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BenQ G2412HD 23.56IN 16:9 Widescreen Black LCD Monitor 2MS 40000:1 1920X1080 HDMI DVI VGA

BenQ G2412HD 23.56IN 16:9 Widescreen Black LCD Monitor 2MS 40000:1 1920X1080 HDMI DVI VGA (BenQ: G2412HD)
BenQVPN: G2412HD
Vendor: BenQ
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BenQ G2412HD 23.56IN 16:9 Widescreen Black LCD Monitor 2MS 40000:1 1920X1080 HDMI DVI VGA
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.97/10

Review Date: 05/30/10
Cons: -Stuck pixel right out of the box-Awkward menu buttons

Pros: -Cheap-High response time
I got mine with a stuck pixel right out of the box. The stuck pixel is near the bottom of my screen, and alternates between black and red depending on the color of the background. Its barely noticeable, but I do become self conscious of it at times. There is no zero dead pixel policy and I didn't not buy it with expressCoverage. This is the kind of risk that you have to be aware of. Other than that one stuck pixel the moniotor is great, the menu buttons are a bit lacking in design but it's easy to use.

Review Date: 04/30/10
Cons: - The default color setting is horrible.- It only come with a VGA cable even though it doesn't even cost 4$ to create  a HDMI cable... so get ur Ngear here.- The stand feels cheap and very plastic compare to the one on the BenQ E2400HD.- Why the hell 23.56in instead of 24?!? It just feels strange and too wide but it's fine enough.- Edit: Oh, forget to say that the "Dynamic Contrast" like on all BenQ monitors is a real joke. The colors are totaly unrealistic and ugly if you use this so stick to the only good mode which is (Standard) then use custom color for RGB. Lower the green to about 90 and RB to about 96.

Pros: - Very cheap on sale at 200$- It haves VGA, DVI and HDMI- Very light "weight", feels almost 2x lighter than my BenQ E2400HD.- Good picture quality once you adjust everything.
I bought this for my aunt to be used as a HDTV on the cable box I gave her. Works perfectly both on VGA, DVI and HDMI. Yes I tested them all "long story". I would had chose the E2400HD instead but I was curious about the newer "23.56in" format so I took it since after all it wasn't for me hehe but to be honnest even if it does the job really well, I wouldn't recommand it to anybody anymore. A real 24" feels fairly better and won't be too wide. After all you gain half a inch for the same price so get the E2400HD instead imo. This review was modfied by poster @ 04-30-10 08:42 PM

Review Date: 04/24/10
Cons: none. I have not found a single negative thing about this monitor. I like it so much I just bought another one.

Pros: I LOVE this monitor! Very easy on the eyes. The best visual display when compared side by side against other monitors.
Look no further. Buy this monitor. Really. I compared a pile of monitors in the store for visual display quality. This one stood apart from the rest, because it was just plain easy on the eyes. I could look at it all day without eye strain (couldn't say that for most of them there). It is difficult to quantify this factor in objective terms, but go into the Richmond store and look at the systems on display and you'll see what I mean. The others look harsh, edgy or flickery, this one is pleasing to look at. For someone that spends 12 hours a day in front of a computer that is by far the most important feature. A few reviewers whine about dead pixels. All manufacturers allow a few dead pixels without discarding the display, Benq is no different. But if it matters to you, here is the answer. Wait for it to go on sale, then buy the "ExpressCoverage" option (zero dead pixel guarantee). It's only ten bucks, and you save way more at the sale price. Problem solved. This review was modfied by poster @ 06-20-10 12:02 PM

Review Date: 04/14/10
Cons: Lack 0 dead pixel policy.

Pros: Great picture, stylish, HDMI port.
Great monitor over all. Picture is sharp. Monitor is quite stylish. Only wish BenQ still had a 0 dead pixel policy. Mine is fine but it's one of those risks you have to take unless you want to pay extra for the coverage.

Review Date: 03/19/10
I just picked this bad boy up today and I must say I am impressed. Looks nice and sharp at 1080P. I use this for my graphic design projects as well as PC gaming. I only have minor complaints. No speakers and the buttons on the monitor are not back-lit. I find it hard to read the labels on such a shiny black surface. Also I find the HDMI input sort of tricky to plug devices into. I had to lay the monitor flat to plug in my PS3 (which by the way looks insane) because i couldn't see the port. Like i said only minor complaints or else I would have given a higher score.

