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GIGABYTE GM-M6800 Noble Black Wired Optical Dual Lens Gaming Mouse

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✈ Gaming Gigabyte Dual Lens Mouse W/ 1600 Dpi High-Definition Optical Tracking ✈ Gaming Gigabyte Dual Lens Mouse W/ 1600 Dpi High-Definition Optical Tracking $31.81 CAD Shop Now
Gigabyte GM-M6800 USB Wired Mouse (GM-M6800) Gigabyte GM-M6800 USB Wired Mouse (GM-M6800) $68.22 CAD Shop Now
Gigabyte GM-M6800 Dual Lens Gaming Mouse Gigabyte GM-M6800 Dual Lens Gaming Mouse $87.42 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

GIGABYTE GM-M6800 Noble Black Wired Optical Dual Lens Gaming Mouse
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.3/10

Review Date: 09/15/13
I really like the really feel of this mouse. It's so comfy for any hand - I have pretty modest hands (being female) but my boyfriend can use it comfortably with significantly bigger hands. I was essentially replacing an old mouse - exact same model - that had began to double and triple-click. It was impeding on my gaming and even straightforward web browsing, but I think that this, even even though it's the very same model as my old one, is an updated version. It has the Gigabyte logo on it; my old one particular did not, and the scroll wheel feels so smooth. The dpi button even appears to function better than my old one particular. I definitely need at least a five-button mouse since I use it for gaming, and this is a superb mouse for the gamer with a budget. It's a comfortable weight, comfy grip, and has smooth scrolling. I'm hoping this a single doesn't do what my last one particular did soon after heavy use (double and triple clicking on the left mouse button). I just ordered this yesterday afternoon and when I got house currently it was sitting at my property. I enjoy Newegg for its ability to get orders filled and shipped in a timely manner.

Review Date: 09/14/13
comfy for my hand. appears cool. controls nicely in just about every game i play with it. the wire is rather bulky...i use an ocz gaming mouse and the wire is slim and barely noticeable. This mouse is annoying to use with laptops for this explanation

Review Date: 09/13/13
+Cheap and frequently has MIRs+Thumb buttons on side for back/forward operation+Wired +Durable (I accidentally set my tower down on it following adding some new components and the mouse still worked)+Color/Design/Feel (I assume it looks good but I'm an aerospace engineer, so my sense of style is ummm... non-existent) +You spent 100's if not 1000's on your laptop, at least invest 15 to interface with it. -No smooth scrolling like my RX1500, MX Revolution, MX610-Lack of programmable buttons produced a few activity a lot more tedious on CAD applications and possibly for gamers as well. -Very light really feel/loud clicks *For an individual who utilizes their computer system for fundamental tasks (Word Processing, Interwebz, Motion pictures, Light Gaming, and so forth), this is an awesome mouse for the money. The back/forward buttons alone are worth the price tag of the mouse for most users. *Serious gamers and engineers who want to have a lot of programmable buttons might require to look at higher finish mice.*It has wires!!!! Wireless sounds good and I have utilized a couple of (low and high finish), but when your mouse freezes during game play due to the fact it puts itself in power save mode and you die (MX Revolution, MX620,Kens Slim blade), you quit caring about wires. My only functioning wireless mouse is the least expensive one particular as well - the Kensington. I use it as a volume control when patching films to a Tv in another space. That is the only time I can see going wireless. If you are going to be at your personal computer when working with a mouse -> acquire wired mice. *People should not compare this mouse to 贄 plus mice for gaming. It's like comparing ุ trackballs to 踰 3D mice for CAD.

Review Date: 09/08/13
Its not a ball mouse Really light weight, thought about opening it and gluing some pennies inside... For normal use, its excellent, for gaming, not so substantially. The 1 I got would make the courser jump about ㅂ pixels when I wasn't even touching the mouse, which makes it hard to be accurate in games.

Review Date: 09/03/13
Price tag, performs effectively. None. None.

