completely shuts off power, including standby power, to your electronics and appliances with the flip of a switch, to help you save energy. Hitting the switch, shuts the power off automatically. The Conserve Power Switch itself uses no power when not in operation, so standby power is eliminated. You can use this power switch almost anywhere so get your Belkin Conserve Power Switch? today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Conserve Power Switch; you can save great deal of energy and become cost-effective

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