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IOGEAR GCS24U 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch

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IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch
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IOGEAR GCS24U 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch
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$49.99 CAD Buy Now

IOGEAR USB KVM Switch - 4 x 1 - 4 x HD-15 Video, 4 x Type A USB - Desktop   $58.73 CAD Buy Now

IOGEAR USB KVM Switch - 4 x 1 - 4 x HD-15 Video, 4 x Type A USB - Desktop (GCS24U)   $60.11 CAD Buy Now
IOGEAR USB KVM Switch - 4 x 1 - 4 x HD-15 Video 4 x Type A USB - Desktop   $64.00 CAD Buy Now
Iogear GCS24U   $89.41 CAD Buy Now

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New IOGEAR GCS24U 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Remote Port Switching button New IOGEAR GCS24U 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Remote Port Switching button $20.10 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR 4-Port USB + VGA KVM Switch w/Remote Button - GCS24U - Mac/PC IOGEAR 4-Port USB + VGA KVM Switch w/Remote Button - GCS24U - Mac/PC $38.84 CAD Shop Now
New IOGEAR GCS24U 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Remote Port Switching button New IOGEAR GCS24U 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Remote Port Switching button $41.48 CAD Shop Now
NEW IOGear GCS24U 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch with Cables & Remote in Box NEW IOGear GCS24U 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch with Cables & Remote in Box $51.86 CAD Shop Now
NEW OPEN BOX IOGear GCS24U 4 port Usb KVM Switch NEW OPEN BOX IOGear GCS24U 4 port Usb KVM Switch $51.87 CAD Shop Now
iogear GCS24U Black KVM switch iogear GCS24U Black KVM switch $57.10 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR GCS24U 4 Port USB Cable KVM Switch IOGEAR GCS24U 4 Port USB Cable KVM Switch $60.96 CAD Shop Now
GCS2Iogear GCS24U 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch w Cables VGA Mouse Keyboard Remote GCS2Iogear GCS24U 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch w Cables VGA Mouse Keyboard Remote $63.35 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR GCS24U 4-port USB kvm switch new IOGEAR GCS24U 4-port USB kvm switch new $63.96 CAD Shop Now
iogear GCS24UB IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black) iogear GCS24UB IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black) $67.27 CAD Shop Now
4-Port Usb Cable Kvm Switch 4-Port Usb Cable Kvm Switch $67.92 CAD Shop Now
Iogear Usb Kvm Switch - 4 X 1 - 4 X Hd-15 Video, 4 X Type A Usb - Desktop - Rohs Iogear Usb Kvm Switch - 4 X 1 - 4 X Hd-15 Video, 4 X Type A Usb - Desktop - Rohs $67.99 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR 4-Port USB VGA Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Remote GCS24U Switches IOGEAR 4-Port USB VGA Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Remote GCS24U Switches $70.01 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR - GCS24U IOGEAR - GCS24U $70.70 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black) New IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black) New $73.98 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black) NEW IOGEAR 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch GCS24U (Black) NEW $76.68 CAD Shop Now
DHDT-DHGCS24U-4 Port USB Cable Kvm Switch DHDT-DHGCS24U-4 Port USB Cable Kvm Switch $97.82 CAD Shop Now
Iogear Usb Kvm Switch - 4 X 1 - 4 X Hd-15 Video, 4 X Type A Usb - Desktop - Rohs Iogear Usb Kvm Switch - 4 X 1 - 4 X Hd-15 Video, 4 X Type A Usb - Desktop - Rohs $108.15 CAD Shop Now
IOGEAR 4-Port USB VGA Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Remote, GCS24U IOGEAR 4-Port USB VGA Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Remote, GCS24U $120.76 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

IOGEAR GCS24U 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.07/10

Review Date: 09/13/13
Cost was suitable and I was even in a position to use it to recover information off a handful of old drives that I thought have been dead. None at all. Purchase this item. It functions perfectly.

