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Genius SP-HF2020 Digital 4-WAY HI-FI Wood Speaker

Genius SP-HF2020 Digital 4-WAY HI-FI Wood Speaker (GENIUS: GNSK02SPHF2020)
Vendor: GENIUS
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Genius SP-HF2020 Digital 4-WAY HI-FI Wood Speaker
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.33/10
With 3 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/23/12
Cons: none

Pros: good sound and built qualityremote control
good speaker for 89.99$ doing a good job for the price

Review Date: 03/28/12
Cons: Quality, quality, qualityNo max/min point on volume knobCan't leave on like computer speakersDid I say quality?

Pros: *I would have rated these 1 star if I'd ordered them online, but I purchased in store and the site won't take the invoice # insteadSince they don't work, there are no pros
I bought these on sale after considering switching to a better sounding 2 speaker system without the need for a big subwoofer. They were on sale after Christmas and I had some holiday money so decided to try them out.Initially, I liked the speakers, a lot in fact considering they were on sale for $80. The sound of the speakers is quite good for that price point and the extras of the multiple inputs and EQ settings are very useful. I was initially worried about buying a 'value brand' but after playing with them for a solid week, I felt confident enough to throw out the box (I didn't want to take up space with a sub, so I definitely want to hang onto a box after testing the speakers out).That was when the issues started. A couple of days after I threw out the box, the speakers stopped working. When I turned them on, the lights on the front would all stay on (both the input lights, all the EQ lights, etc) where normal operation is all turn on for a couple of seconds then just the in use lights would stay on. I couldn't control the volume if there was any at all, switch EQ settings or inputs using the remote or the buttons on the speakers.I tried to turn the speakers off and leave everything unplugged after just re-seating inputs and power didn't change anything. The first time I left it that way, it did work again until the next time I tried to use them. Back to the store (sans box) 2 weeks after purchase.With the second set, that pair stopped working in the same way after less than a week. Back to the store.With the third set, I had 4 days left in my 30 days from purchase so I tried to be diligent in turning them off after each use rather than leave them on like computer speakers. Forgot once (left on unused for several hours) in the following week and they stopped working again. They were temperamental even before that, but worked longer than the second set. Now, the volume comes on at one level only, all lights stay on and I can't change any settings apart from on or off (with the switch at the back).Since I threw out the box, I couldn't return them to NCIX even though I'd kept the receipt and already replaced them twice. I would have accepted in store credit to put towards something that would work, but they can't ship them back to Genius safely without the proper box (they used the replacement's box each time I swapped a defective pair to send them back) so now I'm past 30 days and stuck with them. No matter what I try, all three sets have failed before 2 full weeks of use and I would definitely not recommend these to anyone, at any price.

Review Date: 11/09/11
Cons: a bit big for me

Pros: Very Solid built, good sound quality
Suprise Genius has a good speaker. It's good for music. EQ is working very good too.

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