Review Date: 03/10/10
Cons: All my friends said it was a cheap brand after I bought it, and scoffed at the BenQ name.

Pros: Price (got it pricematched for just under $200) which was really good compared to all other 24" monitors
I haven't had any problems with it. I'm using it with my windows machine. I got it for a good price. I had to buy a monitor quickly to replace the LCD monitor that I had because it suddenly died.Regardless of what my friends say I'm happy with my purchase because I didn't break my bank account. And it's bigger than my last one. It arrived with no bad pixels. Don't know how long it will last me in years but I'm pleased for now. I might even buy the BenQ E2420HD 24IN as a companion to it for my linux machine. Who knows.

Review Date: 02/21/10
Cons: Crummy on-screen menu.Button placement is awkward.Only comes with a VGA cable.

Pros: Great value on sale.No dead pixels.
Got this on sale during boxing week and have been using it for a while now. When on sale, it's a fabulous value.Make sure you pick up an HDMI or DVI-D cable as well because it only comes with VGA.

Review Date: 02/21/10
Monitor arrived quickly, 2-3 days delivery. No stuck pixels, no problems or issues.. Perfect picture and quality.. No damage.. Excellent product, excellent price
Philip M@NCIX

Review Date: 02/18/10
Cons: fussy buttons and menu, but once it is done it is done

Pros: no ghostingno dead pixelssolid colour rendition
Just a quick report on this monitor for those who are looking. [DVI to DVI connection] This monitor using DVI and the dynamic contrast is a wonderful thing. I play Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and my last LCD monitor just couldn't bring up a decent green. Now My colours are no longer washed out in game. Yes the buttons are a little trying at first for us larger fingered folk and the menu could be a little more intuitive but, all in all I would have to give this monitor a cheerful two thumbs up. And on sale it is a real bonus.

Review Date: 02/11/10
Cons: color not so crisp

Pros: Cheap great looking, sual input
Overall this is a nice buy, specially on sale. I would recommend for daily usage and the 1080 P make it a nice fit for Blue ray watching.

Review Date: 01/22/10
Cons: sometimes when viewing a completely black screen in a dark room, the outer edges of the screen appear slight more backlit. this is very minor and goes away once you are actually doing something or even just letting your pc idle at your desktop. like others said, it was too bright out of the box, but this isn't even really a "weakness", as you can easily just turn the brightness down. Brightness is the only setting I adjusted, it otherwise auto-calibrated and set everything perfectly.can't adjust the height, but you can tilt it back and forth.flimsy stand. they could have spent 50cents on a little more plastic and made it more sturdy.

Pros: beautiful picture, for movies and gaming. all colors are deep and rich. 1080p over 23.56" is awesome, and the 2ms refresh rate means no ghosting that I could see playing cod mw2 on a 360 via hdmi or movies on my pc through dvi. can't beat the price for how big this thing is and the quality of the display. looks very nice sitting on my desk, nice and black and sleek, nothing tacky in the design.no dead pixels:)
Very impressed and happy with my purchase. As usual, great processing times, thanks Ncix. To anyone who wants a 24" 1080p monitor for gaming or anything, and your on a budget, you will not be disappointed.

Review Date: 01/21/10
Cons: after some adjustment still not as sharp as my old Samsung 910v

Pros: excellent price, great size for large spreadsheet type programs like excel and project
This monitor is great for the purpose I purchased it for which is for Excel and MS Project. I was going to replace my 19" Samsung 910v but even after adjustments which meant turning down the brightness to 50 and turning up the sharpness to 90 the picture though much improved was still not as crisp as my 910v. The colours feel a bit washed out, I have aero enabled in Windows 7. I'm using VGA over a 15 ft video cable extension coupled to a standard length video cable. I will acknowledge that this is not an ideal setup and the loss in amplitude of the analog video signals might be a problem for some monitors. I have not tried just a standard length video cable. I want to compare apples with apples, and this setup appears to be no problem for the 910v. I have a DVD for adjusting a monitor and I will give that a try but I never had to make a single adjustment with the Samsung. It was perfect out of the box. I'll keep my old one for day to day use and the new one for working on spreadsheets.