Review Date: 09/06/13
Fantastic excellent KVM.Constructed in cables, push button to alter devices is a good feature given that you can stick it to the desk close to the keyboard and users don't will need to push a button on the kvm itself. None

Review Date: 09/04/13
Easy to set up. I have to say it operates flawlessly, promptly switching among my systems with no noticeable lag. i like the fact that all I have to have sitting on my desk is the tiny selector button and that the cable for it is particularly thin. The cables are as well quick. They are 4 feet long but I want they have been about two feet longer than they are for a total length of 6 feet or even a 2M length would be good. Excellent value. Picked it up for ื.99 and it had a ฤ dollar mail in rebate for a final value of ร.99. Excellent value, smooth operation. Very suggested.

Review Date: 09/01/13
iogear tends to make my favorite kvm switchesremote button is good (long cord)can unplug keyboard in and plug in usb flash drivecan hot plug/unplug computers that are onlooks excellentperforms devoid of fail 95% of the time Switching away from a windows set up from format all the way to the initially question leaves you with no way to click or enter ok. mainly because installing devices saw no usb mouse and keyboard since it is not emulated when you're away.this is the principal problem, no emulationIt fundamentally performs like you plug in a usb mouse+keyb, get some thing going, unplug them both, come back plug them in, and so forth. that does not function in all cases....this is a challenge for some dos diagnostic applications too. four computer systems take 8ft of desk and the cords are too quick on this. Ưft every single, or 2 longs + 2 shorts would aidI miss straightforward keyboard hotkeys like scroll lock-scroll lock to go round in circles. It just bugs me that I have to use an added keyboard plugged in along with it for particular points. all round, I like it, but My all time favored is the 2-port GCS62scroll lock-scroll lock switched machinesemulated that your mouse and keyboard are nevertheless there when you switch off of that machine

Review Date: 08/10/13
Performs out of the box - plug and play. Couldn't be much easier. If you will need a uncomplicated plug and play VGA/USB 4 port KVM and can reside with only 4ft. cabling, this is it. Worked get in setting up a client/server/network lab for an set up. Also works good in my complete height server rack cage. Super low price for what you really get. None A tiny bit slow on the switching, but not genuinely a con. Cables are built in, again, not necessarily a con. Cables are only 4ft. extended - if you can reside with it, not a con.

Review Date: 07/31/13
Simple install. no troubles. Setup was uncomplicated. none Working with this with wireless mouse and keyboard. initially had to rescan the keyboard and mouse but as soon as set up it has worked like a charm. achievable note... for me when setting up with the wireless... use the usb cable that is not marked with a keyboard on it... basically each set has one marked and 1 not. considering that the wireless makes use of only 1 usb connection you only use one particular for all the other connections.

Review Date: 07/29/13
A four-port switch for a reasonable price that would function well if all computer systems had been very close to every single other. 1) The killer: The cables are only four feet long, requiring all computers be set up close to each and every other and relatively close to the keyboard/monitor/mouse.two) Annoyance. The manual switch enables switching amongst sets 1-4, but the plugs are totally unmarked. If you want 4-ports, I suggest you get a single without constructed-in cables and add cables of suitable legths. Manufacturer Response:Thank you for selecting IOGEAR and sorry about your experience. If you would like to have longer KVM cable length, I would suggest you to use our desktop version of KVM GCS1734. While they come with 4 KVM cables, there are replacement cables in unique length for unique demands. G2L5301U, G2L5302U, G2L5303U and G2L5305U Ɠft, 6ft, 10ft and 15ft) are the various selections. Also, in addition to becoming in a position to switch through front panel switch buttons, it’s also capable to be switched by means of hotkeys. Plugs are marked for a particular port as you have wanted. Also, this KVM let you to share a set of two.1 speakers and mic, and two USB peripherals. It’s a lot far more function than the GCS24U and at the identical time fits what you want most. If you have any question in regarding to the GCS1734, please see our web site at www.iogear.com or give our 24ǝ tech support a call at 1龢ꏚ-4327 for specifics.Once again, thank you for picking IOGEAR.