Review Date: 08/31/13
I have been using a Microsoft Explorer wireless mouse, and have grown to really like its ergonomic feel. This mouse emulates that really feel, though it is substantially lighter. I like the button to change the sensitivity of the mouse (although I rarely use it), and I appreciate the two thumb buttons, which I frequently use. I even like that it is not wireless, due to the fact that suggests I don't have to obtain batteries. This is a fantastic mouse... if you are right handed. It's somewhat light, but that's a lot more of a individual preference than a con. I would comment on the reality that it is working with the laser optics instead of the newer blue light nonsense that some mice are working with these days, but I haven't ever had any trouble with the mouse not tracking. The scroll wheel has good, well defined increments, which I choose to freely spinning scroll wheels.

Review Date: 08/24/13
Good ergonomics, nice characteristics, nice price. Operates as fantastic as any of the Logitech items I've ever used more than the years. The first a single I ordered was DOA. I sent it back below RMA, but ordered 2 additional proper away with high hopes. I was not dissapointed with the subsequent two. They performed flawlessly. I could attempt to be mad more than recieving a DOA... but it takes place now and then with just about absolutely everyone. I still give it 5 eggs.

Review Date: 08/21/13
Extremely good design. It fit fantastic in my hand. I plugged it into 4 different computers ƒ Windows 7 computers, 1 Vista laptop and 1 XP laptop) and it didn't perform on ANY of them for longer than 30 seconds. Worse however, it totally crashed Each of my Windows 7 computer systems. I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to get my out of startup repair mode. I finally was able to get them fixed by doing a system restore PLUS a manual deletion of the mouse driver in safe mode. It was the most horrible practical experience I have ever had with a mouse. Thank you Newegg for working with me and taking the mouse back and providing me a complete refund!!! Newegg is the ideal!

Review Date: 08/19/13
Exellant price for a great mouse. Dirvers sucked but they operate...none actually

Review Date: 08/17/13
Good weight, glides across my mouse pad. The scroll wheel is a lot nicer than what I'm employed as well. The response time is significantly faster than my older mouse, and my gaming has observed an improvement due to the fact of that. The DPI button is good, it can also really support in-game if you get utilised to the high setting. It forms nicely in your hand, and appears sharp as properly. Some may complain about how light it is, while I think it's perfectly balanced.

Review Date: 08/15/13
comfy Causes game stuttering - will be returning it asap!No disc, No drivers ... It's garbage.

Review Date: 08/13/13
Cheap, comfy, great price range mouse This thing **cannot** handle quick acceleration, the 800񳈰 dpi on this issue is useless. For each day purposes, this mouse is fine, but for FPS gaming, when you want to swipe the mouse across incredibly quickly, this thing twitches and can't deal with fast swipes at all. Not a gaming mouse as advertised, but for every single day purposes, this mouse is a good value. Just don't acquire it for FPS gaming. For games like Starcraft, it performs fine.

Review Date: 08/09/13
Its a excellent mouse for gaming. None.

Review Date: 07/31/13
Has the thumb buttons to go back and forward when browsing, which I feel it supremely valuable if you do a lot of surfingMouse wheel feels great to use, has some type of internal notch mechanism so you can tell when you've "clicked" down or up a line of textHigh quality of construction is incredibly excellent. For the price, you can't beat the functions, this is a very, very good mouse. None The grip on the mouse is fantastic, and the ergonomics fit my hand excellent.The dpi button is neat, but I haven't utilised it given that I installed this mouse.

