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BENQ Joybee GP1 3LED DLP Mini Projector

BENQ Joybee GP1 3LED DLP Mini Projector (BenQ: GP1)
Vendor: BenQ
Price: $65.04 - $65.04 CAD from 1 stores
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Product Reviews

BENQ Joybee GP1 3LED DLP Mini Projector
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.83/10
With 6 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/24/11
Cons: Very low resolution, fixed zoom, low lumens, non-adjusteable bulb brigthness, non standard or hard to find Adapter (CEA 30 pin to vga+RCA), vga rather short, 1 meter maybe, power pack is that of a laptop and the carrying case doesn't take it into account, nor the cables.Focussing the unit takes a lot of practice as the slider is extremely limited in movement.

Pros: Cheap-ish projector, ultra light, really small, LED based, tripod mountable, portable
I bought this projector to play with and i accomplished my goal, it works great for the price, the fan is annoying though, it looks like a 40mm and it is rather pitchy, however, the unit does heat up significantly, despite being LED, and without it there is no doubt that it would fry.The low resolution was apparent immediately upon first plugging it in and testing it. it was very apparent that 856x600 was terrible as a resolution, okay for watching videos though, but for using as a screen, forget it. Even with the interpolation up to 1280x1024, it still remains a 856x600 projector, things are close to illegible when it is interpolated at that resolution. reminds me of the old CRT tvs. i think the closest high resolution to being useable would be 1280x800Very fun toy to play with though. Gives a great idea what a real projector would probably be like. i might end up getting those casio XJ-A240 projectors, also based off of LED/Laser but higher resolution.

Review Date: 02/25/11
Cons: Not very bright. No zoom. Carrying case is only big enough for the projector, does not include space for power cord/attachments.

Pros: Very small. Menus are easy to navigate. Image is sharp.
I picked this up to use in my classroom. Since it has no zoom, it has to be a fair ways back to fill the screen, which is doable, but not very flexible. The size is great. The LED picture is sharp. It works well for projecting Power Point and documents in word. It essentially allows me to have a cheaper, more portable smart board. The biggest drawback is the low lumens. The room has to be very dark in order to view the picture well. Since I have a wall of windows, even with all the blinds drawn, it’s still a bit of a strain to watch things. One of my students even remarked that the projector was “dark”. It works great in my apartment, where I have more control over lighting. I might end up setting it up on the headboard of my bed to give myself a big screen (that takes up a tiny space) in the bedroom.I haven’t tried the speakers yet, but I wouldn’t expect much from them.I really like the LED over the lamp as a design concept, but they would have to increase the lumens 10x before I’d consider going with it again. I can guarantee it would be of no use in a laundry mat, as the Benq promo animation would suggest. It would be like watching a shadow play more than anything else.

Review Date: 10/30/10
Cons: for the price you pay, nothing

Pros: Brightness, menu, HD, sound
Got this when it was at $360. AWESOME!Keep in mind you are buying a sub 400 projector.Had 10 people over to watch UFC 121. The sound filled the entire room with no prob, we made a component to d-sub15 cable easily using cables lying around(remember though you will need a female d-sub, not male, i ripped mine off of an old motherboard) and hooked up to shaw cable box. the feed was read by the projector at 1080i and the picture was amazing! Of course it was downgraded to the native 600, but i got to say the colors that came out of this were very impressive. We took down all the picture frames off the BLUE living room wall and though it was not as clear as my buddies 60" sony, at 85" diagonal widesreen it was still impressive. If you got a corner of the room that faces away from the sun, daytime watching is no problem either. Looking for a cheap HD projector that requires no bulb to change, then go for it. Fits the budget nicely. Changing the background setting to the correct color helps and a screen is recommended. For a cheap screen go to Value Village, old movie screens are in abudance there and cheep!
David Li@NCIX

Review Date: 06/19/10
Cons: 100 lumens is just for dark room.

Pros: Small size and light in weight.
Good products, for 3X LED, never worry about change bulb. The fan noise is very small. Normally it out put 800X600 image.

Review Date: 04/02/10
This unit is super portable and easy to use. The image is clear and bright. Works well with digital cable TV, laptop, gaming consoles...you name it. No idea where to buy the ipod dock but not necessary anyway...just buy a AV Video Audio to ipod conversion cable. I bought this particular projector for it's long LED lamplife (20000 hours!) and so glad the quality it there too. Did I mention I received this item the day after purchased!

Review Date: 10/15/09
Projector is very small but does a real good job up to 10 foot screen size. Above 10ft image starts to fade. Bright picture with good clarity. Built in speaker is adequate for general usage but can be routed to external speakers if you higher volumes. USB input is useful but is limited to specific formats for video. So, you may have to convert to supported formats. Other inputs are standard RCA and plays DVD content from DVD player seamlessly. Very portable.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Panel: SVGA DMD x 1
Lens: Lens: F=2, f=17.7 mm Zoom Ratio: Fixed
Lamp: 3LED (RGB) technology
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Native, 16:9 Selectable
Display Size: 15" to 80"
Display Colors: 16.7 Million
Brightness: 100 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1

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