Review Date: 07/16/13
Truly got to speak to a live person. Inaccurate support cost me wasted time and return postage. In response to IO Gear tech supports reply to my assessment of the GCS24U under, I apologize for the confusion. I did in reality mean to say DVI to VGA adapter. Nevertheless at the time I was especially told that this particular unit would not function employing these adapters, contrary to what your reply states. And yes my monitor is DVI capable. Possibly your tech staff demands to greater familiarize themselves with your solution line. Manufacturer Response:Thank you for chooing IOGEAR and thank you for your reply and feedback. We would undoubtedly operate with the group for much better serve our buyers. 1 factor I have to mentionagain, though your monitor is DVI capable, please make confident it is DVI-I capable. Otherwise, it wouldn't work. Once again sorry about the confusion. If you have any further question, please feel totally free to speak to our tech support and we would be glad to assist you.

Review Date: 07/15/13
You can't beat the price tag of this unit (I got it for ฤ following MIR). It is a great unit and operates nicely with all the PCs that I have utilized it with Ɣ-five Various Dell models). It operates wonderful with my Logitech Wireless Wave keyboard and mouse (and a few other keyboards and mice that I attempted). I consider it has a incredibly rapidly response time despite what some other folks have said. This repalced an old PS2 KVM that I had and I consider it just about the same speed. Wired remote makes it so that you do not have to have the KVM on your desk if you do not want and it frees up desk space. It has 2 USB cables to connect to every single Computer and other people that I have seen only use a single (it is an extra connection, but not a huge deal). You do have to cycle through all the connections even if they are not in use with the wired remote. There are no indicator lights on the unit to tell you which connections have a Pc present. Cables are a little quick (I feel about 4 feet) if you wanted to place it on your desk and have the PCs underneath. There is no switch on the KVM box itself so you have to use the wired remote. If you use a wireless keyboard and mouse that only takes up one particular USB port then you only have to use one cable hooked to every Pc (just use the correct a single, and only the keyboard a single is marked with an icon).

Review Date: 07/12/13
This was effortless to set up. This unit was destined for my four-Pc configuration in a company atmosphere. I followed ideas on boot sequence and permitted the Computer to recognize the USB devices before switching to the subsequent Pc. My 4-Pc config is Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, and two Windows 2008 Servers. It performs perfectly with each and every. The switching involving devices is actually cool with the remote-like device that has a longer cord than the other constructed-in USB & VGA cords. This remote enables the device hub (where all the cords meet) to be out of the way--in my case on the floor. There is no delay between switching, either. None but. Even tho NewEgg had a บ rebate, I did acquire from yet another vendor Provantage as it was cheaper.

Review Date: 06/10/13
performs fine with mac, like the USB help win98 and freebsd desktops drop keyboard/mouse response following a few switches I purchased this switch mostly in the hope of switching involving my main freebsd desktop and an old win98 machine I set up to play some older games. My intention was to mainly function on the freebsd desktop and just switch to the win98 box on occasion. And it worked, briefly. Sadly, each of these machines cease recognizing the keyboard and mouse after a couple of switches, necessitating a reboot of each machines. The video still worked fine, nevertheless. I don't know if it's a difficulty with the USB input drivers on those operating systems... perhaps I really should have gone with PS2 but I already had USB devices. I haven't had a chance to try it with Linux or a a lot more current Windows version but.As an aside, it performs flawlessly on my G4 iBook that is also hooked up to the switch. Have not had any loss of connectivity or functionality concerns; even recognizes the volume controls on my non-mac keyboard.

Review Date: 04/26/13
-Performs with my MacBook, Thinkpad, and Desktop.-No problems with switching.-Have a 24" DELL monitor running at 1920 x 1200 which appears good on all the Pc's and MacBook.-Works with my Logitech illuminated keyboard on all three devices. -Cables aren't as lengthy as my other PS2 IOGear but operate at my desk setup.-No important combo for switching like I had with my PS2 IOGear KVM so you have to recall which port you're on and count to the one particular you move to although pressing the KVM switch button. Not a big deal after you've performed it a couple of times.-Soon after waking the MacBook I at times have to re-detect the monitor for very best resolution. -Item doesn't seem as solid as my previous IOGear PS2 KVM which I've utilised for years (still functions) but replaced so I could use a USB mouse and illuminated Logitech keyboard.