Review Date: 01/19/10
Just picked this up to replace my dead 22'', and am very happy I shopped around. Pictures look great, and so do hi def movies in full 1080p. Now I don't need to be jealous of my wife's computer with the little apple icon and her huge screen. I think mine is nicer.
Big B

Review Date: 01/14/10
This monitor has great colors. It's very bright and almost overwhelmingly large. The only problem was it had a stuck pixel but I fixed that pretty easily. Overall it's a great monitor, has good features for its price, and I happy with it!

Review Date: 12/30/09
Cons: -Base is not adjustable (Not a negative for me, but may be for some people)

Pros: -Streamlined design-Power LED isn't blinding-Huge!-Easy to use hidden controls (not an eyesore)-HDMI-Full HD resolution (1920x1080)-Games look amazing-Great viewing angles
Previous reviewers have commented that the controls are hard to use, and they must have giant hands since I find it very easy, and it is definately not a negative. I love this monitor. I have been playing games on it and watching blu-ray movies and it looks amazing! Also..it's huge! the only feature I have yet to use is the HDMI port (Which i plan on using with my 360), and I will update  when I do so. I highly recommend this monitor for all gaming and HD video watching!UPDATE: Have now used this monitor for 1080p gaming with an xbox 360 and the picture is great. This review was modfied by poster @ 01-02-10 10:04 PM
insanity 360

Review Date: 12/10/09
for those gamers out there that like fast paced shooters and action games for xbox 360 and ps3, look no further. this is the best thing i have seen ever. i take gaming serious and this monitor out performs my highest expectations. dont think about it. just do it. you won't regret a thing.

Review Date: 12/03/09
Cons: - Maximum resolution of 1920x1080 (HD)- The base isn't nice and easy to rotate

Pros: - Sleek design, HDMI input with headphone jack- Good picture
Overall this is a solid monitor with enough settings to keep me happy.There is a button for Auto-Adjust and a button that lets you cycle through different display modes. The modes are: Standard, Movie, Dynamics, Photo, and sRGB. I think it is a pretty excellent monitor at this low price point.

Review Date: 11/28/09
Cons: Unusual design (position of the controls), could have a height adjustable stand.

Pros: Well priced, good quality.
This monitor is excellent for the price. It features a DVI, VGA and HDMI inputs, providing an excellent range of connectability. It works without any issues so far, and has very good viewing angles considering it is a TN type panel. Would purchase again.Could have a more adjustable stand, specifically height wise.

Review Date: 11/05/09
Cons: none

Pros: Awesome price2ms speed 40000:1 contrast ratio
Bought this for $199.99 and my hd videos look great on it, it has auto sensing for different inputs which is convenient and different modes for video, pix, gaming etc.. Awesome response time of just over 2ms, very clear action scenes.

Review Date: 10/09/09
The monitor is an excellent HD one. No dead pixel, clear picture. The HDMI input wouldn't work until I manually set the screen to use it. The delivery was shaky --took almost a month after TD saying courier (UPS) had lost the initial shipment. Monitor showed up 3days after I complained...

Review Date: 10/05/09
Cons: have no found any yet got this for 190.00

Pros: its huge, no dead pixels, looks sweet, however i am still trying to get used to the 16.9
It's a great looking monitor a black gloss front bezel for the best resolution its best to use a dvi cable instead of old vga this monitor has hdmi also same as dvi

Review Date: 09/24/09
The monitor is an excellent HD one. The HDMI input works well. The delivery was shaky --took almost a month after TD saying courier (UPS) had lost the intital shipment. Amazing how fast the monitor showed up after I complained.

Review Date: 09/12/09
Cons: Buttons are hard to use

Pros: Good pictureLow price
I upgraded from a 17 inch monitor and the difference is huge. The price is great for such a large monitor and the picture is pretty good. The only complaint that I have about the monitor is that I don't like the placement of the buttons and they feel really cheap. It especially hard to use them in the dark.

Review Date: 09/11/09
Cons: None yet.

Pros: Large viewing area, clear screen.
I bought this for my dad, it has increased his enjoyment of his computer quite a bit. It's a 24 inch 1080p monitor, and has a nice clear screen. It was a solid price, and has worked well so far.

Review Date: 09/05/09
Cons: none so far

Pros: Good pictureDecent price on sale for an almost 24"Looks
The quality of the picture is very good & the monitor is very nice looking. My history with Benq monitors has been very good. ( Even a couple of refurb bought directly from them )No dead pixels. Others may be more picky than me when it comes to LCD colours but looks fine to my eyes & my customers.
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