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GELID Solutions FN-PX09-20 Case Fan

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Gelid FN-PX09-20 Silent 9 PWM 92mm 2000 RPM Max 4-Pin PC Com Gelid FN-PX09-20 Silent 9 PWM 92mm 2000 RPM Max 4-Pin PC Com $32.40 CAD Shop Now
Gelid FN-PX09-20 Silent 9 PWM 92mm 2000 RPM Max 4-Pin P Gelid FN-PX09-20 Silent 9 PWM 92mm 2000 RPM Max 4-Pin P $32.40 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

GELID Solutions FN-PX09-20 Case Fan
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.31/10
With 13 User Reviews

Review Date: 01/25/13
Significantly quieter than the competition hmm now using gelid fans everwhere a lot quieter when idling hardly any noise, gets em all moving quite great when gaming and temps are peaking out about 60 C for CPU and GPU's really satisfied.

Review Date: 01/22/13
Quiet, good quality construct Can't see any Bought it to replace stock fan in MASSCOOL 8WA741 CPU heatsink which began to make some noise.

Review Date: 01/01/13
Non-sleeve bearing, non-ball bearing 92mm PWM fan. My unit was poor. Would only turn at 100 RPM. I had to put the old sleeve bearing PWM fan back in. Not worth the income to return.

Review Date: 10/16/12
Quite Quiet compared to my old fanInsainly uncomplicated to assemble. (i kid could assemble it in much less than 30 seconds) its really just Quiet due to the low RPM. The fans air flow is nothing at all in compaired to my old fani have it on full power and the air flow isn't that fantasticShipping took 5 days not 3 its a great deal for พ. i was going to place it on my CPU but dont know if it will cut it.

Review Date: 10/10/12
Had a Xigmatek cooler with a fan that was noisy when below full load. Replaced with this fan and what a distinction! First off, my old fan should not have been moving enough air, with the Gelid fan, it's like I have a new heatsink....lowered idle temps about 5 C and at my standard full load running about ten C much less. Second, it's silent, even at complete throttle. It's truly quiet! Quite content! None so far. Newegg rocks!

Review Date: 09/06/12
Quiet/inaudible (depending on speed)Moderately priced5 year warranty I installed two of these as intake fans in an Antec Solo situation. The included rubber grommets are as well large to fit behind the intake air filter, so I attached the fans with machine screws (not integrated).No installation manual in the box or on the manufacturer's net site. The FAQ on the web website shows how to set up the rubber grommets. These fans have a 4 pin connector which makes it possible for the motherboard to manage the fan speed. If you plug these into a three pin connector, the fans will run at maximum speed, which is specified to be 2000 RPM but is really about 2120 RPM. At that speed, the fans move a lot of air but are moderately noisy. The noise is is fairly tonal.If you connect them to a four pin connector on your motherboard, then the speed will depend on your motherboard. My motherboard runs these at 1300 to 1350 RPM, and I can't hear them at all.If your motherboard doesn't have the ability to manage fan speed, you may well want one particular of the other variants of this fan (N82E16835426004 or N82E16835426006).

Review Date: 08/12/12
Quite quiet operation. Fit perfectly inside plastic housing that old fan was in. Went into a Dell Dimension 4600 situation, Intel DP55WB motherboard. 4 pin connector enables fan to be pulse width modulated, enhance/decrease speed as needed automatically. Wiring harness has protective sleeve. None. Possessing a PWM capable board is nice because the fan won't run on high all the time.

Review Date: 08/05/12
Incredibly Quiet compared to my old fan. Very good Value. No metal screws. I would take half an egg off for that, but not a whole one particular. My old fan kept my technique idle at 29 Celcuis but was too loud. With this fan, my method idles at 32 Celcius by it is practically silent. I tried the rubber plugs but, in the finish, I decided to go with the metal screws from my old fan.

Review Date: 07/05/12
Easy-searching, sturdy, and quiet. Fits a 90mm (according to the situation manufacturer) fan spot. Rubber plug-in grommet things that take the spot of screws eliminate vibrational noise. I am no fantastic at puzzles, so even although the fan is installed, makes completely no noise whatsoever, and moves a lot of air I am uncertain whether or not or not I have used the grommets as intended. Temperatures inside my case dropped and this fan is whisper-quiet compared to the category 3 tornado that came stock with my case.

Review Date: 06/14/12
Dead silent, PWM, very good at low RPM, moves a very good amount of air. None Making use of two of these in my system and they are some of the most quiet fans I have ever utilized, even when at full RPM through filters the noise level is not horrible.

Review Date: 05/15/12
This seems to be a very high-high quality, hydro dynamic bearing (HDB) case fan. Purchased to replace Foxconn brushless fan identified in a Sony VGC-RB40 technique with Intel D915GRO / D915PRO / D915GVRO motherboard. Ultra-quiet! Worked perfectly for my demands. 4 rubber anti-vibration mounts had been included, although I chose not to use them. Self-threading metallic screws are NOT included (no massive deal if you currently have them). NOTE: This fan includes a four-pin connector, which is precisely what I necessary. Intel's site states, Ř-pin connectors are commonly utilised by CPU fans with increased power consumption .... when making use of a three-pin [fan connector] with a four-pin [motherboard header], the fan will always be on; there is no fan control." Considering that, it's most likely very best to use a four-pin fan (like this one particular) with 4-pin headers ... even although you COULD cheat and use a three-pin fan in a pinch, if you had no other selection.

Review Date: 11/04/11
I'd tell you if I could get it installed. Rubber fasteners that are meant to "silence" the fan are no superior. A discomfort in the behind to install, and 3 of mine actually broke in the method. Why wouldn't they give you the selection of screws?

Review Date: 08/05/11
It's a PWM fan that fits with the Scythe Ninja Mini Rev B. heat sink. Annoying "buzz" at maximum speed. At 50%, I can still hear the slight "buzz" from the fan. Cooling performance is decent.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand GELID Solutions
Model FN-PX09-20
Type Case Fan
Compatibility Case
Fan Size 92mm
Bearing Type Hydro Dynamic Bearing
RPM 900 - 2000 RPM
Air Flow 37.89 CFM
Noise Level 11 - 23.5 dBA
Power Connector 4 Pin Molex
Physical Spec
Dimensions 92mm x 92mm x 25mm
Features Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Silent Operation w/ Rubber Fan Mounts
Optimized Fan Blades
High Airflow & High Static Pressure
Long Lifetime (50'000 h MTTF at 40C)
Safety Approvals: CE, RoHS Compliant
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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