Review Date: 04/09/13
Excellent solution for a wonderful price tag. Rapid Shipping. Uncomplicated setup worked excellent appropriate out of the box setup four workstations in about ten minutes and most of that was figuring out specifically how I wanted the workstations placed. None that I see so far nonetheless the remote desktop switch appears a little affordable. I have only owned this product for about a month now so we will see how the switch stands up.

Review Date: 03/11/13
Works well Cables are a bit short IOGear failed to honor the terms of the rebate when I bought this item from an additional outlet. Manufacturer Response:Thank you for deciding on IOGEAR and we apologize for your experience. If rebate is an exclusive to New Egg then he demands to obtain from New Egg in order to qualify. You can constantly get in touch with the rebate house at 1-800-953-3098. As soon as once again, thank you for picking IOGEAR.

Review Date: 03/07/13
I have been manually connecting three Computer's with an older Iogear 2 port PS2 hub, plus manually connecting a Logi wireless mouse module and I was counting on this operating in a large way. And it has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. All 3 computer's are connected. Wireless mouse module USB and USB keyboard input fer devise. Off to the 3 Computer's and their ready to go any time I drop in. WOW None.. I had my suspicions that all my worry was for not, "It Was"

Review Date: 02/23/13
Great price, Works with all my lab systems, like my Sun Sparc gear none

Review Date: 02/16/13
Good USB switch. worked out of box with totally no issues. SUPPORTS CAC(common access card) reader keyboards. none I bought this switch especially because it had a remote button, as sometimes switch with hotkeys don't operate appropriately. the button is little and has a long wire so placement is effortless. you could want to purchase those small velcro squares to help mount it. I put the switch underneath my desk, so it appears like i only have one particular personal computer but i actually have two and no one particular can tell.

Review Date: 01/30/13
Operate with my Logitech MX3200 cordless mouse\keyboard. I did not acquire any con. Yet, like what other people today had described, it would be a great deal more convenient if there were more switches that enable customers straight jump to a particular laptop. Many many people have questions relating to to connecting a kvm to a cordless mouse/keyboard set. I would like to focus on this part. Each the mouse and the keyboard of my Logitech MX3200 communicate to a USB receiver. When I ordered this kvm switch, I was not 100% positive whether or not the MX3200 will operate with this kvm. There two USB mouse and keyboard ports on the switch, but MX3200 use one particular receiver only. The MX3200 does not operate with my final ps2-type kvm. In short, this IOGEAR switch works. I plugged the usb receiver into 1 of the two usb ports on the switch. Each constructed-in cable set has two usb connectors, but only one usb connector requirements to be plugged into the laptop or computer. That is, I only use one usb port on the switch and one usb port on the laptop. Both mouse and keyboard operate. I am fairly glad with the result.

Review Date: 01/22/13
The device functions fine. I choose the physical switch for switching amongst computers. For some reason I now do not get sound out of my earphones. Manufacturer Response:Thank you for selecting IOGEAR and sorry to hear that you have concern using our KVM. Our GCS24U does not have audio help, so I am truly confused about what you mean by you now don’t get sound out of your earphones. In order for us to investigate your case far better and more efficiently, can you please give our 24ǝ Tech help team a call at 1龢) 946-4327, so that we can superior assist you. We would like to appear much more in detail about the setup that you have so that we can far better troubleshoot your concern, so really feel free of charge to give us a get in touch with given that the KVM is backed by IOGEAR’s three year warranty. When once more, thank you for deciding upon IOGEAR.

Review Date: 12/04/12
havin this KVM for a couple of months an it has not had any problems what so ever truly not confident if this was the trigger, had a client machine and powered it up with out it getting chosen on the kvm when i switched to it, it was on 16bit colour but it was on the 24bit ahead of, once i boot with the process chosen on the kvm i dont have that problem. this utilized to come about to my old generic psǘ kvm also only tried three systems on this kvm so far not all four

Review Date: 11/15/12
Performs well with the straightforward switch. Switches rapidly from 1 pc to the subsequent. No noticable difference in video. Requires to be current when booting one particular of my compuers to acquire the video. Does not like when the DVI cable is also connected to the monitor. Works incredibly properly. the cons may really effectively be troubles with the video cards. I would undoubtedly purchase it once again.