Review Date: 07/28/13
works like a champ windows 7 installed it 4 mea bit bigger the last mouse dpi switching is excellent ok received it with package reduce along the best side as if cd application was removed [not certain if it had a disk] game i am presently playing i can't use side buttons says invalid crucial no computer software to assign buttons or change them wondering if other gigabyte application will operate from other mouse solutions as applied for fps gaming has entirely enhanced my accuracy resulting in a far better k/d ratio amazing must changed my name to Captain Amazing very first

Review Date: 07/25/13
Cons: Not enough room for scroll wheel, sometimes gets stuckSurface tends to collect sweat and oils quicklyClicking the middle mouse button to sometimes scrollStiff connection wire, tends to hold its folded shape

Pros: Cheap PriceGood fit for large handsDPI switchBack & Forward buttons
Overall, the mouse is a great buy for casual gamers or multimedia students, however, I would not recommend this to hardcore gamers or individuals that would like to use the mouse for hours at a time.

Review Date: 07/24/13
- Comfy for big hands (I have long fingers)- Wonderful for gaming, DPI switch is handy- All round delivers as promised - The back button (on the side) is USELESS. Considering that the day I got the mouse, it has randomly taken my back either 1, 2, or three steps in my browser history. Fairly useless. Since owning the mouse, I've tried the most recent drivers, even moved from XP to Win7 and the challenge remains. Appears like a hardware challenge.- The rubber grip on the appropriate is coming loose. Not a major deal, as this mouse gets six-8 hours of usage per day.

Review Date: 07/23/13
quickly confortable. soft. none

Review Date: 07/23/13
Good great sized mouse. Very comfy. The DPI is decent. I have applied this mouse for gaming and it has held up well in the previous 9 months I have owned it. Didn't have any challenges with the cord length as my modem is on my desk. None

Review Date: 07/04/13
The price for one. pretty pleased with this item therefore far.

Review Date: 06/29/13
Quite rapid and amazing reaction. Comfy fit with my hand and genuinely economical. none

Review Date: 06/24/13
Right out of the box I could inform that this mouse was good. It had everything I wanted: Sturdy clickwheel, some sort of ergonomic design and style, and further thumb buttons that I've grown accustomed to.Great response time, doesn't overshoot or undershoot targets in games, and was only ย, shipping integrated. I'm utilized to heavier mice so I seriously couldn't use this in games, and I didn't really feel like acquiring applied to a lighter mouse, On the other hand, due to the fact that's a matter of taste it doesn't deserve removing a star from right here, look at my critique a four.9 star overview instead.I opened the mouse up and glued some pennies inside the case and it feels far more natural. Good mouse, didn't know Gigabyte produced mice... Just what I required.

Review Date: 06/14/13
Price tag. Longevity. Don't acquire.

Review Date: 06/08/13
Really good match for a correct hander, not an excess of buttons either. I am a gamer, and didn't really feel like spending a ton of cash on some fancy mouse and this match rather perfectly. None, DPI coulda been a bit greater but I don't play FPS style games either. Excellent and comfy grip on the mouse, excellent amount of buttons so you prevent accidentally pressing some random hidden button.

Review Date: 06/05/13
Fits hand Quite wellUncomplicated to use (it IS a mouse immediately after all so it should be!)CostButton compatibity with all my games (and that means ALL buttons including side buttons four & five) None that I can feel of. Had this for 8 months now and love it. Gonna get a second now for an additional personal computer. Good for playing L4D and other shooters, you won't be disappointed!
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Model GM-M6800
Type Wired
Interface USB
Hand Orientation Right Hand
Tracking Method Optical
Buttons 5+1
Scrolling Capability 1 x Wheel
Color Noble Black
Maximum dpi 1600 dpi
OS / System Requirement
Operating System Supported Windows 98/2000/ME/XP 32bit/Vista
Features 20G Maximum acceleration
Best C/P value for Gaming user
Dual Lens: Features dual lens solution for advanced precision
1600 DPI High-definition optical technology: deliver 2-4 times sensitivity of standard optical mice. Experience smooth, precise tracking.
DPI adjustable (800/1600 DPI): 2-level sensitivity switching
Total-comfort design: Equipped with soft rubber grips and contoured shape to provide superior grasp during the longest gaming sessions.
Super-smooth feet: Slide easily across almost any surface.

5" x 2.95" x 1.65"
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
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