Review Date: 11/07/12
This unit has an excellent compatability aspect, Im using it with XP, 2k3, and Slackware Linux. All function with out a hitch. Cable lengths are good. The breakout box for the switch so I can simply hide the cables and the box. Under no circumstances thought I could get a decent KVM for this value. Incredibly rapidly response time. It makes use of a toggle switch not hotkeys. (this is easy to get a handle on and in fact tends to make it good and little). Break-out switch is as well light to make use of the tactile pad it has on it, they should weight it down or give it a sticky pad. And status lights on the break-out wouldnt hurt (but thats just a bonus) I am very happy with this item, for those who dont have the desk space but demand many systems this is the way to go. You wont be sorry!!!

Review Date: 11/06/12
Literally Plug And Play! So uncomplicated. Really should have accomplished this along time ago. I have two folding pcs on this, constructing a third computer. And what ever computer I am working on. Free up desk space with this. Only con no speaker outputs. I ought to have looked closer when I ordered. Make positive that when you attach computer, switch is on chosen port. Then turn on. Once booted you can switch pcs. That straightforward.

Review Date: 10/13/12
Performs perfectly. straightforward to use. Nevertheless need to have a PS2 keyboard on the initial boot for some older PCs just to OK the new hardware dialogue, but no issues otherwise.

Review Date: 09/27/12
Bought this to upgrade from a 2 port KVM switch. I've had excellent luck with IOGear in the previous and the cost was fair compared to other four port switches. Utilizes USB mice/keyboards and plugs into the boxes with USB rather of PSǘ which is a plus. All the KVM switches I reviewed had some complaints, but this had the least and was reasonably priced. Has performed as expected for two months now and I am satisfied with it. I absolutely like the button for cycling via the computer systems. As some people complained, when I have 4 boxes connected and going, from time to time it requires 15 - 20 seconds for the box to choose up the mouse and keyboard right after a switch. This only takes place as soon as in a although and for the most part the switch is instantaneous. There is no sound component to this KVM switch, only keyboard and mouse. This is not a down examine, this switch is for a production environment and that's what I bought it for. But buyers need to have to be aware of that.
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Product Features


Iogear GCS24U 4-Port KVM Switch
With the Iogear GCS24U 4-Port KVM Switch you can easily share a VGA monitor, a USB mouse, and a USB keyboard between four computers. By using a manual switch located on a wired remote control, you can conveniently switch between computers. Plus, it comes with an entirely plug & play solution without additional cables or software installation and configuration to provide you hassle-free experience. To offer you wide compatibilty, this product has a multi-platform support that works well with Windows, Sun, and Mac. The Iogear GCS24U 4-Port KVM Switch comes with a USB bus so you don't need to have a separate power supply to run. For competitively priced, entry level KVM that will allow you to multitask with four computers, choose the Iogear GCS24U 4-Port KVM Switch.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 4-Port KVM Switch; allows you to Pc peripherals between for computers
  • Multi-platform support; compatible with Windows, Sun, and Mac
  • Plug & play feature; offers an instant solution for your networking needs without the need of software installation and configuration

Product Specifications

Model GCS24U
Type D-Sub, USB
PC Connectors Monitor 4 x HDB-15 Male
Keyboard & Mouse 4 x Type-A Male
Console Connectors Monitor 1 x HDB-15 Female
Keyboard 1 x Type-A Female
Mouse 1 x Type-A Female
Computer Connections 4 Ports
Monitor Connections 1 Port
Video Resolution 2048 x 1536
PC Selection Push Buttons
Temperature Operation Temperature 0 C~50 C
Storage Temperature -20 C~60 C
Humidity 0% to 80%,Non-Condensing
Dimensions 6.38" x 7.88" x 2.38"
Weight 1.46 lbs.
Features One USB keyboard, USB mouse, and VGA monitor control four computers
Plug-n-Play monitor support
Compact design features two attached KVM (USB and VGA) cables
Compatible with PC, MAC and SUN operating platforms
Supports Windows 2000 or higher, Mac OS 9.0 or higher, Sun Solaris 9 or higher
No software drivers required simply connect the cables to the computers
Computer selection via 6 ft remote control cable that can be placed on your desk for easy reach
Full Mac keyboard support
Supports programmable mice
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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